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Little People 17
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    Story: Little People 17
    Scene: Shrinking the Party
    Author: Dirty Dreamer

    There were about 30 people there and 25 of them were women.
    And what women. Definately Cheryl's family. If the mother was
    attractive and full bosomed then she was the dog of the family.
    There were 4 children, one boy and 3 girls, who were playing some
    video game by the TV. The rest of the group were between 35 and 17
    all the women had short skirts and were talking with bright
    animated voices. Most had cute faces and hourglass figures, big

    "Oh Todd, you're up."

    It was Mrs. Adams. Todd Stern was the fake name I gave.

    "Yes thanks for the chance to rest."

    "That's ok. But Cheryl hasn't shown up yet, I'm getting worried."

    "It should be ok, I guess we just have to wait. It seems like a
    lot of people are here. Is anybody missing?"

    "Just Cheryl's cousin, but she will be here in about an hour."

    "There must be 40 people here."

    "Just 32 including the children."

    I chatted around for a while and went downstairs to the rec
    room. The buffet was there along with a couple of gorgeous
    cousins. I concentrated and that familiar power came over me.
    Instantly the women disappeared and were buried under their
    clothes. Great! It was starting. I reached into the clothes and
    picked them up. Great catch. Their 8 inch nude writhing bodies
    were perfect. I took a few quick sucks on their tits and quickly
    wrapped a few turns of tape around their legs. Then I pinioned
    their arms at the sides and wrapped a few layers over their hips.
    They couldn't escape and their pubic hair was covered. I measured
    their tits by holding them against each other. I wrapped the
    smallest pair with tape and put her in the clothes dryer. I
    found a large box in the corner, emptied it and deposited their
    clothes and purses. I returned to the buffet in the rec room
    and sat down with my treasure. I put her on my lap and started
    flicking her boobies back and forth. A few minutes later I heard
    a few more people coming downstairs.

    I quickly put her under the cushion behind my back. There were
    four women and one man.

    "Oh hi Todd, what are you doing down here by yourself?"

    "Just waiting for Cheryl."

    "Don't worry she's always late."

    One of the cute chicks was sitting beside me while the others
    were talking in the corner.

    "It's just that I haven't had sex for a while."


    "Really. I enjoy the taste of Cheryl's wet pussy, you know for a
    midnight snack."

    She started to get up and looked very offended.

    "I concentrated, instantly they all disappeared into their
    clothes. I picked up the offended bitch taped her legs and
    threw her on the couch and went to the corner. Lifting two in
    each hand I returned to the couch. I put them down on their
    backs and taped their legs, one at a time. When I got to the
    man I saw he had a large cock for his size. He struggled,
    but was no match for me at his 8 inch size. I taped his ankles and
    pinioned the arms with the tape above and below his cock. I
    didn't want to rip it off when I yanked the tape. I left them
    squirming on the couch, gathered the clothes and purses and
    dumped them in the box.

    I went back to the couch and finished taping the women
    around the pussy hair. It would come off when I removed the tape
    . I began the chore of sizing the tits. The biggest pair of
    this bunch were even larger than Jennifers. After I licked and
    sucked each of their tits I taped them. I didn't tape the woman
    with the largest tits. I dumped the tit taped women into the
    dryer and came back to the couch.

    I picked up the man and wondered how big his cock would be if
    erect. Picking up the woman.



    I waited and started to squeeze.

    "Wendy Johnson, Please don't hurt us!"


    "Peter, Peter Larson"

    I put her down next to Peter.


    She quickly bent to the task. He moaned quietly.

    As I was watching the show, eating chips. I heard some more
    noise at the stairs. This time it was a single girl, about 25,
    miniskirt, good cleavage and a real cute face.

    "Hi Todd what are you doing down here?"

    "Just playing with my toys."


    She could see the couch from there, but moved to the snack
    table and the entire scene became visible. Wendy was chewing and
    sucking while Todd was just squirming and moaning.

    Story: Little People 18
    Scene: Carol Joins the Team
    Author: Dirty Dreamer

    "What's your name."

    "Carol, I'm Cheryl's sister. My god what happened."