Here is Little Party, by Zombie

Here is Little Party, by Zombie. (Enjoy:)


A Little Party

By Zomby96

Susan glanced at her watch anxiously as she put the finishing touches on her makeup, feeling almost like a schoolgirl getting ready for prom. She was going to one of the most expensive restaurants around that night, part of a double date with her sister Anne, and Anne's new boyfriend.

The evening was special for Susan, a night out on the town with her reporter husband Ron, whose schedule made such celebrations rare.

And not always a lot of fun, she thought to herself. Everyone knew Ron's face because of his job, and evenings out not spent fending off fans and detractors were few. More often than not, Ron would give up in good-natured despair and take her home. To avoid that problem tonight, Ron had chosen a restaurant in another town. He was going to the restaurant directly from his last assignment, so Susan was going to take a cab. They would drive home together.

She also looked forward to meeting her Anne's newest boyfriend. When it came to men, her better-stacked sister had always upstaged Susan, but the guys always turned out to be jerks. Although she hated to admit it, Susan always rejoiced a little in her heart when Anne would call her with woeful tales of having been dumped by yet another heartless, self-centered asshole who only wanted sex.

Susan thought she had done pretty well marrying Ron. He had a little money, and great looks, and his job made him a local celebrity. He was witty and articulate, and she loved his sense of humor. Although they had been married only a few months, Susan felt confident the relationship would last.

Of course, Ron had some quirks, too, she thought. He could be very domineering, and often seemed to expect her to wait on him hand and foot. He also conspicuously checked out every woman he saw, even when he was with her. And sometimes he was way too rough during sex, seeming to take a sadistic pleasure in carrying on despite her protests. But she had to admit Ron usually satisfied her, making it easier to put up with his occasional over-eager penetration.

She had a few minutes before the cab would arrive, and she went into the front room to wait. Before she even sat down, she saw headlights in the driveway. Susan hastily grabbed up her purse and pulled the front door open, only to see a dejected-looking Anne.

"I thought you were going to meet us at the restaurant," Susan said, then trailed off as she saw the look on Anne's face. Susan sighed and said, "Don' t tell me he's not coming."

"No, he sure as fuck isn't!" Anne snarled as she plopped down on the couch. "He left me a message on my machine. It said he wanted to date other women, but he might call me again sometime. I got on the phone and ran him down, and told him to fuck off."

Susan said, "Well, where was the asshole? "

Anne laughed bitterly. "Oh, he was at home. I could hear some bitch giggling in the background," she said.

Susan slapped her on the leg and said, "Well, it doesn't sound like much of a loss. Let's go."

Anne didn't move. "I'm not going now. I'd feel like an idiot."

Susan rolled her eyes. "Oh, bullshit. We've had this planned for a long time, and Ron's already on his way there. You don't have to stay home and pout because some jerk treated you like shit." She gave Anne a pleading look. "Oh, come on! It'll be fun."

"Well, I guess I might meet someone, too," Anne said reluctantly. She stood up and added, "Oh, what the hell. Let's go. What's the worst that could happen?"


Susan scanned the restaurant impatiently as she and Anne entered, then spotted Ron. He was alone at a table, looking at his watch with an annoyed expression. Susan smiled to herself. Reporters were used to working against deadlines, and tended to be obsessive about punctuality.

"Hey baby," Susan cried to Ron as she approached the table. "Been waiting long?"

"Yeah, but it was worth it," he said as he eyed her hungrily. She was wearing a slinky, low cut dress that showed off her legs. Ron's gaze turned to Anne. "And you look great tonight. Where's the beef?"

"He's gone. Old news," Anne said. "I'm on my own again."

"Well, he doesn't know what he's missing," Ron replied.

Susan cleared her throat, annoyed as Ron's gaze lingered too long on Anne and her skimpy dress. "Hey Dan Rather. Why don't you order us some drinks?"

Standing up quickly, Ron said, "I'll grab us some." He made a beeline for the bar.

"I think you got busted!" Anne sang at Ron's retreating back, ignoring Susan's kick under the table.

"You're a little bitch," Susan said with mock anger after Ron walked out of earshot. "Don't you go teasing my man."

"Yeah, right," Anne replied. "You know you've got him hooked."

Ron soon returned with a tray full of drinks. "Am I now forgiven, milady?" he said with a worried look.

Susan leaned forward and kissed him. "Yes, you are. But donít let it happen again."

"You bet! Hey, let's knock 'em back," Ron said, raising his glass. "I already ordered us the best steaks in the house."

Sure enough, a waitress was already bringing their food. Susan and Anne quickly drowned their drinks, then exchanged puzzled glances. The liquor had some kind of unfamiliar gritty taste.

"I don't think they wash their glasses too well around here," Anne said. "Tastes like there's sand in it."

"Maybe I pissed off the bartender," Ron said with a shrug. The shrug hid his mounting excitement. Susan and Anne had taken the bait, and would soon the strangest ordeal of their lives.

The gritty drinks turned out to be the only snag in what was proving to be a nice night out, as far as Susan and Ron were concerned. Susan noticed that Anne seemed to be self-absorbed. She leaned close to Ron and whispered, "I think Anne's ready to go, baby." He gave her a slight nod, then said, "Hey ladies, why don't we go to our house for a little nightcap?"

Anne nodded, and stood up. As they headed for the door, Susan stumbled. Ron laughed and said, "Have another drink, honey."

