Story " Lifestyles of the fateful"

Posted by talisman ( on February 12, 2005 at 05:38:19:

The time it took to enter the house and down the serum, ravaged John's brain. What surmounted to be a much anticipated occasion, and a burdon to reach, had suddenly appeared and on it's say to being.
John watched as his wife Beth walked across the now vast floor, as each one stood in awe of the massive furniture, walls, discarded clothing, that lingered and towered over them both.
The hosts stood towering above as well, as they both seemed hundreds of feet tall. Bob and Janice went about their business, being oblivious to the tiny guests standing in awe of them. The couple were of larger nature, janice standing a brunette standing at 5'11, ample and plump at a 175 lbs, while Bob a dirty blonde, stood 6'1, and imposing at 290 lbs. They were well to do, frequenting resorts about, as indicated by thier seeming endless tans.
John watched carefully up at the giants, as he took notice of Beth seeming entranced by Bob's massive frame. John's attention swerved as he noticed something coming into view each time Bob walked in his sandals. As a shape took form after each step, flaying in the back flap. John looked closer, as Beth moved forward as the giant man made his way to a warehouse sized couch.
John kept watch up at Janice's frequent appearance, as she lumbered in and out of the massive room. The house seemed louder then he remembered upon entering, as every sound seemed thunderous, from the music from the t.v, to the footsteps. He then hiked up as he now caught a clear glimpse as the giant man stood before the great couch, as he was looking at a letter. As he stood, he casually raised his heel, which now revealed the form more clearly.
A fine speciman of a woman appeared, her body looking so puny and slinky in comparison, against the backfrop of the giant's heel. She was orient, long jet black hair, she looked to be just under 5' tall, when she was normal sized, instead of the 3 inches she was, as was John and Beth now. She lingered beneath the giant's heel, seeming unharmed, but still worse for wear, as the heel descened once again, smothering her beneath it. She didn't fight it, or try to escape, as she seemed to fall flat in anticipation to be flattened once again.
John's jaw dropped, as he turned his attention back to Beth. She was now standing directly beneath the giant. Bob dropped the letter, and turned to sit down. Beth moved aside, as the giant man turned on his feet, before setting himself down. With his massive feet pressed firmly down, he turned his attention down to Beth. Beth was looking up, in a trance as it seemed, as she seemed to be waiting for orders or something divine. Bob, placed his meaty arms on his knees, as he peered down at her, his greasy smile etching on his laurels. "Show time, bitch! watcha waiting for?" Bob said. Beth shook at the giant's thunderous bark, as she flinched back, before going back into trance and moveing forward.
She climbed up to the giant's toes, as she leaned forward and started to lick and kiss at his endless flesh. Her body moved slowly, as she stepped up higher on the giant's foot, her body looking more and more tiny with each step onto the giant's fleshy foot.
John stood firm, as he watched both in nervous tension, as well as erotic jealousy. A true emotion which he encountered after numerous encounters with other men he watched use his wife. Every since the two decided to live out the new lifestyle and fantasy, Beth both reveled and anticipated new arrivals in their lives. Every man John brought was always larger than he, in most cases, severely larger. Till now that was, as Bob was 1000 times larger than any man he brought to Beth. Bob could sqeeze and lose the tallest and fattest man between his toes, John thought to himself, as he also feared and shivered sexually at the thought of what he would do easily with Beth.
Beth had now moved up higher, where Bob had now meet both feet together, while Beth balanced herself, while kissing and licking at his flesh. Before long, Bob spead his massive feet, till Beth was easily deposited between, and lost from view. With that, Bob flattened his feet, sitting back, while firmly rubbing his soles on the floor. John feel to his knees as he could only envison what she was now going through. Is he pummeling her flat, is she already a pulp beneath his meaty soles. Each lingering thought brought his cock out harder, as he cupped and was rubbing firmly. He could only look upon the giant's feet, admiring their masculine girth and strength. Their sheer size, and texture. He even sniffed the lingeirng aroma that drifting up from the floor, from obvously endless use by the giant's feet. Every feeling, every frame of view, every scent he took in, brought out moans from his own lungs.
