Heavy part 4

Posted by Talisman ( on October 16, 2004 at 04:23:31:

The bus ride was tedious to most, but Ben found it relaxing, as well as a good hunting ground for toys. he always sat on the side seats, sprawling his massive body within the seat, watching people enter and leave.
Ben really hadn't a place to go, and just rode one bus after another for his finds. He chastised himself on becoming a little picky. But after some time now doing this, he started to find himself challenging himself for something different.
It was a saturday afternoon. Fall had come rather late that year. Ben enjoyed fall best, he didn't like summer wear, his body being as large as it was, sweating was a problem he didn't like doing in public. Fall offered him the protection of outerwear, and a comfy fit for the cool weather. He was in his usual spot, looking over the patrons, smiling at some who smiled at him, he tried some small talk with some women who sat near him and took an interest. Two women who set off bells in his mind entered after some two hours of riding around. The woman were oriental, probably Korean, but Ben didn't care. They were older than he was used to trolling, but these petite women gave him a rush. Their voices were just as small as they were, almost giggly in nature. They were both around 4'5, very thin, both adorned in skirts and stylish tops, and pumps. Even with their high heels, they couldn't top 5 feet tall. Ben had a huge erection in his pants and tried to keep it under wraps, as he started chatting with them as they both sat in the bench directly behind him. Ben was astounded by his luck, as the one named Marta, seemed to know someone who looked like him back in her country when she was younger. That gave Ben a easy entrance to talk them up, and think of ways to include himself in thier daily affairs, till he could coherse them back to his place.
They talked up a storm, Ben was his witty self, causing the women to laugh hard. He found his nitch as both women were going uptown to purchase a part for a vacuum cleaner. Ben related his past experience in the mechanical field and his vast knowlede in the subject of vacuums. Both women urged him to help them in their search, for which Ben played it down till he finally found himself being talked into joining them. "Brilliant!" He said to himself.
Ben escorted the woman to various shops, counselling them on the aspects of the hoses they required. When the choir had ended, the woman asked Ben to join them for lunch, as Ben played it down once again, he was exhilerated to find that they were inviting him back to their place for a home made meal. Ben kindly agreed, and valiantly chose to cab it to thier place, his treat. He couldn't wait to get to their place, and didn't care for a long bus ride.
The cab arrived and picked up the trio, heading to the directions Marta gave the driver. The trio continued to joke and talk all the way till they arrived home.
Ben walked with the woman into the modest house. He looked around the rooms, adorned with oriental drawings, nick nacks, and artifacts. Ben watched the woman step out of their shoes, and walk to the kitchen, their nylon clad feet smacking with each step on the tile floors. Ben found it hard to contain his erection once more.
He excused himself for the bathroom, and upon entering it, quickly grabbed his member, and jacked off like he hand't before. He sat quietly, listening to the woman's voices below, fanasizing on what he was going to do them both.
He looked down at his own large feet, imagining them strewn and crushed beneath them, maybe one of them still stirring trying to stay alive, by aggreeing to worship him. Ben hardly made it to the best parts, before climaxing, his cock draining his cum into the toilet.
Ben rose up, and washed his sweaty brow, as well as his hands, before heading back downstairs to the kitchen. He offered to help, but neither Marta or May would hear of it. Ben offered to then make drinks, but was refused once again. Marta ushered Ben into the parlor, and sat him down. She then walked behind him and started to rub his shoulders. "Does that feel nice?" Marta asked while squeezing his shoulder blades between her fine fingers. Ben smiled as he moaned his yes. "You are just wonderful, are you a therapist?" Marta giggled. No I just know how to make a man happy." Those words, and that giggle alone, gave Ben another erection. "Well if you do feet, I think I will have to marry you." Ben chuckled. Marta leaned over. After dinner, we and May will both give you a fantastic foot massage, our specialty."
Ben had never for a moment felt different to what he intended to do, but wanted to enjoy the fruits of his labour first. Not often, or at all for that matter, finding a woman, never mind two women who wanted to treat him in such a manner.
