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The giant and his sexslave
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    Subject: The Giant and his sex-slave (m/f, nc, slave, giant, pain)


    AUTHOR: Bob X





    If you are under 18 or are offended by such subject matter as rape, torture, humiliation etc... DO NOT BOTHER READING ON!!! This story is for entertainment purposes only, the author dose not condone such acts of violence, nor is this story meant to support such acts.

    Story: The Giant and his sex-slave

    I have been working as a research engineer for sometime here in texas. We are currently working on a new vaccine that will shrink cists and tumors. When injected, the compond alters the dna code of the lump, and shrinks it, making it much easier and safer to remove.

    All of the initial tests have been done on rats, with a great deal of success. Until finally we tested in on a chimp. But there was a problem, it seems the compound was unintentionally injected directly into the blood stream of the chimp and almost instanly, the chimp shrunk to 5 inches!!! We were all amazed at this incredable reaction, and even more important, the chimp seemed totally fine, moving about in his cage as normal, only much, much smaller. My lab partners and I, agreed that the chimp should be kept under observation to see if his condition would change. but for the time being all was well and i headed home.

    While I was driving home that evening I was cut off by a woman driving a nice red corvette. I was so mad, so i drove along beside her and then we both came to a red light. To my amazment, she started yelling at me even though she was at fault! She said watch where you are going you stupid fat man! Then before i could reply, the light turned green and she drove off. It is true, I am, well, overweight, I am 5 foot 10, 295 pounds. I was always laughed at and mocked in school, and i had very few friends, and no girlfriends, ever. The closest i came to having a girlfriend was in the 10th grade when Shelly Hunter came up to me and said she wanted to see a movie with me. BAM!!! I was so excited, I got all dressed up and i went to the movies where I was supposed to meet her, only, she didnt show up. I was hoping there was some kind of a resonable excuse but the next day at school when I asked her what happened she said, Yeah right, like I would ever go on a date with you fatboy, then her and all her girlfriends started laughing at me. I was devastated, and I am still a virgin to this day at age 36.

    My outlook on women changed from that day on, and that bitch in the corvette didnt help matters any, in fact I was thinking about how fun it would be to inject her with that new shrinking vaccine and thats when it hit me all of a sudden. I wondered what effect that would have on humans, more specificly, females.

    The next day after work, and after everyone else had left. I placed a dosage of the vaccine in a ciringe, and then placed it in my brief case. I swore to myself I would use it on the next women that would wrong me. My chance came very soon.

    I stopped off at the grocery store to get a couple of things when I saw this beautiful blonde girl loading groceries into her car. I put the needle in my pocket, then I looked around to see if there was anyone around. Nope. So I figured I would ask her out, and if she insulted me, I would give her the needle. As i walked up to her she saw me coming, so I said good evening maam she looked at me from head to toe and kinda sarcasticly said hi, then quickly turned away. I told her my name was bob, and I asked her if she would like to go out for dinner, and she said, with you? I dont think so. When she turned around again I jabbed her with the needle right in the ass and injected her with the shrinking formula. She screamed, and I was quick to cover her mouth with my hand. Then, it happened, she dissapeared, all that was left of her was her clothes and shoes that lay on the ground. As I looked down I noticed her shirt was moving. I knew it was her so I picked up her clothes(with her in them)and I quickly got into my car. The food I was going get would have to wait for tommorow(I ended up getting something much more delicious).

    I placed her pile of clothes on the passanger seat. As I looked down, I saw the clothes moving, then her tiny head appeared out of one of the sleves. She looked up at me, her head no bigger than the size of a nickle, and started to speak. "w-w-what happened?" "Why am I this small, where are you taking me?" "Shhhhhhhhhh" I said, "all of your questions will be answered in time"

    I then reached my hand down to her tiny head, and pushed it back into the sleve of her shirt, and started to drive home. As I was driving I keep noticing her squirm from with in her pile clothes, this started to give me an erection, and I couldnt wait to get home. Finally, I arrived at home, I put her pile of clothes on the kitchen table, and opened the fridge and grabbed a plate of left-over spaggetti, and a beer.

