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    In The Hills

    By Talisman

    The old bug surged on through the gravel road. Since leaving Draga, the woods seemed much more dense and full. Both women were taking drags off the same smoldering cigarette. The night before was spent drinking the nations famous rotgut, and hanging with the locals at the town pub.
    Jennifer and Liz were veterans in the travel game. Bring little luggage, lots of money and travel cheques.
    Jennifer a tall skinny girl in her early 20ís was a recent graduate from UCLA, and was taking a break before doing her dissertation. Liz also a graduate from UCLA, also in her 20ís was already done with her education, and was kicking back with Jennifer.
    Along the road they encountered little in a way of traffic, the roads looked in disrepair, but the hard gravel did provide enough traction for liz to operate the vehicle properly. As the sky began to darken, both women realized they would not be able to reach Dakastan tonight, and decided to take the service road to the next township. Jennifer couldnít fine the town on the map, but the sign was clear in itís assessment to its distance.

    They reached the limits of the town, which was no more than a large street with structures alongside it. They scanned the small town for any lodgings but found none. They encountered a tiny man walking along the boardwalk and asked for directions. Unable to speak English, he was unable to comprehend their questions, giving up he walked away without looking back. Confused and bewildered they got out of the car and tried to approach some buildings. Each time they were met with slammed doors and screams of warning.
    Jennifer figured to spend the night in the car out in the woods, Liz for no other resources agreed.

    As the morning burned through the starting day, both women were awakened by a booming sound. So consistent it was, that both women got up and seemed to feel itís presence close by.
    Jennifer climbed the rocks along the shoulder of the gravel road and looked for some answers. As Liz joined her, they were both shocked to witness the devastating proceedings.
    Away in the distance along a huge clearing, two gigantic creatures, and human men they were, but at the sheer size, looked monstrous as they lumbered toward each other and rammed bodies. The poundings were due to their stomping the ground and knocking one another over.
    Both giants were around 100 ft tall; their bodies were thick and glistening bronze. Wearing almost nothing at all but some fabrics around theyíre mid regions. These beasts seemed in some playful ritual. As one turned around and revealed to Lizís horror one large eye in his forehead, she panicked and screamed out loud. Jennifer screamed in unison to Lizís and both were in a comedy of errors to get off the rocky embankment.
    The giant spotted the two and motioned over to his partner to follow.
    Jennifer and Liz were hysterically trying to run with all their might, but could not perform as they felt the vary ground beneath them tremble as they feet of the giants behind them approached quickly.
    In mere moments both giants were on top of the fleeing women. Each woman was plucked up instantly. Screaming more now and wiggling to get free, both women were almost in shock as the huge eye of the giant scanned both in his grip.
    Both giants stood in front of each other admiring the catch. Unable to mouth any recognizable words, grunts and gargled sounds were emitted from their lips. Liz fainted back and fell unconscious, as she couldnít take the shock anymore. Jennifer stayed awake enough to see the giant take Lizís limp body out of his grip and shake her in his thick fingers. Unable to get any rise out of her, she was plopped directly into his open maw and munched down. Jennifer then proceeded to pass out herself.

    Awake she groped out with her hands in the heavy darkness. She didnít know where she was, but was aware of the sweat sweaty smells abound. She opened her sticky eyes and was hard to make out anything yet. Jennifer found it hard to stand as her legs ached, as she finally stood; she noticed a nagging pain in her hips and back. Hunched over she managed to lead her way on a firm ground. As light began to bath her, she was finally aware of her surroundings. All around her the rolls of sweaty flesh, stretched outwards in all directions for miles. Around the perimeter like mountain ranges, laid the gams, calves, and hips of these huge beasts which captured her.
    View from upwards and both giants were comfortable laid out next to each other naked, holding the tiny morsel imprisoned between them.
    Jennifer looked at herself and tried to remain calm, she was utterly covered in dried caked slim, her hair was matted, and she smelled like them allover. She looked back from where she came from to see the cave of the giants ass, with the others massive limp cock just inches away, still leaking it refuse. She agonized at her state in quiet, trying to figure out a way out from this place, before they awakened.
    The snoring stopped abruptly as one of the giants awoke suddenly to a smell. He scanned the ground and spotted the still woman. With a quick brush of his hand she was again captured in his grip. Alive and conscious now Jennifer was now witness to the recent treatment, as the giant made no bones of pressing her against his wet cock. She cried out, but knew her screams were unheard, as she was smothered against the growing erect cock. The giant writhed and moaned his pleasure as he jacked off with the tiny morsel against his manhood. Cupped in his palm, he finally held her firm for his ejaculation. Filled and overflowing, he flicked it away at his legs as he finished off his cock.
    Jennifer was left to ooze down the giants gam with the spent cum.

