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Sadistic shrinker snuff story: Giant's Harem
Tuesday, 13-Oct-98 01:26:42 writes:

    This story is bad evil mojo. It will make your head explode if you read it. I don't care if you are over eighteen or not, nobody should be reading this shit.
    Last warning. Go do something life-affirming while you still have the chance.
    OK, we ditched the squares. I've been promising "The Giant's Bride" for weeks now, and I still can't find the damn first two installments. So I whipped this up in an hour and a half of fevered guilt. I hope it fulfills your need for blood, sex and violence for the evening. Part two will come tomorrow unless I find the other (better) story.


    Giant's Harem

    It was Becky’s turn tonight. Rotten luck, too, considering what had happened last night. It had been almost a week since He had visited the Harem, and He was in the mood for a relatively straightforward session with four of the new girls, no kink at all. He was dressed only in a silk robe, no leather, no “toys”, and that usually meant that everyone got to go to bed happy and healthy, and was a really good sign on how the rest of the week will go for the rest of His women. Too bad for them that the Asian girl with the big tits screwed it up.
    Becky had a great view of the horror from her cage, it was the second row from the top and directly overlooking the pile of cushion He was reclining on, His massive legs splayed wide, His hands clasped behind His head in blissful repose. He -did- have a nice body, she remarked to herself as she did often, long of limb, broad of shoulder, and well defined muscles that bespoke strength rather than bulk. Even though she was almost six foot, He was tall enough for eighty feet He was tall enough for anything. The demands on His little lovers were relatively inconsequential...they were provided with large porcelain jars of fragrant oil and step-stools, and their job was to slather oil all over His massive member, a full eight feet from base to tip, and rub their well sculpted bodies all over it in a passionate king-of-the-hill match. Pure cake, and Becky would have killed someone to pull that kind of duty.
    But these girls were new, and even though the deal had been laid out for them by the harem ladies who had been around for a while, the reality of their situation hadn’t set in. They all started out well enough, the leggy black girl took the bold path and started at the front, wrapping her gams around His base, working her way up the shaft from the thick mat of pubic hair to the knob hole, taking special care to massage the pleasure ridge just beneath the circumcised head. The sisters, two sweet little blonds with gravity-defying breasts and large nipples, started to get into the scene, giggling and slinging the oil at each other playfully. They moaned and tittered as they rubbed their tiny bodies against His huge throbbing cock, their pert nipples catching on the rim of His head, their hands massaging His tip. The Asian chick wit the triple-d cup jugs knelt behind it, and rubbed on the sweet oil dutifully with trembling fingers.
    Then she made a mistake. She ran. Up on her feet, she dashed like a deer for the massive door...there was no way she could have gotten it open or squeezed underneath, but she probably wasn’t thinking of such things. Like lightning, His massive hand scooped her up, and He laughed as she thrashed and wailed, trying to break free, trying to escape. His thumb played with her huge tits as He brought her alongside her colleagues. The other girls had paused to watch the scene, and were obviously repulsed when the response to her struggles for freedom was a groping thumb, feeling up her oiled breasts, squeezing, pressing and twirling them until she stopped squirming, and broke down into tears.
    The other three women had stopped their ministrations completely, caught by the shocking spectacle before them. With His other hand, He gestured that they should resume their tasks, but they continued to stare numbly. This annoyed Him, and sealed the Asian girl’s fate, for He wanted an example to set for His new slaves. He began to squeeze.
    Just a little at first, and the girl struggled and cried out in alarm. The others continued to watch in disbelief, until the Asian girl’s shrieks began. He wasn’t going to stop with a little squeeze, and His grip tightened further.
    “Okay, okay, we get the picture! Back to work!”, said the tall black woman as she began to once again spread oil over the massively erect penis. “Come on girls, get to it. Please...”, she said to the sisters. One of them turned back to the jar of oil, and scooped out a handful of the aromatic stuff to smear along the lip of His knob. Her sister, however, continued to stare in shock as He slowly contracted His fingers with increasing strength, and the tortured screams of His victim intensified.
    “Hey! Girlie!”, cried out the black woman in desperation. The Asian girl no longer had breath in her lungs to scream, and His mighty fist would not permit her to draw more.
    “Clarice...please...come away, come here. She’ll be all right once you get back to work...”, said her sister. Clarice turned away abruptly, and fell over herself to massage the inhumanly huge cock. All three breathed a sigh of relief as they heard the Asian girl draw sobbing breaths. Becky knew better, and all around her, she could here her harem sisters turn away from the bars of their cages. Becky refused to turn away, and looked on with interest...and perhaps a little anticipation.

