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    rough stuff here... be careful.....

    As I walked upstairs Carol was lining up the men on the couch
    and stroking their cocks to get them fully erect again. I
    quietly walked down short hallway at the head of the stairs.
    Story: Little People [19]
    Scene: Upstairs Again
    Author: Dirty Dreamer

    Peeking around the corner I saw 3 girls aged 8 to 14 and one boy
    14 or 15 years old. They were sitting on the couch beside
    Cheryls' buxom mother, Donna, play a video game. It was time to
    have some fun. I concentrated and felt the power returning. It
    seemed to get stronger the more I used it. Cheryls' mother
    immediately became 2 feet tall. She sunk into her clothes. The
    youngest girl watched as Donna struggled to get her head above
    the top of her dress.

    The eight year old was sitting next to her and reached over to
    help her. She grabbed her by the shoulders and sat Donna on her
    lap. Donna of course, was nude and the girl was fascinated. She
    tried to grab Donna's breast and Donna pushed her hand away.
    Donna was no match for the 8 year old who lifted Donna by the
    arms. The other kids looked over suddenly and noticed what was

    This was getting good. I quietly stripped started jerking myself.
    The 14 year old boy pulled Donna from the girl's hands and REALLY
    inspected her. He hand never seen a real naked woman before and
    probably fantasized about this for some time. Some real animated
    discussion started while the girls moved over for a better look
    and some good feels . The boy was a little rough as he squeezed
    the tits and fingered the cunt. The oldest girl reached over and
    grabbed one of the tits looking closely at the nipple which was
    rapidly becoming erect. Poor donna of course was yelling in a
    cute little vice the whole time and moaning in humiliation.

    I concentrated and the girls were all 8 inches tall, at the boy's
    feet. He looked down astonished. He laid Donna down ass up on his
    knees. She struggled as he held her down. The girls were very
    confused standing there with the clothes all around them. My cock
    bobbed up and down as I walked around and sat on the couch. The
    girls stared at me(especially my cock) and the boy jumped. He
    maintained his pressure on Donna.

    "Hi, my name is Todd, who are you."

    "I'm Jerry Adams, Carol's brother"

    It figured.

    "You're not doing it right."

    "Huh, what?"

    I stroked Donna's ass. Her face and tits were pointed away from
    me and she couldn't see me.

    "Making this horny cunt obey you."

    I reached down to harvest the girls.

    You have to spank her..HARD. I
    looked at him like he was stupid and the force of the blows
    increased with every whack. Donna started screaming and

    "Keep going, sometimes it takes all night."

    "WHACK.. WHACK... WHACK.."

    Donna heard me and moaned. She knew there was no way she could
    escape from the horny 14 year old. I picked the girls up one at
    a time and put them beside me on the couch. I had them kneel
    and indicated they should watch the spanking. Jerry was getting
    damn good at this. Donna's ass was bright red. Meanwhile I was
    slowly jacking my cock. I lifted up the oldest girl and forced
    her into the popsicle position. I looked at her.


    She did and I smacked her softly in the back of the


    She had a long tongue. It stick out over a quarter of an
    inch. I lowered her and rubbed her face against my glistening cock

    "WHACK.. WHACK..."

    "How will I know when she is ready."

    His hand was getting sore. Donna was limp and moaning. Sweat
    was dripping down her back and splashing off her reddened buns
    with every whack.

    "Always call little women bitches, cunts, or any other nasty
    thing you can think of, they like it."

    He thought for a moment (still slapping, of course).

    "That makes sense."

    "She will obey you when she begs to suck your cock and swallow
    your cum."

    Donna heard this and realized there was a way to escape the
    torture. After another 10 seconds of slapping.

    "Jerry, please I beg you to let me suck your cock and swallow
    your cum!"

    I continued rubbing the girl's face over my cockhead. Jerry
    grinned and looked at me.

    "Holy Shit! It worked!"

    "Not Quite."

    I lifted up the little bitch I was holding. Her face was slick
    with my fluid, but her tongue was in her mouth.


    She quickly stuck it out even farther than before.


    Jerry was still spanking. Donna was crying. I momentarily stopped
    his hand and spread Donna's ass cheeks with two fingers. I quickly
    stuck popsickle girl's face into Donna's sopping cunt. Her tongue
    was sticking out. Jerry smiled as I motioned him to continue. He
    whacked even harder than before.


    I punctuated the sentence by pushing my index finger into
    Donna's asshole up to the first joint. She screamed.


    Jerry had a shit eating grin. Both remaining girls had a puddle
    of piss under them as they watched the action.


    I yanked my finger and the popsicle girl out. Donna gasped in
    relief. I looked closely at the girl's face. She was dazed and
    her tongue was in her mouth.

    "Master I apologize for being so stupid. Please let me suck
    your cock and swallow your cum"

    Jerry looked at me with an expectant grin. I nodded. Returning
    my attention to the popsicle girl, I squeezed and pulled on each
    little titty. She screamed and cried.


    She stuck it out.