    Time went on, and it was weeks since the capture. Jennifer was surprised each day she found herself alive. She was reduced to a plaything, a sexual toy. Both giants used her in every imaginable selfish way possible. Food was scarcely thrown to her; she lived off the scraps they left. Finding it hard to eat the often raw meat they dined on, she was left to live off the spent cum and trace urine as she was often left in either giants crotch for lengths of time. She wore down and gave in to the giantís urges often, opting not to fight them off anymore. Taking one to many wacks did a lot for her reasons to stay out of their troubles. Her nights were spent usually fought over by the two, before finally being used by both. She would spend the whole night suckling and massaging the massive organs, only left to sleep when both giants went into their incessant snoring. Alone finally she would take refuge deep inside one of the giantís bushes. Her mornings were greeted with taking hold, as the giant would relieve himself. She often tried to wake up earlier then them, but the long hours through the night enabled her to wake in time. She was always left to her wits to hang on for dear life. She faced only a couple of accidents where she was plunged almost to her death as the huge stream flushed her off the organ to the wet ground below. The giant never seemed to take concern in her condition on those times, if anything took pleasure in pissing on her. On one eventful night, one of the giants was too lazy to pull her out, or forgotten her there, opted to force her out by defecating. Jennifer made sure never to ever fall asleep in the cavernous asses.

    The town was often raided of a few sacrifice morsels left to the giants. In return they left it alone to thrive on itís own. In return the township felt some protection from the outside world in return for a few unfortunates as gifts. Each time the morsels were used extremely harsh before being eaten. With the intrusion of the traveling girls, the town felt it had presented the giants with a great gift, which left them alone they felt until the giants grew bored of them.

    The time was approaching Jennifer had felt it as both giants mood seemed to change. They seemed restless, and were always at odds with her. She felt she had convinced them of her loyalty to them and felt the time was right to plan for escape. That night she would finish off her duty to the two, before taking it on the arches forever.

    Jennifer was nervous as she walked carefully away from the last sleeping giant. The escape plan seemed perfect in itís sense that both men were crazy enough to think she would hang around for her death.
    Away in the thick forest she raced away, she wasnít sure where she could run to, but felt better to keep distance on the giants until morning.
    She came upon the town she had seen on that last night with Liz. It was quiet and dark as the morning light started to protrude through the clouds. She flung herself at the first house and banged on the wood door. Form inside she heard rustling and banging on the floors as the inhabitants awoke. The womanís face was in shock as Jennifer began to cry out and plead for entrance. The woman seemed to know from where she came from and quickly closed the door on Jenniferís face. Angrily she did so with every house until she was shunned for the last time.
    Jennifer lay against a woodshed and rested a bit thinking what to do next. The booming sounds were again heard through the countryside. Jennifer and the town quickly knew what was up. People and animals alike rose up and fled their homes. In moments the madness began as both giants seemed torrid in their attempt to find their morsel. Jennifer had since run into the forest. She was joined by the masses, as the forest seemed alive with screams and cries. Behind the sound of smashing wood and mason could be heard as both giants took their anguish on the little town. Before many could have made any run for it, the town was utterly underfoot of the massive giants. Leaving the ruins in flats and crumbled ground, both began to head into the forest.
    Trees tore up, and squashed down beneath the great feet of the giants, as they made their way through. Coming upon the odd tiny townshipís people they would pluck them up for close inspection before either popping them into their mouths or tossing them away for the next. Others on the ground were doomed to be stepped on and squashed like bugs. The forest ground was a ruin of downed trees and mounds of squashed people in footfalls.
    Finally agreeing on losing the hunted morsel, the giants began to dine on the now captured citizens. The women were first whisked to the hungry cocks for stimulation, before gorging on them for the next morsel.
    The scene was an orgy of monstrous proportions. Sitting cross-legged, facing each other, the giants jacked off, engaged in dining on the hapless people, as they picked from the hordes filled into the space between them. Some would escape, but most of them were herded into the groping hands of the giants. No match at all was the many who looked like miniscule dolls in the hands of these titans.
    On an on they dined and stimulated until they were no more. The giants rose and headed their way to new territory to garner some new fresh meat.