Bob shuffled his great feet, before working at something, as he seemed to clench something between his toes, before lifting it up higher onto couch cusion to his waiting finges. John had waited for some sight of Beth and now he had it, as Beth was towed up, clenched between the giant's toes. She was then snatched up into the giant's fingers, as Bob dropped his foot to a thunderous pounding. As Bob poked and fondled the tiny Beth within his fingers, John in his erection looked down as Bob rasied his foot as he moved his cock up and out. The tiny asian woman was now flicked away, as he was flung off the giant's sole, landing a few feet on her side.
Bob had his massive cock out, as it stood like a towering emblem of sexual command. The shaft was thick, as it shimmered in the pre-cum shine. The cock head, hovered up high, wet, it circumference larger than that of Beth's. She lingerd back in the giant's grip, as she was also watching in awe, only her view was alot closer. John watched both the asian woman lay stirring on the floor, as well as Beth's body now being brought closer to the giant's monstrous erection.
In what appeared as a split image, he now noticed Janice coming over, in the backfrop of the asian woman still laying on her side, as well as Beth now fully devoured in the giant's cock, as he had her engulfed in his pee-hole, while his meaty fingers worked around menacingly.
Janice soon was just above the tiny asian, as she looked over at her husband, and then down. She leaned over, plucking up the tiny woman. As the giantess, held the hidden body in her hand, Janice considered her for a bit, before finally flickering her away. John, whose own cock was maddening hard, as he worked it, watching both scenes take place, watched as the asian woman tumbled down, hitting the floor before bouncing two times and landing on her back. As she came to rest, the giantess's own foot caught her in it's path, as she obliterated her from sight beneath her massive foot. John blew out, and moaned loudly, as he witnessed both that, and also Beth's plight, as she was in and out of view, as the giant's phallus, revealed her tarnished body, and removing it from sight, with the giant's own masturbation.
John managed to look up, as he eyed the giantess standing high above him, she looked incredible, as he was goddess like. Her sheer size, enhanced by her sheer giant size. "Well little man, what are you doing down there?" John shivered at her thunderous vouce, as he was unable to reply, as if he could be heard anyway. He merely continued to jack off, while keeping an eye on Beth, as she came into view once again, her squeeky voice shouting and moaning, as she disapeared from view against the giant's pulsating cockhead. The giant was goaning loudly, as he let out bouts of farts with each grunt.
Janice contined to look down. "Bend over and kiss my toes worm!" John moved with much discomfort, as he practially hugged her big toe and lavished it with kisses and licks. He kept looking up at the giant woman, her vision keeping his rock hard erection. "Get under, now!" Janice roared. John winced as she rolled beneath, finding himself captured as the giant woman pressed her foot down. Her voice was slightly muffled, but he could still hear her voice. "Hmmm, yeah, I've wanted to crush you both for some time now, you and your fuckin kinky wife."
Janice walked with the tiny man clenched in her toes, as she made her way to the couch. As she sat down, she lifted her foot up, snatching the tiny man, and laying him before her vast clit. Her bush was drenched, as her clit oozed juice, tarnishing the cushion, as a puddle developed. Her upper torso was now unseen, as her belly, clit and legs took up the main view. Even next to her, the giant's thighs took up most of his view, with the image of his cockhead, coming in and out, between pumps of the giant's hands.
Beth was no longer in sight, as only the slight sounds of her voice, as she screamed, only to be head between the giant's own monstrous moans. John looked ahead, as the giantess's body created a void in gravity, as he starte to slip down. John slid lower and lower, as the giant's clit was now the only vision in view. Her voice was now larger, as her growls cursed him for his slowness to enter her.
John was on on her clit lips, the juices now drenching him as it continued to ooze out. John felt the heat from her interior, as well as the stench. He for what ever reason, fought to stay out, till a fleshy giant finger came from behind, his body now devoured easily inside her clit.
Bob swirved his body over, as he mounted Janice, the two embraced in passionate love, while rejoicing their togetherness as they started to fuck hard.
Time was a lost issue, as it appeard to be night still outside. On a massive bed, Bob and Janice lay still, snoring away, while the music played on from a distant stereo. As both their bodies stirred, Bob's cock unstuck from between Janice's cheeks. Closer upon closer as the well endowed man and woman move apart, a sticky mess lingers between the mammoth bodies. Amidst it, the two bodies, John and Beth, lay in waste, their bodies twisted and pummeled, as they lay concealed in the cum and juice wad. Bob's fleshy cock comes back into view, totally obliterating thier view as it smothers them into the mess.