Grandpa’s Shrinking Formula 6

Posted by chris on March 26, 2003 at 06:39:39:

He placed Maxine in the palm of his hand and put Carrie on top of her, almost like they were 69ing. He then closed his hand and pushed both girls’ crotches in the other’s face as he ascended the steps. He walked down the hallway, which separated his room from Lily’s room. As he passed by, some of his recent memories were rekindled and he felt a tightness in his pants. He opened his door and was amazed at the sight that he beheld.

After dispatching of Rachel, Jason felt the need for further satisfaction. He was tired of messing around with these flat chested children, and wanted to play with the girls that he dreamed of to begin with. He opened their cage and found that three of them were fighting. From what he could tell, one of them, Jill, was upset because she had not wanted to join the team to begin with, and was enraged at what it had gotten her. She was attacking one of her friends, Trish, who had insisted that she try out for the team, and a third girl, Thelma, was trying to break it up.

“I thought the point of becoming a cheerleader was to learn team work,” he said with a smile, “I guess it is a lesson I am just going to have to teach you.”

He wanted to use the paper clips again, but he had a better idea. He pulled a sewing needle, which he had found downstairs when he got the cat, out of his pocket. The rubber bands were too big for the eye of the needle, so he found a pair of Mark’s underwear and started removing bands of elastic. He picked up Jill first and said, “Just remember, there is no “I” in “TEAM” little girl.” As she struggled in his hand, her massive 36DD breasts jiggled and he knew that this was going to be all too easy. As the needle pinched her tit, she let out a scream, and that was music to her tormentor’s ears, as he pushed it all the way through both jugs. He did the same to the other two girls and when he completed his task, all three were tethered together by an elastic band that was crisscrossed through each their tits.

“Ok here’s the deal,” he stated, “You girls are going to have to work as a team to keep away from me. If I catch you, before my watch goes off, then two of you have to go down on one another, and one of you loses some more height.”

What he did not tell them, though, was what he was going to catch them with. When he told them to run, he was amused by their feeble attempt to move, while attached to each other’s tits. The sound of Trish screaming was almost enough to make him cream his pants. He casually walked over to them, opened his pants, and smacked all three with his massive cock. He told the bickering friends that they need to make up and he shrunk the peacemaker to 2”. She screamed as the elastic expanded in her shrinking marble sized breasts. He placed Jill on top and had the two 69 each other. Jill tried to resist, but all of a sudden, a giant finger inserted itself in her tiny ass and pushed her crotch into Trish’s face. A muffled sound could be heard, as Jill began to moan. Another finger shoved her head down into her friend’s crotch and the gigantic figure screamed, “Less talking BITCH and more fucking.” The bonds that held them together tightened slightly and put some pressure on their chests’, stretching them with each movement. Jason could not resist jerking off to the show that he was watching. Within moments he cam all over their heaving bodies.

Both girls were stunned yet worked up by what this little pervert had done. Earlier this morning, they would not have even noticed the short creep. Now though, he might have been a lot of things, but he was definitely not short. Jill looked at Trish’s 34ccc breasts, which had been stretched during the incident and was amazed at how turned on she was. At that moment, though, she noticed poor Thelma, who had only tried to keep her and her best friend from fighting and was now less than half their size. All of a sudden, a huge shadow descended all around them and a booming voice said, “Time for round 2.”

Due to the fact that the girls were so exhausted and that they had to drag Thelma as they ran, he easily caught them. Jason strolled up to them, pulled out his dick once more, and smacked each one. This time, though, he came down with more force, and little Thelma was crushed under his member. Like a bug, she went splat and much of her body was stuck to his cock. Before he could go wash her off he heard a voice scream, “WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST DO.”

Mark was shocked to find his best friend squishing one the cheerleaders. Thelma Jenkins was a hot little girl that reminded him of Jewel. He wanted to break her and Tiffany in at the same time. He knew that the two would definitely bring in mucho dinero. In addition, he had defaced two other hot chicks by running what looked like an elastic band through their tits. “Jason, I know I told you to have some fun,” he yelled, “but you just ruined three of our dolls and a pair of my underwear.” He wanted to know if any of the other girls had been spoiled and checked the cages. He counted the girls in each one and noticed that two more were missing. “WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED,” he screamed.

Jason explained the incident, but failed to appease his friend. Mark could have cared less about Rachel, but Nicole was his diamond in the rough. He knew that most of the preteen bitches collectively were not worth half as much as she was. She could have easily ranked as high as the members of the A squad, and he had envisioned using her, Carrie, and Maxine for his own gratification. Now though, he was stuck with a bunch of girls, who might make him a little money, but were mostly a waste of his grandfather’s formula.

Mark was trying to figure out what to do with this bastard, but was unsure at the moment. He decided to put off his vengeance for a while. He told him to help him photograph each girl and post them on E-bay. Both took delight in watching tiny bitches squeal as their naked bodies were exposed to the world. They went through an extensive process to check and see which ones were virgins and which ones were sluts. They had to be very careful during the inspection not to do too much damage to the girls or rupture any thing that might earn them more money. Mark reveled in watching poor Tiffany try to hide behind another girl, in order to spare herself the humiliation of being poked and prodded. In the end though, she suffered the longest inspection of the group, and forced to pose in a series of sexually explicit positions and record very erotic sound bites.

At the end of each girl’s profile, they informed the bidders that they could prepare these playthings any way they wanted. If the customer wanted the toy hairless, pierced, or smaller they would accommodate them, at an extra cost. A bizarre request came in from some of the bidders to impregnate certain girls. That was going to be kind of difficult, considering the only shrunken man they possessed was now a tiny blob of chunks clinging to a rag. Mark was afraid of using any more of the formula, due to the fact that he was running low. He then remembered that Jason had some of the solution and an evil thought came to him.

“Hey Jason, I think I know how to kill two birds with one stone,” he stated very calmly.