    Then her tiny head appeared again from out of the selve, and she started talking as I ate my food and drank my beer. She asked what had happened to her, and I explained how I injected her with the shrinking potion, and that the potion would eventually wear off, and she would return to her original size(even though I had no idea if this was true, or if she would ever return to her original size)but quite frankly, I didnt care, I enjoyed watching her in this helpless, fragile condition.

    I asked the girl her name as I drank some of my beer. "Julie" she said. As she talked, I noticed both of her tiny little hands were holding the sleve up to her chin, in order to keep her lucious breasts from being exposed. I asked her how old she was, and she replied, "21" Then I finished my food and beer, and I told her it was time to come out now.

    "B-b-but... I'm naked" she replied. "Thats ok, I dont mind" I replied, "Yeah, I'm sure you dont" she sarcasticly replied, as she snarled at me and gave me a dirty look. With that I stood up out of my chair, and I watched her head slowly rise, as she couldnt believe how tall I was, or rather, how small she was. I then went to the closet to try to find something for her to wear. I found an small white rag, and I tore off the corner of it, and I brought it over to her.

    "Here put this on" As she reached for the rag, the selve fell down giving me a quick view of her gorgeous breasts, but she covered herself up as fast as she could and she eventually came out, and got down on her knees because the rag was way too small to cover her entire body(I purposely planned it that way,hehe) it only covered her breasts, and a small portion of her pussy. Her ass, legs and arms were totally bare, much to my delite, furthermore, the white cloth covering her was almost see-throughable.

    "How do you like your new outfit" I asked, as I went to get 2 more beers from the fridge. "I hate it!!!" She replied,"It barely covers me, you can see everything!!!" "MMMMMMMMM" I mustered,"Stand up, let me see how tall you are" She just stayed there, with her knees tightly locked together, and both hands holding her white rag. "Oh come on, are you gonna stay on your knees forever?"

    "No, I guess not" with that she slowly rose to her feet, one hand holding the rag, the other covering her pussy. I marvelled at how beatiful she was, she was so small, only about 5 inches in height, she had a slinder body, most of which was uncovered, and her boobs were huge(compared to her size). She stood there with her head down, hoping I would allow her to sit again. Instead I ordered her to turn around. As she turned around I got a good view of her wonderful ass, and her nicely shaped legs. She was so tiny, and extremly beautiful! I just had to see her naked. "Now, put that rag down on the ground" I ordered. She didnt do as I said, and the rag still covered her. "I said put it down, bitch!" with that I slammed my fist to the table and sent her flying backwords about two inches in the air. She feel on her ass and hands at the same time, and the rag went flying up in the air and landed about 6 inches away.

    She got up and went over to pick up the blanket, but I grabbed her naked body with my right hand before she could get there. I then lifted her up towards my face."It is unwise to disobey me little girl" I said with a deep angry tone. "I-I-Im so sorry, please dont hurt me PLEASE" She was squirming within my hand, trying to break free. But it was no use, I was much too powerful for her. In fact, I was thinking to myself how easy it would be to break every bone in her body by just squeasing my hand.

    I repositoned my hand so that I could take a good look at her breasts, she knew this and she looked very uncomfortable, but she didnt say anything. She was probably too afraid to disappoint me. My god was she beautiful! after all, Julie was the first naked girl I had ever seen in real life. I moved my other hand over to her and started to caress her nice firm breasts with both of my thumbs. I continued fondling her mountains, with smooth circular motions. "MMMMMMMMM" I moaned, "You feel soooooo good" I kept rubbing her wonderful body. She begged me to stop but I ignored all her pleas.

    I placed my fingers on her legs, and slowly spread them apart, she tried to keep them closed, but I pulled them apart, almost to a 180 degree angle, this caused her alot of pain and she started crying. I just laughed at her, and enjoyed the great veiw of her pussy, and started touching her body all over. My penis was as hard as a rock, but I decided to leave it alone for the time being, I was having so much fun with all the foreplay. I put her back down on the table and started on my 3rd beer.

