Grandpa's Shrinking Formula 3

Posted by Chris on March 12, 2003 at 08:25:38:

I will go into more detail about the tortures he devises on these girls in Part 4. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Maxine was at camp with her friends Lily and Bobbi. They were all about fifteen years old and in the prime of their lives. Although Bobbi had not developed anything more than two small bumps, she was still happy to be with her friends, whom she considered sisters. They were playing kickball with some cute guys, one of which had a thing for Lily. Later that night, Lily bragged about how she and Scott Hamilton made out by the lake. Maxine was fuming, although she did not show it, not because she liked Scott, but due to the fact that she was hotter than her friend and did not have a boyfriend. She looked down and noticed a mouse scurrying across the floor and pointed it out Bobbi, as the two giggled. Then all of a sudden, the roof of their dorm was torn off and a green eyed monster grabbed Lily. She screamed and pleaded with her friends to help her, but it was too late. In an instant, she past through the beasts mouth and went down his throat, in order to die a slow and painful death. Maxine turns in time to see her other friend get attacked by the mouse, only now it has morphed into a 100 foot weasel. Everything slows down and she knows that she has the ability to save Bobbi, but instead runs. The next thing she knows, she is in the middle of the lake in the rain, but the drops that are coming down are warm. They now feel like molten lead, and then she wakes up to find herself trapped in a condom, which is hanging from the lid of a teenage boy’s toilet. A stream of hot urine is pouring down on her body and she mutters to herself, “I think I would rather be dead, than suffer the torments of that little weasel.”

Mark woke up after the best night of sleep ever. Not only was he going to be able to get back at every little cunt that ever laughed at him, but he was also going to make a little money on the side. After giving Maxine her early morning wake up call, he got on the phone with his good friend Jason Horace. He didn’t give away his secret, but he did imply that he had a full proof way for his friend and him to get all the pussy they would ever want. All Jason would need to do was bring a couple of his old hamster cages to school. With that taken care of, Mark had to find a better way of hauling that jug around. It just was not going to be practical to throw a cap full in every girl’s face at school.

After dragging Maxine’s condom out of the toilet, he informed her that she needed a bath. For fun, he filled his bath tub up with water and threw Maxine in with only a small bar of soap to keep her afloat. “Now, you better hope that I get back before that bar dissolves, or you are in for quite a ride,” he said mockingly. To make it more interesting, he broke the bar in half and placed her on top of it. While she was busy clinging to her disappearing life preserver, he decided to check out his sister’s room in order to see if she had any thing that might help him. As he walked into the hallway, he noticed that his Dad had not come home. He had been working late for the last couple of weeks, and Mark didn’t blame him. “If I had to come home to a nagging bitch like Mom, I would probably look for every opportunity to stay away myself,” he said to himself.

He looked in Lily’s room, but only found what you would normally find in any teenage girl’s room. Clothes strewn all over the place, a couple of teen magazines, some makeup, a vanity mirror with a hair brush and hair spray were all he found. “Wait a minute. Hair spray, that’s it,” he shouted. All he would have to do is pour the solution into the spray bottle and squirt his victims at random. A strategically placed glove would prevent any of it from dripping on him.

With that said, it was time to go to school. He found Maxine desperately trying to stay afloat, especially considering the soap was gone. A sadistic look came over his face and he started creating waves in the water. The little girl stopped struggling and seemed to go under, but Mark would not let her stay down long. He picked up her shivering body and said, “If I catch you giving up on me again, I might have to find someone you care about and have you decide their fate.”

“I understand you have a 13 year old sister,” he said sadistically.

“No, please leave Carrie alone,” she retorted, “I will do whatever you want.”

With that said, he grabbed his doll and bottle and went straight to school. Once he got to first period, he realized how strange he looked with his sister’s hair spray, and wished he still had his water gun from a couple of years back. In between classes he told Jason about his discovery and showed him an old pair of socks that had been in his locker for two years. Inside, to Jason’s shock, was a 1” tall senior, who had been best friends with Mark’s sister. “Dude, that is un-fucking-believable,” he remarked, “let’s go to the girl’s locker room and have some fun.”

