STORY: Family masters

Posted by Mark on June 19, 2003 at 05:02:34:

#Ive been working on this story for a long time now and finally finished so here it is and hope you like it.


Lisa was a very cruel girl but very popular. No one likes her though because she thinks she is better then everyone else. She lives at home with her mother and her older brother and little sister (Greg and Jessica)

“Jessica!” Lisa yelled, stomping down the hall to the bathroom. “Jessica, you open the door this instant!” she banged on it. The door opened slightly, but Lisa pushed it open more. She then grabbed her sister by the hair and dragged her down the hall. She ignored her sisters’ cries of pain and dumped her on the floor of her room. “Look at the mess you made playing in my room? My clothes are all over the floor!”
“I-I’m sorry Lisa...I just.....I just wanted to be pretty like you.” Jessica said, looking up at her sister in adoration.
“I don’t care!” Lisa said “Clean it, now. God, little girls are such a pain!”
“One day I’m gonna be big, you know!” Jessica cried.
“Yeah yeah.” She grabbed a magazine and went to the door “This better be cleaned up, and fast. I’m going to watch TV.” and with that she stomped off.

Lisa had her feet up on the coffee table, and read her magazine. The Tv was on, but she wasn’t paying much attention. She then heard jessica yelling to her up the stairs, and then a bizarre nauseous feeling. Lisa got to her feet and ran, her flip flops slapping against her heels, to the bathroom. She opened the door, the feeling of dizzyness getting worse and worse. She watched as things got distorted, the sink...was getting bigger? Suddenly she couldn’t see anymore. She blacked out for a second, and then awoke again
on a hard surface. She crawled forward, unable to see. She seemed to be covered by fabric....she saw a large rainbow colored arch above her.... “Oh my god.” she said, as she realised where she was.
She was standing on the sole of her own wooden sandal.

She heard some pounding coming towards her, the floor was shaking. She looked up at the giant bathroom door and screamed as it opened. Standing above her was her Mother, her giant feet(still adorned in thier hose) stomping down. Her long hair swung disconcertinly, and it made Lisa dizzy to watch. Her Mother still had her brown work suit on, and then heard the loud speaker voice of her Mother blast into the room.
“Lisa.......leaving your clothes around! Little brat.” She looked down.
“Brat!?” Lisa shouted. “Mom! Please! Down here on the sandal! You have to see me! Please!” but her voice wasn’t loud enough. Her Mother bent down and collected the clothes and sandals into a pile and began to carry them off, but not Lisa. Lisa fell off and
landed near her Mothers’ foot. Lisa coughed at the rankness of the foot, and then realised she was now in the living room, surrounded by carpet. Her Mothers’ foot stood there enormous, the toes wiggling. her Mother had stopped to pick up the phone! Lisa looked at the foot. It was gross and smelly! How......awful! And it was her Mom’s feet......but she had to get help. Someone had to make her big again. She ran and climbed the stocking and sat at the base of her Mothers’ toes and held on. The feet moved on, her Mother talking to a friend. She listened for a while.
“Yeah, louise.....she can be such a pain in my ass. I swear, that girl thinks she’s the queen of the earth and everyone exists to serve her. She thinks she’s so big. Someone should cut her down to size.”
“Mom...?” Lisa said quietly, tears coming to her eyes. “Fine...” she said, wiping her tears. “Fine. I’m leaving you. See how you like it.” and with that she leapt off the foot onto the carpet of the hallway. Her gigantic mother moved off down the hall, leaving Lisa weeping alone in the hall. She was near the door to her room. She didn’t feel the pounding right away, but she turned to see a pair of sandaled feet. Small sandaled feet. She looked up at the grinning face of her pretty little sister, Jessica.
“Lisa......You’re a dolly now...” Jessica said, and reached for her......