"It's not that," Susan said in a puzzled tone. "My shoes won't stay on my feet. It's like they're too big or something." She looked over at Anne, who was carrying her own shoes. "Are you having problems, too?"

"Yeah. And my watch just fell off, too," Anne said listlessly. "Let's get out of here."

"Hey, Anne

Halfway through the parking lot, Susan stopped. "Damn! My earrings just started hurting like hell." She removed the earrings and looked at them. Her brow furrowed. "I didn't think they were that big," she said to Ron, who didn't seem to be listening.

As they crossed the parking lot, Susan kept pulling her dress strap back up over her shoulder. Nothing she was wearing seemed to fit right anymore.


"Slow down, dumbass!" Susan cried at Ron. "What's the hurry?" Ron was driving at least 85, maybe faster. The speedometer didn't register past 85.

Ron just laughed. "I just want to get you girls home before it happens."

"Before what happens?" Anne asked.

"You'll see," Ron said flatly.

"You know, you're acting totally weird tonight, Ron," Anne said lightly. "Maybe you shouldn't drink." She was ignoring the tingling sensation she felt all over her body.

"Well, I'm just glad you did," Ron said, mostly to himself.

Ron hummed to himself all the way home as the sisters chattered together, concentrating on his driving as he sped back to the house. He wanted to get them indoors and out of sight before the change was too obvious.

He pulled the car into the driveway and hopped out quickly. He ran around the car and opened the passenger door with a gentlemanly flourish. "This way, ladies," he said.

He gaped as the sisters climbed out of the car. Their clothing was already very baggy.

As they stepped into the light from the front porch, Susan looked down at herself. "What the hell?" she cried. Her dress, which normally barely reached her knee, now ended halfway down her shin.

Anne also stopped in the light. "OK, what's going on here?" she demanded.

Ron turned and looked at the puzzled women. "You look fine to me. You must be high or something," he said. He walked up and unlocked the front door, then gestured at the girls. "Entrez," he said with a smile.

Ron sat down on the couch, and Anne and Susan followed suit. He put his arm around Susan's shoulders and hugged her to him. "How do you feel, baby," he asked with a grin.

"Woozy," Susan said in a tired voice. "And would you please tell me what's wrong with my clothes? I mean, look. My hands don't even stick out of my sleeves anymore." She held one arm out straight, and Ron could see that her fingertips fell several inches short of the cuff.

"Well, is something wrong with your clothes, or is something wrong with you?" Ron asked jovially.

Anne leaned forward to look at Ron. "Ron, you're smiling too much. You know what's going on, and you better tell us," she said in serious tone.

"What do you think it is?" he replied. "I can't believe you havenít figured it out yet."

Susan reached toward the coffee table, then stopped, stunned. She could no longer reach it. She turned toward Ron with a look of dawning horror on her face. "We're shrinking!" she cried.

"What do you mean, 'we,'" Ron said warmly. "I'm just fine."

Anne jumped off the couch and pointed an accusing finger at Ron. "You did this, didn't you? You put something in our drinks!" She was barely a yard tall, and her dress now resembled a tent more than clothing.

Ron flashed her a smile. "Oh yeah, I did it," he said smugly. "I ran across this little formula when I was riding along with the cops for a story on a drug bust. Some guy named Morris. They got him on kinds of stuff, but I found this notebook he had hidden. Morris saw me with it and told me to make some and give it to a girl, and see what happens. I asked him what it does, and he told me it would shrink them. So I went home and made some, and I gave it to the two of you."

Susan found her voice and cried up at her suddenly menacing husband. "Why? Why did you do this?" she said urgently. She cursed and pulled at her clothing, trying to keep from being buried under it. She noted that her head wouldn't even reach Ron's knee.

Ron said in a creepy tone, "Because I want to own you. I never wanted you as a wife. It was just something I settled for, because it meant I could have you. But now, I can have what I really want. I can own you." He stopped and sang a line from the Rolling Stones. "The sweetest pet in the world."

Anne noticed that the tingling had stopped, and figured her shrinking was over. She ducked under her clothes to hide her nudity from the condescending giant.

Ron ran across the room, grabbed his briefcase and flipped it open. He then squatted in front of the two piles of clothes on the floor. "Well, let's see what we got," he said eagerly.

He grabbed up the dresses and uncovered the doll-size sisters. He ignored their pitiful squealing and pushed them toward the briefcase. "Get in," he said in a voice that sounded like thunder to the terrified miniature beauties. "Unless you want me to put you in?" He reached toward the girls with one hand, and they hastily climbed into the briefcase. Ron closed the snaps and placed the briefcase on the table.

"I won't keep you waiting long, girls," he called out as he went to the front door. "I've just got a couple of other things to do."

He went to the car, already dreaming up things to do with his new toys.


A Little Party Chapter 2


Ron was racing his car along deserted back roads, in a hurry to get back to the restaurant. He had been keeping a close watch on events, and had noticed that Anne had waved to four girls at a nearby table. They had shot him a curious glance, and the possibility existed that they had recognized him. He couldn't take that risk; he was going to have to keep them from ever being able to tell the police.

He smiled to himself in the darkness. The task was going to be a pleasant one. He had gotten a long look at Anne's friends. They were all wearing the skimpiest of dresses, and they looked damned good in them. Ron loved summer.

He parked near the front door of the restaurant, then walked quickly through the doors. Before the hostess could get up to greet him, Ron stole a glance at the dining room. A broad smile broke out on his face. The girls were still there. He turned and trotted back to his car to wait.

