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NEW STORY: Kieran, Part 15
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    Author’s Notes: This is a continuation of the Kieran series. I am very pleased that most
    of you have come to really enjoy the series, and you can be assured that I love writing it,
    too! Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

    Now for some disclaimers, just to cover all bases: if you under legal age, don’t read this
    story. If this kind of story is banned in your area, don’t read. If you get disturbed easily
    or have no sense of humour, then don’t read. And finally, if you are a person with no life
    except to cause trouble by flaming on message boards, then don’t even bother reading
    this story.

    This is a story about a man named Kieran who has been abused by women all his life.
    Then he was given the power to shrink anything down to any size and then grow it back
    to its normal size, all with just a thought from his mind. Using this power, Kieran has
    been dispensing justice for both himself and for the downtrodden men of the world who
    suffer at the hands of cruel, evil women. But as his experiences have unfolded, Kieran
    has discovered that there are good women out there, too, especially the love of his life, a
    beautiful Chinese girl named Lindy Chang.

    I do hope you really enjoy this story. I hope it entertains you, gives you thought, and
    perhaps even disturbs you just a bit! Comments are welcome, but please post them on
    the message boards. Enjoy!

    Kieran, Part 15
    by Etienne

    Kieran looked into the mirror and smiled. Damn, you are one good looking young man,
    he thought!

    He flicked his hair and smiled again. He had it all. He was doing very, very well in
    school, he had his good looks, and he had an absolutely gorgeous woman as his
    girlfriend. Despite the harsh incidents during his growing up, it was all now in the past.
    The future looked great, and life was good. Very good!

    Glancing at the clock, Kieran saw that it was time to go and meet his girl. Ah yes, supper
    at the Spaghetti Factory downtown, then a movie, followed by some delicious
    lovemaking! Just like the other night, where Kieran made love to his woman again and
    again for hours on end. She had reveled in absolute delight from it, and later told Kieran
    that she couldn’t wait to see him tonight for some more! Kieran was only too happy to

    After putting one of his new sweaters on, Kieran made his way out and down to the
    Student Union. All the while, he was quietly singing that song by Sting, “Love Is The
    Seventh Wave.” Finally, he saw his lady at the distance, sitting at one of the Union’s
    circular benches.

    “Hey there, sexy babe!” called out Kieran, “ready for some fun tonight?” But she only
    stared blankly at him in response.

    Kieran was perplexed. Did he just say something to the wrong girl? Damn, how

    But as he got closer, Kieran saw that it was indeed her. “Geesh, why the silent treatment,
    babe?” he laughed. She looked up at Kieran and stared blankly at him.

    Suddenly, Kieran was surrounded by police officers at all sides. “Hold it right there!”
    shouted one of them, “Don’t move! Get your hands where I can see them!”

    “What the fuck???” said Kieran in complete bewilderment, “What is happening?”
    Before he could say anything more, he was grabbed from behind by two huge police
    officers and thrown to the floor. They quickly put the handcuffs on him and then forced
    him violently onto his feet.

    “Damn it! Let me go!” shouted Kieran as he futilely struggled, “What are you doing!
    Help me, babe!”

    Right then, Kieran’s girlfriend got up and walked up to Kieran. “Is this the man, Miss

    Looking coldly at him, Gina Peretti said, “Yes, Constable Tyler. This is him. Kieran
    Kilpatrick. He has been stalking me, threatening me by phone, and sexually harassing

    Kieran was absolutely horrified. “Gina! What are you saying??? Tell me this isn’t true!
    This isn’t true!!!!!”

    “I want to press full charges against him, Constable.” she said as a subtle smirk crossed
    her face.

    Suddenly, Kieran realized the whole thing. “You Goddam fucking bitch! God damn
    you!!!” With that, he lunged furiously at Gina, but was pulling away by the officers.

    “I am innocent! She’s lying! I didn’t do anything to her! NO! NO! NO!”

    The officers dragged Kieran away as Gina began to fake-cry in the arms of Constable Bill
    Tyler. “Oh, Constable! I am so scared! Kieran is so evil! I have been sexually harassed!
    Oh, please help me! I am so innocent!”

    On that day, Kieran Kilpatrick died. It was February 4, 1987.

    If Gina Peretti had lived through a normal day, then she would have been home by now.

    She lived in a luxury home along the Rideau Canal, which served as a commune for the
    city’s lesbian leadership. From government leaders to university professors bookstore
    owners to doctors, lawyers, and priestesses, they all lived under one roof. Gina, being the
    leader of the group, would have led the ladies in a round of mirthful laughter, along with
    a bottle of fine wine and conversation of how they had destroyed men’s lives that day. It
    would have been a warm, supportive environment for Gina, but it would be something
    that she would never experience again. Now, she was the prisoner of her first male
    victim, Kieran Kilpatrick. And he had done something to her that she never would have
    thought of in her wildest dreams. He had shrunk her down to the size of a tiny mouse.
    Her lesbian friends had laughed on occasion about the possibility of shrinking men down
    to tiny size as a smashing blow to the patriarchy, but even the witch priestesses in the
    group said that such a thing could not be done. It was too much for magick, they said.
    But now, it had been done to her. And there was no way out for her. There would no
    mercy for her.

