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Story"For Your Pleasure"
Sunday, 06-Feb-2000 09:56:43 writes:

    For Your Pleasure
    By Talisman

    I enter into the bedroom after coming home from a night of celebrating, upon the directions left by you on the fridge. I was to go to the bed get naked and turn on the VCR and hit play. Following through, I lay down against the backboard and watch the tape begin.
    A image appears of you, close up of your body appearing to be dancing. As the camera angle moves away, your bodyís shape against the backdrop of an extremely large table from which you are standing on. I watch in confusion at what this means. Soon, as you dance around wearing sheer silky stockings, and a flimsy top, In the backdrop I spot what looks like two pairs of enormous legs sitting next to each other.
    The camera angles back more and the setting becomes clear. I am amazed to see the view of two massive giants from the belly down converging behind and around your tiny figure. You edge ever closer to the back of the table as you strain to stare straight up at the unseen rest of the behemoths. You are putting quite a show with your moves with you silhouette curves of your petite body.
    You are suddenly moved on by one of the giantís huge hand as he brings it on top of you. You are quickly plucked and dispatched toward his enormous erect cock. You are playing the game good as you scream and struggle for escape, but eventually smothered against the soft tanned flesh of the giantís penis.
    Obstructed by the enormous hand, as you are stroked against the huge head. The giant roars his approval, as he utterly enjoys you on his huge cock. Your screams are soon silenced and replaced by moans of utter ecstasy.
    Your body comes into view once more as the neighboring giant intervenes and yanks you from the others grip. You are suddenly involved in a horrific tug of war of these titans as they squabble over you. I sit up and take notice of the events to follow, thinking that you may be in danger of being mangled or crushed.
    The giants take turns stroking your body against their erect cocks. You become attentive enough before soon you are jerked away to another and this yo-yo game is played continuously for a while.
    Both giants then change tactics and your puny body is placed in between the beastly cocks. I watch in total amazement as you are mashed and smothered between the massive cocks. Both giants begin to ejaculate together as you become immersed and encased with in the flowing cum.
    You tumble down to the couch below them, as they hang their still pumping cocks above you. Slowly you are disappearing in the thick pool developing.

    Both giants take time to drink from their glasses, and playfully poke and smear your body around in the mess.
    The left giant gets his rise sooner and plucks you out, and begins to stoke his balls and crack with your obviously ragged body. You seem to be going through the motions as you are subjected to long and soft strokes through his genitalia. Soon the giant turns his huge body around the couch and hangs over the back. He then reached back with his left hand with you still in tow. He splits his cheeks and finds his anus with your body tight in his grip. He then begins a exercise in lolly-poping you in and out. The giant is deep into concentration as he enjoys you thoroughly.
    I watch as your tiny body penetrates and emerges with ease through his massive crack.
    The giant turns his body around again and places you against his cock. He then holds your head to his pea hole and roars. ďSuck it clean you tiny slut.Ē You let out a moan and gurgle as you begin to sop up and lick his head. The giant constantly demands the orders to you. ďGet right in there, suck it dry, after this I going to put you in my shorts and drown your puny body, You like that rag doll?Ē You moan your approval and continue to lick him off.
    The giant true to form, lifts you up and hunts down his shorts on the floor at his feet. Supplementary, you are inserted into his cock trap. The giant sit up to the camera and gives a closer up of his groping and stroking himself. Your lines and shape come in view as you are in a desperate struggle to keep from getting crushed by his massive crotch.
    Within another few minutes he quickens his pace until he suddenly quivers as his shorts start to fill up with his cream.
    Droplets of cum are leaking out from his rear and inner thighs, as he continues to stroke himself. In moments he stops and rests. All the while the mystery of your condition and whereabouts are pending.
    I sit and hold my own as the giant stands to release his shorts to drop to the floor. He reaches for the camera and views the floor where his shorts are scattered. He playfully steps onto the discarded shorts and forces it open. You are revealed pasted within his mess along the inner fabric.
    The giantís foot comes into full view and completely smothers you within the spill. He fakes a grind and slowly lifts his foot to the camera lens. I moan as your tiny body is embedded on his sole, glued on with remnants of cum.