After fifteen minutes, Ron grew bored. The only sound was the quiet murmur of the police scanner he was monitoring. Then a commotion at the front of the restaurant drew his attention. He looked and saw a young couple screaming at each other. The girl drew his attention immediately, with her brown hair, tight shorts, and a slutty top.

Although the shrinking thing was new to Ron, his meth-dealing mentor seemed to have been telling the truth. Scoby had given him a bag full of flaky, crystalline rocks that were nearly transparent. The notebook accompanying them had said the shrinking could be done slowly, or almost instantly, depending how it was done.

The power from the crystals was released when some of the crystal was destroyed. If it was ground finely enough, it could be swallowed in fluids. Digestion would degrade the crystals and release their power, though at a very low level. The shrinking could take half an hour.

Scoby noted in his directions that the easiest thing to do was to point a crystal at a woman and strike it with a hammer. The impact would crack the crystal, releasing its shrinking power instantly.

Well, it worked the first way, Ron thought to himself. Maybe I can test the other method before I try it on Anne's friends.

Luck was with him that night. The guy suddenly shoved the girl, and she stomped off. The guy shouted a few more obscenities at her before storming off back into the restaurant. The girl was going to walk within ten feet of Ron's car.

He grabbed a crystal and a hammer, then opened the door quietly. He covered the dome light with his hand and looked around. The parking lot was deserted.

He squatted behind the row of cars and waited, poised to strike the crystal as soon as his chosen victim appeared.

He didn't have to wait long. The girl, still stomping and muttering, came out from between two cars. He pointed the rock at her and struck it sharply with the hammer.

A sharp crackling sound and a blinding light flash made Ron's heart leap in terror. He looked around, but still saw no one else. Back to business.

He looked but around, but saw no telltale pile of clothes. Then some motion caught his eye, and he chuckled.

"There you are, baby," he said quietly. The girl was looking up at him in astonishment, her shrinking already finished. He had missed her at first because her clothes had shrunk with her, evidently a quirk of the quick shrink method.

"Oh my God, what happened to me?" she screamed in a tiny, thin voice. "Please, you've got to help me!"

"I don't think so. I think you're in deep shit, little lady," he snarled. Before she could move, his hand shot out toward her. His fingers closed around her shapely hips, and he swept her upward.

"Help! Somebody help me!" the tiny girl screamed. She craned her neck upward to look at her chuckling tormentor. "Put me down! Put me down, let me go!"

For a moment, Ron could not reply, mesmerized by the feeling of holding the struggling woman in his hand. He watched with fascination as her tiny, perfect legs swung back and forth in midair. He took a moment to pull her high heels off. It made her look more comfortable and at home.

He then shook himself out of his reverie. He ducked low and crept back to his car, keeping his prize covered with his hands.

Once in the car, he forced himself to leave his new toy alone, putting her in the gym bag that would soon also house Anne's friends.

He didn't have to wait long. The four girls soon emerged from the restaurant. They were giggling and staggering along, which was both good and bad from Ron's perspective. Yes, they had probably drawn a lot of attention inside the restaurant. But their drunkenness should also make them easier prey.

The girls turned toward his side of the parking lot, again making Ron's work easier. As he had before, he assumed a crouching position behind the row of cars, the gym bag at his side.

The girls soon appeared, and Ron wasted no time. He again slammed the hammer into the crystal, this time closing his eyes against the blinding burst of light.

He sprang forward to find his victims, and heard a tiny female voice giggle, "Wow, I must really be fucked up!" He looked down to see that the four tiny beauties had fallen on their asses. He quickly unzipped the gym bag and shoved the screaming girls inside it. He zipped it tight, stood up, and walked normally back to his car.

Ron drove nonchalantly out of the parking lot and cruised toward home, feeling very pleased with himself. He had started out planning to shrink only Susan, and had ended up with her and her sister, plus five more girls as a bonus.

Fortunately, he had planned to have a large collection from the beginning, and so was already prepared to keep all his new pets healthy and comfortable in captivity


A Little Party Chapter Three


Ron was bursting with excitement as he carried the gym bag into his house. He could see motion in the side of the bag as his captives moved around. Ron couldn't resist a quick peek. He opened the bag and looked down at the five tiny girls inside. He shook the bag and laughed as the hapless girls tumbled around. He looked across the room to his briefcase. It was time for all his new pets to get to know one another.

He went into the den and set the briefcase and gym bag on the table, and opened both. The tiny girls stood up unsteadily, blinking owlishly in the sudden light. Ron loomed in front of them, a smug Colossus. He smiled and gestured behind the girls. "Take a look at your new home."

The stunned girls turned and saw a crude, homemade dome of hog wire covering most of the table. The dome was hinged on one side, with a hasp and lock on the other side. Inside the dome was a haphazard collection of doll furniture of various sizes, a washbowl, and other clutter. A small TV set sat facing the cage and pushed up against it, presumably so the dome's inhabitants could operate its controls through the wire.

Ron grinned at his tiny captives. "See? You've got everything you'll ever need. Do you like it?" He paused, but got no reply. He added in hurt tone, "Hey, I went to a lot of trouble for you. Do you know how hard it was to hide this shit from Susan?"

For a moment, Susan could do nothing but stare at her enormous husband. Then she planted her hands on her hips and said icily, "So you've been planning this for a long time, have you? I always thought you were a decent guy. I had no idea how fucking sick you really are."

