Story "Heavy part 2"

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Posted by talisman on July 25, 2004 at 20:51:41:

Ben continued on with his trolling of the net, he came across different sites that interested him, brought him many aquaintances whom some would provide him fodder for his whims.
He never saw himself as gay or bi, but the surge he received from shrinking men as well, gave him peaks almost similar to the ones he got from the tiny women. The act of the chase was also enticing, and there was no shortage of finds.
One in particular was a fat chasers club, where men like him who were large or larger sized(supersized) could indulge with like minded individuals, male or female who wanted to hook up for sex.
The array of members were mixed between other chubbs and slenders. Ben himself had no interest in other chubbs, but enjoyed the fact of his size.
Upon joining the group, he began to receive emails upon emails from various people. He rounded up the emails to the ones in local areas, and began to plan his next ventures.
the first was a pair of girls, who were bi, and were interested in a threesome with a chubb. Ben received their pics, and looked onto them with lust. The girls were both in their early forties, petite at 5'2 each, slender and slinky. He licked his lips at the prospect of getting these two in his abode. Already imagining how they'd look riding his tremendous cock togetehr.
Ben put out the invite, and was somewhat displeased when the two wanted to meet for coffee first.
Ben obliged them.
The meeting was set for the following tuesday. He dressed appropriately in slacks and shirt and jacket, and made the best of first impression. the women were already there, waiting in a booth.
As Ben sipped his coffee, he analysed the two, watching their moods, and character as each spoke. Getting an idea on how to move to the next level.
After a hour or so, Ben was pleased to find the two eager to accept a invite to his house. To the two women, Ben looked utterly harmless, rather geeky, and unassuming. but they being chubb chasers, found what they liked in his size and looks to be the favorable interest.
Tuesday night came, fade into the house, already some hours into the night, Ben's heavy breathing can be heard, moving from room to room, it gets louder in the living room, where Ben is sitting on his favorite chair, his body glistening wet, his tanned body gleaming through his nakedness. The front of his chair is already wet and caked with spent cum, amidst it, lays one of the women, her body limp. Up higher, the other is riding, her body squirming, and writhing as her tiny screams are hardly audible. The massive giant uses his finges to keep her stable, and punishes her with swats each time she almost slides off sideways. "You want to end up like your slut friend, do you see what I did to her and how easy I can do it, you are merely an insect compared to me, I can eat you alive, I can suck you up my nostrils if I chose to. I could utterly crush you till you resmemble a grease spot in the floor. Now worship me you little slut!" Ben roard down to the sobbing woman. Against the backdrop of his enormous body, she hung onto his cock, her legs straddled along the sides barely, while she uses her hands and face to lick and soothe his fleshy shaft. Ben in the meantime is looking for any excuse to curse and threaten, as he is nearing his use for her, having already climaxed twice with her and her friend already.
Ben flung his hand forth, snatching up the slain woman in his mush. He brings the body up, before flicking it down onto the floor before his massive feet. He then quickly snatches the woman off his cock and holds her high above the floor. "Do you see now what I mean, do you?" Ben growled, as he places his left foot over top fo the felled woman, her body disappearing beneath his massive foot. Ben physically grinds and lays his weight down, as the woman in his grip squirms and pegs repeatedily for mercy. Ben lifts his foot up, displaying the image of his wide sole, showing the remains of the other woman, now flattened beyond recognition, amidst cum stains and debris.
Ben angerily holds the tiny woman in hsi fingers, while his nostrils flair, as he breathes into her.
The woman frantically begs, continously crying.
"You little worthless slut! You tiny, little piece of cumslut." Ben envelopes her into his massive fist, crumpling her inside. He opens his hand, displaying her mangled body, yet still alive and groaning.
Ben's cock rises up, his anger bringing on a massive erection. he drops his hand down, as he pummels her into his thick head. As he bands his palm into his cock, his cock explodes, spurting cum thick as molases, as Ben roars loudly, the chair beneath him straining under his weight. When he finally reaches the peak, he releases his grip, allowing cum to flow and ooze off his hand, where it gathers beneath his balls, and thighs. Ben wiggles in his chair. In a blob of cum, near his thigh, the woman linges, her movements only sligthly. Ben then sits over top, his entire ass now encompasses the entire section.
Ben releases a chorus of farts, bellowing throughtout the house, the stench thick as a fog. Ben would then rise up, strings of cum hang down to the chair, below, the woman now lost between his cheeks, in blobs of cum, and skid.
Ben stretches, looks over the cleaning job ahead. "well worth it I think. Can't wait for the next ones."

End of part 2