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Posted by Binary Prophet on December 07, 2003 at 13:59:17:

Here is a new SW story, violent.. This is my first one, hope you guys like it. Email me requests for stories if you want,, I'll write anything.


“Thank you for coming in, Mr. Dubois. I believe I have a proposal you will find most exciting.” Lin Mayer shifted in her seat, crossing her right leg over her left as she fact the French businessman who sat just left of her, beyond her desk. She was a tall, stately woman – black skin, long dark hair, thin wire-framed glasses. She wore a red power suit and painted her finger and toe nails to match. Her feet were in a pair of light brown, leather pumps with a shiny finish.
Mr. Edmond Dubois sat with his legs planted firmly together. He was a tall, too, and very handsome, with spare features and build as well as slick-backed black hair and a brown suit. He had come a month after her proposal had been sent, which worried her, but he had met with her none-the-less.
Lin reached down next to her pumps and lifted a box the size of a lunchbox onto her desk. Her well manicured fingers unclasped the locks and she addressed her one man audience before showing him the contents. “Our company does research her in America for our country’s prison problem. We deal with … ‘space solutions.’ We understand that your company is attempting to move towards a similar path, but we believe that we have found an option you may not have thought about, one you may very well enjoy…”
Edmond scratched his smooth chin. “Yes, my company has looked into several options as for the disposal of criminals in an orderly fashion, but no viable solutions have been reached. We have thought about underground facilities, more standardized storage, and things of that nature, but…” He paused. “Construction is costly, you could say. And there is only so much space.”
“Well, I think you need to rethink your approach. Don’t change the size of your buildings. Change the size of your criminals.”
Before Mr. Dubois could question her, Lin turned the box around and displayed its cargo. Inside the small metal hold rested even smaller people. Three figures, two men and one woman, dressed in orange coveralls, held their hands up to their eyes in the light and looked around. Edmond paused, thinking them dolls at first. He leaned in in silent disbelief.
“Yes, Mr. Dubois, I assure you they are real.” Lin beamed with pride and scooted her chair forward, her large ample breasts coming close to the three shrunken criminals. “These are three specimens pulled from one of our new Mini-Prisons. To save space we shrink the convicted to two-inches in height and store them. Of course, there is no chance for a riot for they are all too small to do anything.” Lin looked down at the three, amusement in her eyes. “I was told there was a group of seven inmates who tried to overthrow one of our guards in an Illinois installation. The guard stepped on all seven of them at once as they charged him with a fork.”
Dubois’s eyes lit with shock. “Stepped on them?”
“Why yes!” Lin rested her hand near on of the men and trapped him with her fingers. “It makes capital punishment a snap – no injections, no chairs, and no guns. Just two fingers.” Lin grinned and dropped the little man, pinching him between her finger and thumb. She lifted him a little so Edmond would have a good view, then smeared the little man between her fingers and dropped his bloody carcass onto the desk. She pulled a tissue from the box on her desk and wiped her fingers and the mess up, dropping it in the trash.
Mr. Dubois smoothed his hair in thought. He looked at her curiously. “Are there any other effects to this procedure?”
“Of course,” Lin replied, sitting back a little. “The way the chemical we use on the subject reacts with them has an intriguing effect we didn’t foresee. For some reason, most of the test subject – not all mind you, as seen in the prison outbreak – become compliant to orders. At first we thought this was just fear, but it makes them do things as if it were against their will. For some reason they will act even if they don’t want to. I ordered one woman to march in to a blender once, constantly telling her I was going to turn it on. She did so, all the while begging me not to make her.”
“And you weren’t forcing her, physically?”
“Nope,” Lin’s grin widened. “The only thing I touched was ‘puree.’”
“As a demonstration,” Lin began, slipping her feet out of her shoes. She rested her feet on her desk and wiggled her toes. She had large feet with cappuccino tops and cream-colored soles, her red toenails sparkling. “Mr. Henderson,” she addressed one of the convicts, “would you be so kind as to clean my feet with your tongue?”
Mr. Dubois watched in astonishment as the little man did as ordered and marched on over to the huge feet that rested next to him. The Frenchman watched as the criminal leaned into the foot and licked it clean, lapping away at the giantess’s heel. He felt a stirring in his groin, not at the sight of Henderson licking Lin’s feet, but at the power Lin had.
“Thank you Mr. Henderson.” She wiggled her toes in delight, his little tongue cleaning her soft heel. “And you, Ms. Patters, would you be so kind as to take off all your clothes for Mr. Dubois?”
The female criminal walked to the edge of the desk and began to unzip her coverall. Edmond watched as she pulled it down over her lithe form and stepped out of it, tears in her eyes.
“Now, Ms. Patters, if you would be so kind.” Lin leaned forward a little. “Jump off.”
Edmond Dubois gasped as the small girl leapt from the desktop and hit the carpeted ground with an audible crack. He looked at her small moving form a moment before looking at Lin. “Incredible!”
Lin simply twined her fingers together and rested her hands in her lap, a contented smile on her face as the remaining criminal licked her soles. “So, Mr. Dubois, would you say we can conduct business?”
He nodded eagerly. “What medium is this serum transmitted in, how much is needed, how –“
She cut him off, holding up her hand. “Let me show you.” She pulled a small vial from her desk drawer and rested it on the table. “It’s in spray from, now. We started it as an injection, but we can produce much more of it in a gaseous state than in a liquid with the same effectiveness. There is no real danger to those that administer it, no gas mask necessary. Just hold it at arms length and spray the victim in the face.”
Lin removed her feet from the table and flicked Henderson with her fingers. The small man flew from the tabletop onto the carpet several feet away. She stood and walked around her desk, gazing down at Patters.