Jessica’s big hand came down, the lines in her palm becoming clearer and clearer
to the terrifyed Lisa, who screamed as the hand came closer. Jessica giggled and closed
her fingers around her, and lifted her screaming into the air. She was brought in front of
her sisters’ gigantic face, who was still giggling. Her blue eyes stared at her, the smile
getting bigger and bigger. Her blonde hair looked beautiful at this size, Lisa noticed, the
mini-perfection of her sister suddenly becoming clearer to her. Jessica grabbed one of
Lisa’s hands between her thumb and forefinger and dangled her, laughing. “You’re so
small!” she said softly, laughing. Lisa screamed in pain and terror as gravity threatened to
pull her the hundreds of feet down at her sisters’ feet where she would surely be

“Jessica! Please don’t drop me! I’m so sorry I hurt you earlier!” Lisa pleaded, but
jessica lowered her hand quickly, making Lisa scream. “Please! NO!” jessica laid her in her
other palm then, and poked her with her finger several times. “Stop that!” lisa cried “This
is inhumane! I’m your older sister!”
“You’re a toy now.” Jessica said “A little teeny tiny toy. I told you I would be
bigger someday.”
“What have you got there, honey?” Her Mother said. Jessica turned around and
stuffed her doll sister into her pocket.
“Nothing, Mom. Just a doll.” jessica said. Lisa wept, crying out to her Mother.
“Mom! Mom, please help me!” Lisa cried. She could see her out there, over the
top of the pocket, smiling at her little sister. her Mothers’ massive arms wrapped around
the girl, and Lisa was shoved forward and fell down onto a quarter, scraping her elbow.
“Mommy!” Lisa screamed “Mommy, help me! Please!”
“Well, you have fun with your doll.” Her Mom said, and walked away. Lisa wept
“I am just a doll.” She cried “I am.....” then huge fingers with green fingernails
ripped her from the pocket and she was once more presented in the palm of her little
sister. BIG sister, now. Lisa got to her feet. “Please, jessica.......please, you have to help
“No I don’t.” Jessica said, grinning “You’re mine now, like Mommy said. My new

“I’m not a doll.” Lisa said, looking up at her Goddess sister. She dropped to her
knees “Please, I’ll do anything you say! Help me!” Jessica ignored her and went into her
room, dropping her sister onto the floor. She was on her knees and looked over next to
her as her sisters left big toe brushed against her. She looked up past her sister’s skirt, and
then to her giant grinning face.
“Remember how you used to make me take your Sandals off?” Jessica asked. Lisa
looked up at her, shaking her head rapidly. “You used to sit down and make me undo the
straps. You have to do that. Now.”
“I’m too small!” Lisa said “I can’t! Help me get big, I’ll do anything! I’ll be your
slave for life, Jessica! Help me!!!!”
“Do it!” Jessica commanded “Or I’ll squash you like a bug!” and she lifted her
huge sandal over her tiny sister. Lisa cowered under the sole of her little sisters’ foot.
“Ok!” Lisa said “Please don’t squish me!” Jessica’s foot went back to the way it
was. She crossed her arms expectently. Lisa went to work, fiddling with the huge buckles.
She pulled the first one off after some struggle, but started to pull at the huge straps but
couldn’t pull it free. “Jessica.......I can’t! I’m trying!” Jessica laughed.
“You can’t even undo my sandals, dolly!” jessica said, laughing. Lisa dropped to
her knees on her sisters foot, exhausted. She went on all fours on top of the foot and
lowered her head down. Jessica laughed. “Kiss my feet!” She giggled. “Yeah!” Lisa
looked at the foot, and then gave it a peck. Her sister loomed over her. She didn’t feel it.
Lisa closed her eyes and kissed it as hard as she could, pressing down. The foot smelled
some, but she forced herself. “Good slave!” Jessica said. Lisa was humilated. Her life was
now a tiny slave to her little sister. If the kids at school knew she kissed her sisters’
feet....she was snapped out of it as the foot moved suddenly, dropping her to the carpet.
Jessicas’ massive hand came down and enveloped her, carrying her to a small table.