Coach Edna Kay saw two hormone driven boys sneaking into the girl’s locker room and smiled. “I haven’t had any fun in a quite a while,” she said. “Correcting naughty young boys is what I live for.” As she went to grab one of them by the shoulder, the other one turned around and sprayed her with something. She now stood at about 6” in a sea of clothes, and was staring up at the two giants in front of her. She heard one of them say, “Should we keep her.” “No she is too old and fat,” the other replied. With that said, a huge foot came down and everything went dark.

To the boy’s disappointment, most of the cheerleaders were not in the locker room. All they could find were a bunch of prepubescent freshman and eighth graders. This, though, did not stop them from reducing the room’s occupants to mere dolls. Chasing these tiny girls around was giving Jason a hard on. The only naked chicks he had ever seen were on Skinemax. Mark made one error in the round up. He thought it would be fun to catch six of the girls in the shower, so he would not have to rout through their clothes. Unfortunately in his haste to change them, he accidentally used too much and watched his little victims go down the drain. This was not a total loss. He still had ten girls, and he knew of a lot of sick freaks that loved to play with little girls. Each girl was about 6” in height and all fit tightly in one of Jason’s hamster cages.

They were not happy with this catch. They had been there to catch the A squad of cheer leaders. They would get their chance at lunch, though. It seemed that Tiffany Strokes, the head cheerleader, was making a speech to the entire squad, while they left their food unattended. Jason had borrowed a can of hair spray from his sister Lauren, a freakish looking girl who had totally immersed herself in the Goth lifestyle. The two guys split up the formula and went around spiking the girls’ food.

Moments later, the entire cafeteria was in shock as they witnessed every girl at Table A disappear with a bright flash. But what came next was truly astounding. When two boys got up with little plastic cages and started rifling through the girls’ clothes, the principal intervened. Lauren then noticed her little brother using her bottle of hair spray on the Mr. Spalding. After a small light engulfed him, similar to the one that shone a minute ago, he disappeared, just like the little sluts that always mocked Lauren. Next, her brother’s friend picked up a small figure and placed him on the table. “You guys can do what ever you want to him, but if anyone else gets in our way, I won’t hesitate to make them a stain on the floor.” They gathered up tiny figures out of the remains of the clothes and placed them in their portable plastic cages.

Lauren looked down at the 4” man, and was amazed at his tiny dick. She picked him up and flicked her tongue against his member, which resulted in quickly squirting in her mouth. The taste was amazing and she was determined to such him dry. A strange image came to her mind and within seconds, Mr. Spalding then found himself trapped as her tongue pressed his cock and all to the roof of her mouth. She could not believe how good his essence tasted, and at that moment gave into her cravings. With one big gulp, he was forced down her throat, and was slowly digested by her body. She had a major orgasm after she swallowed, and then noticed everyone staring at her.

Mark was ecstatic. He was finally going to have his revenge and at quite a profit. He was going to post these frightened teens on E-bay for at least $500.00 a girl. The leading members of the cheering squad were going to go for $1000.00, and Tiffany was going to the highest bidder. He hoped to get at least $5000.00 for her, but not before he broke her and the other girls in. He was going to make them suffer first, and he might put his sessions with them on his web cam and take requests from the viewers. Of course he might just go ahead and snuff some of the bitchiest girls out, rather than selling them to some poor guy. He would have to think long and hard about it. He opened one of the lids and saw the tiny girls cowering in fear and trying to cover themselves. Mark smiled and knew that this was going to be fun.

“Listen up you little cunts,” he yelled, “I am only going to say this once.

“Work will set you free. If you work hard for me, I might change you back.”

“Disappoint me in any way and I’ll be shitting out what’s left of you the next day.”

He smiled to himself, knowing well that there was nothing that was going to save them, but it is always good to give them hope. That is what makes the whole thing more fun. “Speaking of which,” he thought, “Maxine is starting to lose hope.”