    Your are worn like that for a while, the giants sitting around joking while drinking, before the other giant reaches over and peals you off. A gigantic condom is produced and you are plunged into it. Your body falls down deep to the reserve, where you lay on your back ready to receive your next sexual encounter. The giant begins to wrap it around his shaft and slowly sliding his cock down deep into the massive condom. You are adjusted as the cock head converges on you and completely surrounds you. The giant begins a series of strokes and massages on himself. As he gains momentum, he stokes lower and lower on his cock. Eventually arriving on your body at his tip. I watch as your tiny body becomes wrapped around his head. The view is surreal as you look almost toy like against the back drop of this giant cock. Your tiny squeaks and squeals are heard emitting from the rubber enclosure. I could hardly keep my own orgasm down, as I watch on.
    The giant is tenacious as he bears down on you and hammers you against his head. Your tiny head appears to be penetrating his large pea-hole on each initial slam.
    The giant finally erupts the most flow of the night. The reserve becomes engulfed with fluid. Your body disappears as the milky cream takes over the form.
    The giant pumps the condom until his cock is dry-empty. He then slowly lets it peel off and tumble down to the floor.
    The condom lays in waste on the floor, when the giantís foot comes down hard and smashes reserve end. Vast amounts of cream and fluid flow out quickly. The giant continues in his stomps until the condom sticks to his foot. Along the floor and the open end, your tiny body is washed out with the flow discharge. You look so limp and finished as the giant brings his foot down on your position.
    His huge foot, which compared to you must scale to 20 feet long, and 9 feet wide, smothers you whole. You are lifted up to his waiting hand where you are grabbed and held in his fist. The giant swerves to his side and comments to the other giant. ďAfter good sex, I like to butt them out.Ē He reaches down to the floor and drops you the last few inches. There you land and look on as he hovers his huge foot over your draped body and descends it down.
    Your body is completely smothered whole again. the foot gyrates and grinds the floor, before lifting up revealing your body involved in another sole paste up.

    The tape ends, and I am utterly wasted in adrenaline. I wonder where and how you managed such a scenario. I slide of the bed and sit on the edge rubbing my face from the sweat. As I open my eyes again, I am surprised to spot you standing on the floor some 3 inches tall. As I view you closer, I notice your wearing silk hose, and a black bra and panties. You looked like a erotic Barbie doll. I sat dumbfounded looking at your in disbelief. You slowly sauntered over to my feet, and began to caress them with your tiny tongue and hands. You then slide your legs up and down my ankle, changing with each of your legs. You didnít speak, or I couldnít hear you speak, but I knew what you were thinking that moment. You were readying yourself to climb my massive body for more explorative sexual experience. And I was not in any way going to object.
    I sat there letting you pet and caress my feet with your tiny body parts. I then watched, as your tiny silhouette snaked itís way up my foot and in and out of each toe jam. I flexed each toe as you squeezed in and out with ease, your tiny body resembling a worm at times. I fought the urge to mash you beneath my foot from pure excitement. As you finished you then began to scale my leg. Climbing carefully and surely up to my inner thighs sitting securely atop of the bed. I got a closer look at you as you had this sexual animal look on your face and headed for my cock full force. My cock sprung out instantly shooting your body out momentarily at my thighs. You got up and crawled to my throbbing cock with your mouth wide open. I groaned as I felt your tiny presence on my hot head. I could feel your tiny tongue and lips penetrating my pea-hole, and caressing my fleshy surface around. I could feel tiny bit of discharge that come out first, early in contact. You enjoy this and lap it up like good pop. I take it upon myself to grope myself with you in the middle. I begin to masturbate with your body brushing against my cock. I canít control myself as I try to keep my grip light, but end up groping you hard against me. Thinking almost anytime I will feel a tiny crack or pop down there, I gather some control and lessen my grip. Your body is red, hot, and extremely wet with my waste sweat and cock cream. Your hosiery has since become tattered from my manhandling, I have since torn off your tiny bra and panties, Your tiny breasts standing out and juggling as you are put through another masturbation.
    My passion is increased as I quicken the pace, and begin to take charge, I put you through the motions of jacking me off, before I finally spew out my ejaculation. You are submerged instantly, my cream practically drowning you.
    I roll over and stoke you in my mess, slowly passing out from the action witnessed. I suddenly flash out and sleep on my stomach. You take this opportunity to snuggle yourself within my crack. You climb up my cheeks, and nudge yourself into my soft crack, and pass out sleeping in a crouched position.

    Sometime in the middle of the night, I come to and begin to search for you. I feel something sticking out of my cheeks, and reach over and pull it out. I am pleasantly turned on to find you curled up in my palm. As I take a whiff of your body, I notice you are totally taken to my aroma. My cock, feet, and ass are on you. You do not wake, and I take the opportunity to play a fantasy rape game, as I contemplate on what kind of kinky sex I can partake in with your unconscious body. I decide to place you in my palm and fuck your tiny body. I pump my cock into my hand, without too much force, but enough to get me off. As I feel the eruption in my loins, I drag your body across my crack, and rub my shaft as I flow fort.

    The bed is a mess, but I donít mind, as I lay down and nestle you in my balls and bush for the rest of the night.