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New Story: Just Rewards
Wednesday, 23-Jun-1999 06:06:58 writes:

    Standard warnings apply. Do not read if you're under 18 years of age. Likewise if this sort of thing offends you or is illegal to read where you live. Those of you still with me, enjoy.

    Note: This is one of my recent "get even with that nasty bitch" fantasies. The people in this story are real.

    Just Rewards
    Short Story By DollShrnkr

    Anita Duran and Jim Mayfield watched as Tracy Rapp walked by, ignoring them as usual. The three of them had worked for Vons for years. Tracy had proven, on countless occasions, to be a unmitigated bitch. Anita and Jim had both been burned by Tracy on several occasions and had grown to loathe her, the mere sound of her voice annoying to them. Tracy had the bad habit of acting like she owned the store and liked to demean the other employees, most of her tormenting directed at Jim and Anita. However, Tracy had underestimated her two co-workers...

    You see, Jim and Anita had finally had enough of her, so they had decided to give her what she deserved. Jim and Anita had special gifts they kept hidden from the rest of the store employees. They both knew of the other's gift, but spoke about them only when alone. They didn't know how they came to have these powers, but that isn't important to our story anyway, so let's move on.

    What are their powers, you ask? Ah, yes. I did forget to mention that small detail, didn't I? Jim has the power to shrink anything to any size he wishes at will (big surprise there, considering this is a SW story). Anita is able to keep anyone she wishes alive no matter how injured or ill a person is.

    They followed Tracy to her car, a white Dodge Utility Vehicle. Tracy turned and saw the two behind her. "What do you two want? I'm off," she said. Jim smiled and flexed his mind. Since they were in the Vons parking lot and just out of view of the security cameras, Jim decided a quick shrinking would be best. Within seconds, Tracy and her car were three inches tall. Anita reached down and scooped Tracy up before she could run. The tiny woman struggled to get free, but Anita's fingers couldn't be budged. Tracy was dropped into Anita's waiting purse. Jim lifted his foot and crushed the tiny car. It crumpled like aluminum. He picked it up and tossed it into the nearby bushes. They proceeded to Anita's car (Jim didn't drive) and drove to Anita's house. Anita took Tracy out of her purse and dumped her on the kitchen table.

    Tracy glared up at her captors. "What did you do to me?!" she shouted. Jim giggled, "Isn't it obvious? Since you were always making us feel small, we thought it was only fair to make you small." Tracy spit at them, but they just laughed at her. "You restore me right now!" Tracy yelled. Jim's face got serious. "SHUT UP, YOU FUCKING BITCH! Now, you will never speak unless we say you may. You will do whatever we want you to, do you understand?" Tracy looked up at them and nodded. "Very good, Tracy. Now, get undressed." Jim said. Tracy undressed as quickly as she could. She stood naked in front of the giants with her arms at her sides. Jim flexed his mind again and Tracy grew to six inches. Jim picked her up and examined her once large breasts. "Had a boob job, didn't you little one?" Jim asked. Tracy nodded. Jim's finger poked and caressed the tiny breasts while Tracy closed her eyes and tried to forget where she was. "Anita, her breasts feel almost like tiny water balloons. I wonder if they'd pop if I squeezed them?" Jim quipped. Anita smiled and replied, "I don't know. Why not try it and find out?"

    Jim placed his finger under Tracy's right breast and his thumb over it. He slowly started to pinch it. It flattened, then deformed, then finally exploded between his huge digits. Tracy screamed in pain. Jim then repositioned Tracy so her ass and pussy were easily assessable and her remaining breast hung downward freely.

    Anita took a pin from her sewing kit and, with her thumb and forefinger separated Tracy's tiny asscheeks while Jim held Tracy for her. Tracy screamed louder than Anita thought anyone so small could be able to when Anita inserted the pin into Tracy's tiny anus. Blood oozed out of the tiny orifice. By this time, Anita was using her power to keep Tracy alive and conscious. Anita withdrew the pin and spread Tracy's pussy lips and inserted the pin into Tracy once more. Jim and Anita watched as tears streamed out of the doll-woman's tiny eyes. Anita took the pin out and allowed Tracy's blood to spill from her pussy to the table. Once again Jim repositioned Tracy in his hand.

    Anita pinched Tracy's right hand between her thumb and finger while Jim followed suit with her left hand. Jim then unwrapped the hand that held her so Tracy was suspended in mid-air by her arms. The two giants started pulling and watched in amusement as Tracy's arms were severed from her body. She fell onto the table and wiggled and writhed in agony, screaming and weeping like she had never before. Jim reached down and picked her up by her head with his thumb and forefinger. "Release her now, Anita." Jim said. Anita released the spell. Now Tracy was starting to die. Jim pinched her head slowly and watched her twitch as her head was crushed and the destroyed little woman was allowed to die.

    Anita and Jim walked to the bathroom. Anita lifted the lid and Jim dropped the tiny body into the toilet. Jim did the honors and flushed the toilet. As the watched Tracy's body swirl and disappear down the toilet, Jim said, "Good riddance, you miserable little shit!"