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Story"Found and lost"
Sunday, 09-Jan-2000 14:11:55 writes:

    Found and lost By Talisman

    Tanya was always the good girl. Every since her young years at home, she always looked for praise and the pat on the back for being good. As she grew into womanhood she excelled in her quest to please others especially her man.
    She married Ben and made it her life dream to please him in any way and form imaginable. Nights when he came home from work, a blow job was waiting always, and then she would let him enter her and both would make love passionately.
    Life was good, and it should have satisfied her, but she was still in search for a better sub-servant show of affection.

    On a shopping trip into the china part of town, her and Meg were looking in on the tremendous display of herbs and spices offered by the many shops. The entered into a sub-basement shop and were enthralled by the treasures abound. Amongst the many shawls, wooden cages, china, and fabrics, Tanya was particular interested in the spice rack hiked up on the wall over the cash counter. She was spotted by the old Chinese woman hovering in the back. She could not speak, and only motioned up to the rack for Tanya inspection. Tanya pointed to it and nodded in her wanting to inspect it further.
    The old women had one of the boys bring it down and bring it to them. Tanya looked on in amazement at the trinket like bottles inside. each one colored differently with unknown ingredients. She pointed to some of the bottles for some descriptions, the old women could only offer jesters as to it’s use. Tanya felt lost in the translation. She was saved by a bystanding customer who delved upon them just then.
    “She says that those bottles offer different strengths.” “What kind of strengths?” Tanya pleased for her assistance. “ The red one gives futility, the green one gives of stamina, and the purple one casts the owner in a position for overpowerment.” The bystander said. “ What does that mean?” Tanya asked. “It’s just traditional remedies, really just old superstition remedies.” The bystander started to leave. “But what did the last one mean?” Tanya asked urgently. “Gives power to your lover over you.” The bystander said as she was almost out the door.
    Tanya head snapped back as she suddenly felt she may have come onto something. She pulled out some bills and paid what ever the old women wanted. All the way home Meg teased her of her outrageous purchase. Tanya wasn’t paying any attention, she only couldn’t wait to get home and try it out.

    Tanya had undressed and taken a shower. She then put on a robe and went to her bedroom to pull out her spice bottle. She couldn’t read the scribblings on the bottle itself. She popped the cork and smelled the interior. It had a sour cherry smell to it. Tanya dared herself to taste it first. Upon licking it up she found the taste not too bad and relegated to down it.
    Nothing strange happened too soon, as she sat and waited for any signs of it’s workings. Not moments later, did she suddenly keel over and fall to the floor as she tried to get up from the bed. As she lay there she couldn’t move very much and was in a panic for what was happening. Without warning she suddenly found herself as if falling into the floor. When she finished her experience, she was suddenly able to move freely about. She rose up to find to her astonishment that everything in the room had increased in size to great mass. Her bed was far up to even look up to with out craning her neck to see. Her slippers she was wearing were now big enough to hold her captive in their deep slide. She was both scared and excited at the developments. Upon thinking it over some more, she finally realized her dream to perform the ultimate subservant act. At this size, she could reach into areas only dreamed by her lover, she could dangle on his manhood while he watched in amazement at her diminutive stature.
    She decided to wait for him at his arrival and surprise him with the new her. some hours later, Ben came home. He seemed in a hurry to leave again as he fumbled around for something in the bathroom. Tanya ran up to the grand door and stood waiting for his exit.
    Ben came out and was too rushed to even notice anything on the walls never mind the floors. He plowed himself through each room grabbing things and putting them into a duffel bag.
    Tanya didn’t like this at all and was interested in where he was off to in such a rush. She decided to climb into his jacket pocket and go with him to his destination.
    Ben ripped up his jacket in his arms and took off. Tanya rode the pocket of his jacket. She had guessed he was driving somewhere in the suburbs, from the quietness around, only the engine of Ben’s car could be heard.
    The car came to a halt and Ben exited the car. She heard the footsteps on the pavement as he walked up toward a doorway. She heard him knock and then the sound of the door opening. “Hi Baby, glad you came early.
    Tanya was shocked to hear this woman’s voice talking to her husband like a lover. She sat in the pocket and flushed as she breathed heavily waiting for Ben to put his jacket down.
    Ben walked into the house, Vera followed him to the living room and offered him a drink. Ben accepted as he put his jacket down on the sofa. Both he and Vera sat together and kissed awhile while making small talk.
    Tanya clawed her way out of the pocket and was now on the sofa arm looking on in dismay at the two giants making out. Totally forgetting her size, she climbed down of the sofa and made to the floor. It hit then of her small size as she ran into the very large strayed shoe belonging to Vera. She backed off from the heel which struck her as she walked into it. As she walked around it she could make out the Puget fragrance emitting from it’s interior. She stood there frozen in time not knowing what to do.
    Vera got up and went into the kitchen, leaving Ben on the sofa to lounge. Ben bent over as he dropped his empty glass to the floor. It was then he noticed the small figure standing next to Vera’s shoe. At first he thought of it as a toy figurine, but upon closer inspection he found it to be alive. As he cast his large hand upon it, it seemed to let out a shrill of a voice at him. Ben placed his fingers around it and started to lift it up. He could feel it soft and alive in his grip. When he had it up to his lap, he juggled it up and down a while, convincing himself it was actually alive. Vera walked into the room clinching her eyes a bit at the spectacle within Ben’s hand.
    “You actually got one for us, what a surprise.” Ben said happily. Vera looked at the tiny figurine and shrugged her shoulders. “What do you mean? Didn’t you bring that?” Ben smiled and just stretched out his arms to her. “We will have to test it out right away. Vera smiled and hugged him back, figuring to go along with it.