“You’re naked, barbie!” Jessica said.
“Barbie?!” Lisa cried, outraged. Jessica laughed.
“Little tiny Lisa.......” Jessica said, touching her tits with big fingers “You’re, let’s get some clothes for you.” She grabbed some doll clothes and wrapped it
on the doll girl. Lisa was humilated further. She could fit in doll clothes! Her sister
laughed and picked her up, fondling her in her fingers. “You are so cute.” Jessica said
gleefully. She kissed her on the head. “Good little doll lisa......” she put her on the bed and
put her feet up next to her. She removed her sandals and displayed her big feet in front of
her. “ always made me paint your nails. Your turn.” She handed her a brush
and some polish.

“Please don’t make me do this! It’s degrading!” Lisa said. Jessica grabbed her
roughly and shook her.
“You’re mine now, Lisa! My slave, doll, toy, pet... whatever I want! You’re all
tiny! Now paint my toes!” and she tossed her onto the bed. She rolled into the indentation
her foot made and landed face down on her toes. She looked up at Lisa and kissed the
toes, hoping to be forgiven before she was killed. Jessica smiled and nodded. Lisa set to

It took hours. Jessica amused herself by reading, listening to those awful backstreet
boys, or talking on the phone. Lisa finished and fell down onto the toes, covering herself
with toenail polish. Jessica laughed and picked her up. “Ok, tiny’ve earned rest.
I’ll go get you something to eat. You can stay in the dollhouse.” and with that Lisa was
placed in the dollhouse and her enormous sister left the room in a hurry, her bare feet
thudding as she went. Lisa sat, looking around. She needed help. Who could she count
on? Melodie! Her older sister. She just had to get to her. Jessica came in and dropped a
little bit of bread and a thimble of water in front of her. “eat up, lil’ lisa.” she said with a
laugh. Lisa ate and feigned sleep. Jessica fell asleep fast, leaving Lisa to escape. The
dollhouse luckily was on the floor, and she snuck out. She nervously watcher her giant
sister on the bed, just next to the dollhouse as she slowly and quietly snuck out. She
passed the enormous sandals and finally got into the hall. It was dark there, the hallway
empty. She walked slowly when she heard a noise. Oh,no. Not that. Baby, the family
kitten, walked over. The enormous cat stared down at her, and reached out a paw. The
kitten smacked her, sending her back. She looked around for escape.
“Baby, No!” but the cat wasn’t listening. It was on the hunt. Lisa took off, running
as fast as she could to escape the ferocious beast. She ran for the nearest door....the cat
roared and the door opened. Gregory looked out of it.
“Baby, what the hell?” he said. Lisa scampered over his bare feet and into his
room. She ran under the bed as she shut the door in the cats face. She looked around at
the enormous room of her brother. His big bare feet walked over next to the bed and then
sat down in his chair. He was on the computer. Lisa looked down at her doll clothing,
covered in nail polish and at the nasty bruise caused by that damned cat.
“I’m gonna have you nutered!” Lisa roared at the door. She turned around and
walked into a big smelly sock. She coughed and backed away. “Clean your room, pig!”
she screamed at her Brother. She ventured out into the room, past dirty clothes and
random items spilled around walking towards her brother. She finally made it to his big
bare smelly feet. She looked up past his bare legs and boxers to his face, examining his
screen. “Greg!” she screamed, jumping up and down. “Greg, I’m down here!” she walked
up and kicked his big toe.
“ow!” he said, looking down. “So that’s what she was chasing. Stupid bugs.” he
raised a big sole and slammed it down, but she dove.

