Strory" Invitation"

Posted by Talisman on July 09, 2003 at 21:13:19:

Larson kept a keen on the road at the lot of homes coming to view as he watched the directions from his fingers. Debra sat next to him in ajoining seat in the van. She was in her forties, a little heavy set at 159 lbs, standing 5'7, she had dark page boy styled hair, and blue eyes. Larson was 6'2, heavy set at 290 lbs. Dark ducky style hair, with brown eyes. Both were sporting dark tans from living in the everglades for the past few years. They had been mobile, moving from town to township, city to city.
The two became like transients, coasting the towns, looking to loot, pillage and leave, most of the victims either taken along, or left in waste and haste.
Larson had promised Debra on this occasion to slow down, and enjoy this town a little. He reluctantly does, although he keeps the device in his pocket for safekeeping.
He exits the van, Debra opts to hang in side, reading a novel she can't seem to put down. Larson notes that he will be back shortly. Debra issues a reminder. "Remember just the lamps and things, no funny business, Ok?" Larson nods as he walks up the steps to the front door.
The storm door opens, as a elderly woman opens invtiting Larson in.
As Larson walks in he introduces himself as the man who called earlier about the artifacts and vintage lamps. The woman introduces herself as Daisy, and the other woman standing next to her as her roomy Martha.
Daisy is smallish, probably no more than 4'4, Martha even smaller at 4' even. both are light, probably not topping the scales for more than 100 lbs or less.
Larson smiles to himself. and wonders why the powers to be try to titilate him so.
Daisy escorts Larson downstairs, as Martha follows suit directly behind Larson. Downstairs, Larson is quickly impressed by the sights abound, as vintage pieces are strewn all over the massive room. Lamps, pictures, mirrors, bar signs, nick nack galore. He thought to himself what a relative gold mine he came across. "So you two live here alone?" Larson inquirers as he keeps scanning the merchandise. "Oh yes! we live quite to ourselves, we like it that way, sometimes we are pleasently surprised to be visited by some handsome young men as yourself, but one must be careful, we could be easily be taken advantage, being lonely ladies, one could probably rape us!" Daisy ranted on. Larson eye rose as he took notice of her statement. He moved his massive frame over to Daisy and stood over he, as the two women looked up in awe.
"So what are you saying?" Larson mocked. Daisy became flushed as she continued. "Well only the truth of the matter actually, we may be advanced in our years, but we are still females." "Yes you are two lovely ladies, a distinquished gentleman would be lucky to be able to accomadate you both." Both women giggled shyly. Daisy stood closer to Larson. "My at your size you'd have no problem pushing your way on us would you?" Daisy said being more daring now. Larson stood his ground, keeping his eyes preening down on the petite two. "No I guess I wouldn't. Tell me somethng, I am quite new to town, looking to establish myself, and I like alot fo the things you have here, but what else could a virile man like myself can be able to indulge in?" Larson put his hand on Daisy's shoulder. Daisy looked over at Marth who was sheepish, but still giggling, before looking back up at Larson. "Well! what ever you would like, what do you have in mind?"
Larson moved his bulk over between the two now, and placed his massive hands on each of the two women's shoulders, as he started to lead them to a couch.
"Well it's been a while, I could use a blowjob, do you two remember doing them?" Both women continued to giggle as they let themselves be lead to the oversized couch. "I think we remember a few tricks." Daisy remarked as she stopped at Larson's lead, as he slowly dropped out of his shorts.
Larson stood there, as he lifted his shirt off, revealing his paunch, and broad shoulders and hairy chest. With his shorts at his ankles, he used his sandal clad feet to drop kick them away, before smashing his foot back down. Larson then took hold of each of the two women on either side of himself and guided them down to their knees.
Daisy and Martha each adjusted their support hose, as they made their way on each knee. Now even more diminitive then when they were standing, Larson appeared like a mountain of a man, as he hovered over them. His legs spread, as his manhood leaped forth, his thick 9 inches stretched out, as each woman studied the huge meat before attempting to mouth it.
Larson laid his eyes down on the two, as he intently watched them tackle his massive erection. He watched as Daisy and Martha jockeyed for his shaft and mushroomed head, thier lips moist with pre-cum. The sounds emmiting forth, didn't bother Larson in the least, as he worked them both with his outstretched hands, moving their puny heads deeper between his thighs. "Yes, you both are really adept to this, keep at it, suck my meat, my little sluts."
Martha raised her head momentarily before Larson angerily shoved her head back at his crotch. "Do not stop, not even or air, you got me slut?" Martha sturggled to agree with a. "Humpph yessssh."
Larson held court on the couch for half an hour, when he started to reach for the device beneath his ample ass. He raised it above the still nibbling women, adjusting it, and calibrating it, before he pressed the button while pointing it at the two.
He used sweeping motions to get them both evenly, as he lay the mist out.
Larson felt the two fall back off his cock, as their eyes went white before they disappeared in the thickening mist around them on the floor.
Larson stopped the device, and waited for the mist to disappear, before raising his body off the waning couch. He stood there a moment, as the last of mist dissipated, revealing the two women now huddled and strewn on the floor at their new sizes at 3 inches each.
Larson raised his foot and dropped it down on the two mimicking to crush them flat, the feeling inside him inticed him to do it now, but he wanted to enjoy this further. He opted to take his foot and begin to roll and play with their limp bodies awhile.
