Hothouse Planet

Posted by Talisman on August 11, 2001 at 09:03:09:


Remerging from the black hole had a detramental effect on the crew, the proof of survivability was now history as all came through intact. The colors flew by so brilliantly, showing the eons of evolution of the universe. Now suddenly they found themselves heading back to Earth.
The crew, all women, some 70th generation astronauts since the change over some centries ago. The feminist movement prevailed over, and took the rains of power, expecially since the fatal virus brought back from the early missions to Pontes Leon system in the Alpha Centrui Galaxy. Killing of many of the males from population. In the advent of the precarious future, the group lead by some of the early ancestors of the women's revolution took charge and steadied the course for survival of the species.

upon closer approach to Earth, no communication could be reached, as the communication officer tried to make contact, a eerie blast of radio static could only be heard. The online computer could not establish any contact either.
Time placment was always a concern, but after close analysation of the planet, the crew leader decided no change was made.
They analyzed the surface of the planet and discovered lifeforms. Upon further search, they found the magnetic field had been reverse.
Communication was disbanded and the decision was made to land.
As the ship cruised and plunged into a massive Lagoon, everyone wathed outside at the sheer changes.
Ships first leutenent tried to make some discoveries of how much time they have veered into either the future of past, but the computer was unable to function. By now all power on board had vanished.
Outside all 12 crew members assembled into the floatation raft and sailed to shore.
The climate was thickly humid, the green plantations now soaring up to the heavens. At the shore, they pulled the raft into the bushes and hid it before marching out.
The hike would take most of the day, which never seemed to end. The sun seemed to stay put at the center approach in the sky. most time pieces worn by the crew were in operable. When it seemed they had travled some 12 hours, it was decided to dig in and camp.
The crew nourished on tablets and water suppliments and grew quiet at the drastic difference in the planet they knew well. Sounds eminating from the distance drew shudders. Mostly thunderous, and at times bombastic.

Weeks passed and as most of the scientific staff, drew nothing from countless experiments, could only surmise that they were in deed on Earth. The oxygen levels, carbon, and gravity were the same. Some professed to make sumations that they traveled into the future, and have come to a time after some devasting planetary change, which seemed to inhiliate the once human population as well as the animal population. They were unable to provide specifics to what inhabited it now.

Months now passed, and the crew decided to travel to another part, since discoverines on this area seemed lifeless excepet for plantlife.
They drifted for miles, eventually coming upon a large body of water, thought to be a ocean.
It was decided earlier that the continental changes didn't vary much, and they ment to land in the continent of the New states of Americas, the ocean was then thought as to be the Atlantic. Old maps were used to navagate, and the plume of islands coming into sight were thought of being the Canary Islands.
Upon shoring in, those thunderous sounds grew closer, the blasts and earth shaking explosions followed.
A volcano was thought of to be emerging, no tests indicated any trace of sulfers or acids usually found in live lave fields.
The days grew harder to endure as the raucus seemed to go on and stop only for minimal hours, before starting up again.
A event started happening suddenly now in the 8th month since landing, the sun seemed to be moving further and further east, until it disappeared, and night fell.
The night sky did little to ease the humid temps, but at least the sun was not a form of extra heat to persevere through.
Now fires had to be lit to support visual, also now was when they made first contact with the new world beings.