    She crossed her arms, covering her breasts and stood with both her feet and knees close together. She was still wimppering, and looking around the table for a place to get away(of course there was none). I finished my beer and I placed my fingers on her forearms and then lifted her arms in the air so I could see her nicely shaped breasts again. Then I decided that I wanted to taste her, so I picked her up by her arms, causeing her to scream in pain. I watched her hang in front of my face, all of her weight on both her arms. I started to swing her back and forth as I watched her little titties bounce. Then I closed my mouth onto her boobs, and began sucking on them, and gently biting them.

    After I took her out of my mouth I said, "spread your legs for me, little girl" She did as she was told and stuffed her entire bottom half in my mouth. I was now holding her by her torso (which ended her pain in her arms) I sucked on her pussy, and swished my tongue all around her. "You taste delicious" I whispered. After I was done eating her out, I took her out of my mouth, and held her hands behind her back, and started licking her pussy, breasts, and face. I covered her with my saliva and continued to touch her anywhere I pleased, while I licked her.

    I then put her back down on the table and I started talking to her. I asked her her why she was so mean to me in the parking lot and she said she didnt mean to be, she just had alot on her mind. So I asked her if she would go out with me when she got back to normal and she said yes, but I knew she was lying. Then I asked her,"Do I look fat?" I eyes moved from my face to the edge of the table where my enormous belly hung over the table in layers. "You look fine to me" she said. "LIAR!!!" I yelled angerly, and I flicked my index finger at her, sending her flying accross the table. She was now crying intensly, and extremly terrified.

    I started to laugh at her, and I noticed a huge bruise starting to form where I had struck her. I was tired of all this foreplay, it was time to have some REAL fun. I stood up and undid my pants. She was now shaking and trembling in utter fear as I took out my huge cock and let it dangle over the table.I ordered her to move closer to my manhood. She got up and hobbled over to my penis, She had trouble walking from the way she fell, plus the bruise, and me streching her legs earlier, really hurt her.

    When she got close enough, I swung my weight from left to right, so my huge penis smacked her in the face and knocked her to the ground. I laughed again delited with this amuzement. I grabbed her in my hand(not making any effort to be gentle)and carried her into my bedroom. I took off all my clothes and laid on my back on my bed. I held the bitch to my manhood, and rubbed my cockhead against her face. she was still crying and terrified of what I was going to do to her next. I told her to "Wrap her arms and legs around my giant cock" "Yes master" she replied.

    With the tiny little slut wrapped around my manhood, I started jacking myself, with my hand around her and my cock at the same time. This was extremely pleasurable, each time I raised my meat up, her face would smack onto my cockhead, causing her pain, and me delitement. The faster I stroked, the more pain it caused her, she begged me to stop, but I was having fun so I ignored her pleas. I felt the tention build in my cock and I knew I was about to cum. So I grabbed the tiny bitch with my left hand and turned on my side. I stroked my manhood with my right hand, and pointed it right to Julies face, I had her arms pinned behind her back, and I held her head still with my thumb and index finger, I wanted to make sure I hit her square in the face when I was ready to shoot. I was stroking my cock as hard as I could, and occasinally my huge love weapon, hit Julie in the face, giving her some more bruises.

    Just then my body tensed, I felt the cum build up in my cock,I looked up to the ceiling and let out a load moan, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I sent a massive blob of cum flying out of my cock, that hit Julie right in the face, completely covering it, you couldnt even see where her eyes, nose, and mouth was, so I decided to aim my next shot at her tits. I exploded my second shot all over her torso, and watched as I splashed her tits God this was so much fun! And I still wasnt done. I turned her over and blasted more cream on her back, ass, pussy, and totally drenched her hair with my hot spunk.

    When I had no more goo to shoot, my little fucktoy wiped her eyes and mouth, she held her arms down in a 45 degree angle with her hands wide open, and looked up at me with a sad, sobbing, used and defeated look, "Look what you did to me," she wimpered, But I knew exactly what I did to her, and it felt sooooo good. I looked down at her sad, crying face, with her beatiful tiny body completely covered in my thick, sticky semen. It was the first time I blew my wad on a girl, and it was so much fun! And seeing her in so much discomfort, and crying in my goo, increased my enjoyment. I had always dreamed of cuming in a pretty girl`s mouth, and having her swallow my cocksauce. That fantasy was about to come true.