Dinner had ended, Ben rising up, wiping his lips and chin. "Ladies that was spectacular. You are both incredible cooks." Marta and May were aglow, as they cleaned up the table and dishes in mere minutes it seemed. Ben found them both suddenly absent, as he turned from the living room in search. He then sneaked into the kitchen and found a jug of beverage they were all enjoying during the meal. He put droplets from the bottle into the container, while keeping an eye for the two. After feeling he put enough in it, he went back to the chair in the parlor.
Ben was speachless as both women returned, now adorned in silky half robes. Their legs still adorned in their silky pantyhose, and their hair now down, both long, over their shoulders.
Marta fell to her knees, and pulled on Ben's legs. "Please, let me take your pants off for the massage." May walked behind him and rubbed his shoulders. "Ladies this is just too much, you are going to spoil me." Ben said as he lurched his legs up, as he watched his pants slide off, followed by his socks. With his legs and feet bare, his legs were returned back into a sitting position, while Marta started to kneed his toes and the balls of his feet, in her hands. May kept on his shoulders, while also spanning an erant hand across his chest. "Perhaps your shirt too!" May asked squeakly. Ben rose his arms, as May raised his shirt up and off his body. Now naked except for his underwear, Ben sat, while Marta attended to his feet, and May to his shoulders, back and chest. "Ok, now you've gone and done it. Now I want to marry you both." Ben chuckled between moans. "Oh yes, we would be very good to you."
Ben was anxious to get the show on the road, but he was enjoying himself a little too much. He figured he was going to use them anyway, so he had nothing to lose now. "You know, if I didn't know better, I would think this is sexual." Marta looked up from his feet, smiling. as she put her face to his toes, and started to lick his toes one at a time, even at normal size, his feet dwarfed her tiny face. "Very sensual, and sexy yes!" Marta brought her face back to say, before nesting herself back under his sole to continue.
"Ben you are never going to have this situation again, so go for it." Ben thought. He then set his foot down, away from Marta, and took May's hands slowly up, as he stood up, towering over the two diminitive woman. His 6' foot plus frame making them look like pigmies. "Well why don't we please each other sensually then?" Ben mused, as he snuggled both women up close to his hips.
Marta and May both straddled their legs around his legs, rubbing their nylon clad flesh against his naked body. They both moaned in unison, as they both talked together. "yes, lets!" Ben walked with them in two up stairs, carrying them the rest of the way up to a bedroom closest to the stairway. Once inside, he deposited them on the bed, and sat in between them, the bed shifting down from his great weight, causing both women to fall in on him from both sides.
Ben rose his great legs and feet, as he moved higher against the headboard, while leaving the two at his mid drift. His cock had already escaped from his drawers, and was now towering high over his body. Both May and Marta salavated as they both took thier tongues to either side of his massive shaft. Ben sat up, and watched as the demure woman savored every inch of his cock, tasting it like it was their first cock. They had no qualms about sharing, and even nesting together, even touching mouths, in their quest to satisfy his member. "I am going to enjoy fucking you both, I am going to crush you under my body." Ben moaned, bringing the giggly moans from both woman, each with a mouthful of cock.
After achieving a supreme hard on, Ben sat up, and snatched one of the woman from below, bringing her up to his lap. He brought May down onto his cock, and started to bounce her up and down. Marta, crawled up under his ass, and began to rim him, while squirming and squeezing beneath his massive body. Ben roared his approval, as he rose and dropped May like a doll on his wet cock, each time May moaning in her tiny voice. Her tiny breasts jiggling up and down. Ben then catapulted May up and off, while snatching Marta from beneath his ass, and dropping her on his cock, May now squeezing beneath his ass in her own quest to rim him.
