Life's a Bitch

Posted by Chris Ford on February 23, 2003 at 05:19:39:

“Eureka,” I yelled as I figured out the key sequence that I lacked for the machine to work. Unlike Archimedes, I did not feel compelled to run around in the street in the nude. I decided instead to test out my new device. For lack of a better term, I pointed the “ray gun” at my girlfriend’s new wardrobe that she had just bought. After a bright light, I could no longer see the clothes that she insisted were worth the thousands of dollars that she spent. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that they had shrunk, and now could hardly fit a doll. I have to admit that this got me excited. Since I was in preschool I had shrinking fantasies, although by high school they had gotten more sexual in their nature.

When Rachel returned I showed her what I had done, but for some reason she was upset. “It is just like to ruin something of mine, in order to test some ridiculous invention,” she said angrily. Before I could explain she grabbed the gun and fired it in my direction. Once the blinding light faded, I looked around and noticed that everything was bigger. I looked up and noticed that the sofa was looming over me like a ten story building. All of a sudden, a large hand swooped down and picked me up. I tried to struggle, but I was impotent to do anything but watch. Rachel’s gigantic eyes stared down at me and she said, “I figured that since you have spent so much time working on this, instead of fulfilling my needs that it would be ironic that this ray gun would be the instrument through which I would get my revenge.” “If you don’t want to get any smaller, I would suggest you do what I tell you to do,” she said thunderously. “Now strip for me, my little Ken doll.”

Within moments I was out of my clothes, and I found myself being rubbed across her ample 36DD breasts. Rachel had been about 5’4” and had beautiful brown hair and blue eyes. When I first met her I thought she was the sweetest girl in the world. Now I could see that she had a mean streak and I was not about to risk any further reduction in height. Then without warning she placed me between her legs. I did not understand what she wanted me to do, so I did what I normally did when I was face to face with her pussy. I attempted to eat her out. Of course this was a monumental task. Since I was her first lover, and we had only been together for a year, she was still relatively tight. Opening her pussy lips took all my strength. I started rubbing myself against her lips and playing with her clit, but then I decided to start pumping her as usual. My now puny dick, though, could barely part her lips, and it was at this moment that she grabbed me and shoved me head first into her opening. I could barely breathe and I began to struggle, but I could tell that this was getting her hot. All of a sudden she grabbed my feet and pulled me back into the world, but before I could get some air I was forced back in again. This continued until I was covered in cum.

She lightly touched my dick and began blowing on it, and I have to admit that I was getting harder than I have ever gotten. Then, out of the blue, there was another blinding light, and I noticed that not only was I not back to my normal height, but I was also smaller. I had to be at least an inch and a half tall. I was screaming at her to explain herself, but I was too small to be heard. Of course she could probably understand what I was screaming about and said, “You were great, but I have grown bored with that type of entertainment for the moment, but I thought it would be amusing to get your little member hard one last time.” “I know how much you hate Marmalade, but I know you will love him if you just played with him a bit.” “Just so he doesn’t hurt you, I am going to put you in his toy ball,” she said.

After what seemed like hours of getting knocked around by her stupid cat I was sick and exhausted. Every time I was able to get that damn ball to stop and stay still, that stupid cat would knock it across the room. Eventually, though, the cat got bored with me and found something else to play with. During his romp, Rachel had fallen asleep, and she did not notice her clothes return to normal. To be fair I didn’t either, but an hour later my surroundings started to get smaller, until I could no longer fit in the ball any longer. With a snap, it broke open and I was free, and moments later I was back to my normal height. Staring down at my girlfriend I knew I was going to have some fun.

Rachel awoke with a jerk, and noticed me towering over her. At 6’1”, I was normally only a couple of inches taller than her, but now at three feet tall, I was now a giant. I have to admit, it was fun getting her out of her oversized clothes. It seems if you aim for the targets head, then their clothes will not shrink with them. I began playing with her grapefruit sized breasts and I told her that we were going to have some fun tonight. She just starred at me in shock. I pinned her little arms behind her, and said, “Let’s see if you think I am little after I am done.” “Oh and by the way, I do not want to forget this experience so I decided to video tape it.” With that said, I penetrated her, but whereas before she was too big for me, now she was too small. I had to squeeze hard to get all 8” inside her, and her screams of either horror or passion urged me on. After a few moments I was spent, but I was not done with this bitch just yet.

I adjusted to the camera so it could record her transformation, and a second later she was reduced to a living 6” doll. I looked down at her and told her to get on my dick, but of course she started to come to her senses and refused. She called me a freak and a bastard and an asshole, but I took it in stride. I placed her on my limp member, and her struggling from preventing herself from falling to her death made it instantly come to attention. “Now little girl, if you don’t want to plummet to your death, I would suggest keep my member in its present state.” At this command, she started rubbing herself along the shaft, allowing her pebble sized breasts to brush across it, and she also ran her tongue along it as she went. This was amazing, and it did not take long for her to cum on me and a moment after that I shot my load.

She looked up at me and said, “Please Chris, let me go and turn me back. I know what I did to you was wrong, but this is too much.” “Oh we are not done yet little girl,” I laughed. With another blinding light, she was now barely visible. She was now 2mm, so I had to be especially careful with her. I picked her up with a pair of tweezers and lifted her over my dick. She looked confused, but when I opened my pee hole she started to scream. With that I dropped her inside of my dick, and she immediately began to struggle. I thought her scrambling around on the outside was fun, but this was amazing. I decided to help her out a little and I started jerking off. It was strange hearing a scream come from my member, as I squeezed it, but it got me even harder. I could feel myself about to jiz, and having her there to plug it up aided me in building up more pressure. Then, all of a sudden I felt one of the best orgasms of my life and I knew she had shot out like a bullet.

It took me a while, but I found her on the sofa covered in my essence. She looked like she had been knocked out so I fired the gun up again and increased her height to about 3 feet. She was fuming and told me that she was leaving me and going to call the police. I could not have that so I pointed the gun back at her and shrunk her down to about a foot. I was going to put her in an old bird cage for a couple of days until I could figure out what to do with her, but then it happened. Unbeknownst to me, my gun was unstable, and once exposed to the ray, a subject would relapse every so many hours. Before I could deal with her, I was reduced to about half her height. She looked at me and laughed. Before I had time to plead for mercy, I once again started getting smaller. I had returned to an inch and half. I screamed, “Now Rachel, I was only having fun before. Please don’t do anything rash.” Then she picked me up and smiled at me. “I knew you would calm down and see things my way,” I said, “now please put me down so I can figure a way out of this.” Then her hands closed on me and tightened until I popped. She wiped my remains off of her hand and then began to feel the same tingling I felt. She was now 6” tall, but not for long. Marmalade had come back in the room and saw another play toy. All her pleading could not stop the cat from pouncing on her and eating her alive.

When my friend Mike came by, after not hearing anything from me in a couple of days, all he found was the remains of a cat, which appeared to have exploded. Unfortunately for the cat, Rachel’s body had regained its original size, but had shrunk again by the time Mike made his visit.