    I pushed my tiny little slave girl right up to my cock, I had little trickles of sperm running down my shaft and I told her to lick the cum off my cock, She looked up to me in horror. "Please dont make me do that" she cryied "SHUT UP AND DO AS YOU ARE TOLD, SLUT!" I yelled, as I flicked her in the leg, slicing open her thigh with my finger nail, and drawing blood. She yelped in pain and fell to her knees. I placed my fingers on her tiny breasts, and then squeased and yanked on them hard, pulling her to her feet, and causing her more pain. "Now lick my sperm you stupid bitch!" She applied her tongue to my shaft, and licked a mouthfull of my goo. "Now swallow!" she looked up at me, tears rolling down her cumsoaked face, then she closed her eyes, and swallowed. She started choking and gagging. I laughed with enjoyment, as she shivered her head, trying not to throw up."Taste good, huh bitch?" "and you better not throw up either!" she coughed a bit more but was soon fine, I ordered her to lick all the sperm from my shaft and swallow every last drop.

    I put my hands behind my head, and relaxed as my beatiful servant girl licked every inch of my cock, and drank my smelly cream, occassionaly coughing and gagging(but she was getting better). This made me feel GREAT, and I kept moaning and groaning, with my hands still behind my head, as my tiny slave did all the work. I enjoyed the fact that my seed was now in her stomach, and I loved watching her swallow my cocksauce. When she finally finished(to my satisfaction) I asked her if she wanted to get cleaned up. "Yes please, Master" she responded.

    I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom, and placed her in the middle of my bathtub. I then got into the tup myself and knelt down in front of her. This was the first real time where she could really see just how huge my belly was, as I was still totally naked. I grabbed my penis and aimed it at her body. She looked up at me in total fear and said, "w-what are you doing?". "Im about to give you a nice warm shower" I replied, Those beers I had earlier where starting to do a number on my bladder.

    "Noooooooo, Please No" she screamed, as she held her hands out in front of her face. I told her to get down on her knees and to put her hands down by her side. I started to relieve myself on the poor little slave girl.

    My piss went splashing down hard on the naked sluts face. It was such a long way down for my golden fluid to travel before it finally splashed againts her, so I got down on my hands and I moved my knees back, and my penis forward so it was right in front of the tiny bitch. This made it much more easier(and pleasurable) to piss on her. I ordered her to open her mouth, and I sent streams of urine into her mouth. My piss was a dark yellowish color, and smelt really bad(even to me)and I could see my little fucktoy was getting nausious. I continued to release my yellow waste for another 30 seconds, drenching her hair,tits, pussy, ass, and mouth. I watched her tits bounce up and down as I sprayed them, but the most fun was when I sprayed her in the face. The high water pressure of my cock made it difficult for her to breathe, kind of like if someone shoved a firehose to your face and turned it on. She kept gasping for air, and each time she did I sent more piss into her mouth. This was so much fun! but unfortunatly my piss ran out.

    She looked up at me, drenched in my waste, but she looked relieved that it was over.(She dosnt know too much about male anatomy i guess)Because after a man finishes pissing, he still has enough piss in his cock to send out a few more squirts. However, I told her that I was done and that I wanted her to open mouth kiss my pisshole. As she spread her lips on me, I thrusted my cock forward and squirted a stream of hot piss into her mouth. The force was so powerful(and so unexpectected to her)that her head shot back and banged againts the bottom of the tub, knocking her unconsious. Hmmmmmmm I guess I should have warned her. Oh well, she knows about male anatomy now(hehe)

    I still had a few more squirts of piss left, so I tryied to wake her up by squirting on her face. I keep tugging on my giant shaft, and watched each squirt of piss splash against her pretty little face. When she came to, she was lying in a lake of my waste, her face and body covered with piss, cum, bruises, saliva, and even blood. She didnt look too happy. "Why are you doing this to me you bastard!!!" She screamed. I couldnt believe she had the guts to yell at me. And she kept on yelling about how I lied to her, and hurt her. I didnt get mad, In fact I kept laughing at her, and I enjoyed all the pain and anguish that I had caused her. I turned her on her stomach and pushed her face down in the lake of piss that she was still lying in. She kicked her legs, and struggled to get a breath of air, but I held her head with my thumb and index fingure, and I made sure her head was completely submerged in my urine. After about 10 or 15 seconds of watching her kick and squirm, I allowed her head up, so she could breath. Then I pushed her face back down in the yellow swamp. This went on for about 3 minutes until she threw up. She was violently sick, from the intense smell(and taste) of my urine.

