Gilded Cage 03

Posted by DrZeus on August 24, 2001 at 22:19:42:

Bethany's first sensation was cold... cold around her ankles, her waist and her wrists. As she slowly surfed back to a conscious state, something was nagging at the barely coherent corner of her mind... something about black wasps... and...

"Vic!!!" Bethany shouted... her eyes flying wide open.

She was immediately disoriented.

Looking ahead, she had a hard time seeing clearly at first... she thought it was her eyes, but like a shifting optical illusion, the sheet of clear but not perfectly smooth plastic resolves about a foot away from her face.

She was pinned with her back against some hard but brightly colored surface... like a wall...her arms and legs were spread slightly out-- wrists, ankles and waist each circled snugly by a single loop of stiff cable that came out of a hole in the surface on one side, over her, then back into another hole in the wall.

And the clothes she was wearing... "what the fuck is this" she wonders.

Around her neck she could feel a snug choker necklace of some sort. Then a white midi-teeshirt, so short it barely drapes over her boobs, the hem dangling well away from her upper belly... but the fabric weave is so coarse! It reminds her of a knitted afghan or something. Moving down, a godawful see-thru micro mini-skirt made of dark pink plastic is wrapped around her waist...and what the fuck, no underwear!!? When she flexes against the cables, the heavy plastic of the skirt makes a loud crinkling noise. Her feet were encased in some kind of goofy plastic replicas of high heeled ankle boots. They felt more like shoe shaped vases on her feet instead of real footwear as she wiggled her toes inside the smooth white plastic and flexed her ankles, trying to squeeze her feet out of the fake boots and through wire cables... but no such luck.

The room beyond is distorted and huge. An enormous Deskphone sits about 20 feet away from her. Suddenly she understands...

"Morty!!! You son of a bitch! The joke is over!" Bethany shouts, her voice sounding a little muffled by "this crappy plexiglass" as she grunts, straining against the cables. "Mortyyyyyy!!!!"

That fat bastard had gone too far this time! His ass was grass. Bethany had been looking for an excuse to dump her producer-- a gross, blunt, cigar chain-smoking dinosaur who looked like he had stepped out of some cliche 1940's Hollywood. This was his handiwork. That dickhead had pulled his Orlando strings and had set her up in one of those OmniStudio simulation rides... probably that 'Fly to the Future' thing... and they had popped a different movie in to freak her out. Well... nice try Morty, but you stepped in a big pile of shit this time.

"Mortyyyyyyy! Every second I'm stuck here is a percentage point off your cut!!!

Some movement catches her eye... a huge door opening on the other side of the airplane hanger sized "room" on the screen in front of her. A Man steps into the the room and quickly crosses over to the foreground, almost filling her field of vision as he sits down at the desk and stares at her, his chin resting on folded hands. It's that goddamn flight attendent!

"Mortyyyyyy! You asshole!!! If this is some kind of music video idea... you can stop the pitch get me the fuck off!"

The image of the Man before her tilts his head quizzically, then chuckles, the loud echo of his low laughter sounding like one of her concert hall sound systems. He stops chuckling and looks her in the eye (creepy realism! she thinks), then his low amplified Voice rumbles--

"Ahhhh! You think this is some kind of prank", the Man's Voice booms.

'Oh great... it's interactive' Bethany thinks, 'and this guy is getting a free beaver shot along with his actors scale'

"you just tell morty his little joke is beyond lame now, and get me the _fuck_ out of here!", the pop star shouts at the giant Man, looking defiantly back into his huge eyes... thinking that the pickup cameras must embedded somewhere near there on the 'screen'.

In spite of herself, she flinches when the Giant's cupped Hand looms close to the plastic rectangle that covers her... and she starts to say, "oh come on now... really! stop with this funhouse crap and"

But she stops in mid-sentence... her mouth still open.

The Giant's huge 'virtual' Fingers and Thumb had gripped the plastic on either side of her!

They were pressed flat against it.

They were squeezing it!

Bethany's ears popped and she started screaming as The Hand pulled the plastic rectangle away, exposing her to a cool wash of fresh air.

Straining frantically, Bethany screams and screams... and her cries go up an octave when the Giant Man slides a huge lighted makeup Mirror in front of her... showing her the "wall" she was attached to for what it really was-- a brightly colored "blister card"... the type that hangs on a toy store pegboard... specifically... it was packaging for a "Bethany" doll, leaning against a huge desktop Vase.

Except now, the _real_ Bethany Collins was mounted on it.

The realization comes crashing down on her... and looking at the image of herself, transfixed on the colorful cardboard square, she stops screaming and starts shaking her head... trying to deny her senses... babbling in a tiny panicky voice-- "oh fuck no... please no please oh fuck this is insane.. oh no no... people can't be made into dolls... no this is a dream... just a dream... ohgodplease... wake up... wake up... somebody please wake me up...

The Giant Man watches the shrunken pop star in the throes of her desperate denial, an amused smile on his face.

"Poor little thing..." He Chuckles, "I assure you this is _not_ a dream!"

