VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD

House of flys
Wednesday, 16-Aug-2000 23:46:09 writes:

The remains were obvious all around the place. paper plates with spoiled leftovers, used cups and glasses, takeout cartons, and miscelanious garbage scattered throughout.
The bodies lay in the same manner, glistening in sweat, the assorted men and women were either recovering or still partying through what was left over of the night.
A tallish girl, draped in a skimpy skirt, adorning her long tanned legs, sat squatted on the kitchen countertop with her legs tucked between her arms. A plate was strewn next to her, and the obvious skampering of the tiny flymen were on location for the foodrun.
They filed onto the plate and began to take away bits of food in a sort of moving assembly line.
About half of the food was brought out when she gazed down to the activity. Without warning she brought her hand flat and firm squatting the hapless few on the plate surface. bits of food and parts of the men squirted off her fingers as she obliterated the ones below her flesh. The others outside the plate scattered away leaving the newfound food behind.
The floor was sticky and moist, as the guests either crawled onto each other or walked over each other.
Another squandrom of flymen were scrurrying around the floor, and were made fast work as gigantic feet lay them to waste. Men and women equally treated the little ones as a nuisance more than anything else. One young man, adorned in jean shorts and no shirt and barefeet, actually sought after the terrified females now abandoned by their male parts. He utterly enjoyed stepping on them with relish, obviously in a drunkard stupor, and on some kink kick at killing a few tiny beings. He captured some seven women blocked off by a closed door. They tried frantically to squeeze beneath, but would only find themselves getting stuck. The young drunk laughed and giggled as he swilled his remainder bottle of beer. With a dump and smash, he then lifted his foot and began the carnage. He took flat and firm stomps, squishing the tiny flywomen to his soles. He enjoyed the kill and tried to take it slower to make it last. In the end he stood over a mess of limbs and a sticky wet floor. He lifted his feet to revel in the remains of his work. His toes and soles were obliterated with flattened and utterly crushed flys.
Two female guest were frolicking around the floor and rolling ontop of each other, as they tore off loose clothing. At their pinacle, both nude and glistening in thier sweat and strain, both tangled into a love embrace and began to sixty-nine it to each other.
Amidst the love making, minions of tiny flymen and women were forever woven into the sweaty bodies of the gorging giants. Each women didn't take any details of thier tongue lashings on each others privates as they scoured and lapped up the bits of tiny flys with each mouthful.
In other rooms swarms of the flys were hastily scrouring the floors and counter tops for food, The gaints present either didn't take notice or swatted the away or stomped on them like pests.
The morning always drew the flys the most as the guests were usually too tired or on leave until the next party. The flys would scour and pile away the carried away food and drink.
By nightfall the party would generate again. Loud music would sound off as a warning to the flys. There would always be others who got greedy or just curious and would be tragically in position to survive the onslaught of a mutlitude of giant partygoers on a binge or just kicking it up and dancing a storm.
Like flies without wings, the misfortunate ones would be in no position to dodge the falling tons of flesh beheld for them and the floor.
Two scantly clad women danced in thier barefeet, and between beats stomped on a few flys trying to escape between their paths.
Mounds of flys could be seen squashed into a wet pulp in the form of huge foot prints as the giants strolled through the house.
A couple, laughing feverishly were enjoying themselves as they plucked up another misfortunate flywomen. Held between the giant woman's fingers, she was subject to teasing and cruelty reserved for bugs. Her legs and arms are systematically crushed, and tiny breasts rolled into pulpy mess, before being sprinkled down to the floor, where she was treated to the giant woman erant footstep as she took her mate to the dance floor.
Within the walls the magnitude of pure noise could be heard throughout the whole house. Entrenched inside are the survivors, each one picking away at the newly retrieved foods.
Tomorrow they will venture out again, and again even less will arrive back to enjoy another meal.