Grandpa's Shrinking Formula 8

Posted by Chris on September 19, 2003 at 08:03:50:

Hello all. Sorry it took so long to post this one, but things have been hectic. Hopefully you all will like it, and I might continue the series if I receive enough praise. If not then this will be the last chapter.

Part 8

The horror of this incident brought a new light to Jason’s eyes. Before it had been all fun and games with a bunch of girls that deserved whatever they got. But now he was all too aware of his diminished stature and dubious role in this affair. Another small girl was placed next to him. Despite the macabre scene, he had to admit that fucking these young girls was the greatest experience of his life.

Mark was still fuming over the attempted escape and the shitty work of his former friend. He was amazed, though, at how virile this new doll was. After an hour, it had finished off most of the girls. No matter how much they screamed and clawed, he still did his job, and just like the first, he hung them all upside down over his bed to ensure the insect’s seed was not wasted. He was almost tempted to keep Jason around, but he noticed that the remaining girls were getting desperate, and he might get more out of them if he gave them a treat.

Jason laid on the ground fully spent and hoping to gain a little rest. Then all of a sudden, a large pair of tweezers picked him up and he noticed a small glass of some liquid underneath him. He was slowly placed in the bottom and a glow began to shine very brightly. At first, his head was barely sticking out, but he slowly but surly began to fall further and further into this container. When he was lifted out he could tell that the world was much larger, and his chances of survival were grim.

He slowly was taken to one of the cages and dropped inside. He banged on the side of the cage and tried to plead with Mark, but then he was lifted up again. Something was definitely not right. As he was turned around he saw the face of a 14year old giantess. “What the fuck is going on here,” he blurted out.

The girls felt like they had been in the cage for weeks. One by one they had been snatched and either abused or killed. Now was their chance to get revenge with one of their captors. They did not understand why this had happened, but they were thrilled. This tiny man was as small as they were in comparison to their giant captor. The giant member that had threatened so many of their friends was now unable to do much of anything. Jen, who was kind of overweight but still had a huge rack, forced the girls to calm down and have the little man continue the “good work.”

“Look you little flea,” she boomed, “You have one chance at survival.”
“Yes, I am listening,” he responded
“You have to make all of us cum, and if anyone of us is not pleased, then we will slowly crush you to death, one bone at a time,” she yelled, “Now get to work.

Jason began with her by hanging on her clit and swinging on it for good measure. Being the young girl that she was, it did not take long for her to; well you get the idea. She screamed, “He is the best little man that was ever in my boat.” He repeated this performance over and over again, although he was forced inside the other girls and forced to find that special spot. The cum drenched every inch of him and once he was pulled out he collapsed on the floor. He hoped that since all of the girls had received what they wanted, they would leave him alone. But just then Jen returned and claimed it was her turn again. Jason tried to get up, but had no strength. “I guess we broke him, too bad,” said the giantess.

Mark had set the camera up to catch the action. The girls began by breaking the tiny man’s arms and forced him to hold onto a strand of hair, while he dangled over one of the girl’s mouth. Right as it appeared like they were going to let him fall, Jen caught him. “I still have not what I wanted from you tiny man.” With that said she shoved him inside herself, and squeezed. He did not realize what they meant by crushed to death. He wanted to crawl out to safety, but with his arms broken he was forced to endure the suffering. His remains returned to the real world after this giantess had; well once again you get the idea.

While these girls were having their fun, Mark was checking to see who had paid, and was preparing their treats for them. He found a piece of cotton and shoved it in both ends of pets he was mailing. He had found a live animal box to transport them. Hopefully they would enjoy their new lives with the dirty old men out there. It was a far cry from what they had envisioned a couple of days before but life is like that. In time all of these girls would either be pets or stains.