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Posted by Binary Prophet on December 08, 2003 at 12:31:37:

Another one, starring Dubois...


Edmond Dubois sat with his feet propped up on his bed in his hotel in London. A week had passed since Lin Mayer had become a pleasant memory under his foot as he broke every bone in her body under his sole. She was still a dark smudge on his insole; he even took the loafers with him on this business trip. He was glad that the trip was over, though, just a routine meeting with some of their connections in London, and in the morning he would be on his way back to France.
He brought a case of the shrinking serum with him, around five vials worth, just in case they would be needed. In fact, he was glad he had brought them, because the hired help in his hotel had proven less than satisfactory. After the first night of him being there he noticed that several articles from his travel kit had disappeared. On the second night he thought to test them, leaving a wallet he had bought at a local store out on the table with a little bit of money – both of which were missing upon his returned. Now he waited for them on his bed, sitting in the room in silence with two small spray bottles. There was really no reason to complain to the management since he could take care of the problem himself. He smiled and silently praised Lin Mayer for the work her company – now part of his company – had done, the serum would prove useful again on this night, almost as useful as it had been acquiring the American subsidiary. He wiggled his toes in his thin dress socks remembering the feeling of her little body giving way to his powerful foot as he slid it into his loafer, cutting off her protests so brutally. And that first step… Edmond’s member throbbed.
A knock at the door drove him out of his reverie and quickly moved from the bed to the closet, sliding the doors closed. “House keeping, sir!” came a gruff call. When no one answered, he heard a key card slide into the card reader and the door slide open. Watching through the slots, he saw the hefty made enter, followed by her lanky companion, with tools from their cart. Edmond scratched his chin – the cart, he hadn’t really thought about that. No doubt someone would get suspicious if they saw the cart just sitting outside his room. No matter, first things first, he thought.
He slid the closet door open slowly and moved out into the room. The lanky maid had disappeared into the bathroom, and the hefty one called to her companion, her back to Edmond. “Oi, Wendy – no wallet tonight, anything in there?”
A shrill reply came, Edmond shuttered at the ugly sound of the voice. “Nuthin’ ‘ere! Rat bastard must’ve noticed!”
The made turned from her work at turning down his bed, mouth open, just in time to see Edmond before her, arm outstretch. With a gasp she collapsed back onto the bed, holding her throat. Edmond watched her dwindle and dropped the small spray bottle onto the ground, scooping up the meaty maid in one hand.
“Eh, what was that, Sharon?”
The second maid had less time to react and the first step she took from the bathroom was at two inches tall. Edmond dropped the second spray bottle and picked up the maid, walking towards the bed.
“Ah,” he said, sitting on the bed’s edge, “Wendy and Sharon, is it? So nice of you to join me tonight.” He used his thumbs to fondle their breasts. “Such cute little dolls.”
Both maids simply looked up at him in shock, the event that just happened to them incomprehensible. Edmond Dubois sat there looking down at them, enjoying their surprise.
He moved himself to the center of his bed and sat cross-legged, placing each of them on one of his knees. “Now then, why not tell me about my missing possessions, yes?” He looked at one and then the other. “Come, come – I don’t have all night.”
Suddenly a grin came to his face, his two new pets still frozen in fear. “Well, I suppose I do, but you two don’t have much time at all.”
The hefty maid seemed to shake out of her shock just enough to get some words out. “P-please, sir, we didn’t mean any harm… Just a little bonus, if you turn us back, we can go get the things for you… Please?”
Edmond smiled down sadly at her. “I’m afraid that is not quite enough. Don’t you think a little punishment is in order, yes?”
He grasped both of them in his fist, forcing them painfully together in his grip, as he re-crossed his legs, this time with one of his feet resting on his knee. With his free hand he slipped off his sock and looked down at them, deciding which one to play with first. He decided to let them pick.
“One of you is going to die tonight, but I will let one of you live. Now, how should we decide which one that is going to be?”
They looked at each other, shock painting their faces anew. Their friendship dissolved as they gazed at each other and suddenly gave to begging to Edmond, who was very amused.
“Kill her! Look at her, she is all bony and…”
“…Just step on her fat ass! I am the one you really want, master, I’d…”
“Yes, me, I’ll serve you right, you don’t want something so hard against you, master! Let me serve you!”
“Don’t give into her, she’s a dirty whore. I’ll please you anyway you want!”
Edmond listened to them a little while longer before shaking his head with a grin. He plucked the lanky girl from his palm and brought her to his face. Her eyes lit up with hope and relief looking back at him, until she looked down. He had deposited the fat maid under his toes and was holding her there and now held his sweaty dress sock under her, mouth ready to swallow Wendy. Wendy screamed as he dropped her in without a word, tied the open mouth closed, and tossed it aside.
Sharon, struggling under her toes, was in the middle of pleading. “Oh, don’t crush me, please, please, I don’t want to die, I’ll serve you right, master, please!”
Edmond pried her from under his toes and looked down at her with an amused look. “Don’t worry, my fat little doll, I won’t kill you yet.”
She smiled uneasily and glanced shyly up at him. “Oh, you made the right choice, you’ll see.”
She continued to talk, Edmond smiling. He brought her down to his large foot and muffled her pleading and protesting, dragging her across his warm sole. He manipulated the little girl with his fingers, pushing her hard into the ball of his foot and dragging her across the wrinkles of his arch before wiping her face around the hard ring of his heel. It felt good, her little face on the hard skin of his heel, and he pushed her entire body around the actual body of his heel and delighted in the small cuts she got from the rough treatment. Her small yelps of pain were cut off as he thrust her head between his toes and squeezed them playfully, messing up her hair and make-up. He even swirled her in circles between his toes, using her hair to soak up sweat.
