Story " Heavy"

Posted by talisman on July 24, 2004 at 20:22:28:

From above, his hair was tossled, and messed, his large obese body, spanned down, from his hairy large chest, past his full belly, down his thick meaty legs, and to the floor, where his heavey size 16 feet waned on the carpet.
A tiny woman appeared from under his massive cock, her body caked in sweat and cum. She was of asian ethnic, her long black hair, worse for wear now. She angled herself around the giant's still throbbing cock, while high up, his head, oozed cum from his recent climax. She looked up in worship, looking for approval.
The big man, looked down after staring up in pleasure, finally deciding he was done. He shoved his meaty hand forward, his huge hand enveloping the tiny woman, as he clenched her haphazardly in his grip.
He crushed her just so, in his grip, before discarding her down like a used wrapper. The woman fell hard, laying down, feeling her body crumpled, and beyond movement. She could only stare up as the giant fat man, raised his huge foot over her, darkness covering her, before it finally smothered her whole.
The large man stepped down, grinding the hapless woman underfoot, obliterating all remains to his sole. He then walks away, futher obliterating any image of her with each step, as debris fills the void.

Forward a few years later, the large man sits on his computer remembering fondly of that moment. It was his first victim, a woman he worked with, someone who had contempt for his very existance. He smiled again as he envisioned her look just before he crushed her.
He cruised the chat rooms, talking it up with this person and that, not particulary finding much success in the days findings. He could never figure out his obsession with offing his victims after getting off, he only knew that he enjoyed the pleasure more afterwards, his climax being only a prelude, as he enjoyed anohter more rushing one during the proceeding terrorizing and the aformentioned crushed or other means desireable to him. His fondest memory was that cheerleading squad of 4 women, whom he met in their adult lives. They had forgotten about him, but he didn't. He pursued them, achieved their trust, with his business, and once he had them alone, he made his move. He recounted the night he had all four finally in his home, watching each one watch her friends utterly pummeled by his cock, before moving on to the next and next. He glorified in thier screams, and their shock. After he was done, he finally thought of a proper means of disposing them properly as a theme point of his distaste for thier treatment of him, and simarily shoved all four into his cavernous ass. Feeling them squirm and thrash around in their death throes, gave him numerous climaxes, too many to count. When all was said and done, he found them later, in his drenched underwear, their mangled bodies caked and wrought in his skid marks and cum and urine stains.
He smiled again, recounting that night. A man's name came across his screen, he answered back.
The conversation moved and coasted to many subjects before finally settling onto the topic of sex. The large man read smiling as the man on screen typed excitedily on a encounter with his wife and a stranger, and showed interest in the large man. "Are you at all into wearing panythose?" asked the man on the screen. The large man considered the question, rubbing his chin, before answering. " I am open minded"
The conversation continued as the two made plans to meet a week later.
The large man went out to seek a pair of panthose as requested, finding a store dealing with large women's fashions, he was able to attain a few packages of super queen sizes, he didn't know what shades were desired, so he bought a nude, a taupe, and dark coffee shade.
The night arrived, and he waited patiently for the visitors. he arranged the appitizers, and made his special punch. Pouring in the important ingrediant last, before stirring it.
The man and woman arrived promptly, The large man introduced himself as Ben, he shook the hands of Pat, and Donna. Both Pat and Donna were smallish, 5'3 or 5'4, slim, and young. compared to Ben, his 6'4 340lb, utterly dwarfed the couple in the soft light of the house.
Small talk turned into shop talk, as Pat started getting into what he and Donna wanted to do. Ben obliged the couple, and left to put on the desired pantyhose. Ben returned, naked except for the tanned hose, which adorned his hips to his feet. Ben was pleased to find the couple had also undressed. Staring at Donna's fine features, her slender body, her long legs, he couldn't wait to have her on his lap.
Pat took a seat, his cock already erect, as he greedily drank down the punch. Donna approached the lage man, raising her arms high to reach Ben's shoulders. Ben took her in his arms, rasing her up, as he found a chair to sit on. Pat sat excited, cheering for more. "Yeah, take her, make that bitch all yours!" Ben straddled the pettie woman on his lap, watching her bounce up and down, like she was riding a hobby horse.
From Pat's vantage point, he watched the utter difference in size, as Ben looked incredibly impossing, his massive body, behind his much smaller wife's made a surreal image. Ben bounced her with ease, his knees lifting up like she had no weight to her at all. Donna then crouched down, moving inbetween his legs her mouth sucking his large member through his hose.
Pat was beside himself, his own cock throbbing with help from his grip.
Ben burried the woman beteen his nylon clad legs, as he thrust his cock into her face.
The concessions stopped breifly, as Donna wanted to drink. Ben had no qualms as he patiently waited for the effect.
He knew the time was approaching, as he uttered his next request. "I think I may have something more to your liking, something that includes the both of you." Pat liked the sound of that, as did Donna, as they both listened intently. "It is going to take effect now, as you will notice any minute now." Ben said, as he watched the tranformation.
Pat and Donna fell downwards, their bodies losing shape and size till they reached 3 inches. Ben used this opportunity to step up, standing high above the two, he peered down past his protruding belly. Ben stared down, admiring the thier size, and to the effecgt of his nylon clad feet, dwarfing their puny bodies. "Well then, I do believe I have toys to play with again." Ben chuckled, now treating the two differently. No longer did Ben bother to consider the two like humans, he saw them now as instruments for his use.
Ben reached down, before waddling back to his chair.
The next few hours, he utterly worked the tiny couple, coming close many times to completely mashing them to a pulp. Ben was also careful, as he didn't want to fun to end that quickly. What caught his eyes more now was the tiny man's quick acceptance to the situation, as he seemed to enjoy especially his wife's treatment, as Ben easily manipulated her about his giant cock, coating her in repeated coatings of his cum. Ben forced the couple together, smudging them into each other with his massive fingers, forcing them to copulate. He would force them agaisnt his cock head, feeling their slimy bodies squirm, as he pumped them against his pee-hole.
Some hours later, Ben sat quietly, his cock long since deflated, layed flat across Donna's body, her legs and feet only seen. Pat hung strewn in the large man's pubs. Ben rose up abruptly, feeling the couple fumble off his great body. Ben considered the moment, before finally reaching down to pluck up Donna.
he held her in his palm, looking at her stir, while also staring down at Pat whom was now rising up from the foor. Ben then guided his palm behind. With his free hand, he spread his massive cheeks apart, as he pursed his fingers holding Donna together. Ben made quick work of stuffing the tiny woman into his cavernous ass, before releasing his cheeks, encassing her completely. Ben then stared down at Pat.
"Know this much before I crush you, that I will release her later. When I take a dump."
Pat opened his mouth to scream just as Ben's massive foot obliterated the room from Pat's eyes. Darkness ensued, as the giant's meaty sole covered him entirely, with loads of space to spare.
Ben stepped squarely down, crushing the tiny man with hardly any effort.
Ben walked away, peeling off his hose, he screened the image of Pat's body stewn in a mound, endented inthe sole, before discarding the hose into the trash.
Ben showered, and then enjoyed a great meal before retiring to watch t.v.
Before bed, he made good of his promise, as he took one of many large dumps.

End of part 1