Story "Heavy part 3 The teaming up"

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Posted by talisman on July 26, 2004 at 03:59:51:

The reacurring heavy scent of sex permiated the air. some weeks later, and Ben has yet another encounter. To his delight a fellow macrophille answered his posts. Believing the subject to be purely fantasy, the man(Ken) eagerly accepted to bring himself as well as his girlfriend along for some roleplay. Ben had figured long since that once he actually granted the man his wish, Ken would be doubtful as a role player, nor would his girlfriend. he was right about the girlfriend, but Ken surprised even Ben.
Ken kept a low profile, but kept himself in the privy of view, as he watched his tiny girlfriend before the giant's feet. Ben sat on his chair, his massive body looming huge even seated. His chest pillowing out, his erect cock jetting out, thick and wet, his sack heavy and large, hanging like sacks of bricks. Ben's feet were sandal clad, as he surveyed the tiny woman, after ordering her on her knees and in worship position. Ben slid his sandals off one by one, shooting them over to the side. The sandals alone, monstrous in size, as they made a huge bang to the tiny couple's ears. The woman stayed on her knees, shivering with nervousness. The giant's odor had now permiated the air, as his thick feet were moist with sweat. Ken, who was yards away, couldn't mistaken the strong ordor. Regardless he settled in and watched the debacle at hand.
Ben leaned over on his chair, staring down at the women kneeling. He took the time to enjoy the differene in size as he usually enjoyed, comparing the tiny women's features to his large toes, his feet in general, and even his sandals. Imagining her crushed in various ways, going through in his mind repeated, without the risk of loosing her so soon.
"Start to climb onto my foot, now!" Roared Ben, which the woman immediately rose up and raised herself onto his big toe. The stench was stronger now, her nostrils were enflamed with the giant's ordor. His flesh felt mosit and oily, and soft.
From Ken point of view, he watched the surreal part of it, as her body was now attached to the giant's foot, climbing every so slowly up his toe. The giant wiggled it, making it hard for the woman to hold on, but she held fast, and continued her climb.
Once she made it to the top, she balanced herself and surveyed the area around, noticing how high she was just on the giant's toes alone. She looked up waiting furhter orders. The giant had recently taken up a magazine, leafing through it. Ben's face appeared through the magazine, as he barked another order. "Now squeeze between my toes slut, get nice and comfy." The woman turned as she slide down the slope, pushing her legs down, as he made her way waist height to his toes. She squeezed in, her body now covered in his jam, and sweat, she felt herslef getting jammed as she made her self down further, till she finally came to rest, chin deep. She breathed heavily, the stench far remmoved, as she was almost used to it. Her body completely covered in the giant's muck. She feared the danger, how easily the giant could squeeze his toes together, crushing her into the very jam that cocooned her now. She held tight, waiting for more orders.
Ben wiggled his toes, lifting them and dropping them, playfully, as he admired the neat little show piece in his toes, like a kinky jewel.
Ken stroked his cock, as he watched in amazement, to which lenghts the girlfriend was now at the giant's mercy. At one moment to the next Ken envisioned her being utterly crushed, and released so the show can proceed more.
Ben reached, his huge belly holding him back, as he picked into his toes. With a long wipe, he took the tiny woman, and what jam, in one splice. as he circumveyed his finger, looking at the tiny woman, warmly encased in his filth. Ben could smell ihs own ordor, giving him a rise, as he knew how much more it must be for the tiny woman. Ben looked over at Ken, who he spotted near the opposite chair. "What a tiny smear, you are involved with a little piece of filth." Ben chuckled. the woman opened her mouth breathing as he lungs now allowed movement. "please le me go, haven't you gotten enought out of it yet, it's only a game? I want to go back to my boyfriend."
Ben eyed her closely. "What boyfriend? You are not human anymore, you are just fodder for my enjoyment, you are no different than the cum that I release, just something to give me pleasure, before I wipe you out. And as for him, he will also meet my displeasure, as I have plans for him too." Ben spoke loudly, looking at Ken, as the tiny man slowly stood up. "Please sir, this is far too much than we both expected, please we wont tell anyone, and perhaps we can even help you find others more deserving your displeasure." Ken shouted as he walked up to the giant's chair. Ben leaned over, holding the tiny woman still. "Do you think I need you to do anything for me? Do you think I need anyone at all, are you aware of your insignificance? aware that you do not exist beyond what time I give you?" Ben rose up, standing his feet on either side of the trembling tiny man. Ben then reached to one of his sandals pulling it closer till it was beneath him. ben then flicked the tiny woman off, letting her tumble down. She rolled in mid air, tumbling the great height, till she bounced onto the soft sandal interior. Coming to rest on her back, she laid there dazed.
Ken looked on in shock, as he was convinced she died in the fall, but breathed out a sigh of relief when she stirred slightly moaning.
"This is what you little slut means to me." Ben roared as he lifted his foot and inserted it onto the sandal, his foot completely devouring the tiny woman beneath it. Ben did not crush down, as he merely smothered her, giving the illusion for Ken's sake.
Ken screamed as he lunged forward sliding down the giant's ankle. "You monster! how could you, we had an arrangement." Ben finished listening. as he walked about, playing out the crushing role more. "By now she is as flat a paper, her body is now tattooed to my sole." Ben chuckled. Ken dropped to his knees, sobbing, completely disconnected now.
Ben leaned over, as he drew the tiny man up in his hand. His brain was on fire, he had pushed his desire to the limit now, as he plunged his hand onto his cock.
With his palm's flat, he pummeled at his cock, feeling the tiny man's body slowly mangling and crumbling under his pressure. Ben pumped and pumped into his hand, till his climax erupted. Cum flowed freely, oozing down his palm, his fingers. He playfully whisked his hand away and back, as stringy cum waned out, amidst it, the tiny man's body was seen, completely broken, and awash in his thick gism.
Ben drew another quick climax, oozing more cum, as he watched the tiny man's demise Finally wiping his hand onto his thighs, leaving a huge blob of cum, encasing the tiny carcaus.
Ben lifted his foot out of his sandal, feeling the tiny woman stuck to his sole. He sat down, and peeled her off with his left hand. He playfully manipulated her in his palm, noticing she was still very much alive, but alot worser for wear. Ben was rather tired, and wanted to get to bed, as he considered the tiny woman. He couldn't get off now, feeling rather unmoved by her at all. He then chose to keep her awhile, and use her the next day.
Ben rose up, carrying the tiny woman in his clenched fist, as he swung it back and forth. The tiny woman opened her eyes, feeling the fresher air hit her lungs finally after blacking out in the giant's shoe. She looked around as she swung back and forth, seeing the giant room move about her. She then darted her eyes back toward the giant's groin area, noticing something near his now deflated and hanging cock.
She opened her mouth, trying not to scream, as she now viewed the drying blob of cum, with Ken embedded deep inside, his body quashed beyond anything she ever saw.
Ben headed straight into his shower stall, placing the tiny woman roughly on the high soap dish. Ben watered himself down, before soaping himself up. the suds glistened against his tanned large body, as he rinsed and washed again. The glob had since dislodged, the only resembling factor, being the faint resembling of Ken's body near the drain.
The woman layed there, her eyes transfixed on the Ken's carcaus, as the giant stepped around, thundering and clapping his steps on the water. Till he stepped on what remained of Ken. The giant's massive feet thoroughly oblterated any trace, as soap and dirt alike, drained away.
Ben shut off the water, and snatched a towel from outside the stall. he dried himself thoroughly, before reaching back inside for the tiny woman. Clenchd in his fist, he slide into bed, turned off the lights, and nestled his palm with the tiny woman against his cock.
Ben slowly stroked himself, as he dozed off.

