Grandpa's Shrinking Formula 4

Posted by Chris on March 17, 2003 at 00:50:21:

Thanks TripleDSexychick for you comments. I appreciate all the feedback that I am getting for this series. Part V is almost done and will probably be posted on Tuesday. Until then I hope everyone enjoys this installment.

Jason and Mark acted like two kids in a candy store. The process of taming these girls was going to take them through every sick, twisted, and depraved fantasy that they ever had. They did not want to get jaded too quickly, so they decided to start with the freshman girls, and work their way up to the cheerleaders. At that moment, Mark heard a knock on the door and went to see who it was. He told his friend to have some fun, but leave something for him to play with. As he went downstairs to the front door, Jason opened the lid to their cage and gave a devilish grin. The tiny girls covered themselves in shame and screamed at the top of their lungs for him to have mercy and let them go.

“If you don’t do what I say, I might do just that. I will set you free in the backyard at about half and inch high. Let’s see how far you get then. I am sure there are all types of nasty things, other than us that would love getting their teeth into you little brats,” he responded.

With that the girls shut up and many began to tremble. One girl, though, by the name of Nicole, refused to be harassed, and said, “You better turn us back now or else…..” “Or else what BITCH,” he interrupted, “What are you going to do, tell your Daddy.” He reached down and lifted her and the girl beside her up and carried them to Mike’s desk. The other girl, Rachel, was kind of homely and in retrospect, probably should have been squished instead of being captured. Nicole on the other hand, was hot for a 14 year old, and already very curvy. She apparently was aware of this, because she enjoyed teasing and tormenting all of the other boys in her class. Jason placed Rachel’s nude body flat on the desk and spread her legs wide open. He looked down at Nicole and said, “Just don’t stare at it, eat it BITCH.”

“You have got to be kidding me, you are one sick bastard,” she replied.

“Oh are you a little nervous,” he said, “Well why don’t, I just turn on this camera, and send the tape to your parents, and let them know what you do with your free time.”

She screamed at the boy, which annoyed him and caused a giant fist to be brought firmly to the desk. This act startled her and resulted in her falling down, right on her ass. Nicole realized that there was no way out of this. She knew this would kill her parents. To make matters worse, she was the one who was being forced to go down on the little dyke wannabe, Rachel. Lord only knows what’s been up that slit. She reluctantly bent down and pushed her face in Rachel’s crotch. She used her nose to nuzzle Rachel’s lips and at that moment realized that the girl had not bathed in months and it had probably been years since she last shaved. The smell was overwhelming and she looked up at Jason and pleaded with him.

She was ignorant of the fact that Jason had plugged the camera into Mike’s computer, and was sending this out over the net. Immediately, he got a request to shrink Nicole down even further, and have Rachel use her like a dildo. Jason was uncertain if he wanted to change her before they got her profile on EBay, but when the guy offered $100.00 to see it and another $500.00 for both girls, the teenage boy could not refuse. “Any way,” he thought to himself, unaware of the warning on the original bottle, “I am sure we could always change her back if the deal does not pan out.” As soon as Nicole made her complaint, she found herself sprayed again, and now the size of ant.

Rachel had been moved momentarily, to protect her from the mist, but when she returned, she found her little toy. The girl then heard a voice tell her, “Go ahead you carpet muncher, play with your toy.” She peered down and saw the tiny girl that used to be Nicole, and with a huge grin she grabbed her and forced the little doll past her pussy lips. The feeling of the little bitch squirming inside her was almost enough to make her forgive the sick freaks, who did this to her.

Every time poor Nicole thought she had managed to work herself free of her pungent prison, she found herself getting forced back in by two large fingers. After a couple minutes, though, a warm but rank substance engulfed the tiny girl. The only good thing about it, though, was it helped dislodge her from Rachel’s box. Now, though, she was trapped in a jungle of pubic hair, which wrapped around her. The odor was enough to make her pass out, but before this could happen, a hand gripped her and picked her up. She was now staring face to face with Rachel, and a loud voice boomed, “Hmmm, you look delicious covered in those juices. I am tempted to have a taste.” The shrunken girl, covered in cum, was in shock as a large tongue came out and began exploring every inch of her body. It pried her legs apart and started probing her little cunt. Nicole shivered as this fallac substitute penetrated areas that very few had ever been. She shuddered as a major orgasm overcame her and met the giant tongue.