For a moment, Ron seemed taken aback. He had never before heard Susan swear, and he could almost feel the force of her anger. Susan swiftly pressed her advantage. "If you think you're going to put me in that thing, you're out of your fucking mind."

Anne shot Susan a quizzical glance, then followed her lead. "What the hell's the matter with you?" she cried at the giant. "Do you really think you can get away with this?"

Ron 's smugness returned. "Hell, I know I can. Sure, the cops'll want to talk to me, but they're not going to think I'm holding seven women here. I could just hide all of you and let them look all over the place." He chuckled. "They're not going to be looking for you in a drawer."

Linda, one of Anne's unfortunate friends, turned to Anne and shrieked, "Who is this guy?"

"He's my brother-in-law, and he's not what I thought he was," Anne said disgustedly. "He'sÖ"

"Öa fucking piece of shit," Susan finished in a snarl. "I can't believe I married this freak."

"Oh, we've got to talk," Ron said with feigned sincerity. "We can't let something this petty drive a wedge between us." He slowly reached his hand toward Susan.

Susan backed away, pointing her tiny finger up at her gigantic husband. "No! Keep your fucking hands off me!" she shouted. The hand loomed ever closer, opening up to grab her. "Damn it, Ron, I said no!" Her voice grew hysterical as Ron closed his fingers around her hips and lifted her out of the gym bag. "Stop it! You disgusting asshole, stop it! Please!"

Ron watched his tiny, nude wife struggle uselessly in his hand, flailing her slender legs. Susan turned her head away as Ron stroked her dark blond hair. "Yeah, honey, we've got to have a talk," he said in a husky voice, getting turned on by his wife's struggles. He carried the struggling Susan out of the room.

After Ron left, Anne turned to her friends. "Well, I'll tell you everything I know about the bastard," she said angrily. "Looks like we'll have plenty of time."


Susan grew calmer as Ron carried her upstairs, and began to wonder what her captor had in mind. She feared she already knew, and was not reassured as her husband turned toward the bedroom door.

"What are you doing, Ron?" she called out anxiously as Ron took her into the room and placed her on the bed. She fell silent in fear as Ron began to undress. He noticed her downcast look and laughed. "Come on, nothing you haven't seen before."

Susan remained silent, not wanting to encourage Ron. She felt that whatever Ron intended to do would be degrading enough without her input. He had the same look on his face she had seen on those nights when Ron, drunk and belittling, would rough her up during sex.

Ron carefully got in bed, then reached over and picked up his doll-sized wife. Susan hung limply in his grasp, and did not respond when he gently pinched her left nipple between thumb and forefinger.

"What's the matter, you got a headache tonight?" Ron said lightly. He studied his helpless wife with an evil, hungry gaze as he stroked and fondled her eagerly. Seeing Susan tiny and utterly at his mercy was bringing back the passion of the earliest days of their marriage, before he had begun to take her for granted.

However, Susan was still unresponsive, much to Ron's annoyance. He tilted her backward in his hand, finally drawing a reaction from her. She kicked her beautiful legs, then drew up in a ball to protect herself.

Ron said reproachfully, "Now, Susan, we are married, after all. Come on, let me see you." He grasped both her bare feet between two fingers and pulled her legs straight, causing her to writhe and squirm. He admired her legs for a moment before saying, "Now you're going to get something like nothing you ever felt before." Ron licked his lips, then leaned forward and planted a huge kiss on her thighs. His tongue, warm and wet, came out and licked from head to toe.

Her revulsion drove Susan to break her silence. "Ugh! Don't, Ron, that is fucking disgusting."

Ron just smiled, then used his free hand to spread Susan's legs wide, holding them apart despite all her frantic struggles. Then his tongue, a horrible pink slab as wide as her body and covered with creepy-feeling bumps, slurped up between her legs to taste her crotch.

"No!" Susan screamed at the top of her lungs, squirming in vain inside the unbreakable grip of her husband's gigantic hand. "Please don't! Please, baby, if you love me you won't do this."

Ron's tongue continued to tease her, getting her wet despite her revulsion at her situation. Her pleas gradually became sobs of despair as she realized that she was going to climax, no matter how hard she tried to resist. She then remembered Ron's earlier statement that he wanted to own her, and her will hardened. She intended to deny her captor the pleasure of her surrender.

She began a comical struggle to keep her crotch away from the probing tongue, gyrating her hips and sliding up and down as the tongue pursued her. She could hear Ron's impossibly deep voice booming laughter as he watched.

"Okay, that's enough of that shit," Ron said. He changed his grip on his miniature wife, holding her firmly with her arms pinned at her sides. His other hand then locked her legs apart. The probing tongue soon returned.

"No," Susan groaned almost inaudibly as she again felt her climax approaching. Almost as if he sensed his wife's will breaking, Ron began to increase the speed of his licking, bringing Susan to a fever pitch. He took away his free hand, and Susan made no effort to evade his tongue.

Ron realized Susan was near orgasm, and used his free hand to masturbate frantically. He shot his wad with a jolt at the exact moment Susan threw her head back and cried out loud. He could feel Susan's back arching her belly against his restraining fingers, every muscle tensed in bliss.

Ron recovered his composure quickly, and was able to watch his wife pant and twitch in reaction to her climax, limp and exhausted.

"See, I do love you, baby," he whispered to Susan as he carried her back downstairs. "It's just that I own you, too."