    Kieran danced naked around his hotel bedroom, The Rolling Stones blaring out of the
    stereo. It was a dance of victory, a movement of triumph as he finally had his Number
    One Archenemy right where he wanted her. The feeling was absolutely delicious.

    “Under my Thumb! It’s down to me, oh yeah!” sang Mick, “The change has come, she’s
    Under My Thumb! Oh yeah, take it EAASSYY baby!”

    On the bed, cowering in a tight little ball, was the tiny, three-inch tall Gina Peretti,
    stripped of her clothing and completely defenseless. Kieran finally made his way over to
    the bed and loomed over his miniaturized victim.

    “Stand up, Gina! I want to have a better look at you,” commanded Kieran. She didn’t
    move, prompting him to slam his huge hand onto the bed and causing her to fly up into
    shouted, causing Gina to cry in terror. She stood up and covered her breasts and snatch
    with her hands.

    “H - H - How did you do this!” she whimpered, “Not even the Goddess priestesses in my
    coven can do this! This is impossible! No one can shrink! It is just impossible!!!”

    Kieran laughed with delight, “Well, I don’t know, tiny one, maybe I am just more snug
    with the Goddess than your lesbo colleagues! But you are shrunk, Gina, just the way you
    should be. A tiny little girl. A teeny, tiny little girl!” Kieran then smiled in amusement,
    “A tiny little girl with the cutest little titties!” His fingers then reached down and began
    to playfully tug at her hands in order to expose her breasts. Gina backed up, trying to
    evade Kieran’s monstrous fingers, only to find herself backed into the palm of his other
    hand, cupped around her back. Kieran lifted up off the bed and cradled her in his palm.
    “Oh yes, Gina has such cute little ta-tas!” laughed Kieran, “I just may make a straight
    woman out of you yet!”

    Gina began to furiously slap Kieran’s fingertips. “Put me down, you bastard! You
    fucking sonofabitch! Put me down! Put me down! Let me go!”

    Kieran laughed ever more. “Oh my! Such big fury from such a little girl! Oh, there’s
    those cute little boobies!” Kieran finally pressed into Gina’s chest and rubbed her teeny
    breasts with his fingertip.

    “No! No! Stop! Stop! This is rape! This is sexual harassment! Stop! Kieran! You’re
    hurting me! You’re hurting me!”

    Suddenly, Kieran stopped and went cold. “I am hurting you? I AM HURTING YOU???
    No, Gina! THIS IS HURTING YOU!!!” He enclosed his hand and began to squeeze the
    tiny woman. She struggled futilely in his palm as the pressure from his hand began to
    crush her shrunken body.

    “Kieran! Stop! I can’t breath! Please! Stop!” The pain all over Gina’s body was
    horrible, and she felt her bones about to snap. Then he immediately opened up his hand,
    causing her to flip over in spasm and pain.

    BITCH!!!” Kieran then took a sewing pin and shoved it up her anal opening. Gina
    shrieked in pain, squirming desperately to break free. Kieran pumped the needle
    furiously in and out, causing Gina to scream and cry again and again. Finally, he took out
    the needle and turned her over in his palm. She looked up in complete fear at the furious
    face of her giant captor, sobbing in complete abandonment.

    “Oh, poor little Gina Peretti!” mocked Kieran, “What’s the matter? Don’t you like being
    three inches tall? Oh, I know! Why don’t you call the police on me! Yeah! Go ahead,
    call the police on me!”

    He then dropped Gina onto the bed, got the phone off the table, and put it right next to
    her prostrated body. “Well, go ahead, Gina. Aren’t you going to call the police on me
    now? Well, go ahead! Call the police! Call the police on me now!” Kieran burst out
    laughing again, his triumph now complete. Gina looked at the phone, and then made a
    desperate lunge for it. She climbed up the side of it, despite the tremendous pain that she
    was in, and tried very hard to get the phone receiver off the hook. But despite her efforts,
    she couldn’t make it budge. All the while, Kieran watched from above, looking down at
    Gina in complete amusement. Finally, he lifted up the receiver with his huge hand, just
    to show her who was in charge here, and then set it back down. “Oh, poor tiny little
    Gina! Looks like the police aren’t going to know where you are!” He then laughed out
    loud, causing Gina to cry again.

    Kieran then spat down at her, “Just think, Gina. You are going to be tiny for the rest of
    your life. Everyone looking down at you. You, no taller than a person’s ankles,
    constantly dodging people who are out to step on you. Completely at the mercy of
    people whom you have screwed for years. Forever being looked down at from above.
    Always being carried in the palm of someone’s hand. Think about the huge animals and
    insects, too! I hereby sentence you to this life as a shrunken, tiny, small, little woman
    forever! No appeals, no overturnings, no mercy!”

