VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD

"Little woman continued"
Friday, 24-Mar-2000 01:49:20 writes:

    Ted finished his paper and was feeling a little famished. He rose up and entered his kitchen. After sorting out deli meats and bread around in a plate, he sat down and enjoyed his meal. As he finished his second sandwich, he remembered his little woman. Ted flung open his shorts and spotted the tiny woman embedded in his hairy bush. He reached in and plucked her out. Picking the odd tiny curlys off her, he moved her close to his face and sniffed her. He was please at the heavy presense of his aroma on her entire body.
    Ted layed her down on the table before him and tossed crumbs and slivers of meat down to her. The tiny woman devoured the food staples as they dropped at her feet. Ted was playing with his glass of beer and looking at her still eating. He suddenly got ideas. She looked up in time to see his huge hand surround her. clenched in his hand, she was raised over to the glass and dropped into the beverage. She splashed to the surface and dog paddled while staring up at the giant staring down at her quite amused. Ted lifted the glass and started to tilt it toward his open maw. The tiny woman started to swim the opposite way, but was overtaken eventually as the giant quenched his thirst entirely.
    Swimming in his wide jaw, she was entirely in the dark. She kept her head on the surface level and breathed in the flowing moist air.
    Ted amused himself as he gargled and flushed the fluid in his mouth this way and that. Feeling the tiny morsel in his mouth he finally eluded her body to his lips and swallowed the rest of the beer. Ted spat the tiny woman onto his waiting palm. The exercise gave him a chunky, as he looked at the coughing and weezing woman in his hand. "Ready for real abuse?" Ted spoke down as he rose up and exited the room for the bedroom.
    The tiny woman laid to rest on the bathroom sink, while Ted undressed and stepped into the shower. She sat up on her back legs and listened in as the water was flowing. The giant's hand suddenly thrust out through the shower curtains, and plucked her from the counter top.
    She was quickly put to work on his loufa sponge. The giant lathered her up and began to caress and wash his entire body with her embedded on the sponge. Ted wiped his legs, feet, arms, chest, underarms, and left the best for last as he began to scrub his balls and cock with her at the top most point of the sponge. Ted then swung her over to his ass and began to scoop the sponge in and out of his deep crack. On numerous times the tiny woman was detached from the sponge and left sprawled along his inner crack. Ted would just keep retrieving her each time.
    Ted then let the tiny woman slid down his legs to the shower floor. Down below, she stood soaked and vulnerble, while towering hight above her stood the giant keeping her square between his spread feet. She was then forced to elude light stomps and flicks of his huge toes and feet. She wasn't so successful at times and ended up smothered underneath each foot, or flicked away by his offending toes.
    Shower was over and Ted stepped out to dry himself. He then reached in and plucked her out to dry in his used towel. Ted stood over the toilet and began to pull his cock to pee. He then reached over to the towel and took the tiny woman over to his revealed head. holding her along his fingers, with her head up, Ted began to spray his urine against her. She tried to breath inbetween spews, and would end up taking odds of urine into her mouth and nose. She would then end up spitting and coughing out the vile waste.
    Ted chuckled as he shook his cock clean against her body. She was then tossed into a towel, where she was left to clean herself off.
    Ted came back to the bathroom and picked her up and dipped her into a jar of petro-jelly. Out in the bedroom he stood before his dresser mirror and swung his hand to his ass. Keeping both eyes on the tiny woman in his fingers, he watched as he slowly stuffed her deeper and deeper into his anus. Ted was amazed at how easy she slid in. He then stood erect and enjoyed the sensual feeling deep inside. As he walked around his room, he felt at times the feeling inside his anus resembled a tiny blade of grass slithering in and around.
    Ted reached his fingers in and got a hold of her tiny feet. With great effort he was able to pull her out halfway, he then started to lolly-pop her in and out of his anus. Each pass in and out, brought him shivers of pleasure, he felt he continue this on forever. On his last pass, he got too zealous and stuffed her too deep.
    Ted was in a tizzy to get her out and almost gave up hope to retrieve his toy. Finally he succombed to driving her out by force.
    Sitting on the toilet, Ted reached within himself to force on a bowl movement. He knew the time was critical as air was probably not in vast availabiltiy. Finally the feeling arrived and Ted truely enjoyed it as he felt rough logs pass through his anus and cheeks.
    Ted finished and rose up to retrieve his prize from the bowl depths. He stuck a long shaft into each log and spread their fragile forms apart. On the third log, he was delighted to spot his tiny woman deeply embedded. Hooking her and pulling her out, he grabbed a hold of his erect cock as he felt his very spine tingle at the sight of this tiny fragile woman freshly pried from one of his shits. The power was entoxicating. After drying her off, he tossed her to the floor and announced a game of catch and squish. She was barely given a chance to run as he took a giant step forwards just missing her by inches. She was quickly alert enough to take the luck given to her and make her escape.
    She ran in circles and zig-zags as the relentless giant stomped mere inches from where she just stood. She dared only once to look back and was scared by the sheer reality of his towering monstrous size, stepping forward at her with great force on the floor.
    She kept her pace for some time and was feeling her legs begining to fail her. Alais she came to a head and was cornered. As she stopped and turned around, she leaned over and took long breathes as the giant was upon her in instants.
    She straightened up and braced herself as the giant lifted his massive foot and was on the verge of bringing it down on her captive state.
    her world darkened and in what seemed to take hours, the foot came down and smothered her whole.
    Ted stood and played with his capture a while. slight grinding, rolling and the odd pressure, he grew anxious to use her differently.
    Ted lifted his foot and picked her body off the floor. He walked over to a dart board and fashioned her ling hair around a embedded dart.
    bringing the board down to his crotch level, Ted forced his cock into her spread body and began to pump her into the back board. Ted groaned loudly as he jacked off against her frail body, as he felt his orgasm reach boiling point, he brought the board down from the nail and slid it down between his legs on the floor.
    His ejaculation came in a form of an explosion.
    His cum flowed over and under the tiny woman's body. She stirred under the wash and was unable to break free of the dart in her hair.
    Kneeled on the board Ted pumped his cock empty and smeared his cock on the wet mound, slithering her around in the mess even further.
    Ted then began a barrage of poundings as he brough his cock down on the trapped woman. She had endure numerous pounds from the now deflated, but still overpowering cock. She vent out her screams and tried to cry out.
    Ted overheard the tiny squeaks and only kept on his torture to her inept cries.
    Ted used his cock for all it was worth, and finally rose up to his full height. Standing over his prey, he felt monstrously powerful and wanted to evoke more torture on his toy woman. He raise his foot and brought it down on her full. Laying it on her a while and letting her fuse to his sole, Ted finally lifted it off. She was pulled off the dart and lifted up embedded on his expansive sole. She screamed as she watched from the s202.239.139.121.poll..0.S