A Little Party

Chapter 4

By Zomby96

As Ron got ready for work, he fought off the urge to call in sick. He wanted to stay home with his new pets, who were safely trapped in their pen. But he knew that must not do anything unusual today. He did not want to attract any attention, lest someone force him to reveal that his wife was 'missing.'

At least it would be a short day. He had two stories in the morning and one meeting to cover in the early afternoon. Then he could go home and enjoy his catch.

In the den, Ron's tiny prizes were listening intently as their captor moved around the house. Relief was visible on all their faces when they finally heard him leave for work.

Anne cleared her throat. "Well. Now what?"

Susan was looking around the homemade cage. "Now we see if there's a way to get out of this thing." Anne shot her an inquisitive look, but Susan only shook her head. She did not want to talk about her recent experience with her husband. Anne had an idea what had happened. She had seen Susan scrubbing herself down in the washbowl as soon as Ron had put her in the cage.

As Susan began walking around the perimeter of the dome, Anne turned to her friend Linda, a slim blonde whose makeup was now streaked by tears. Anne asked quietly, "So how did asshole manage to catch you?"

Linda quickly related the tale, and Anne nodded; it was about what she had expected. Anne mused aloud, "I guess he had to catch all of you because you saw him with me and Susan last night."

"Well, that's just great," Linda shouted. "So if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be in this fucking mess."

Anne screamed right back at Linda. "Hey, he's got me, too! You think I want to be here? You think I was down on my knees begging Ron to make me Barbie size and keep me as a pet?" She whirled to face Susan, who had returned from looking in vain for weaknesses in the cage. "And by the way, thanks for not using your fucking head and marrying that fuck before you knew a damn thing about him!" Anne hissed at Susan. "All you knew was that he's good looking, and he's on TV! Oh, and that he makes a lot of money. I guess it just didn't matter if he was like fucking insane or something. Who cares, you got to live in a big house and act like you're better than everybody else because you're fucking a TV reporter."

Susan was growing beet red, but still made no reply. Anne added, "And he's just on local TV, Susan. You drive two hours from here, nobody's ever heard of him. But you act like he's kind of big deal. And he treats you like shit, Susan. He always did. And now he's shrunk you and put you in a cage." Anne laughed and said sarcastically, "Good job, girl. You reeled in a good one."

Susan snarled, "You would've took him if you could have, honey. You still start coming on to him every time you're around him, just like you did when I was dating him."

Anne was about to reply when a voice behind them said, "Let me guess. You two are sisters, right?"

Susan and Anne turned to see a pretty redhead, who was proffering her outstretched hand. "Hi, I'm Missy. I don't know any of you, but the big guy caught me last night, too."

Missy's jest broke the tension, and the two sisters exchanged smiles. Susan shook Missy's hand and said, "I'm Susan, and this is my little sister, Anne. He started out with us, but I guess he got greedy, huh?" Missy nodded and said, "I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, I suppose."

Susan said, "Well, I suppose we should all introduce ourselves."

Susan tried to categorize her fellow captives as they introduced themselves. Linda was a slim blond with full, pouty lips. Susan checked out what clothing Ron had not yet torn from Linda and decided she was probably one of those professional types who was trying to look daring during a girl's night out.

Missy struck Susan as a total slut, an assessment that also applied to Candy, a big-breasted blonde who fitted the giggling, airhead stereotype perfectly. Susan knew her slightly. She had been Anne's roommate for a while, until Anne had the nerve to demand help with the rent. Susan winced as she remembered Candy's banshee-like screaming while she was clasped in Ron's hand.

She was even less impressed with Anne's other two friends, Sharon and Lisa. Lisa was a shapely brunette who always chewed and popped gum noisily, making Susan wish Ron hadn't shrunk her clothes (and gum supply) with her. As he had with all the girls, Ron had stripped away Lisa's footwear and much of her clothes, but what remained struck Susan as suitable only for whores.

Ron probably considered Sharon a disappointing catch, Susan thought to herself. Sharon was a plump, somewhat self-conscious blond with a beautiful face that was usually cast shyly downward. She was just a tad too heavy for most men's taste, though Susan could see that her legs weren't bad. Ron had left her nothing but her top, but Susan imagined her clothing had been a little on the modest side.

Susan thought to herself, a little smugly, that she was the best item in the cage, and figured that Ron thought so too. After all, he had certainly paid more attention to her than he had the others, even Anne. Then she reproached herself. Who cared what Ron thought? He was a sick bastard who was making women into helpless living dolls, including her.

After the introductions, the day dragged on with little to do or discuss. Susan and Anne told the others how Ron had acquired his power to shrink women, but after that there seemed to be little to talk about. The cage was escape proof, and everyone knew the plight they were in.

To while away the time, the tiny women watched TV, trying to absorb themselves in the slew of trashy talk shows. They watched as couples and friends argued on stage before the predictable fights broke out.

Susan wished she could be on the stage. What a great talk show topic that would make, she thought. A nice big graphic: You shrunk me, my sister, and her girlfriends, and now you're cheating on me with them. Of course, he hadn't cheated yet, but Susan knew the other girls would get their own 'tongue lashing' as soon as her husband returned.


Ron pulled into a convenience store in an upbeat mood. He would soon be home with his shrunken beauties, and the weekend was here. He had hours of fun planned for his miniature female playthings.

He went to the counter and the cashier said, "Just a minute, please." She was busily counting up cash and bundling it away.

