I Ate My Brazilian Girlfriend

Posted by Joe Zangara on January 10, 2003 at 06:55:12:


Three days before Cindy came to visit, I decided to fast until the time that she arrived. I needed to lose that extra few pounds to give me more of a Hollywood-Like, Self confidence for this demanding, very sexy girl, in her mid twenties.

I had been drinking a little before we started to chat on line, and it was just enough truth serum taken, to make me open up about my personal fetish about shrinking women. I did it in the form of sending her a picture. This could make or break the relationship. At first, her responses were in quick, short bursts of awkwardness, but I continued to ask more questions about how she felt about my fantasies, based on her passiveness towards the topic. Then, she suddenly told me that she has had a very strong desire to be a tiny girl, in the hands of Bon Jovi, for him to play with as his own personal toy. She said that her favorite part would be to be desired as food, and placed in his mouth. Then she talked about how great it would feel to be chewed up but ended by saying, if it really happened, she could never be that brave. We laughed the subject off and began talking about Airport arrangements.

Three days later, I was famished, but had shed some pounds, by the time I reached the airport. Before long we were back home in my king sized bed, rolling around. She was getting very hot and horny, but she wondered why I was still sort of limp.

"Is it because you have that one fantasy about small women?"

I was reluctant to say anything as I began shaking like an arctic coldness had been chilling my very soul.

"Yeah, I guess it would help if you were much smaller."

Cindy replied, "Well, I would if I could, but you and I know that this is impossible."

I reached into my night stand, pulled out my shrink ray, and replied, "No it isn't---(ZAAAPP)"

With a labored scream she shrunk and shrunk, and shrunk some more. She soon reached a very cute inches high size. Her eyes never left mine as she was reduced so drastically. First she looked terrified, but then she reached her hand down under her tiny skirt, raised it up as she stuck her fingers in her vagina, and began stroking her tiny self, while breathing ferociously, and moaning in a way that was genuinely femine from her side of things, but almost made me laugh because it was nothing more than little mouse sounds.


This demanding little bitch doll was turning me on, as she tried to act like such an authority figure from such a compromised position of power. I reached down and grabbed her up between my thumb and my finger, and she began sliding herself up and down my thumb. As she began to go crazy with passion, she demanded, "Put me in your mouth, I wanna go in your mouth, now."

It felt weird at first. Putting my own girlfriend in my mouth. I had never put a moving, living thing in my mouth before either. There was a tingly rush throughout my body, and a sharp feeling of carbonation against my tongue as she lay there, masturbating herself and rolling around on my tongue, yelling, "EAT ME."

Of course, I knew I would not eat her up, but I would softly chew her around a while. It wasn't long before I realized that she was so super soft, tender, and delicious, and after fasting for three days, I felt like masturbating myself, just before seriously chewing in on her. Each chew yielded screams.

"I thought it would hurt when your molar rammed itself right up my ass, but instead it felt good." She was in ecstasy. "Oh yeah, grind my tits. I'm your chocolate, baby."

I chewed more and more, and could feel something a little harder, pinching between my upper and lower wisdom teeth. It was her head. I went for it, and it burst out sweet sangrian wine throughout my mouth. Then I really chewed her face up and moved it around on my tongue as I stopped to contemplate. "She teased so many men with that face. Broke so many hearts. She was queen bitch with that face." Then I chewed it into small pieces and swallowed it. Then, I trapped her body between upper and lower rows of teeth, and sucked on it, straining the guts and blood from it, until I sucked what was left of the corpse, dry. I picked up a can of beer, that she would not permit me to drink with her around, popped it open, and washed her remnants down with it. Moments after, I burped and aftertaste her like a hot-dog, but what came up was her skirt. I spit it against the wall like a paper wad. It stuck there as the blood stain dried up brown, hardening the little monument to her demise, as I left it on the wall as a prevailing symbol to my absurd, masculinity.

Later, I had a hard time sleeping, after all of that excitement, so I got on line to meet another woman. I'm back where I started a few days ago. I wonder if there are any women out there who are into this sort of thing.