    Gina then kneeled up and stretched out her teeny little hands up to Kieran, “No! No,
    Kieran! Please! Don’t do this to me! Unshrink me! Unshrink me now! I will do
    anything for you! Anything! Just don’t leave me tiny like this forever! Please, Kieran! I
    am so sorry for what I did to you! I am so sorry! Don’t leave me as a shrunken little
    woman! I don’t want to be small! I don’t want to be small! Please! I can’t have people
    seeing me tiny like this! I can’t! Oh Kieran, please make me big again! Make me
    big!!!!!!!!!” And with that, Gina fell down with her head to her knees and sobbed

    Kieran looked down coldly at his first love, and said quietly, “Oh no, Gina Peretti. This
    is only the beginning! I have something really interesting planned for you!”


    The faculty of the Psychology Department was called together for an emergency meeting.
    They were told that Dr. Gina Peretti needed to address them all together in one room, and
    there were to be no excuses for their absences. So everyone came together, including Dr.
    Renner, the Department Chair. While everyone grumbled at the sheer nerve of her
    calling such a meeting, they didn’t dare cross her by not showing up. However, it
    appeared that she wasn’t going to be showing up! She was already ten minutes late.

    “The utter nerve of that woman!” sputtered the 40 year old prof, his hair combed back in
    a vain attempt to cover his hair receding.

    “Dave, don’t!” warned a pretty young female professor, Karen by name, who had been in
    complete fear of Gina since she had rebuffed Gina’s sexual advances to her.

    The old man in the group, Dr. Ginsberg, looked at his pocket watch. He was only a year
    away from retirement, and didn’t want to get on Gina’s bad side. At least too much on it.
    He was good friends with Dr. Lychuk, having gone to college with him years before.

    Dr. Pearson, the atheist of the group, sighed. “Well, if the grand poobah-ette doesn’t
    show up soon, I am out of here.” He then glanced at Dr. Renner in a “you have no balls,
    so you can’t cancel this pointless meeting” look. Dr. Renner wouldn’t look back at his

    Dr. Partell, a very pleasant black lady who sometimes got the better of Gina but without
    her realizing it, just stared out the window. Other professors did so, too.

    Finally, a knock came at the door, and Evelyn the secretary came in with a special
    delivery package in her hands. “Excuse me, this came from Dr. Peretti,” said Evelyn,
    with a slight smirk on her face. She placed the box onto the conference table and then
    pulled back and into the corner.

    The professors looked at themselves in astonishment. “What the devil is this?” asked Dr.
    Ginsberg, saying out loud what everyone else was thinking.

    Dr. Partell took the box and tipped it towards her. “Hmm, it is from Gina, but has no
    postage on it,” she said. “Hmm, we might as well open it.”

    Using her sharp fingernails, she cut through the tape and then snapped back the openings.
    Peering inside, she glared at what was inside for a few seconds, and then gasped, her
    black skin turning almost white in shock. “Oh ---- my ---- Gaaahhhhddd!” she sputtered.

    “What? What is it?” asked one professor. Dr. Peretti then tipped the box over, and some
    styrofoam came tumbling out. Then out came a very tiny little figure, no bigger than
    anyone’s middle finger. The teeny figure took a few steps out from the box and soon
    found itself in the middle of the table.

    Good heavens! What is that???”

    “It’s a woman! A tiny woman!”

    “Look! It’s Dr. Peretti!”

    Gina rubbed her eyes, looked up at all of the huge faces looking down at her, and then
    screamed in complete horror, her minuscule sound barely reaching the giants’ ears.

    “My God! Dr. Peretti’s shrunk! She’s tiny!”

    “You’re right! And she is so small!”

    “How did she get so little?”

    There was a long pause, then finally Dr. Renner said, “Who the fuck cares?!”

    Then they all burst out laughing! They glared down in scorn at their former tormentor,
    who cowered under their accusing eyes.

    “Well, my world view has changed,” said Dr. Pearson, “There is a God after all!”

    Gina looked up at fury at her former colleagues. “Silence! Silence all of you! How dare
    you laugh at me! I will have you all fired for this! You are going to help me now! I was
    shrunk by Kieran! Kieran Kilpatrick! Quick! Someone call the police! Call the police

    “What is she saying?” laughed Dr. Partell, “something about the police and some guy’s

    “Who cares?” laughed Dave with the receding hairline, “This is just too good to be true!
    And who cares how she got this way? She’s just the size she should be!” And then they
    all laughed again.

    “Stop! Stop laughing at me! Stop laughing at me!” squealed Gina as she sank to her
    teeny knees. “I will have you all removed! I will destroy you all! I will destroy you

    “Well, what do we do with her?” asked Dr. Renner.

    Suddenly, Karen reached down and grabbed the little Gina. “I’ll take care of her!” She
    then lifted her up to her face, “Oh yes, we all will have our turn taken care of tiny little
    Dr. Peretti here! But I get her first!”

    “Well, okay! Sounds like a plan!” laughed Dr. Renner, “All in favour?”


    “All opposed?’


    So with that silenced, Karen stuffed the shrunken Gina into her breasts. The meeting was
    then adjourned as the sound of a jet flew overhead, carrying the judge, jury, and
    executioner back to his home in Vancouver.

    End of Part 15.