just having fun

Posted by sassybutch on May 04, 2003 at 10:30:07:

And the little people were running around my apartment and I said what the
hell in hell are you doing here?? So I went to the bug store and bought
big, mean, hungry bugs and I sicced them on the little brats running
around inside my home. They were big ugly grasshopper bugs but with sharp
teeth. So a couple of them caught some little people and ate them but it
wasn't working fast enough, so I put one of the bugs in a glass and
started dropping little people in one by one. It was like
gladiators--everyone could see through the glass and I made them watch.
The other little people would scream "No!" and shut their eyes, but if
they did that I grabbed them up, pried their eyes open, and shoved their
face against the glass. Then they would be the next person to get dropped
in with the bug. So soon they all stopped screaming and just stood around
whimpering. I said "That's right you little peices of shit. Shut the
fuck up and watch your worthless friends and neighbors get torn to shreds.
And there's nothing you can do about it. You are nothing and I can do
anything I want to you." Soon I got bored of dropping the little people
into the glass, but I had all these bugs, so just for fun I picked up some
of the bugs with tweezers and lit a match. They're legs burned up like
paper but then they're guts burned up slower. They twitched and
everything but I held tight with the tweezers. I just let the ashes fall
on the little people below. By now there were only about 10 little people
and I had rounded them up into one of the glasses. I picked out two of
them that I liked, a girl and a boy, I think they were sister and brother,
about 17 or 18, and I dumped the rest in the toilet. The sister and
brother said "what are you going to do to them?" And I said "what do you
think I'm going to do? I'm going to do whatever I want." So I sat down
on the toilet and said "Maybe I feel like taking a shit, and maybe I'll
shit on them if I want." I had eaten bran flakes this morning so my shit
was very soft. It went right on the heads of a few of them, I don't think
they could breathe for a few minutes. I looked down and saw them
squirming and splashing all around and just laughed. I told the sister
and brother to look and said "I don't think they can breathe!" And
laughed some more. The girl started crying, and I said, "don't cry for
those guys, it doesn't matter what happens to them." But she kept crying
so I said "Fine, if you're going to be a crybaby about it I'll just flush"
so I put my hand on the lever and she screamed "No! please don't!" But I
flushed it anyway and said "Now look what you've done! You've ruined my
good time and killed all those people! What do you think you deserve for
that?? I think you deserve a punishment." She stopped crying then and
just started whimpering. I said "Lick my toes clean and don't stop until
you're tongue falls off." Then I ripped off my sock and shoved my bare
foot in her face. "And you're little brother can help too." So I gave
him the other foot. I said lick in between and all my toes and then suck
every toe until I say. Then I just sat down and relaxed and let them go
at it. Soon I felt the little boy's cock get hard. So I laughed out loud
and sat up to look at him. "Little boy, you can't hide from me, I know
your little dick is hard. Fuck my toes." I put his dick in between two
toes and pushed him in and out. He got even harder and when he was about
to come I put his cock in his sister's mouth and made her swallow it. She
started crying again but I shoved a stick up her pussy and that made her
stop for a minute. I told her she better not cry when she was getting
good lovin. The boy just keeled over on my foot, so I picked him up and
put him in my pussy. Then I decided I wanted to go to sleep so I picked
up the girl and shoved her face first into my asshole. Then I went to bed
and dreamed all night about what i would make them do tomorrow.