Gates to the big fade. Episode 2 "Key wives"

Posted by talisman on January 14, 2004 at 03:13:20:

It was some huge commity, where all the wives present discussed views and even hints on pleasing their man. As Veronica looked over the crowded compartment, she figured there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 women present, including herself.
The tall woman with the bikini top seemed to be in charge, as she ran the topics of discussion. The women took turns inquiring as to techniques, and even find out ways to avert dangerous situations. Veronica sat silent looking at the ceiling in anticipation on the choosing.
the hours waned as each woman stood presented her scenario, and was givin an abundance of advise. Veronica finally stood up. "What if I don't want to be shared? Don't I have the right?" Laugher insued, as it rose to a roar. Veronica sat back down defeated.
The ceiling came up as planned, as each women stared up, no seemed to be ready no matter how many times theh went through it.
Bob walked around carrying the large container to each sitting man. The room was a roar with laughter and chatter, still no one dared to miss out on the choosing. As Bob moved on to the next naked man, he watched with a smile and anticipation as to whom the next man would bring up.
Charles sat tall in his chair, as he dark chest heaved with each blow of his cigar. he reached into the container, and lifted out a tiny squirming woman. Charles held her to his gigantic face, before looking over at the man in the chair next to him. "I got your bitch this time." The other man smiled and chugged his stien. Charles blew a puff of smoke at the tiny woman, before dropping his hand into his waist band, and further shoving the woman into his loins. from there he held on from the outside, easing into a full fledged masturbatation.
The container moved around abruptly, as more and more women were pulled out, their tiny shreiks barely audible in the louder raucous made by the more gigantic men.
Veronica tried to hide as best as she could, but eventually with each reaching hand, one found her. She rose up kicking and screaming like the rest, trembling at who would be her new captor. High out of the container, she looked upon Pete, whom was an aquaintance of her husband(owner) Pete had visited many times, and shown great interest in her when she was in the normal state. He was a moutain of a man then, and now resembled a sheer planetoid. His massive 6'6 frame, and 390 lbs of bulk made her feel microscopic. Pete held her in her massive fingers, probing her about, as he watched for Steve her husband(owner) Once he made eye contact, he smiled, raised a glass, and then smothered the tiny woman in his already headcheese smothereed cock.
Veronica screamed till her mouth was full of the giant's mash, her body now getting bruised by the force of his fingers pressing her and pummeling her about his sheer hard cock. In no time, she saw her fate, as the massive mushroom started to pulsate, abruptly exploding with hot steamy cum. She held her head up just moments before the flood of ooze came on her, submering her and washing her off the thick nest of pubs.