Heavy part 5

Posted by talisman ( on October 20, 2004 at 05:16:10:

Ben hadn't been home for more than a few minutes when a knock at his door brought him back out of his room. Ben stormed out of his room, having just peeled off his underwear, he was inspecting his handywork with the two asians. Ben flung the dirty underwear aside, and slipped on a robe, as he went to the door.
"Hey Benny! glad you're home." Boone, Ben's old school chum said as he peered inside the house. "Got any action tonight! come on, you always got some action." Ben moved aside letting his friend in. Boone, Boone was slightly shorter than Ben, but he made up for it in girth, as his belly was more full, as well, as having a bigger ass, legs and feet. Boone, stepped in further, as he looked low and far, scowering the carpet. "Come on Benny, where you got them sluts hiding?" Ben stood arms crossed, he regretted showing Boone his secret, but he so much desired to share his fortune, but sometimes, Boone invaded his space too much, especially after showing him the first time.
Boone had joined Ben back to his place, the two were outside soaking in the sun, checking out the neighborhood. The sun was hot, both men decided to go back inside and enjoy a brew. Ben was a novice at the time when he came to realize his fantasy, and neglected to secure the first toys of his capture. The women escaped, and were making it for the door's bottom gape, when the door opened wide, as the two hulking giants entered. Their bodies a blaze in deep tans, and sweat running down their bodies, neither cared to look down, as they stepped inside. Boone crushed a crowd of 5 women, as they were caught in the light of the sudden open door, all to shocked to move, when it came to them to run, Boone's massive bare foot descended, crushing them flat. Ben also stepped on a few, neither man realized the slaughter beneath their sweaty feet, when Boone dropped his glasses. Boone then noticed the crushed bodies strewn around his feet. "I think you have silverfish." Boone said as he wiped his size 17 foot, leaving a swatch of mashed bodies. Ben then realized what had happened, as he lifted his own size 15 feet revealing the same scenario. Ben fessed up at the moment, the news hardly causing Boone to flinch, as he quickly saw the potential. That first night, Ben went out to gather more toys, like he was fetching pizza. Upon his return, Boone greedily snatched the prizes from his bag, the experience proving too much for him, Boone made too fast of the tiny women, utterly crushing them in his premature orgasm.

Ben locked the door, as he watched Boone trapse around looking around. "Man you don't even visit or say how are you doing anymore!" Ben said annoyed. Boone neglected to answer as he made his way into the bedroom. Once inside, he scanned the floor, the bed and the bureau. Finding nothing glaring out at him, he suddenly noticed an odd thing, as a pair of Ben's large shorts were moving sligthly.
Boone snatched up the drawers, revealing the tiny asian women, struggling in the crusted skid marks which held them like glue. Boone eyes widened, as he quickly poked his fingers inside, and ripped the two women free, discarding the drawers as he turned on his heels.
With both women in his clenched fist, Boone walked ito the living room, having already discarded his socks, pants and shirt, and underwear. Sitting down, he opened his palm, watching the frantic women crawl around in his vast palm. "I hope you can swim, cause I am going to bury you in my cream." Boone whooped.
Ben walked in, picking up the discarded clothes, placing them on a vacant chair. As Ben clicked on the set, he watched Boone, already cupping his massive member, concealing the two asians inside. His huge head would protrude, pulsating pre-cum, as Boone jacked away, uncaring he was being watched. "Hope you're done with these two, don't think there will be anything left when I'm done." Boone joked, between moans.
Ben sat down, feeling rather anxious, but also aroused seeing his friend's cock consuming the two asians.
Boone's cock burst, exploding it's tip of thick cum. Boone wrang his cock out, draining his cock completely, before releasing his hold. His cock swung upwards, as it sprayed slits of cum. As he stood up, a wad of cum broke free of his thighs, falling in a wet splash on the floor. Ben watched this in incredible silence. He looked further as amidst it, the two asians became evident, their bodies strewn, and spread in the giant's waste cum. Boone stretched, as he yawned out loud. He saw Ben's stare, and followed it down. Seeing the two women in his wash, he raised his foot, and crushed the two completely, stomping off, leaving a huge cum splash, in his wake.
Boone went to the kitchen and helped himself to a snack, returning, still naked, towing a drink and a bag of chips. "Well don't let me stop you, how about a massage after all that?" Ben said sarcastically. Boone smiled, hardly caring, as he stared into the t.v set. "What's on?" Boone asked as he walked back to the couch, stepping back into the cum splash, further crushing it beneath his heavy feet, before sitting down with a thud.
Ben clicked the remote, while Boone raised his feet on a ottoman nearby. His soles, littered with drying cum, and amidst it and the debris, the remenants of the two women, crushed like dirt.