Larson sat back down and widdled and wormed the two between his toes, admiring the condition of the two after each tuck and pick. Each was becoming engrossed in his toe jam, their bodies taking on his smell, as he continued on repeatedily. Larson would lay one at a time flat, as he lay his foot ontop, applying enough pressure to make her stick, for which he would raise his foot backwards to admire the image. He chuckled, as his cock grew uncontrolably, as he looked at Daisy first glued to his wide sole, her body encompassing the look of a crushed toy, then doing likewise with Marth's body. He flicked them with his toes, watched s their limp bodies caked off and bounced like dirt on the soft carpeted floor, just so he could stamp down on them again and again, each time keeping in mind to make his steps soft as to not break them too bad.
Larson then brought them up to his waiting hard-on and applied them with the gel of his pre-cum, as he mixed and manipulated them on his enormous cock. He frolicked and pummeled them around his head, smeared them beneath his flabby foreskin, rode them up and down his tall shaft.
Larson then rolled them and formed them on his sack, underneath, feeling their balled up bodies, on his soft flesh before removing them and placing them back on his cock.
As Larson opened his eyes again, he saw and felt the two stirring awake. Tiny screams were now heard as he saw Daisy and Martha tremble on his soaked cock, their bodies looking twisted and disheveled.
"Ha ha, you tiny insects, after I use you up, I'm gonna help myself to your shit, enjoy you last moments!" Larson laughed as he place them in his massive palm and worked his head till he came.
Larson moaned out loud, as he let his hand relax.
He considered the chore that lay ahead, as he decided to stand up and get dressed.
As he stood, his cock still raged forth, oozing cum. Upon closer look, Daisy and Marth lay in clumps to globs of fresh cum, slowly breaking free of his pubs.
As Larson moved his massive legs, the globs broke and tumbled off his pubs and down to the floor.
A wads of thick cum splattered to the floor, Daisy and Martha laying in a heap in one of the more massive ones, nearest to Larson's massive foot.
Larson pulled up his shorts as he found his shirt and pulled it down on his torso. Suddenly a loud shriek of his name was heard at the base of the stairs. Larson was statled as two girls, probably in their twenties stood staring at him. "What the fuck are you doing? where are Daisy and Martha?" The blonde one said, as the other one stood with his mouth agape.
Larson quickly surmised the situation, as the blonde appearded to be around 5'4 maybe 115 lbs, and her friend around the same hieght and maybe lighter. He made his way toward them as he watched them start to scale the stairs away from his advances. Larson picked up the device and aimed as he reached within a few feet. The mist swirled around both girls, engulfing them in the thickening cloud. Larson reached the outskirts of the cloud and waited as it vanished.
He stood steady on the first stair, staring down at the fallen two. Now a mere 3 inches tall like many before them, lay mere inches apart.
The blonde one opened her eyes first, which startled Larson, at her quick recovery. He leaned over as he placed his huge sandaled foot next to her body. The girl lurched back onto her hind legs, as she screamed as the giant's hand reached down for her.
At the top of the stairs, Debra was ascending, she looked quite curt as she made eye contact with Larson, who had just clenched his fist with the blonde now inside.
" What the hell is taking so long?" Debra growled as she stormed down the stairs. Larson looked flush as he tried to explain it all, as he suddenly remembered the other girl below. He couldn't stop the proceedings as Debra walked right up onto the now stirring girl.
The brunette woke up shocked to the new surroundings, as she felt incredibly out of touch, when darkness came upon her, she was able to look up as the giant woman's bare foot was ascending down on her at break neck speed. Within mere seconds, the brunette unable to fathom what was happening, Debra's massive foot devoured her whole, crushing her utterly beneath her sole.
Larson's cock rose through his shorts as he witness the whole scene, as he looked upon his girlfriend's face again. "Just checking out the stuff, people said I can keep it all." Larson tried to reason. Debra didn't believe a word as she stormed off the stairs. "Oh they did, did they? and where are they per chance?" She started to tap her foot waiting for an answer. Larson was at a loss as he looked over instinctively at the spot where the two were still encased in his waste on the carpet. Debra knew Larson well, and she followed his gaze.
Debra came upon the scene, looking down at her feet, where the blob of drying cum lingered, amidst inside, lay the two elderly women, still very much alive, barely audible, and moving slowly in their predictament. "Hmm thought we had an agreement!" Debra threw scorn at Larson's direction. Larson walked over to Debra as he stared down at the floor. "Hey what can I tell you, I can't help it, they were practically begging for it!" "I hardly believe that to be true." Debra looked incredulous. She then peered down as she seemed to be losing her steam now, as she looked around the basement at the valueable artifacts and collectables. "Well what's done is done! Lets get a move on getting this stuff into the van before anyone comes along. She took another look down before walking off toward a beautiful mirror. "Take care of you mess, don't leave evidence." Debra ordered.
"With pleasure!" Larson answered as he walked up to his mess and lifted his foot over the hapless two.
Daisy and Martha screamed in unison, as weak as their voices were. As total darkness took over the sky, Larson's foot came down finally and completely obliterated the two into the carpet. Larson wieghted his foot down, as he ground it left and right before he finally raised it leaving a massive footfall, empty and void of anything. Only his soles displaying the remanents of the waste and the mashed corpses.
Outside, Larson loaded the last of the antiques as Debra was already in the passengers seat. Larson entered the drivers seat and sat down. "Well that was a good take wasn't it?" Debra inquired. Larson smiled a she started up the vehicle, feeling in his pocket for the little blonde he hidden a while back. "Yes more than you think it was.