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Posted by talisman on December 14, 2001 at 04:48:34:


Rising up for another day, she stepped out of her make shift bed. Wrapped in drapes of clothing, what ever the masters decided to let her use for her bed. She climbed up over the bureau and scanned across the massive spread of the massive bed. The two giants were snoring away. She stretched her tiny arms before transcending down off the bureau and a short jump over to the bed. She found a ripple in the blankets and crawled in.
The air was stuffy and moist underneath. The odor of feet flesh was overpowering. The long haul would take her a few minutes before she finally encountered the first masterís spread. Her eyes were now getting adjusted to the dim, as she made out the image of the giantís crotch.
His sack was incredibly gigantic. Rounded off and resembling a massive bean chair. She climbed on crawling upwards, her body sinking into the confines of each flabby flesh of the giantís sack.
She massaged with her fingers and using her body as well. From out and above she heard the murmurs of the giant stirring, probably taking notice of her presence. This was her morning choir, and has been for some time now, since her capture.
Sleeping next to the giant was another larger still. After she would do likewise with him.
The giantís sack started to become more and more moist as the sensations brought him to erection. She looked high as his titanic cock rose up into the heavens, stretching and expanding ever so larger and larger. She continued to absorb his sweat, and stayed on regardless of his erratic movements. She now knew she must move up higher, the task of scaling her masterís erection.
She positioned her feet on the soft sack, and then used her legs to gain height after height. She was now scaling with all fours, using her tongue to massage away the feeling. She managed to get halfway up, when the presence of something was near her. She turned just in time to catch a glimpse of total darkness, capturing her.
The giant opened his eyes, and yawned. He handled his cock, and began to masturbate, he felt her tiny body tangled in his grip, and greedily used her to garner his first climax of the day.
He raked her up and down on his grand shaft, circling her around his whole circumference. Taking her tiny body up to his head, he plunged her body, after rolling her up with his fingers and smearing her around his mushroom. The sensation gripped him fiercely as he felt his balls throb. His ass catapulted upwards as he felt his first strike.
His hand was instantly engrossed with his thick cream. He worked his cock until he felt he was generally finished.
The giant removed his hand; stringy cum streamed away with his fingers, leaving a large glob oozing down his shaft, in the midst

Lay her limp body running down into a large pool gathering below his scrotum. She lay there not moving, trying to wipe the mush from her breathing holes. Her limp arms gave way many times before she finally passed out.
She woke up to a rumble of activity, the stink was incredible now, and she looked up and was now between the other giantís ass cheeks. His gigantic rear unfolded before her eyes. She managed to crawl away just a bit, but the roar of the giant caught her once more.
The stench folded around her like a thick curtain, she tried to breathe any available fresh air possible, but the giant seemed to be having attacks of the flatulence. A large hand dug in deep to scratch, with the enormous fingers brushing by her.
The giant moved his roving fingers until he took hold of her.
He brought her up and out to his eyes, and probed a peak at her. He fondled her in his fingers, manipulating her around like a caught bug. He looked over at the other giant again in a deep slumber, before he rushed his hand back down under the covers.
He jammed her feet first into his wet anus, humping himself hard.
He moaned out loud, shaking the other awake momentarily.
He pulled her out, and spread her over his shaft now. Using even movements spreading her thins and long. He brushes her along his long pipe, finally achieving a sensation of great relevance when he reaches his massive over grown head. Around and around he moves her around his perimeter, poking her in his pee-hole at times.
Her scream go unheard, she tries to shout up, but know she may as well be trying to fight off his massive advances.
HE too reaches cataclysmic climax. Spewing forth a large amount of thick cum. His organ pumps it out like a damn burst. She is caught in the wash, and spread over like thick coals of creamy thick molten.
She is left to lounge in his deep pool, gathering beneath his tailbone.
She will linger on until they both rise and get out of bed. Later when she is able to rise herself once again, she will tear herself out from the dried cocoon.