    When she was done being sick, she looked up to me with a dirty look on her face, wondering how anyone could be so mean and cruel. "So, do you have any more insults for me, you slimey little cunt?" "No master, im very, very sorry, it will never happen again" I picked her up and placed her ass in the drain. "Your turn to piss, bitch" I could hear soft little tinkles flowing down the drain ever so gently. She looked up to me, with her face beat red of embarassment and humiliation. "Ok slut, now, take a shit" It was much more harder for her to shit, she strained and pushed but to no evail. I grew angry and I stood up and lifted my foot over her,"Take a shit right now cunt!" "or I will squish you like a bug" Well this worked! I guess I must have scared the shit right out of her (pardon the pun). "Are you finished?" "Yes Master" she softly replied. "Good" I reached for the faucet, and turned on the cold water.

    I watched the freezing cold water fall to her head. I gave her a tiny peice of soap and commanded her to shower under the cold water. She was shivering and shaking, her teeth where chattering, and I noticed her breasts changing shape. They became more firm(more delicious) and her nipples where as hard as steel. I turned off the faucet and looked down at her covered with goose bumps and shaking all over. I turned on the shower(of course my shower would be warmer and more comfortable then hers, hehe) and got cleaned up. I washed my cock with her body, using her as a sponge, then with soap on my hands, I washed her, caressing her all over. I filled my mouth with water, and spat it out on the beautiful naked girl that lay on my open hand, I did this a couple more times till all the soap was gone from her body. I washed my hair and then hers, trying to get all that cum and urine out of her hair. Soon we were both clean and dry, and went back in my room and I threw her across the room onto my pillow.

    I climbed into bed and pulled the covers over myself. "Have you been enjoying yourself today?" I chuckled. She looked up at me, and if looks could kill, I would have certainly been dead. I turned on some music and I Said,"Now dance for my amuzement, little girl" She danced, and I enjoyed watching her beautiful body swing to the music. I looked down at my cock, but it was still soft(after all, it had a very busy day)so I continued to watch her dance, and I touched and fondled her whenever I pleased. Dam, my cock was still soft. So I scooped up my little fucktoy, and shoved her face first into my open mouth.

    I closed my lips around her torso, my teeth were just below her breasts. I summoned up a pool, of spit in my mouth, and used my tongue to cover my spit all over her face and boobs. My breath was bad, and I purposely breathed long and hard while she was in my mouth, so she could suffer some more, at the smell of my stink breath. I kept slapping her face with my tongue, as she kicked and waved her legs in the air, stuggling to catch a breath. I turned my head and opened my mouth, sending her falling onto my fat belly.

    I picked her up, and placed her under my limp dick. I told her to wrap her arms and legs around me and start jacking me. She did as I commanded, and I began to feel my foreskin slid up and down over my cockhead, just the way I liked it. "MMMMMMMMMMMMM" "Thats so good, keep going just like that" I began to feel myself grow, soon I was rock solid again. The only problem was, now her limbs had to travel a greater distance up my shaft, also, those soft sentual strokes were no good anymore cause I was fully erect, and I wanted a fast hard rhythm.

    "GO FASTER" I ordered. She picked up the pace but it was still far too slow for my liking. "I SAID FASTER!" I yelled at her to go even faster, her speed, was almost up to my satisfaction, but not quite. "GO AS FAST AS YOU CAN, STROKE ME FOR ALL YOU'RE WORTH, YOU FUCKING CUNT" Now she was pleasing me, but she could only last about a minute at that intense pace, so I had to keep yelling at her and smacking her across the face with my finger. Each time she started to slow down, I would smack her harder and harder, until finally I got too feed up with her lack of energy.