A knock surprisd Ben the next morning. he answered it to find a woman he had met on line before. Her name was Brunella Koltburgher. The two had met through one of the micro sights, and shared their thoughts on the subject. Ben found her exciting, but his perchant for slim victims avoided him from ever considering Brunella for his pleasure. He looked at her as a fellow microphite. Brunella was a huge woman, not unlke Ben. But her 5'11 frame, held her 220 lbs firmly, her legs utterly thick and meaty, made her stance formidable. Ben never even considered dating her, as his hobby took front seat to everything.
She invited him out for breakfast. Ben was shy at first, but gave in, when Brunella insisted on treating him.
The two talked for hours, after enjoying a meal that would have gagged the Klumps. As Ben enjoyed Brunella's company, a shimmer appeard in his eyes, as did hers. he never felt as comfortable as he did right there.
As the conversation moved from topic to topic, it made it's way back to the original topic which brought them together.
As Ben listened to Brunella's passion on the subject, he dared to think of sharing his fortune. She seemed adament on controlling as he did, she loved the idea of being larger than her already mass. Each thing she stated, encompassed his own passion.
Ben finally took her hand. "Lets go back to my place, I have to show you something." Ben said urgently.
Brunella smiled as she looked at him. "Ooh what is it?" "Words cannot explain, you just have to see it."
Ben answered.
The two rushed back to Ben's house. Ben rushed her in, giggling like a school child, he couldn't wait.
Ben told Brunella to sit down, while he went to gather the surprise.
Upon his return, he held his left fist clenched, as he walked up to her. Brunella couldn't even guess what he had, and after several wrong guesses, she finaly gave up.
Ben then opened his fist, his face as bright as the day outside, his eyes glowing, he looked upon her face as she finally viewed the surprise.
The tiny woman unfolded her body from the lotus positon, she found easier to keep when clenched, as she rose up in the giant's palm.
Brunella's eyes widened, as she rose up in her seat. "Oh... my ..... god! What did you do here?" She asked in shock.
Ben didn't speak as she kept asking questions that needed no answering. "Like I said before I have the answers to your prayers." Ben only answered back.
Brunella pluked up the tiny woman into her own hand and rose her up to face height. She marveled at the perfect size structure, as the tiny woman was every bit still in her original form, except scaled down 2000 times. Brunella looked back at Ben. "This is awesome, just awesome. Who is she anyway, someone you found? a ex?" Ben smiled. "Yes you can say, something I found. and nearing the end of her use."
"Oooh you are going to crush her? Please let me, I imagine you must of been doing this for sometime, please let me do this one!" Brunella pleaded.
Ben shyly looked at her. "Can we have sex fist?" Brunella smiled back, clenching the tiny woman in her fist. "Of course! Lets go!"

End of Part 3