Grandpa's Shrinking Formula

Posted by Chris on March 03, 2003 at 20:32:10:

If everyone likes this, I might write some additional chapters.

Lily, Bobbi, and Maxine were best of friends. They had known each other since second grade, and were as close as sisters, which meant they would argue and bicker just like siblings. Now at seventeen, their obsession with dolls evolved into a fascination with boys. They loved gossiping about who went with whom, and what guys they liked. Lily and Maxine were stunning red heads, with very shapely figures, but Bobbi was kind of plain, and had barely developed since starting high school. Despite her looks, Bobbi would join her friends in teasing Lily’s little brother Mark and his shortcomings. At 5’6” and 139lbs, Mark was the smallest boy in his sophomore class.

One Friday night, Lily decided to have her friends over for a sleep over. She knew that it was a little childish, but she was in no mood to go out and wanted to spend some time alone with her friends. Once they got there, they giggled for about an hour over Lauren Horce’s new look, and other childish concerns. During the gossiping, Maxine noticed a strange bottle in the corner and asked Lily what it was.

“Oh that is some relic I found in the attic," she said. “My grandpa was an explorer and brought back some elixir from one of those head shrinking countries in Africa.”

“What does it do,” said Maxine.

“The instructions say: This solution will reduce any individual, but be warned that the tiniest drop is more than enough to severely reduce the user’s height and the effects are irreversible.” Lily responded.

With that, Maxine claimed that Lily’s grandfather was a nut and that this was all a load of horse shit. Lily, knowing it was ridiculous, still felt her pride was being wounded and insisted they try the formula. Maxine agreed just to prove her wrong. Bobbi, who was always too afraid to do anything to upset her friends, went along. They each took a small sip, but nothing happened. Maxine started laughing, and called Lily’s family a bunch of weirdos. Just then, a strange glow fell over Lily. Since she had been the first to take the formula, her friends were able to watch in amazement as she reduced before their eyes. Her clothes became baggy and after a minute, her pants and panties dropped off of her. A moment later, her shirt engulfed her, leaving her trapped underneath it. Before her friends could come to her aid, they began to undergo the same effects and were trapped in a pile of clothes on top of Lily’s bed. A moment earlier, they were all roughly 5’6”, but now they stood about 12 inches.

As Mark walked to his room, he thought he heard a strange noise come from his sister’s room. He knew she was having a sleep over and was told to leave her alone, but he could not resist peeking in and checking to see what they were talking about. “Even though they were a bunch of bitches,” he thought, “they were still hot, and maybe they were naked.” As he opened the door, he noticed that the room was too quiet. To his surprise, it was empty, and there was nothing but a pile of clothes on Lily’s bed. Before he turned to go, he noticed something moving under them. To his surprise, he found three naked girls, all a foot high, staring up at him.

“What happened to you girls,” he asked.

Lily spoke up and told him the whole story and pleaded with him to help them. He went over to the jug and asked her if it was what did this to her. When she nodded, he picked his sister up.

“You know, you three have always pissed me off, and now I am going to have a little fun,” he said, “But you are my sister and it would be totally gross to do anything with you.”

With that said Lily tried to struggle, but it was no use, Mark held her tightly. He then turned the bottle slightly over her and let a little bit of the solution fall on her. He put her down next to her friends and they watched in horror as she shrunk to an eighth of an inch.

“Now, if you two don’t want to incur my wrath, you better dispose of her,” he said with a malevolent smile.

Maxine looked down at her friend who was frightened and pleading with them not to hurt her. Just then, a hand grabbed Bobbi and flung her to the floor. “If you don’t eat her know, I will crush this little bitch,” he threatened. She could hear Bobbi screaming and looked down to see a large foot putting pressure on her. She hated the situation and knew that she had to choose one friend or the other. With a tear in her eye, Maxine picked up her helpless friend and lifted her to her mouth. She could hear Lily’s screams of protest, even after the poor girl was trapped in her mouth. With a quick swallow, it was over.

“Now let her go you bastard,” she screamed.

“Maxine, you are one hot bitch, but your friend here just doesn’t do it for me,” he said with a smile.

She screamed as she saw this giant slowly crushing the life out of Bobbi. After a moment, there was little left what had been her friend. “You bastard, you promised to let her go,” she yelled. But he just laughed and informed her that he never said anything about letting her live. He then reached down and picked up her tiny nude girl off the bed, and laughed as he walked back to his room.

“We are going to have some fun tonight, my little dolly,” he said with a devilish grin.