Grandpa's Shrinking Formula 2

Posted by Chris on March 07, 2003 at 07:28:30:

Thanks for the kind words about the first part. I am in the process of writting Part III. Rodan, I am going to center the next story at his school. I am open to any suggestions you may have.

Mark opened the door and heard his mother coming down the hall. He had to act fast, so he opened his shorts and dropped her inside. He then grabbed the bottle and prepared to dart to his room. Maxine tried to struggle, but was paralyzed by the heavy musk of his crotch. Then a booming voice said, “If you try anything, then I swear to god that you will suffer the worst violation before I snuff out your pathetic life.” Remembering what he did to poor Bobbi, she decided to just lie there, and enjoy the fact that she was straddling the largest dick she had ever seen.

He almost made it to his room, but his mother happened to see him swiftly going down the hall. She yelled, “Mark, what are you doing?”

“Nothing Mom, just going to my room,” he replied.

“You weren’t bothering your sister and her friends were you,” she said. “Wait, I can’t hear them, what have you done.”

Mark at that moment tried to think up a good lie, so his mom would forget the whole thing, and he could get back to his room and enjoy his first sexual experience. Instead, he panicked and opened the bottle and filled the cap. She looked at him with a puzzled glance as he tossed the capful of the solution in her face. Before she could let out a gasp, the familiar glow engulfed her and she was reduced to 2”. He knew his Dad might come in at any moment, so Mark picked up the clothes in the hope that his mother was in them, and rushed to his room.

Once he was safe, he threw his mother’s clothes to the floor and started stomping on them. He checked them and found a tiny spot of blood on her white blouse. He assumed that that was the end of her and he could go on with his business. He pulled poor Maxine out of his pants and threw her on the bed. When she came to a stop, she realized that she was naked, and tried to cover herself up. “My you are one hot bitch,” he said with a sadistic smile, “So why don’t we have the time of our lives.” Just then he grabbed his camera and began taking snap shots. The tears that started streaming down her face were enough to get him hard. “Now, show off that little body, or else,” he demanded. She just sat there in shock, as he pulled the sheet that she was using away. He stared down at the tiny nude figure and was amazed by her shape. She appeared to be 34c-28-30, but with her new stature, that was hard to confirm. Her pale skin was glistening and accentuated her pouty red lips. With just a glance, he now knew that she was not a natural red head. With that, he dropped his pants, exposing his rigid 5” member. From her perspective, it was almost 3 feet long, and the tip was the same size as her head. He could no longer hold back, and proceeded to get on top of her, allowing his cock to barely touch her forehead. He grabbed it and began smacking her in the face with it. He then looked down at her pathetic form, as she cried and stared in horror at him.

“Just don’t look at it,” he said, “taste it.”

She looked up at his head and reluctantly began licking it, fearing further reprisals. The sensation was unbelievable for him, but he wanted her to start jerking him off. He rolled over onto his back and placed her tiny, nubile body on top of pelvis. He told her what he wanted and reminded her of the consequences of displeasing him. At her new Barbie doll height, she had to kneel down and wrap her arms around it. The touch of her tits to his flesh almost made him cum, but he was able to hold it back. He did not want to end this too soon.

As she continued, he picked his camera up and began snapping away as she brought him to orgasm. “Now taste my essence little dolly.” She jumped back when she tasted the salty substance, and at that moment, he knew that this was her first blow job and that she was probably a virgin. “If you don’t swallow every ounce, I am going to make certain that you become better acquainted with Mr. Johnson there,” he threatened. He then clicked away on his camera as he watched her.

“Wow you are a good little dolly, I am going to have to post these pictures on the school’s homepage so everyone can see how good you are,” he said with a devilish grin.

“No, please Mark, if you are going to kill me, then just do it, but don’t make me look like a whore,” she pleaded, “what will my parents and peers think.”

“First of all, you aren’t going to die, until I am bored with you and that won’t be for a while,” he stated, “second, you are now just a whore, my whore, and third, thanks to your comment I now have an idea on how to make a little extra cash.” “Your little friends are going to make excellent “little toys” for a lot of horny guys.

With that said, he continued to devise sexual tortures for her, including placing her on top of a dull pencil and allowing gravity to push her down. The tip deeply penetrated her and Mark laughed as her hymen ruptured and blood began to drip down the pencil tip. He then tied some dental floss around her and lifted her off, just so she could be impaled again. To her horror, he used her now limp form to key in the school’s homepage and made her watch as he posted the pics. This though, did not scare her as much as what he had in mind for the other girls at school.

She wondered if all of this was her fault. If she hadn’t mocked Lily, both her friends would be alive, and this sadistic little boy would probably be in her jacking off. A shiver went down her spine as she realized that she had just brought doom to everyone she knew, just because she was worried about her own reputation. She then shook her head and convinced herself that this was his fault. An intense passion of hatred consumed her, but this feeling dissipated as the hours passed and the pain increased. She slowly resigned herself to being his slave until he grew tired of her.

At one point, he realized that she might be too tall, and used a tiny amount of the formula to shrink her to an inch. Then he pulled out a condom that had been in his wallet since he was twelve and placed her in it while he jerked off. After he was done, he decided to call it a night and sealed her up inside, by tying the end in a knot. An idea popped into his head and he ran to the bathroom. Maxine feared that this was the end and braced herself as he lifted the lid to the toilet and tossed her in. She knew she was about to be flushed and then passed out due to her fear. The last thing she heard was Mark laughing.

He thought to himself that this should scare the hell out of her. He was not done with her yet. Instead of killing her, he decided to let her float in his toilet, which was more of a small pond for her. He tied the knot with a string and elevated it above the water so she could have some air. The other end of the string was secured to the toilet lid. The irony of was not lost on him. The condom, which was designed to prevent a girl from getting into trouble was doing just that, but in a totally different way. Looking at his victim tethered to the toilet inspired him to take a little target practice. With that said, Maxine was drenched by a golden shower and spent the night covered in sperm and urine.

As he went to bed Mark said to himself, “Sleep well my little doll, for tomorrow is another day, as the other bitches at school are about to find out.”