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Short short story"The Little Woman"
Wednesday, 22-Mar-2000 18:15:59 writes:

    The Little Woman

    His name is Ted. an average man, doing an average job. goes about his business until it is time to go home. He often brags to others that he can't wait to get home to the little woman. Oh how he talks and talks at how she worships him and lives for his needs. No one believes him, or just thinks he is over amplifying his situation. Some even doubt he even has a woman at all.
    Ted comes home just as always. he makes a run for the fridge and then the bathroom. As he comes out, usually stark naked, he goes into his bedroom.
    The bedroom is like others you'll see, a bed, some furniture, wallpaper, ect. except for a elaborate doll house sitting on the floor by the closet. Ted walks by it trembling the floor beneath his lumbering feet. Inside some live flouishes as a tiny figure appears looking out a tiny window on the top floor. A tiny squeaking voice is followed. "Oh hi dear, glad your home, tired?" Ted looks down and removes the retractable roof. he peers inside and admires his little woman indeed. The squeaky voice clamors in once more. "Oh uh you want something," Ted knells down and lifts his massive erection into the room. Again the squeaky voice speaks. "Oh now, you want it now, Okay, Okay what ever you want master dear." Ted doesn't talk much, as he thrusts his large schlong deep into her sending her back crashing along her floor. She tries to ward off his attack, but is unmatched for his mass. Ted's cock slobers on her as it ejaculates pre-cum, she moves and stirs, as sticky cum juice strings off her face and hands. Ted is getting more and more excited as he jams her hard and long into the carpeted floor. He can nolonger make her out behind his throbbing cock. She is competely smothered and is injesting mouonds of his precum in the process, yet she quits fighting him off and simply enjoys the attention. Her legs are spread as wide as possible, as his giant cock still cannot penetrate her puny clit, But it is her body he wants to embody as he pumps and jams her hard with every beat of his heart.
    Ted finally feels his release coming and prepares to bombard his tiny woman with all he has got to unload. His cock explodes and gushes out cum like a broken dam. The tiny woman becomes quickly submerged and ever closer to drowning in his slime. Ted keeps his cock on her until he is finished pumping out his waste. He even pounds his cock down to shake off spittle.
    He raised his maginificent size and looks down at his limp woman. "Now that is how you rape a tiny woman" he marvels. She stirs amidst the mess and coughs and hacks her way out. She looks up at him and tries to cough out the words. "Was that okay master dear, do you require more?" Ted feeling confirmed with his manliness, reaches his hand and lifts her out, taking up to his chest. "No I want you to shut up and smell my feet, now!" He thunders as he brings her down to the floor at his feet. She crawls up to his toes and begins to sniff and lick them. "Not good enough slut, get under them now!" Ted laughs and lifts his massive foot. She is covered and smothered in an instant as the huge foot drops down on her firmly. Ted searches for his sandals and reaches for them as he bends his body toward the bed. dropping them to the floor, he shoves his left foot in one, and with the tiny woman glued to his sole, he shoves that one into the remaining sandal. Ted walks back out of the room and finds his favorite easy chair. He sits down and begins to read his paper. All the while his feet are up on the foot rest, deep inside, the tiny woman is busy massaging and licking her way to survival. Ted dreams up a new way to administer some more excitement to his strange sex game. "hmmmm, perhaps tonight, I will try to squeeze her into my anus."

    Maybe more, depends what all you think.