    Clarice was sobbing quietly as she mechanically ran her hands over the sensitive flesh of her captor, and her sister whispered comfort at her as she went about the same business. All three froze and they heard a little mew of pain behind them, followed by a small crunch of a breaking arm. Their heads whipped around as the Asian girl began to shriek in absolute pain. The giant had begun to crush her to death. Massive fingers tightened around the smooth, supple, voluptuous body, cruel strength crushing her arms and breaking her ribs while she screamed in agony. Her oiled tits oozed forcibly over the top of His hand, her face framed by the distended and slowly tearing flesh. Her pelvis gave way, and her legs were snapped by His constricting fingers, the sound of breaking bone and pulping flesh filled carried up to Becky’s cage. Blood began to trickle from the corner of her mouth, then began to stream from the bottom of His fist and down her limp legs as it was forced from her anus and vagina. Her screams turned to gurgles and then to wet oozing noises as her intestines forced their way out of her mouth, and then she ceased moving at all shortly after.
    He gave one final, mighty squeeze, and the corpse disintegrated into a mess of mashed meat and splattering gore.

    “What the fuck!”, cried out the black woman as she leaped to her feet. She strode up through His pubic hair, and made a bee-line for the smirking face thirty feet distant, rage etched on her face. “You are some sick motherfucker, you know that? I’m gonna kick your oversized ass for that, you lowlife piece of shit! How dare you, you murdering white trash perverted urk...”

    He likes defiant slaves. They make choosing His next victim easier.

    With His unbloodied hand, He snatched her up, His thumb pushing her chin back until her neck would extend no further. Her strong, brown arms pushed futilely at the digit, and her eyes rolled in panic and the sudden realization of the orecariousness of her position.
    “H...hey now...just you put me down, and I’ll get back t-to work. I’ll make you cum nice and hard big guy, j-just let me down, okay?”, she pleaded through teeth shut painfully tight by the force of His thumb, “Please? Please let me go? I didn’t mean nothing by...aaack!”
    Tears streamed from her eyes as He increased the pressure a fraction.
    He wasn’t angry. He never got angry with His slaves...merely annoyed, and the price for annoying Him was being the subject of His amusements. He smiled deviously as He pointed at Clarice, standing in shock and dread, with the top of the black woman’s head. There was a the snap of tendons, a shriek of pain, the crack of vertebrae and the dull wet crunch as He pinched her head, blood, brains and skull fragments splattering Clarice while the black woman’s body spasmed in its death throes.
    Clarice made a high, keening noise as gore dripped off of her, and her sister rushed to her side, “Clarice, come back to work, it will be all right. I promise, now come back!”
    Clarice watched as her sister was lifted into the air by a blood drenched hand, and was clasped roughly to the massive, purple penis, hard as solid rubber and more aroused than she had seen any man. Up and down its oiled length went the sister, shrieking in terror as her body slid effortlessly, lubricated skin to lubricated skin. With a sudden movement, He slid her up over the tip of His cock, until she was balanced on her stomach on top of the huge penis. He then pressed down with incalculable force, forcing blood and screams from the woman, mashing and twisting her, reveling in the ooze of mangled flesh and the ineffectual prickle of shattered and shattering bone. He put His hands at His sides, and His orgasm shot the dead woman high in the air on a stream of white, drenching Clarice with sticky semen and blood.He drifted off into a satisfied slumber almost immediately afterward.

    When He awoke, Clarice, drenched in cum and gore, was sitting in a fetal position, rocking back in forth making a continuous, high pitched moan in the middle of His floor. He rose, cleaned himself off at a basin the size of a swimming pool on a forty-foot pillar of marble, and carefully walked around the traumatized slave while He chose a new robe that had been laid out by His tiny men servants. He was about to leave, but looked down on the mad little thing rocking to and fro on His floor, and took pity. He placed His heel down on her, and ground out her life, but not quickly enough where she wasn’t able to emit a short squeak as she was reduced to a thin red paste. He closed His eyes, and enjoyed the sensation of flesh smearing underfoot. Becky knew then and there that tomorrow night was going to be hell on whoever He chose to play with.

    Theophilous Bolt