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Little People 18
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    This is going to get a little rough, are you sure you want more?.... I would be interested to know who out there is still interested in reading these stories.. and how far i can go with the various scenes.. please post a response if you like reading these and perhaps a few thoughts on what could be done with my collection, ok?

    Story: Little People
    Author Dirty Dreamer


    If you are under 18 or are offended by such subject matter, do not
    read this. I will ignore all flames, so don't bother. Permission is granted
    to post this story in electronic form, but not in print without
    express written permission of the author.

    She could see the couch from there, but moved to the snack
    table and the entire scene became visible. Wendy was chewing and
    sucking while Todd was just squirming and moaning.


    Story: Little People 18
    Scene: Carol Joins the Team
    Author: Dirty Dreamer

    "What's your name."

    "Carol, I'm Cheryl's sister. My god what happened."

    "They shrunk and got real horny . I had to tape them so the
    wouldn't hurt themselves."

    "Wow, That's really neat!"

    The show was still going on. I was watching Carol out the side
    of my eyes. I pushed the taped Wendy to the side and picked
    up Peter. His erect penis was almost an inch long and as wide as
    a pencil. I held his squirming body by his chest and legs and
    diddled his penis with my tongue. It tasted not too bad. Carol
    didn't move. She was fascinated. I pulled his penis out
    maintaining suction. It left with a POP. Holding his body out
    like an offering:

    "Would you like a taste?"

    "Uh.. Would it be OK?"

    "Sure, why not? Just keep sucking."

    She sat next to me and slowly accepted his kicking body into her
    hands. She held him up and ran her fingers up and down his
    writhing body. Carol seemed to enjoy feeling up his ass. She
    soon held him like I did and started sucking on his little
    penis. Within 10 seconds of her slurping up and down on his one
    inch penis he groaned and she slowed down with a funny look on her
    face. She pulled him out, put him on her lap and started diddling
    his cock and balls.

    "You know, this bastard once abused me and I couldn't tell
    anyone. My damn sister, Your GIRL FRIEND even helped. Would I
    ever like to teach him a lesson."

    In the meantime I was playing with Wendy on my lap.

    "If you stick with me you will get even.. and then some. Is it a

    I held out my hand. Seems kind of silly but we shook on it. As
    we were shaking more noises came from the stairs. A whole stream
    of people were coming downstairs, probably to eat. Carol looked
    around. I hid Peter and Wendy under the cushion and we sat side
    by side holding hands.

    When everyone was downstairs, talking. I concentrated. All of a
    sudden there was silence, except for the sound of clothes
    dropping to the floor.. and little voices. Carol was astonished.
    I took Peter and Wendy out and put them back in position.


    She bent over and started sucking. Carol was impressed with her

    "Well Carol are you with me?"

    "Damn right."

    I moved to a pile of men's clothes and rummaged around while
    she watched. Eventually I came up with an 8 inch guy, well
    built, but had a much smaller flacid dick than Peter I handed him
    to Carol. She took him gingerly and examined him.

    "Hey, that's Uncle Dick"

    "OK we can play later, this is what we do, you get the
    little people and I will tape them"

    I took him back and went to the next pile of clothes, a
    womans pile and pointed at it. Carol moved the clothes and
    picked up a gorgeous squirming blonde. Her boobs flopping and
    legs flailing. She turned the blond upside down sniffed her ass
    and started diddling the boobs.

    I went over to the couch and started taping the ankles.
    while Carol brought them over. It was a blast, especially when
    she found another penis. Usually she had it hard before it got to
    me. She was a sick puppy. I could hardly wait to try that mouth
    out myself. Finally, All the ankles were taped. The couch was
    alive with squirming struggling little bodies Most were vainly
    trying to undo their taped legs. I got off the couch and offered
    Carol a seat.

    "Tell me how many women and men we have."

    She sat in the middle and piled up the 8 inch bodies on
    one side of her. One at a time she picked up all the women,
    examining then and moved them to the other side.

    "One, Two, ..."

    While she was counting the bodies, I took each pile of clothes
    and put each pile in the box. Altogether there were 22 sets of
    clothes. Hmmm. Let's see 4 + 2 + 1(Carol) + 20 is 26. That meant
    the four kids upstairs and one adult are still missing. There
    were four in the washer and should be 22 on the couch with
    Carol. I went to the couch and sat across from Carol. The women
    were on one side, the men on the other. Two of the men were
    flacid and two had cute little erections. Carol was working on
    the other, while he tried to push her mouth away. She looked up
    at me.

    "These little guys are delicious, especially when they spurt.

    She giggled while his reddish hardon shook back and forth over
    his belly. I noticed his balls were slick with Carol's saliva
    as well. She pinned his arms together and slurped in his cock
    (almost an inch long and as wide as a pencil). A few more
    slurps and he came. She milked him a bit more and got the
    next little man.

    I sat next to her and got out the tape, measuring (with my mouth
    and comparison with Wendy). The first little squirmer I picked
    up had medium sized tits, but I measured them anyhow. I like
    licking tits Her Feet were already taped, but the cunt and
    asshole was free. I flipped her over and pulled the legs
    next to her body. She screamed, but had great flexability.
    I licked her ass crack and cunt hole. Carol looked like she
    was chewing away on the little man like a corn cob. She
    glanced at me as I sucked and started giggling.

    "It's like we're having supper together Todd, Ha Ha."

    I smiled, put the pussy in my lap as Carol got out the tape. After
    pinning her arms to her waist I squashed her tits to her
    chest with more tape. I put her down and picked up another
    little cunt. After finishing off 5 or 6 I was starting to wonder
    what was going on upstairs.

    "It's up to you to measure cunt sizes. I'm trying to figure
    out who has the biggest tits and cocks."

    "Sure, I'll have to get them erect to test it."

    "Have fun babe"

    As I walked upstairs Carol was lining up the men on the couch
    and stroking their cocks to get them fully erect again. I
    quietly walked down short hallway at the head of the stairs.
    Story: Little People [19]
    Scene: Upstairs Again
    Author: Dirty Dreamer

    Peeking around the corner I saw 3 girls aged 8 to 14 and one boy
    14 or 15 years old. They were sitting on the couch beside
    Cheryls' buxom mother, Donna, play a video game. It was time to
    have some fun.