story "Landlord"

Posted by talisman ( on October 31, 2004 at 21:23:25:

The couple arrived at the home, received upon ringing the doorbell. A hefty native woman named Wanda, answered, inviting the two in. Chad, and Elain, walked in. Elaine looked apprehensive as she sensed a funky odor. Chad, always the optomist walked in full hardy. Elaine noticed quickly that the Wanda, was a large full figured woman, standing a solid 6' and probably at 180 lbs, Elaine felt tiny in comparison to her own 5"4 and 100 lbs. Even Chad, who was at 5"10 and at 163 lbs looked almost childish in comparison. Wanda had dark raven black hair, long to her shoulders, her native ethnic offered her rather a dark complexion, which rivaled any tan one received through hours of sunworshipping.
As Chad asked questions while checking out the top half of the duplex, Elain seemed to distance herself. Wanda started to get rather confortable with Chad, but found Elaine a imposing threat to the process.
As she studied the young man, checking his body out, and already imagining the possibilities, she knew time was short to make a move, as Elaine was quickly quashing the deal.
Wanda insisted on showing the back parlor, as she followed the couple she picked out a tiny bottle, and without notice, quickly doused the two.
Chad and Elaine didn't know what happened, as the two suddenly found themselves disoriented. Chad found himself as well as Elaine, sitting on a now expansive floor. When their eyes finally cleared, both quickly stood up.
the dizzying heights, gave way to the now towering gaint who stood before them. Wanda was now a utterly gigantic 80 feet taller, her girth complete to make the effect whole. She stood with her arms on her hips, her long thick legs, rising up to her above the clouds head, through her heaving breasts.
The two screamed, as they hugged and backed away. Wanda chuckled as she posted her nylon clad feet on either side of the tiny couple.
"Well you little bitch, you just couldn't let things be, you had to have this attitude, well, no where it got you." Wanda thundered down.
The door slammed shut, as Glenn, Wanda's husband entered the room. The man was utterly massive, dwarfing even his wife, as he stood next to her, staring down at the tiny couple. "The new tennants?" The giant mused, as he kicked off his massive sandals, exposing sheer size 16 bare feet. Wanda hugged her husband's waste. "Yep, she's all yours honey!" Wanda said, as Glenn leaned over, as the tiny couple hugged firmly, screaming as the massive hand descened on them.
The giant snatched at the tiny woman, peeling her away from her husband desperate to keep her with him. The giant made easy work of knocking the man aside, while whisking up the tiny woman in his enclosed fist, before giving Wanda a kiss and lumbering away with his new prize.
Chad rose up to his knees, begging in tears, As Wanda plucked him with her nylon clad toes, and raising him up to her waiting hand. Wanda raised her night shirt, exposing her pantyhose wasteband. She pulled the waste band out, and stuffed the tiny man deep into her bush, before allowing the waste band to snap shut.
She let her night shirt drop back down, before heading to the ringing phone.

End of part 1