Grandpa's Shrinking Formula 7

Posted by Chris on April 04, 2003 at 20:11:41:

Sorry it took so long to churn out this chapter. Things have been hectic at work. I might be able to write about four or five more chapters before the end of May. If things die down a little, it could be more. For now enjoy this installment of Grandpa's Shrinking Formula.

Jason looked up and asked Mark what he meant by that comment. His friend informed him that one of them was going to have to be reduced, in order to fulfill the requests of their customers. Jason had a puzzled look on his face, and wanted to know if the volunteer would return to normal. Mark lied and told him that he had the antidote to the formula in the attic.

“So are you saying that I can fuck all these bitches,” he exclaimed, “Can I do it now.

“Of course you can,” Mark replied, “As a matter of fact, I insist you start immediately.”

With that said, Mark picked up the formula and sprayed his best friend with it. The familiar glow engulfed him as he began to shrink to about a foot. At this size, Jason was twice as tall as most of the girls. It did not take him long to free himself of his clothes, but he was suddenly aware that the room was much larger and that he would need his giant friend’s assistance, just to reach the girls. Before he could even ask, a large hand reached down and lifted him to the table. On the table top, he saw Mandy, a 15 year old girl, taped with her legs spread wide apart. She appeared so much smaller than him, and just the image, in and of itself, was enough to make him rock hard.

Mandy’s profile was the first to get the impregnation request. She was not nearly as hot as the other cheerleaders, but she did have a sweet and innocent look about her. As a matter of fact, it had been much harder to inspect her purity than any other girl. Despite their sizes, the guys were able to spread their tiny slaves’ open enough to discover what kind of girls they had. Mandy, though, was so tight that the boys did not think that she had even masturbated once in her life. Thus, Jason’s job was not going to be easy, but after he was done, this sweet innocent girl would be craving large cocks.

Mark marveled as his tiny friend started groping the young girl. He had so much energy and with in moments, he cam in her face. Mark took two fingers and smacked his friend in the head. “Don’t waste it all on one chick you stupid son of a bitch,” he yelled, “you have to four more girls to fill up and I don’t want you getting tired.” The tiny man complied and threw himself on top of the struggling girl. As he fought to penetrate her tight opening, little Mandy began screaming. The large shaft was tearing into her and all of a sudden, an intense feeling of pain overwhelmed her as her hymen burst. The scene really turned the giant on and he could not help but jerk off. He pulled Maxine out of his pocket and began stroking himself with her nubile body. He noticed that she no longer resisted him. It did not take him long to release a load all of the tiny couple. He then spread the remains all over his tiny slave and put her back with her sister. Mandy screamed as soon as the hot semen fell on top of her.

“Dude, what the fuck,” Jason complained.

“Shut and do your work or I will just flush you down the toilet and do this myself,” he replied.

Jason was confused and tried to implore his friend to have mercy. His friend’s hand picked him up and began squeezing him, and he was informed that if he continued to be disobedient, then Mark would have no further use for him. The tiny man thought this was going to be all fun and games, but now it appeared that he was just another doll in this psycho’s universe. He was dropped unceremoniously to the table and told to finish the girl off. Despite the fact that his friend was looming overhead, he was able to pump his load into her. Before he had a chance to get up, he was forced out of her and watched as the giant picked her up.

Mark was impressed with his friend’s ability to work under pressure. He picked the tiny girl up and inspected her crotch. Jason had definitely finished and now he wanted to make certain that none of the seed fell out. Before she could let out a scream, her master had tied a string around her feet and hung her upside down off of his bed. He laughed as she struggled to turn herself up right and failed. All she could do was hang there and let the semen find a home inside her.

The next girl tried to run away as soon as she was placed next to Jason. The tiny cheerleader appeared to be quite the gymnast, and was able to avoid her tormentor’s attempts to retrieve her. She jumped and flipped, but she made the mistake of getting too close to the edge and fell off the table. Luckily, she landed on a small pile of clothes and endeavored to make a break for the door. The spry young girl was able to reach the door and make her way into the hallway. Something caught her eye, as she looked to the right. “What the ......”

Mark was infuriated and ran outside to find the little bitch. When he opened the door, though, all he found was Bingo sitting there. He had put the cat out earlier in order to prevent another unexpected accident with his merchandise. Now he had just lost another girl to this gluttonous cat. He picked the feline up, went to the front door, and tossed him outside. He returned to his room and grabbed one of the locker room girls. She was butt ugly and had drawn no attention by even the most desperate customers, and he doubted that she ever would. In a moment of anger he placed her cunt over his gigantic dick and began pulling her down. There was no way he could fit inside her without tearing her apart, and that is just what he did. Her legs were dislocated from her hips and her body contorted as she passed over the head of his cock and down the shaft. The girls closest to the action could make out the impression of a dick in her chest. He started pumping her tiny body and reveled in watching her spit out his jism with her last breath.

“Let that be a lesson to the rest of you,” he boomed as he flung her lifeless corpse next to them. “Now where were we,” he said as he looked at Jason.