    They finished their drinks In a haste as they departed for the bedroom. Ben laid himself out on the bed, still holding the tiny Tanya in his fist. Vera stood before the bed and stripped down for his viewing pleasure. As he reached her panties and hosiery, she then knelt down to the bed before Ben’s erect cock. “Put that little slut on your cock, and I”ll suck it off with her.” Vera ordered. Ben complied and placed the tiny woman on his large penis. Tanya wasn’t thinking about sex right now, as she fought at every step on her placement. Ben did manage to hold her still until Vera mouth took hold of her on top of his shaft. Ben watched as Vera took his erection into her gaping mouth in deep mouthfuls. He couldn’t see the tiny woman inside her mouth, but saw Vera swishing something around inside her cheeks. Ben unloaded his cargo into Vera’s mouth. She managed to swallow all the juice, and keeping the tiny squirming woman at her front teeth. Vera rose up and spat the tiny woman onto Ben’s bare chest. Ben reached down and picked her up and brought her to his face. Tanya screamed at her highest pitch to get his attention. Ben heard her squealing, but in the dark couldn’t take notice of her identity. “Man she is tiny, I could just mash her on my cock she so cute.” Ben commented. Vera still licking up his eruption looked up. “You will get your wish later.” Ben dislodged his cock from her mouth and slowly pointed her on her back. He then mounted her topside. Before inserting his cock inside her cavernous cave, he first inserted the tiny squirming woman. She was sucked in instantly, as Ben felt her disappear from his finger tips. He then injected his cock into Vera.

    Tanya was in the tightest position ever known to any person, beyond the collapsing walls around her, Ben’s huge cock was pressed firmly against her back and rubbing her hard at every entry pump. She knew it wouldn’t’ be long before he blew his load again, this time drowning her.
    Ben exploded inside Vera, and kept himself inside until he unloaded every ounce. As Ben ejected himself out, he dug into Vera’s deep vagina and produced the tiny woman. Slimy and drenched she was still breathing some. Ben wanted to keep her handy for when he could continue on after a brief rest. Tanya got her breath back, and was on the way to full recovery, she found herself placed at the bottom end of the scrotum. He was using her to get another rise out of his deflated cock. Almost totally given up for dead, she complied with his wishes, and found herself licking and massaging his organ back to life.
    Ben discarded Tanya and mounted Vera again. Both giants were involved in a passionate hold on each other, while pumping each other. Tanya found herself dodging enormous limbs. She crawled along the sheets until she felt she found some safe haven.
    Ben had climbed off Vera, and was breathing hard. Vera herself not fully satisfied, reached down into the bed and retrieved the tiny woman. She then began to insert the tiny woman into her still hot and wet vagina. Vera’s lips were wide open, and the lips were folded on the outside. Deep inside her the hot moist cavern was a steam pot for the tiny woman. After continuous bouts with Vera’s pumping action. Tanya finally succumbed to her injuries and became unconscious.

    Morning broke and found both Ben and Vera lying next to each other. Ben rolled over and embraced Vera in his arms. After some kissing, he pulled off and sat up. Vera laughed out loud while pointing to his penis. Ben looked down surprised to see the tiny woman stuck to his head. “Looks like you got your wish.” Vera teased. Ben smiled back at her and mounted her again. He then inserted his cock into her waiting clit. The two made love that morning, and all the while Ben was vary of any inclination that he managed to kill his wife in the throes of his sexual conquest.
    At the end, Tanya was discarded like some used condom, and laid lifeless on the floor. her only fate now lay at the descending foot of Vera as she made her way toward the bathroom.