    I picked her up by her breasts(remembering how much pain this had caused her before)and held her in front of my face. She kept screaming and whaling in pain as I shook her up and down. Her entire Weight stressed on her boobs. "Cant you do anything right you fucking cunt!" I yelled, as I continued causing her an enormous amount of pain. "Please put me down master" "this hurts so much!" she said, while screaming in agony. "I'll do better this time I promise" I let go of her tits, and watched her fall on my leg. "Ok bitch, this is your last chance, now please me!"

    She immediatlely got back into positon, and started jacking my meat. She was going very hard and very fast, much to my liking, "Ahhhhhhhhhh yes, thats it baby, yeah, you make me feel so good" I saw the tip of my cock shine with precum, and I allowed her to slow her pace down so she could rest for a bit. "SUCK MY SLIME" I ordered, I put my hands behind my head and watched with glee as my little slave sucked and swallowed the slime that was oozing out of my cock. Her tiny little limbs pumping my meat slowly and softy as her mouth was pressed to my cockhead so she could suck and swallow my goo. After about 10 minutes of this pleasure, I ordered her to resume the fast pace. After a couple of minutes she started to slow down again. "You had better pick up the pace bitch!" After she heard this she was stroking as fast as she could, as if her tiny little life depended on it.

    I felt my body tense, and it wasnt long before I shoot my load all over my belly. I gave her permission to stop, and ordered her to walk over to my sperm puddles. She tried to get up but she colapsed on my naked skin. She was completely exhausted, and couldnt move at all, so I dragged her over to one of my puddles, and smeared her face into my sperm. I still had some cum on the end of my dick, and I knew she had no energy to suck, so I wiped my penis off against her mouth and breasts. Then I pushed her into my biggest cum puddle, and allowed her to fall asleep,

    I dozed off too, a couple of hours later, when I awoke, my little beauty, was still asleep in my dried up cum puddle. "Wake up slut" I commanded. As I gave her cheeks a couple of soft smacks with my finger. Her eyes opened, disoriented at first, but then she remembered where she was. My cum had dried to her face and body, making it a little harder for her to get up,as she stuck to my skin like glue. As she peeled herself off of me, I told her it was time to get cleaned up again.

    I gently placed her on the counter in the bathroom. And turned on the faucet. She got down on her knees and spoke to me" Please, Please, Master," she begged,"Dont make the water cold" She looked up to me, wondering how I would react to her pleading. Her begging me for mercy was such a big turn on, and I thought I would be kind to her and let her have her warm water this time. I placed her feet under the running water. "Hows this?"I asked, "Thats fine, thank you very much master" I gave her the tiny piece of soap and squirted some shampoo in her hair and left her to clean her self.

    When I returned, she had finished washing, she looked and smelt wonderful, I gave her a facecloth as a bathrobe, and handed her a small piece of bread with peanut butter on it. She thanked me and gulped it down. Then she bent over and started to drink water at the corner of the sink. When she was done, I carried her back to bed.

    I took away her old wet facecloth, and handed her another one, and I told her she could use it as a blanket. "Thank you very much master" I wrapped her snuggily, in her blanket and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. "Good Night Julie" "Good Night Master" I turned off the lamp and we went to sleep.

    The next morning I woke up with a huge smile on my face as I looked down at my little slave. She was still sleeping peacefully. She looked so god dam beautiful! And she was all mine, to do with as I pleased! There was no doubt in my mind that she would now obey any order I gave her, in order to avoid punishment. I had a huge morning hard-on, and I was trying to decide whether or not to wake my servant and have her please my pole. I decided not to wake her(just yet) and instead I slowly pulled off her blanket, surprised that she didnt wake up right then and there. I gently stroked her body with my fingers, and she woke up and was startled at the site of my huge hand.

    "Good morning my little sleeping beauty" I said in a soft soothing voice. "Good morning master" she replied. I gently lifted her over to my hard cock. My pisshole was always shiny and wet with little drops of semen when I woke up each morning. I told her to wrap her lips around my cockhole, and suck. She did a terrific job sucking down all my sperm, and I told her I wanted her to do this to me each morning. She nodded her head and said "ok master"

    I wanted so badly for her to jack me. But I had to get ready for work, so I got washed and dressed and brought up an old bird cage from the basement and put it on the kitchen table. I went back to the bedroom to get my little slave. She was lying down peacefully on my pillow. I lifted her into the air, walked to the kitchen, reached my hand into the birdcage, and gently placed her on a bed made up of a soft fluffy pile of toilet paper. I put some bread in the cage and I took out small paper cups(the kind that are used to hold ketchup) and I put water in both of them. I put one of the cups near her food by her bed, I put the other one (that was only filled half way) in the furthest corner away from her food and bed. "This will be your toilet" I giggled to her. She thanked me as I gave her, her little blanket, tucked her in, all nice and snug.