    I wedged the girl between my legs head down and pressed her face
    into my anus. It looked funny with her legs dangling. My asshole
    was being rimmed vigorously. Then I lifted Mrs. Adams so she was
    sitting on my legs with the girl's legs sticking up ahead of my
    hard cock.


    She looked at the little girls that were staring at her, then at

    "Yes Master."

    I lifted my penis and let her grasp it with her hands spread
    wide. My cock was 2 feet tall to her. She stroked it while
    expertly licking and sucking at the head. Jerry was crawling
    out of his pants in a hurry. He sat back down and looked at
    me. Jerry was stroking his 4 inch cock as he watched Aunt Donna
    have some fun.

    "One more thing Jerry. Do you know how to tell a woman is horny ?"

    "Not really"

    I lifted Donna upside down and gave Jerry his first close view of
    a real cunt.

    "Put your finger in there"

    He stuck his index finger in almost all the way and squirmed it
    around. Her large tits jiggled against my legs.

    "Wow, it's wet in there!"

    "All cunts get wet when they are spanked, or scared or humiliated.
    Now look at this."

    I spread her pussy lips and it was obvious her clit was erect.

    "You see that little button?"


    "Play with it."

    It was a quarter of an inch across and obviously erect. As soon
    as Jerry touched it Donna went wild. She screamed and kicked and
    bounced. It was hilarious. I almost dropped the cunt. Jerry
    squeezed it gently between his two fingers and twiddled it some
    more. I lifted her up, sucked and bit each of her tits and
    dropped her over Jerry's erect cock.

    "Have fun Jerry, she'll do whatever you want her to, now, even
    Fuck you."

    "Thanks a lot Todd."

    Todd started playing and I pulled the squirming girl out from
    between my legs.

    "Where is your goddamn tongue bitch!!"

    I walked into the kitchen holding her tightly and swinging my
    arms. She yelped and screamed. There was a blender on the
    counter. I opened the fridge and pulled out a cold thawed pork
    chop. I slowly rubbed it over her squirming body and face.

    "THIS IS YOU."

    I walked over to the blender and held the slimey chop in her
    face. I held her upside down over the blender and told her to
    hold the pork chop.


    I turned the blender on high and slowly lowered her, chop and
    all. As soon as the chop caught she lost it and it started
    grinding down to hamburger. I held her at that level as she
    kicked and screamed and tried to crawl out. After a few seconds
    I turned off the blender and pulled her out holding her
    small nude body upside down to my face. She was sobbing and
    covered in raw meat bits.




    "Yes Master"


    I opened the freezer, dropped her nude screaming body inside, and
    slammed the door. I went back to the living room to check out
    the action. Donna was licking and slurping Jerry's cock as he
    alternately slapped her ass and fingered her sopping pussy. The
    two little girls were still kneeling where I left them sobbing hysterically.

    Jerry had stopped slapping Donna and stuck his finger into her
    slit hole. The rest of his hand was roaming along the ass
    crack. Eventually he would invade her asshole. Then was she was
    jerking and moaning I was sure he was concentrating on her clit.
    His other hand was kneading her dangling tits and pulling on her
    erect nipples. Her slut mouth was engulfing the entire head of
    his erect 4 inch cock, up and down. Her bobling tits were
    marvelous to watch... red marks and all.

    "How's it going Jerry?"

    "Not bad Todd, I can get my whole finger in now! Watch this!"

    He held his slimy finger up and pushed right up the gaping
    pussy. The dirty slut momentarily opened her mouth a bit wider
    to scream, but continued stroking his penis head with her tongue
    and lips hoping he would cum and get it over with. She had
    obviously never been a 14 year old boy . He held his slimy
    finger next to his cock, squeezed her tits together hard and
    Donna switched to start sucking and licking his cock flavored
    finger clean. He squeezed her tits again and she switched back
    to his cock. He leaned back and let out a shit eating grin.

    "I'm impressed Jerry. When you can get two fingers into her
    cunt at the same time you can fuck the little bitch for real."

    He laughed and started to slowly work his index and middle
    finger into the hole. It would take a while but I was sure he
    could do it.

    "Punish her good if a single drop of cum falls out of her

    "Sounds like a great plan. By the way, did you kill her? That
    was Beth Larson you took in there."

    "Yeah, I used the blender. I came in to get some more pussy for
    my snack"

    I picked up a screaming eight and twelve year old, both 8 inches
    tall, and returned to the kitchen. I put a large mixing bowl by
    the blender and dropped the kids inside. Then I opened up the
    freezer and pulled out a very cold naked little cunt named Beth.
    The kids screamed bloody murder as I dropped Beth's cold body on
    top of them. It was covered with slimey bits of pork. I poured
    some chips in and lifted the bowl reaching down for a chip as I

    "I'll be back in a while Jerry, have fun."

    "You bet I will Todd, thanks a lot."

    It looked looked like Donna was choking on Jerry's cock. But so

    I went downstairs curious about what Carol was up to.

    Story: Little People [20]
    Scene: Back Downstairs
    Author: Dirty Dreamer