Ron studied her as she worked. She was a cute little thing with dishwater blond hair, and a name tag that said, "Hi, I'm Kim." She looked like a little high school girl, with her perfect skin and big blue eyes. Ron felt himself getting hard, and knew he had to have her.

He would have a chance. He was the only customer in the store, which was not busy in the early afternoon. The only problem would be getting her out of sight of the security camera. Then he thought of a solution, and surreptitiously prepared a crystal for use.

Kim said pleasantly, "May I help you, sir?" Hiding his excitement, Ron said, "Yeah, I need one of those deli sandwiches." He followed her to the deli counter, where no camera could see.

Behind the counter, Kim asked, "Which one do you want?"

Ron couldn't resist. "Nah, none of them look too good. I think I'll just take you instead."

"What?" Kim asked nervously, unsure whether Ron was joking or not.

Ron just slammed the crystal on the metal counter. The rock shattered and released its power in a flash like lightning. When the flash was over, Kim was gone.

Nervously, Ron climbed over the counter and spied Kim underneath it, trying desperately to hide. "Come here, baby," he crooned at the cowering girl. He reached down and picked Kim up, pausing only a moment to listen to her terrified screams. He stuffed her in his pants pocket after climbing back over the counter.

He heard another car pull up. Thinking quickly, Ron went to the front counter and stood in front of it, looking at his watch. A guy walked in and got behind Ron.

Both stood there for a few minutes, then the newcomer asked Ron, "Is there anybody working here or what?"

Ron shrugged, hoping the guy wouldn't notice the squirming bulge in his pocket. "I guess not. I'm not waiting any more, though," he replied in an annoyed tone. He walked out of the store and got in his car.

Once in the car, he carefully dug Kim out of his pocket and placed her in the gym bag, where she would be more comfortable. Before closing it, he roared at Kim, "Take off your clothes, unless you want me to smash you." As Kim hesitated, Ron licked his lips. "Or maybe I'll just have you for lunch. I never did get my sandwich, after all." He started to reach toward Kim, but then she quickly began shedding her clothes. Ron nodded approvingly, then took her clothes and shoved them in his pocket.

He zipped the nude Kim up in the gym bag and headed home. He wasn't concerned about having enough room for his newest catch. He had built a cage big enough to hold dozens of shrunken girls.


The girls in the wire dome ran anxiously to the front of the cage as they heard Ron's car pull up. They watched with contempt as the giant entered the den humming lightly, obviously very pleased with himself.

Susan noticed Ron was carrying his gym bag, and saw the telltale moving bulge at the bottom. "Well, I see you shrunk yourself another girl while you were out. What's the matter, don't you have enough toys already?" she asked, in a sarcastic imitation of a mother scolding an errant child.

"Yeah, but you ought to see this one," Ron said enthusiastically as he unzipped the gym bag. "She's a real beauty. She's not like you. She's still young." He reached in the bag and pulled out the helpless, screaming Kim. He displayed her in his hand to Susan. "See? Ain't she something?" He put Kim back in the bag and placed it on the table. With a flourish, he unlocked the cage and opened it. He gestured toward the gym bag and said, "Climb in, ladies. You're going on a little trip." Reluctantly the seven girls climbed in beside Kim.

Ron carried the bag upstairs, tense with anticipation. He tossed the bag on the bed and began pulling off his clothes. He then lay down on the bed on his side and opened the bag, dumping his captive beauties on the bed in front of him.

The girls stood facing him with defiant postures and expressions. He decided it was time to instill some discipline.

"Now, I don't want any shit from you," Ron said in an angry tone. "You know damn good and well I can kill you without even trying hard." He yanked the bedspread, and the eight girls were knocked from their feet. They landed in a tangled heap, looking up at Ron in terror.

"I'm going to give you some rules, and you're going to live by them," Ron continued. "They're real simple, so you won't have any trouble remembering them.

"First, you will do anything I say. Period. There are no loopholes, no exceptions. You won't argue, you won't whine, you won't bitch. You'll just obey.

"Also, you will always behave respectfully, and you will address me as master. All the time, every time. You'll answer me with 'yes, master,' and 'no, master,' and you'll say it politely, like you mean it. Because you do mean it. For right now, that's all the rules. Obey them, and we'll get along just fine."

Ron paused and looked down at the tiny women, who were listening wide-eyed and intently. "Do you understand?"

"Yes, master!" the girls dutifully chorused.

His huge eyes fell on his nude, angry wife. He stared at her for a moment, then swept her up in his hand. He held Susan up directly in front of his eyes. "How about you, my little pet girl? Do you understand?"

Susan said, almost inaudibly, "Yes, master."

Ron shook her violently. "Again. Louder," he snarled.

Susan swallowed her anger and cried, "Yes, master!"

"Good, everybody's on the same page now," Ron said. "I'm ready to get started. Everybody strip." He started getting stiff as he watched his captives undress. "Oh, yeah, that's a lot better." He picked up Anne and rolled onto his back, holding her in one hand, with Susan still in the other. He held them close together and stared at them with lust in his eyes.

"God, you're both so beautiful," he whispered. He placed them side by side in his right hand, and brought up his left hand to play with them, kneading their lovely breasts between thumb and forefinger. He then used one finger to stroke and caress the helpless sisters, sighing with pleasure as he felt their soft skin beneath his fingertip.

Then without warning, his hand plunged downward to his crotch. He mashed both girls against his cock, and brought up his other hand to roll them slowly back and forth around the shaft.

Hearing their muffled protests, Ron said in an ugly tone, "What did I say about bitching, girls?" The tiny sisters shuddered and began to endure their humiliation in silence.