The devastation took 4 crew members in the first few days, the Earth had apparently given way in a evolutionary scale to massive beasts. The prevailing dominant lifeforms were humanoid in structure, but held neolithic analamies. the head were concave, and some were elongated and apeish. their bodies also held clues to a male human form, the subtle variations were extremely smoooth complextions, with no physical hair to be found. The bodies were plump, massive in structure, and large scale to go with thier size of some 70 feet. These males lived in tribes of many, some thousands, to more. Too many to count. On this island, there were two tribes in warring quarters which invaded each other daly. The prize of these endeavors were to snatch the other tribes tinier inhabitants. These tinier versions of the giants were female in comparison. They too had similar features, with the hairless complextion, the exeption was their size which was similar to that of the crew, give or take a few inches taller.
The language of the land was a form of eclipsed gibberish, which in some detail resembled baltic.
The battles were fierce, but lasted shortly, as the main purpose was to take as many of the others mates as possible before retreating back. To the crews shock the captives were then treated to vile and tortuous treatment, that went to a sexual variance. The giants looked to satisfy themselves with themselves, almost as much as they yearned to steal the tinier female species.
But the discovery of the newest inhabitants brought about a cause to challenge each other in aquiring them as well. The first three crew members were found by seeking out the light force luminating within the jungles. A giant came upon the tiny campsite and was horific in his findings.
Like some King Kong movie, he reached down and snatched up all three sleeping in the same quarters of makeshift tents. As the other crew members dashed into the dark pockets of the bush and trees, the captive crew were held tight in the giants one hand, as he held them close to his face to study the new breed.
The tiny crops of blonde hairs popping out from his fleshy fist, quivering and utterly shrieking as the giant took pleasure in taking their sights in.
The giant turned tail and headed back into where he came from. The remaining crew sent out a search party to follow suit. It was hard to keep up with the giants steps, and they finally reached the main civilization setting for this particular tribe.
Staying close to the ground, and in the shrubs, the scouting crew could only watch in anguish as the giant returned to a few clan members and showing his newest find.
The interesting aspect of the sexual desires were made open as two of the giants shared one of the crew together, propping her between their massive erections.
The session lasted only mere minutes, and as the two giants helped each other off, the tiny crew member was crushed utterly against both giant's penises.
The other giant helped himself with the other two crew members. The screams were hardly audiable, as the noises coming from the larger giants rendered them down to mere squeaks. The giant greedily pummeled the two members beneath his erection. With each beating, each of the crew were sent slattering up and down in unison with the giant's precum. Another giant joined in after noticing the events, and intruded to snatch his own. The other giant roard his disapproval, and held to his find under his privates. The offending giant tried to knock him over, and scuffled with him until the prevailing giant smashed a rock across his head sending him tumbling flat out on the ground. As the failed giant lay unconscous, the victor continued on and finally climaxed with his objects cupped in his hand. As he stood up, he rattled the limp bodies in his fingers, and upon discovering their fragility, simply sprinkled them ground bound, before splattering them underfoot.
The scout reported the events, and a decison was to escape in any manner possible from this planet.
On the next few days, as they tried to impliment a means to escape, as their old raft was since destroyed by the giants, another invasion was in progress. The crew escaped to thier new homes up in the trees. far up, some hundred feet, they rested assured they wouldn't be found as the battle raged below. The warring giants fought feverishly destroying each other in barbaric methods. Far in the distance, as the last guard was killed, the ransacking giants entered the township, and pilliaged through the assorted captives huts. No longer did they try to flee, but made themselves comfortable and noshed sexuall with thier findings.
Sitting flat on thier buttocks, legs and feet surrounding the tiny fragile huts, each giant fondled and played with themselves using the tiny females to supply thier erections. Some were fiendish, and even ate some in a joyous orgy of self pleasure, while others rewarded the fragile females with crushing pounding beneath feet, fist, and even privates, or basically left to rot away in the hot waste results from thier climaxs. The giants seemed to like teasing the tiny females, with gestures of eating, or crushing, usually before resorting to self satisfaction, the tiny females were to submissive to fight, and lingered on devoid of self thought. thier screams were few, as they usually didn't have to linger on to long. The giants liked to rush through thier captives to the next, even fighting each other for the remaining few finds.
Finally when the ravaging was over for another night, massive foot prints littered with broken bodies littered the township, amidst debris and waste.
Up in the trees one question seemed un answerable, how were they able to have a endless supply of these females, as they prognosed after many such battles, surely the tiny females would've died off.
A hard few monthes passed, and after another loss of two crew members, due to a bad luck on a food run, resulting in obliteration between four such giants, the remaining had finsihed the vessel.
Far on the other side of the island, as day break returned they scuttled the island, and sailed away. The journey was ment to last long, as they wanted to leave many miles between that island. A couple of weeks passed, and a island came into view, charted from the map, the Bahamas was believed to be the location.
Disembarking, they quickly found the inhabitants waiting for them. All around them there were miles and miles of the females similair to the ones living on the Canary islands. The greeting was strained by language, but as they were led toward the bush, they came upon a high ridge. a large community was put in place. Large structures rose from the ground, primitive in their styles, they dwarfed the tinier makshift home dotting the landscape below. The crew were led to a vast building to dine, and were watched in amazement as they ate, again their blonde hair was a attraction.
The crew started to feel more at ease, considering they were with these amicable women instead of the primitive beasts back on the Canaries.
On the first day of rest, the first luetenant roamed freely through the community. She found herself waundeing through the vast village, and was then following a loud murmuring sound up on the ridge where the larger structures lay.
Once inside, the luetenant felt her size more as she walked freely beneath the doorways. She traipsed through the rooms, thinking they were the remains of the giants abodes before moving on. The murmering began to take shape, as she moved closer to the back rooms, the sound was now human form, now moaning.
She snuck into the doorway and peered in.
The devastating sight took her lungs of thier precoius air. A floor littered with debris, was soley a stage for what appeared to be four massively large females.
They appeared to be about the same size as the giant males. Each one had a makeshift village before her of tinier beings, too fragile to move or go about on thier own. The giant females, were oozing a filmy thick liquied from their spread legs, deep from within their vaginas, it came. Suddenly a squadron of tiny women came out from the holes in the walls and started to discard from the liquid ooze tiny figures.
She fell back as she realized these were babies. As she looked around all four giants were in some sort of freak of nature giving birth to tinier beings of themselves, and the tiny females were harvesting them into cacoons and cared for.
The luetenant surmised that some of the giants must frequent the island and match up with each giant woman to copulate more tinier beings for the surplus.
She quickly ran from the place and met up with the leaders. As the crew abandoned plans to stay on the island, they made their way to the beachhead.
To their shock, the beach was now thundering with the giant males. Huge floating boats littered the shore, each towering high, left to crash with the waves. The crews makeshift vessel has since been crushed, and hidden under sand in a massive footprint.
They were coming forth toward the village. As the crew turned to run back, they found the village besieged with other giants already snatching up handfuls of females and stuffing them in sacks.
Total mayhem prevailed as the crew disbanded as each one ran for thier lives.
each crew member was now in unison with the scurring native as the village and residing forest became a gathering ground for the giants.
Fistfuls and fistfuls of the females were taken greedily, in a form of production. Sacks full, all 18 giants marched back to the boats and sailed back to the Canaries.