“Ah, looks like your little doll is still alive, Mr. Dubois.”
He looked down at the girl, looking back up at him. She moved only slightly, rocking back and forth on the ground in pain, tears streaming down the sides of her face.
“Care to do the honors? Remember, she is a villain.”
Edmond Dubois lifted his foot and rested his smooth-soled loafer on the shrunken girl. Without a second thought he pressed down and heard three, sharp pops as she was crushed instantly flat. He found it exhilarating.
Ms. Mayer was already standing over the form of Henderson, who was in much the same state that Patters had been in. She lifted one cream-colored sole over the small man before resting it on him, letting him squirm a little against her sole. “I believe we have enough in our stores to ship you more than you would need to finish up this year. We can discuss pricing immediately, as well as the terms of shipment…”
Lin moved her sole down a little and there was a muffled snap. Her toes twitched in delight. She slid her foot to the side and was rewarded with another. “I think you will be very happy with the results you see.”
She pressed her foot down and ended Henderson in one smooth motion, dragging her foot back. A red streak was all that remained.
“Oh, I am very happy.” She heard Dubois’s voice, but too close. She turned with a start.
He stood at arm’s length, holding the small spray bottle to her face. “But I don’t think you will be able to appropriately manage the discussion.” He pushed the cap down and a fine mist covered her face. “Not at your new size…”
She staggered back and cough, holding her throat. Lin looked up at Dubois’s rapidly growing form as she shrunk. “What is the meaning of this?!”
Edmond looked at the spray can then tossed it aside with an easy flick of his wrist. “A hostile take over, I’m afraid. There would be no way my profits could reach a desirable mark if your company had a monopoly on such a technology.” He took a step forward, Lin only half his size and dwindling. “But, under my direction, I will see that this serum is appropriately administered.”
“You bastard!”
Lin fell backwards as his well manicured hand lowered to twine her in his tight grip. He lifted his captive and studied her with interest. “So much pride, Ms. Mayer, even at your size. I suppose before I do away with you I could teach you a lesson in respect.”
Dubois walked over to her desk and placed her on its counter top. Unzipping his pants, he pulled out his already erect dick. He looked down at her terror-stricken eyes with hunger. Lin bolted, but didn’t get far at all. Edmond pulled out two tissues from the box and scooped her up as if he was picking up and insect.
Without a word he took his shaft in one hand and lowered her down to its head, holding her in her tissue bed against it. He began to rhythmically pump his member, his strokes increasing and his shaft growing, the cock-head pushing painfully into her miniaturized body. She felt liquid seep out and cover her breasts as he started to pre-cum, and with a scream she was coated with his seed. Her cry was muffled with his fluid and her body was slick and sticky in the tissue. He pumped a few more times to get it all out, the massive fleshy head pressing her hard into his tissue-covered palm, the last push snapping her rib loudly.
Mr. Dubois held the tissue in his hand like a flower and looked down at her. “There, you see? I am much more than you can handle. Now, what did you call me earlier?”
Lin shivered and looked up at him in horror, covered in his cum. “Please … Please, let me go, don’t do this!”
“Oh, don’t do what, Ms. Mayer? I assure you, there is no way out of this.” Edmond dropped the tissue on the ground and sat back down in his chair, looking down at her. Thoughtfully, he crossed his legs, resting his right ankle on his left knee and inspected the remains of Patters. He took off his shoe and wiggled his bare toes. His foot was a little sweaty from being in his loafers all day. He wore them barefoot by preference. He eyed the once powerful CEO before him and lowered his foot down towards her.
She recoiled in jerky motions, his cum drying on her. His voice boomed down on her. “What was it you asked Henderson to do? Ah yes, lick my foot, please, Ms. Mayer. Between my toes, if you would be so kind.”
Lin, shakily, pushed out of the tissue that clinged to her sticky skin stubbornly. Dubois sat back and spread his toes as the small women pushed her head between his big toe and the next and licked the sweat from between them. After about a minute of licking he moved his toes together and tousled her, gently as not to hurt her, but enough to ruffle her hair and make her cry out. He laughed and spread her toes, letting her fall under them as he lowered his foot down and trapped her. He rolled her under his foot for several moments as he thought about this wondrous shrinking technology that had been ‘offered’ to him.
After she had traveled from his rough heel to the pillowy ball of his foot a few times, he removed it and rested his foot next to her, looking down at her. She was covered with cuts and bruises and glared up at him, her little chest laboring with hurt breasts.
“Now, now,” he cooed, “do not be mad with me! I am only doing what is best for my company! It’s all fair in business, right?”
He picked her up, most of his cum had crusted on her or been rubbed into the carpet by his foot. He grinned and lowered her down in the shoe. “Unfortunately, it is time to say goodbye! The next time I see you – tonight when I take my shoes off – I won’t be able to pull you out unless I scrape you off with my nails, I imagine!”
He dropped her in and she slipped along the insole of his shoe. She climbed towards the opening and shook her head, waving her arms, screaming, “No, don’t do this – stop, please, nooooo!”
He pressed her down into his shoe with his foot as he slid it back in and felt her nestled awkwardly against the instep of his shoe – part of her pressed against the side of his foot and part of her under it, he wasn’t sure which parts though. He took a heavy step to try to compress her into a more comfortable shape and he heard a satisfying snap. Mr. Dubois walked out of the room with a smile on his face. He had some things to clear up with her company, and then it was back to France to run his.
Edmond Dubois had spoken the truth – when he took his shoes off that night she had slipped under his foot (during his plane ride, presumably, when he took his shoes off) and her body had fallen under the ball of his bare foot. Her tiny body was now no more than a flat black smudge and he didn’t bother to extract her, she was fine where she was.