The giant girl seemed to be satisfied, to Nicole’s relief. Then an evil grin came across her face and she said, “You are my own personal pop cycle. Some you just lick, while others have to be sucked on.” All of a sudden, Nicole found herself being dropped in Rachel’s mouth and once again, being molested by her tongue. It would not stop compressing her against the roof of the girl’s mouth. She knew that this lesbo was getting off on having Nicole’s tits press against her tongue. The saliva was building up and she could feel more of her essence draining from her. The juices were mixing together and being drained down her throat. Then, to her surprise, her tongue relaxed unexpectedly. This tossed the tiny prisoner into the back of the throat. Nicole grabbed her uvula in order to prevent herself from making a fatal plunge. Unfortunately, Rachel started coughing, which forced Nicole to release her grip and was tragically carried by the saliva down into the esophagus. Even though she had just killed the nubile young girl, Rachel could not help but feel turned on.

Jason was astonished by what this little dyke did to his prize doll. He checked with his buyer, who claimed that since the hot chick was dead, he was not interested in paying for the butt ugly one. “You little bitch,” he screamed. “You just cost me a shit load of money and now you are going to pay.” Before the 6” tall doll could say anything, she found herself lifted into the air. He rummaged through Mark’s desk and found a paper clip and two rubber bands. A sadistic thought popped into his head, as he went to his friends closet and found a hammer and a couple of nails. Rachel had a puzzled look on her face as she witnessed her captor driving a nail into the floor.

“What are you going to do to me,” she whimpered.

“You will see,” he said as he chuckled to himself.

Then he quickly grabbed the girl and picked up the paper clip. He knew this would be easier if her nipples were hard first, so he began licking her in the same way she did to Nicole. He could tell that she was starting to get aroused and soon he could taste her cum on his tongue. As she sat in rapture, he took the paper clip and impaled her right nipple with it. She screamed in agony, but discovered that this was only the beginning. Soon her other nipple was pierced by the same implement, and she wiggled as it was brought around and twisted together. Jason then tied the rubber band to it, but before he could proceed with his plan, he had to do something else. He could not figure out what he was missing, until it finally dawned on him. He held her upside down, so that her little cunt was staring at him. He spread her legs and started flicking her little pussy. Her muffled shrieks went up an octave every time he hit his target. Then, just when he thought that she was ready, took another paper clip and punctured her little pussy lips. The scream that came out of her mouth was enough to be heard for miles around, despite the fact that she was so small. He attached the wire to the other one coming from her tits and tightly secured the rubber band to both. Then, he tied the other end of the rubber band to the nail in the floor. The girl passed out after the last piercing and needed to be awakened.

Something hot and salty hit Rachel in the face, forcing her to wake up. At first, she thought the whole thing had been a dream, then she looked up and saw the biggest cock she had ever seen. Something was dripping out of it, and by the looks of it and herself, she knew what he had done. She could not believe what was going on. The pain in her chest and crotch was unbelievable, but then she noticed that this was not all the giant had in store for her. She tried to reason with him, and make him understand that she had only done what he told her to do. You said, “Play with the toy, so I did.” Jason was not in a sympathetic mood, and she was startled when he drove his foot down right beside her.

“Don’t worry, I am not going to kill you little girl,” he said.

Rachel, for some reason, did not feel relieved by that comment and watched as the teenager stormed out of the room. Moments later, she saw him return with something in his arms. Just then, she lost control of her bowels, and urinated on the floor. He had brought in an ordinary house cat, but from her perspective it was far more dangerous. “You said you were not going to hurt me,” she cried. He informed her that he was not going to kill her, but he could not make any promises about his friend here. As he let the cat drop to the floor, she screamed and ran as fast as she could, which would not help much against this animal. Before the beast could overtake her, the rubber band stretched to its limits and snapped her back, scarring the hell out of the cat as she flew by it. The pressure and pain was too much on the most sensitive areas on her body, but she knew she could not pass out again. She looked at her breasts, as they had been stretched out but still very much intact. The same could be said of her nether regions, although they began to bleed.

The giant feline was not deterred by its initial shock and noticed that its prey was tethered to a nail. As it approached, the girl attempted to run again, but could not spring past her pursuer again. The beast began smacking her around, and was delighted by the fact that no matter how hard he hit her, she was always forced back to him. This went on for several minutes until the animal got bored and finally pinned his next meal to the ground. Rachel was now face down and in an extreme amount of pain. Not only was the cat crushing her, but he was also putting pressure on her restraints. She gasped as the creature began licking her ass and pussy, which was exposed to him. This was an incredibly erotic feeling, but only for a moment, because before she knew it, the carnivorous beast began devouring her piece by piece. It was an extremely graphic display as he eventually consumed her entire body.

Jason laughed at the show that Mark’s cat Bingo was putting on for his audience on the internet. It was a shame that he had lost one of the more well-developed girls from the locker room, but he could not change the past. He only hoped Mark was not going to be upset. He still e-mailed the tape of Nicole to her parents and began to wonder what he would do to the next set of girls. A smile came across his face as he knew what ever it was; they were sure going to suffer.