    I then closed and locked the door with a small padlock. "Have a good day at work master" She houted, as I walked out the door.

    It was so hard to concentrate at work, all I could think of was my tiny little servant, and I couldnt wait to get home and enjoy having her obey my every wish. It was Friday, so I had tonight, and the entire weekend all to myself, and I knew exactly who I would be spending it with(heh heh).

    Work was now finally over, and I rushed home. When I got the table my mouth dropped(almost to the floor) My little slave was gone!!! I looked in her cage, her food and water were gone, and there was a tiny little log, surrounded by yellow water in the other cup. She must have slipped through the bars. I franticly looked everywhere for her. "Julie?" "Where are you sweetheart?" I kept calling her but there was no answer. If she somehow escaped and told someone about me, I would go to jail for sure. I keep looking everywhere for her, until finally I found her under my couch. I reached down and grapped her, squeasing her tiny body within my fingers.

    "YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME YOU STUPID BITCH!." I was extremly anger with her, and I wanted to punish her. I walked over and turned on my fireplace. Then I turned her upsidedown, and held her by her ankles, and dangling her over the hot fire. "TIME TO BURN BITCH!" I angrily yelled at her. "Noooooo, please no master" "I'm so sorry, I'll never do that again, please forgive me, pleeeeeeeeease" My hand started to get hot, and she continued to beg me for forgivness.

    I took her to the bathroom and droped her in the sink. She looked relieved that I didnt burn her alive. I pulled down my pants, and put one knee up on the counter. My other leg was standing on its tippy-toes. I pointed my penis at her body, and said, "ITS TIME FOR YOUR PUNISHMENT BITCH!"

    I released the piss from within my cock and watched as I soaked her. After I was done I turned on the cold water and splashed her body. She just lied there,shivering and shaking intensly with fear. "WOULD YOU LIKE SOME MORE PUNISHMENT, CUNT?" She looked up to me with her sad crying eyes, and said "No master, please" I told her I would make her a deal. I said if she could jack me off at a fast pace for 10 minutes, that I would forgive her. But if she didnt, I would drop her into the fireplace. She agreed,(as if she had a choice,hehe)

    I took off my clothes and lied in bed on my back. I pushed the little slut to my cock, and sat back with my arms behind my head and watched her do her thing. She was jacking me fastly with her arms and legs, and had her mouth open on my cockhole, As she continued to pump, I closed my eyes and moaned, and sent some precum into her mouth. This felt terrific, I continued to moan and groan with delitement, as she continued to pump and suck me off for 10 minutes. She was doing her absolute best to please me. I told her I was about to cum, and to continue pumping me with her open mouth over my cockhole. I felt the cum build in me and I fought to hold it in me as long as I could. When I couldnt keep it in any longer, I thrust my cock forward and sent sperm flying into her open mouth, and the force was so powerful she flew across my body. I quickly picked her up off my tummy and held her to my cock, where I continued to ejaculate on her. I kept moaning with each blast, as I watched each shot splash her pretty face and tits

    After I was done, she passed out, she was totally exausted. So I allowed her to sleep

    The next morning, I awoke to find Julie sucking on my cockhead. She turned around and noticed I was awake. "I-I-I sucked you just like you told me to, master" This was the first morning that I woke up and didnt have little droplets of cum on the tip of my cock. "Good Girl" I said to her with a smile. She was trying to make me as happy as possible, trying to get back on my goodside. I told her that I would forgive her, providing that she kept fulfilling my every desire. "Thank you master" she said smiling. I gently caressed her body as she continued to suck, and I thought to myself, she was going to make me very happy, everyday of her life, for years and years to come.


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