Bethany cranes her neck to look up at the Giant's Face, her little blue eyes looking pitiful and scared, her bound doll-sized body shaking with fear and shock in the loops of wire that pin her against the cardboard.

"please mister... i'll pay you... i'll get you whatever you want... just put me back... i promise... nobody needs to know... i'll do anything..."

And the Giant Laughs, cutting her pleading short...

"Oh I have everything I could ever want now!" His Voice echoes, his huge brown Eyes narrowing as they stare at her sleek but tiny body, his Smile wide and predatory.

"But you're right about one thing my little songbird..." He chuckles, "you _will_ do anything..."

His Hand rises from the Desk, the loglike Index Finger extended as it homes in on her miniature boobs.

Bethany starts protesting... squeaking "no!! please no!!" over and over again as she desperately tries to avoid that Fingertip... the skin at her wrists and ankles starting to chafe from her efforts...

The Giant makes a loud "Mmmmmmmmm" sound as his insistent Finger twiddles each of her jiggly little tits for a bit... then it pinches the tee shirt and rips it off like so much tissue paper, dropping it on the Desktop.

Bethany stops struggling and looks up at Him, her tiny tits shaking as she gasps for breath, her gaze following the Finger as the Giant puts it to his Lips and licks the Fingertip with His terribly large and glistening Tongue.

"Tell me Bethany... does the term 'anatomically correct' mean anything to you?" the Giant rumbles with a smirk as His wet Fingertip slides under her trashy plastic doll miniskirt.

Bethany throws her head back and screams as the huge slippery Fingertip finds her tiny sex, gently pushing against her labia and wiggling in a little tickling motion, the slickness and gentle pressure spreading her pussy lips apart.

A feeling of mortified horror washes over her as her sex lubricates in response to the steady and relentless rubbing, her tiny clitoris stimulated by the slippery ridges of the Giant's Fingerprints.

Soon the doll sized girl is grunting and wriggling in the twisty-wire bindings... feeling her sex slowly building to an orgasm. As much as she tries to resist, the steady bumping of His soft but rigid Fingerprint ridges against her tiny clit is too much... and soon she lets out a frustrated cry of defeat mixed with pleasure as the orgasm blooms, her little body stiffening on the cardboard mount as the climax explodes, shooting out from her sex along all her nerve pathways and filling her tiny world with sweet electricity for a brief moment.

When the wave of pleasure subsides, the tiny girl unstiffens and hangs her head in shame, her long blonde hair covering half of her face as she struggles to catch her breath, and the Giant's Finger finally relents and withdraws. He Chuckles in amusement, loud and rumbling, and a miniscule teardrop falls to the desktop, unnoticed by her Giant captor.

the tiny living bethany-doll finally catches her breath and sniffles a few times, then raises her head when a breeze and some motion catches her eye...

her scream is hoarse and tinged with madness as she gazes wide-eyed at the enormous Cock Head that bobs obscenely, mere inches from her chest. she starts shaking her head violently from side to side and the Giant just smiles and nods...

"Oh yes... it's _My_ turn now little one", He says, somehow quietly in spite of his echoing, amplified Voice.

His huge Cockhead slides between her miniature breasts, pushing them painfully apart and sliding up and down between them... the Cocktip poking her in the chin every stroke or two... and a glistening globe of pre-cum eventually forms on the Tip and drips down to lubricate her tiny cleavage.

As the Giant takes his pleasure against her, bethany can feel the heat building in the monster Penis as it rubs and rubs against her tiny body like some kind of sensuous dancer nearly as tall as her, the tip-hole occasionally kissing her chin and neck... leaving dabs of the sticky, clear pre-cum on her. After a while, the Cock-skin grows tight and shiny, and she feels bumps rising under the taut skin...

bethany moans and tries to turn her face away, anticipating the inevitable eruption, but it doesn't help much... the Cock starts pulsing, and gobs of hot semen spurt from the Tip, sticking jelly-like to the side of her doll-face and neck... coating her chest and dripping down her flat tummy to the hem of the trashy plastic miniskirt.

bethany squeaks in disgust as the shooting strings of cum gradually subside, then the Cock withdraws and she looks up, her eyes narrow with anger as she stares defiantly up at the smiling Giant. He responds by wiping the tip his cock against her face, smearing the cum on her cheek all over her mouth and nose, and the tiny girl sputters and nearly chokes as she struggles to breath through the thick white jelly, coughing and spitting, her eyes filled with tears...

"What's the matter little one?" the Giant taunts, "you think you're too good to swallow?"

He tucks his Cock back into his Pants and zips up, then throws his head back, laughing at the tiny dollgirl with his hands on his hips.

"Well then... I suppose I should clean you up before I put you in your new home", the Giant says, casually grabbing the cardboard and lifting her off of the Desktop with breathtaking speed.

Hyperventilating... the miniaturized girl struggles to control her breathing as she soars upward, but its no use... her tiny eyes roll back in their sockets, and the world goes mercifully dark for the time being...