Ben had fun, bouncing these woman on his lap, and wanted to mount them now. He rose up, almost crushing May beneath his ass, as he placed Marta on her back, as he mounted her, his body encompassing the entire from from her view beneath him. Ben rammed his cock into her wet clit, as tiny as it was, it was now suddenly ample enough to fit him. May rose up from behind, and rimmed him freely, while sitting behind him, his ass being face level.
May stuck her tongue into his anus, licking and massaging him continously, while Ben rammed his meat relentlessly into Marta beneath him. His voice gravily, and growling with each ram. Marta herself, maoning in her shallow voice, each moan almost a perky joist.
Ben then lifted Marta up, and tossed her behind him, while snatching May and mounting her, now doing her the same way, Marta shoving her face into the deep cavernous space of his ass.
The session lasted some two hours, Ben finally cuming three times, each time the woman urging his next erection with their ready mouths.
The time had come, as Marta had disappeared downstairs. Upon her return, she had brought up the container, with three glasses, already filled. May took hers and drained it in no time. Ben watched as both women drank seconds, as he merely pretended to sip his.
In no time at all, the shrinking began and ended with both women at 4 inches tall. Now as each sat on the expansive outreaches of the gigantic bed, they both looked up at the looming giant man. Ben spread his legs apart, as he inched closer to the tiny woman. His cock jetting out at them, now dwarfing them like tiny playdolls.
"Well, well, I'd say you have a more mammoth task ahead of you both!" Ben chuckled, as he stetched his hand out toward the dumbfouned women. Marta and May couldn't speak or make a sound as they both merely sat and stared up incredibly. Ben reached around, and snatched both women up on his hand, closing it before bringing it back toward him. Ben opened it on his cock, and salavated as he now had them where he had wanted them since the bus ride. He looked down in glee, as his cock was now beneath them, further dwarfing them in comparison. "I am going to completely mess you both up, I am going to cover you in so much cum, you wont believe it."
Ben chuckled as he brought his hand down, and around his cock.
Ben smeared the two around his shaft, coursing them around and around, up and down his great shaft, before finally rubbing them together on his mushroomed head. Both women were now moaning, but at such a minute sound level, it was squeaky. Their voices giving Ben a harder erection. He spat his growls as he watched both women become more disheveled in his pre-cum, as they both started to look worn out, as he spread them thin, as he gorged himself to continue on and on.
Ben came like a volcano. His cock spouting more cum than before. So prefusely, it oozed, it totally covered the tiny women completly. At times they were hardly in existence. Ben pounded his cock down, draining it further, as his pounding shook the entire bed, the thick puddle jiggling to his shock waves. When Ben finally settled down, he searched down at his mush, poking at it for any remanents of the tiny woman.
His finger uncovered each one, as each body would rise up, so covered in his cum, it looked coccooned completely. Ben sprang back on his ass, and laid his foot flat on the mess. When he lifted his foot, he looked at the mirror on the dresser, which revealed his massive sole. The two bodies stirred, while being strewn amidst the squashed cum on his wide sole.
Ben brought his leg back down with a thud, causing both women to tumble off, and land on the sheet just in front of his foot. Ben leaned over, staring down at the bodies now more in motion. "I want another foot massage, now!" Ben commanded, as he brought his foot down ontop of the hapless two. Ben pressed slightly firmly, over the two, deciding whether to crush them entirly now. Ben had other ideas, as he rose up from the bed. Ben wiped his foot on the soft rug, leaving the two women in a messy skid. Ben walked off, and washed himself off. Upon his return, he put on his socks, and shirt, before leaning over and snatching up the tiny woman.
"Well it's not a marrage, but I figure it's better this way. At least, if I don't want you anymore, i could just crush you. No divorce no breakups." Ben found his underwear and afixed the two into a thick skidmark. He pressed them both firmly onto the tarnished fabric, till he felt they would stick for long, before putting them back on his body, snuggling them up arnd around his hips.
Ben put on his pants and shoes, and walked down the stairs. As he left the house, and reached the front gate, his gut gave him some discomfort, before giving way to a wet fart. "Damn, that Oriental food always gives me gas."