When he pulled her out she was a complete mess – her dress was torn, a shoe had fallen off, and she had cuts and bruises all over her little body. He smiled and set her down on the bed surface, moving his legs so he had a foot on either side of her, one socked, one bare. He wiggled his toes in anticipation.
She fell on her knees and looked up at him, helpless, whimpering. “Strip, little slave.” Almost mechanically her arms went to her shoulders and she began to pull the tattered dress from her shoulders. He watched in quiet amusement. This must have been what Lin was talking about, before she flattened beneath his foot – the seeming willingness of the small subjects to obey. His fingers absently stroked his groin as he watched. Before long, she stood naked between his massive feet.
He looked over at his bare sole. “Now lick my foot clean.” She looked over at the bare foot and walked towards it on rigid legs, her eyes shining in protest. He grinned with delight as her little tongue lapped at the ball of his foot. He sat back a little. “All of it; don’t miss a spot!”
He watched her contently for an hour as she worked. He wanted her to suffer; he wanted to watch her actually lick every speck of his sole. It’s what she deserved; she was trash, nothing to him. She licked his arch and his heel, which he commanded her to nibble at, to remove the rough skin. He watched her little teeth exfoliate his heel before she looked up at him, exhausted.
“You didn’t lick under my toes, you little bitch…”
Her eyes went wide with fear and her fat little body shook in terror. “No, no, I was getting to it!”
He shook his head and grabbed her, standing up and walking towards the bathroom. “No second chances! You failed!”
He dropped her roughly onto the tile and heard her legs snap as she impacted the ground. She tried to scramble away, but his voice stopped her dead in her tracks. “No – no running. Stay right there.”
With frightened eyes she obeyed against her will, ever fiber of her wanting her to run. Edmond stood over her and pulled out his throbbing meat. The fact that her fat little body stayed in place against her will only turned him on more. He began to pump himself, aiming down at her little form. He groaned and stroked his shaft harder, bringing his bare foot forward to molest her with his toes which twitched and grasped her soft body with each spasm. He broke several of her bones with each squeeze, but he didn’t care, drawing his foot back as he shot his load onto her. He came again and again, pouring himself down onto her and pasting her with semen. She wailed in protest, but he didn’t care, using a square of toilet paper to wipe up. He tossed it into the toilet and gazed down at her like a god.
“Don’t move – I want you to dry like that.”
As he stepped out of the bathroom he remembered the cart that was still outside the door. He strode over to the phone and dialed the front desk. As he stood there, the periodic ringing in his ear, he noticed the sock sitting there on the ground. Wendy was still thrashing inside, no doubt terrified. He rested his bare foot heavily on top of it, toying with her small body with his toes.
“Front desk, how may I help you, sir?”
“Yes, there is a cleaning cart that has been outside my door for quite some time and I don’t see any cleaners around. No one turned down my room.”
“I’m sorry, sir, would you like me to send someone up?”
Edmond pressed his toes down on the small cleaning women, pulling her up under them. No, best not get greedy
“No, please just have the cart removed.”
“No problem, sir.”
He hung up the phone and scooped up the sock, walking back to the bathroom. Sharon was where he had ordered her to stay, still drying in his cum. With a smile he untied the sock and set it on the ground.
The small bulge began to move with frantic urgency towards the open mouth. Edmond, amused at Sharon’s efforts, pressed his bare foot on the mouth just before she reached it. She bumped against his foot and paused, confused, banging on it a few times. With a quick twist he moved so she was no longer facing the side of his arch but his toes and he grasped at her. She slid by under the fabric and hastily ran from his massive toes, back towards the closed end of the sock. He followed her, careful to keep the ball of his foot pressed on the sock to keep her from escaping, sliding it along and teasing her with his toes. She reached the end of the line and he heard little screams coming from the toe of his sock. He smiled.
Without a second thought he pressed the ball of his foot over her like a steamroller, sliding it hard against the sock, pressing it to the tile underneath, flattening the lanky maid who let out one last, shrill scream. He rested his foot on her flattened form with a heavy step and felt her lumpy remains.
Wendy could only look up at him with ghastly horror on her face. There was nothing he could say.
“There, there, little Wendy – it will be over soon.”
He stepped off the sock and approached her, pulling her off the ground. She stuck a little bit from his dried cum, but still managed to twitch laboriously in his grip. He grinned down at her, dropping her in the toilet. She hit with a splash.
“I thought you would let one of us live!”
Edmond gazed down at her sympathetically as he pulled out his large cock once again, pointing it down at her. After a moments thought, he shrugged, and began to urinate down at her. Her screams ended as he directed his stream on to her, pushing her under. He played a little, pissing to the side of her and moving her around before directing the golden shower back on top of her. When he was down, he picked up the sock and wiped himself, dropping it into the bowl next to the sputtering maid.
“Good-bye, Sharon.”
She swirled down the toilet bowl with the sock and the crushed remains of Wendy.
The next morning Edmond Dubois went to check out early. A cute receptionist got him all squared away, even helping him carry one of his bags to the vacant hotel front. Since he had fifteen minutes until his cab arrived, he asked her a quick question.
“No one else working this morning – no one is helping you?”
She gave him a warm smile. “Not yet, I drew the early morning shift, everyone else gets out her at eight.”
With a nod he drew a small spray bottle from his pocket and doused her, putting it back in his pocket as she shrunk. Without a word he picked her up and bent, slipping on foot out his flip flop. He pressed her against the leather thong and slid his foot back on to the thin sole, wedging her comfortably between his toes. After all, he needed something to keep him occupied during the flight!