However, Ron soon relented and returned them to the bed before snatching up Linda and Missy. He would have plenty of time for Susan and Anne later. He would eventually have to release his other captives, but he would always have the sisters. He decided he better enjoy his other pets while he had them.

Having primed the pump with Susan and Anne, he grew a raging hard-on as he toyed with Linda and Missy. New to this sort of treatment, these two girls struggled much harder than the sisters had, which Ron enjoyed immensely. He soon began to rub them against his dick, almost swooning in pleasure as their smooth bodies circled the swollen, vein-covered log.

After a moment, he returned his two pets to the bed and grabbed up Sharon and Lisa. He wasted little time fondling them, proceeding on to crushing them against his cock joyfully. He let them go after only a moment, feeling his excitement building. He grabbed up Candy and Kim and gave them the same treatment as the others before releasing them. As they tumbled out of his hand, he said, "I've got something special for you two later. I promise."

He then looked down on Anne and Susan, picking them up once more. He was actually drooling as he looked at the terrified, beautiful sisters. "I always wished I could have both of you," he breathed in a horny voice. "Now I can have both of you at once."

Realizing what he meant, Anne and Susan screamed in horror and struggled hard as he again pressed them against his now-throbbing cock. He entwined their legs as he carefully wrapped the tiny sisters around his cock. He could feel their miniature breasts against his hot skin, could feel their breath tickling him. He held them tightly with both hands and began pumping.

Susan and Anne grimaced in revulsion as they felt themselves sliding up and down against Ron's enormous cock. Susan fought back sobs as the pumping became faster and faster. They held on for all they were worth as Ron's suddenly thrust his hips upward spasmodically, sending a geyser of semen in the air. He continued to pump his captives up and down until they were coated with the white fluid.

For a moment, Ron lay panting, trying to collect himself. After a while, he lurched up into a sitting position and placed Anne in Susan in a washbowl he had put on the nightstand. After they washed, he returned all hiss toys to the gym bag before falling off to sleep.


A Little Party

Chapter Five


By the end of the first month in captivity, Ron's tiny women were beginning to give up any hope of escape. They had settled into a routine of hours of boredom, broken up only by horrible moments in the hands of their 'master.'

Susan now saw none of Ron's former self in him, nothing like the man she had chosen to marry. He had become nothing more than a perverted monster, reminding her of the fairy tale ogres with penchant for capturing princesses.

The miniature women had gotten a small reprieve the night before. The girls had cheered when they heard, by listening to the answering machine as it recorded a message, which said Ron had been in a car wreck. Their joy subsided when they learned that he seemed unharmed, and would be in the hospital only for 24 hours observation. The hospital's message had been directed at Susan, who obviously wasn't going to be returning the call.

Though the night off had been great, the day was nerve wracking, as the tiny girls waited for the giant to return.

The girls' heads snapped up when they heard the slam of a car door outside. The moment they had dreaded had arrived. Susan stared dejectedly at the cage floor as Ron entered the room, with the gym bag in hand.

"Hi honey, I'm home," Ron sang. "And guess what I got?" He lifted the gym bag for emphasis.

Susan didn't even look up. "More girls?" she asked in a tired voice.

"Well, let's put it this way. I won't have to spend any more money on 900 numbers. I've got my own red hot nurses!" Ron said gleefully. He unlocked and opened the cage, opened the gym bag, and carelessly poured four white-clad young ladies into the cage. They cried out in pain as they hit the cage floor. Ron quickly shut the cage again.

"I just kind of hung around the break room until shift change, and boom! They just walked in and sat down." Ron said, nodding toward the nurses. "And here they are. I'm getting good at this. I'm already up to an even dozen."

Susan took a quick glance at the new arrivals. Two of the nurses were blond, while the other two were brunettes. All had the long hair that Ron favored, currently neatly bound up with their nurse's caps. Ron had left them more clothing than usual. They still had their caps and uniforms, though Ron evidently hadn't liked the white hose and shoes.

Susan whispered to the nurses, "Don't worry, he won't hurt you. Just don't make him mad. Do what he wants, and you'll be all right." They nodded uncertainly, still keeping their eyes on the giant staring in at them.

Ron opened the cage one more time, and reached in with his hand. Susan cringed as it passed over her, then rolled her eyes when she saw it reaching for Candy. She prepared herself for the ear-splitting screams that Candy alone still emitted when Ron picked her up.

"No! No, leave me alone," Candy cried as the hand loomed toward her. As the hand closed around her waist and lifted her up, her voice rose to a shriek. "Put me down! You just got all those little nursie chicks over there. Why don't you play with them?"

"Relax, I'm just going to catch up on the news," Ron said in a soothing tone as he stroked Candy gently. Candy fell silent in relief, knowing that Ron often liked to toy idly with one or two of the girls during commercials.

After Ron left the room, the girls quickly explained the situation to the newly arrived nurses, including the frequent trips to Ron's bedroom.

"So you just have to be ready," Anne said to the horrified new girls. "He'll probably do it to you tonight."


As the noon news ended, Ron decided he could wait no more. He went back to the den, shoved Candy and the helpless nurses into the gym bag, then took a long look at Anne. "I think it's your turn, baby," he rumbled to Anne, who shot him a disgusted look as he dropped her into the bag.

He carried the bag out of the room, with Susan watching him intently. As soon as Ron left, Susan said excitedly, "Look, he forgot to lock the cage!"

