Grandpa’s Shrinking Formula 5

Posted by Chris on March 20, 2003 at 05:49:05:

Sorry this is coming in so late, but I got backed up at work. Hopefully everyone will enjoy this one.

Mark heard the doorbell and left Jason to break in the tiny slaves. Before he left his room, he realized that Maxine was still in one of his socks and at that moment decided to carry her with him. As he descended the steps, he heard some shouting, and instantly recognized the voice. He wondered when the confrontation was going to happen. Once he made his way to the door, he readied himself for what was going to happen next.

Mr. Shorter, Maxine’s father, was livid. When he checked his e-mail, he noticed a short clip of his daughter committing wanton and degrading acts on her best friend’s brother. He was not going to let that little bastard get away with treating his little girl like a sex toy. As he was leaving the house, he noticed that Carrie was in the den watching Sailor Moon. He could not leave her alone at home. “One of my babies has already been abducted,” he thought, “I will be damned if I let anything happen to the other one.”

As the door opened, a fist was hurled at Mark and knocked him flat on his back. “You stupid son of a bitch,” Mr. Shorter yelled, “What the hell were you thinking, I am going to fuck you up.” Before the middle aged man could continue his assault, a mist engulfed him and caused him to come crashing down. When he came to his senses, he was naked and surrounded by giant sized clothing. A wicked laugh was booming in the air, as a giant hand picked him up and carried him to the kitchen table.

“Now what were you saying little man,” Mark said smirking, “Oh that is right, you wanted to fuck me up.”

“Well, I don’t swing that way, but I know a little girl that does,” he said with a wink.

A large sock was then placed on the table and then turned upside down. A tiny figure tumbled down and landed next to Mr. Shorter. It only took him a second to recognize his daughter, and he rushed to embrace her, not realizing their state of dress. He was obviously taller than her by about an inch, which was part of their captor’s plan. The sight of these tiny nude figures hugging one another was turning Mark on, and he knew what he wanted them to do.

“Well big Daddy,” he said mockingly, “I have taught your daughter a couple of things, and I came to realize that she is not as innocent as she has let on. In fact she did this to herself and begged me to make that video.”

“What,” her father responded, “Is that true?”

Maxine just turned her head and began crying. Mark interrupted the moment and informed them of his intensions. “If you two don’t get nasty, then I am gonna…” At that moment, there was a knock on the door. It was Carrie and she wanted to know what was going on. She had been in the car, all this time, waiting for her daddy. “He said it was only going to be a minute, and that he was picking up Maxine,” she informed him. “Your daddy and Maxine are in the kitchen,” he responded, “why don’t you join them.”

As he led her to her doom, he noticed that the bottle was not as full as it had been earlier that morning. He realized that he was going to have to start conserving before he ran out. Carrie had a confused look on her face as she peered down at her family on the table. They appeared to be trying to warn her but it was too late. Mark watched the all too familiar glow and marveled at the prepubescent girl trying to free herself from her oversized training bra. He lifted her up and displayed the weeping child to her family. “Now, if you don’t want your little angel to meet a horrible end, I suggest you two overcome your shyness,” he said with a sadistic smile.

The giant instructed the little girl to start off by polishing her father’s knob. Maxine cringed as she reached out and touched his massively erect member. He had been upset with his daughter a moment before, but now Mr. Shorter was beginning to understand the hell that his child must have endured. He consoled her and told her not to worry, because none of this was her fault. Tears began to well up in her eyes, as she realized that he was not entirely correct. A moment after placing her mouth over his cock and swallowing it deeply, she tasted a salty substance in her mouth and was relieved that there was not as much, as there had been with the giant pervert.

Mark was pleased with the little show but it was not enough. He wanted his little doll to be fucked. When he informed Mr. Shorter of what he intended him to do to his daughter, the shrunken man became hostile. Mark could only marvel at the myriad of curses that came out of the high pitched mouth of this munchkin. He picked up the shrunken preteen girl and opened his microwave door. He gently placed her inside and set the time for about 3 minutes. “Now am I going to have to nuke this child or are you going to do what I told you to do.” He could here the pounding on the door as the tiny girl tried to free herself from her nightmarish prison.

As Maxine lay on her back, it began to dawn on her father that he was too big for her. He implored the giant teen for mercy, but noticed him reaching for the START button instead. Given no other choice, he spread his lovely child’s legs and tried squeezing his way in. She screamed in pain, as this reminded her of the incident with the pencil. At that moment, there was a flash. The tiny lovers realized that he was taking Polaroids and beating off to their performance. The giant then instructed the father to turn his child over and start reaming her ass. Her tight ass was harder to penetrate than her cunt, and he hesitated every time she shrieked. After pumping a few times, he was done and she could feel the wet feeling up her ass.

“That was great little man, but if you want your little girl to be freed, you are going to have to fill up the bitch’s cunt,” he stated.

“No, I would rather die,” the shrunken father responded.

At that moment, the giant boy pressed a button, and a light came on in the microwave. A small girl could be seen screaming and pounding on the door to be released. “I’ll do it,” Mr. Shorter cried, “just don’t hurt my baby.” Mark immediately hit the stop button and could tell that the oven had not built up enough heat to do any harm to the child. He then turned and watched the incestuous union of father and daughter. Maxine seemed to be in shock at first, but as the man pumped harder and harder, he could tell that she was enjoying it. Before the moment of pleasure could come, Mark was interrupted by Jason, who was asking him where Bingo was. The teen was annoyed at the disturbance, because he was not able to get the satisfaction of watching the Maxine getting filled up. He told his friend that the cat was outside and warned him not to break any of the girls yet. When the boy retrieved the cat and made his way up the stairs, Mark resumed watching his show, but the excitement was gone.

It appeared that the old man was already done, and had passed out on top of his daughter. “This would not do,” he pondered to himself, “I had hoped I could use him on some of the other girls, but if he is going to tire out so soon, then what good is he.” With that said he picked the tiny man off his daughter and flung him into the microwave. Before Mr. Shorter could say anything, after the sudden wake up call, Carrie was yanked out of the oven and the man watched the boy hovering around the controls. “Look at this Carrie,” Mark stated, “this is what happens to people that displease me.” With that he hit the start button. The clock had been at 2 minutes and 55 seconds, and now began to count down. The shrunken father screamed as his skin began to cook. Boils began to form and all of a sudden, there was a mini explosion. Chunks of him were everywhere, and at that Mark stopped the oven.

“These things have to be cleaned immediately, so they won’t dry and stick to the inside of the oven,” he stated. “Once we are done here kiddies, it’s back to my room. If Jason has seriously hurt any of those girls, before I could assess their value, then he is going to pay.”