The girls whirled and stared, then Linda jumped up in the air and clapped her hands in delight. The cage was indeed unlocked. The girls lifted the edge of the dome and braced it open with a doll chair.

"Let's go!" Linda cried, but Susan grabbed her shoulder. "Now let's think about this," Susan said. "We're going to need all the time we can get. We're only a foot tall, so it'll take a long time just to get out of the house. If we're all gone when he gets back, he'll start looking for us right away, and he'll probably find us."

Linda nodded but added, "He'll know something's wrong when he sees the cage unlocked, so what's the difference?"

Susan said, "Look, we just send one of us. Whoever goes can lock the cage back after they get out. That'll keep him from suspecting anything, as long as he doesn't notice someone missing. He'll be in a hurry, because he's got an appointment in about three hours, and you know he'll play with the new girls a while. Maybe he won't waste time counting us. Then whoever goes can get some help."

"Well, all you'd have to do is call 911," Linda said, but Susan shook her head. "No, he hides the phone before he leaves. The only thing that'll be hooked will be the answering machine, and you can't dial out on it."

Sharon, who had been listening quietly, suddenly said to Susan, "You're the one who ought to go. You know the house, you know the neighbors, and if he did catch you, he probably wouldn't kill you because you're his wife. There's no telling what he might do to one of us."

Susan nodded, seeing the logic of Sharon's statement. "Yeah, I could just go next door and get Sherry to help me. We're pretty close."

Linda shooed her toward the exit. "Go on, before he gets back."

Susan sprinted out onto the table and tanked the doll chair from under the rim off the dome, which fell back in place. She quickly closed the hasp and locked the cage. She looked around in momentary confusion, then saw that she could climb down the lamp cord to reach the floor.

"Good luck!" Susan's shrunken companions chorused as she began lowering herself down the lamp cord.


Upstairs, Ron had finished preparations. He was in bed, and his tiny girls were all nude. They stood on his chest, waiting in dread to see what he would do.

Ron smiled, then grabbed two of the quaking nurses. A broad smile broke out on his face as the tiny girls screamed and squirmed helplessly, vainly kicking their beautiful legs. He never got that kind of a show from his other captives, who had gotten used to being in his giant hand. He was already getting stiff as a board.

He held the tiny girls up against his cock, massaging it between their beautiful bodies. After a couple of minutes, he dropped them between his legs, grabbed up the other two nurses and gave them the same treatment.

Suddenly he scooped up all four nurses and forced them to straddle his cock. They held onto each other desperately to stay on the throbbing shaft, which was barely long enough to hold them all. He placed one hand palm-down on their heads and began rocking them back and forth gently. "Just like that, girls," Ron said in a husky voice. He removed his hand and the hapless nurses continued their delicious rocking motion.

He picked up Candy and Anne and threw them together, seating them on one upturned palm. With his other hand, he began stroking and teasing them gently.

"God, how pretty you are, baby," Ron whispered to Candy, who had closed her eyes in complete submission to his attentions. "But Anne's just got something about her. It feels so good to control her." He picked up Candy and drew her to his face for a lingering kiss before returning her to the gym bag.

Anne sighed as the giant began to lick her long, tanned legs. She lay there passively as the tongue began flicking at her labia, making no effort to fight off her impending orgasm.

As Anne began to writhe in guilty pleasure, Ron used one hand to urge the nurses to speed up their motion. Soon they were sliding up and down his rigid shaft at top speed, and Ron gave a strangled moan of delight. His cock suddenly reared upward and shot its wad like a cannon, momentarily lifting all four shrunken nurses into the air.

Ron collapsed panting on the bed, but only for a moment. He rolled out of bed and began dressing, taking only a moment to cram his toys back into the gym bag. He had to hurry if he wanted to be on time for his assignment.


"Where the fuck is she?" Ron roared, shaking the entire cage. "Where did she go?"

"I told you, she escaped," Linda cried. "You left the cage open, and we let her out."

Ron had gone ballistic when he saw that Susan was missing. He had thrown the girls from the gym bag under the dome in a rage, before tearing the house apart looking for Susan. Now he was back, and the remaining girls feared for their lives.

Indeed, he had already picked up a hammer. "What are you going to do with that?" Linda called up at Ron. "Kill us? The cops are going to be here soon, Ron. It's over. You're busted. If you kill us, the only difference'll be that you get nailed for murder instead of just kidnappping."

She prayed desperately to herself as Ron hesitated. Then he dropped the hammer and stomped away from the cage.


Almost there, Susan thought to herself. She was already in her neighbor's back yard, but she was exhausted and sore. The rough ground was hard on her bare feet, and she sat down a moment to rub them.

Suddenly a shadow fell over her, and she heard a young boy's voice behind her. "Wow! What happened to you?"

Susan jumped to her feet and whirled around. She saw the enormous form of her friend's 11-year-old son looming over her. He squatted to get a better look at her.

"You're Mrs. Johnson, arenít you?" the boy asked. He seemed to be wearing the same hungry, evil look she had so often seen on Ron. But maybe she was imagining it.

"Yes. A bad man shrunk me, and now I need help," Susan said slowly. "I need to talk to your mom so she can call the police. IÖ" She trailed off as the boy began removing his shirt, spreading it into a crude net.

Susan made no effort to run as the shirt fell over her. She just threw herself to the ground. "No, no, no," she sobbed, striking the ground weakly with her fists.

But she already knew she was a pet once again.