“No, Greg! I’m your sister.” He couldn’t hear. He stopped down and picked her
up in his rough palm.
“Cool.” he muttered “A tiny girl.” He didn’t recognise her. he examined her
closely. “Wait a minute......Lisa?” he laughed.
“Yes! Oh,yes. It’s me!” She said.
“Little Lisa.” He giggled “Wow, you’re a little one.”
“Greg, you have to help...”
“I have to help? No,no lil sis. I don’t have to do anything.” He said “You’re kind
of a bitch. Maybe I’d be doing everyone a favor if I squished you. I wonder what it would
feel like, to squash my little tiny sister like a bug.”
“Wha-what? Why can’t anyone in this family help me?!” Lisa cried.
“Because you’re a mean bitch.” Greg said. He stood up and placed her at his feet.
She looked at them. “You don’t want to die?”
“Then beg. Get down on your knees and beg my big powerful feet not to squash you!” he
said angrily. She dropped immedietly..
“Please....please don’t Greg.” She said.
“Master.” He said, laughing. “Call me master.”
“Yes...ok,ok. Master! Please Master don’t kill me!”
“Kiss my toes.” He commanded. She crawled forward and kissed his big toe. She
even licked it. Anything. He laughed. “Alright, little tiny lisa is licking my toe. That is so
cool.....” he grabbed a jar and picked up her up, dropping her in there. “Ok, get
comfortable. This is your new home.” he looked around. “Let’s see.....Mom will find you.
I need to hide your house.” He found a shoe box. “Ok, new plan.” He placed her in his
palm again and put her in the box, with a pair of old running shoes. “You live here. Clean
those.” and he placed the cover on. He put it under his desk and put his foot on it.
“You’re gonna worship me.” he said, stomping a bit. “I am your God.”

Morning finally came and lisa's mother came in seeing the box on the floor her wandering what was in it, she open it up. She looked and saw little lisa laying there sleeping. "Oh my god, my wishes have come true, my little brat of a daughter is now down to a size where i can teach her a lesson" hearing the loud words lisa woke up seeing her mother staring down at her smiling a evil grin. "Oh thank god MOM! please help me you dont know what Ive been through." lisa said relived. "And your going to be alot more through it.."

Lisa was sick to her stomach her own mother is now not helping her. Her mother then picked her up and took her to her bedroom. Her mother than bent her over on her finger. "Mom w..w..what are you going to do" lisa said. Her mother smiled and began plucking her in the ass. "AHHH" lisa cried. Her mother continued to do so for a few minutes till she thought she had learded her lesson. Lisa's ass being so sore she is able to tell her mother "Mom ok i learned my less just please help me". "You know lisa i think ill keep you like this FOREVER." Lisa is now wanting to kill herself, she never knew her family felt this way about her. Her mother then pulled out a pair of pantyhose and stuck her daughter in one and begin putting her gigantic foot in it, basically smothering her daughter. "This should shut you up for a while" her mother sticking her foot up on the coffe table.

After about two hours her mother took her out and put her on the floor. "Well lisa you better get use to this, i mean how many mothers can say they got there daughter for a slave" with that said lisa took off running, her mother not even chasing her figureing who gives a shit about her let her starv, but she got to act like she never saw lisa and tell the kids.

As lisa was running she began to hear loud thumping noises, she didnt know where they were coming from.They out of now where a giant foot come crashing infront of her with pink toenails. She looked up and realized it was her sister who swooped her up in her hand. "Ha Ha i guess i got you back" jessica said "Please jessica i cant take no more you got to help me" lisa said "well ill give you a hint, im not going to help you im going to help the family"

Her sister then took her to her bedroom and placed her on the floor. "well never thought i would kill someone,especaily not my sister but it should be fun" jessica said. Lisa about to give up on her life anyway yells out "Come on Kill me you stupid bitch kill me" saying out loud with no hope left. Jessica smiles down at her "Im not going to kill you.......NOT!!!!!!!" with that said jessica slams her giant barefoot over lisa killing her.Blood began to cover the floor all over her foot.

Lisa's mother then called the kids down stares. "Greg,Jessica have any of you seen your sister" she said knowing that she planned on keeping her for her slave but couldnt look suspicious. "No mom" greg said knowing he did also."what about you jessica" mom said "No mom havent seen her in while" jessica said. "Hey hunny your foot is bleeding or somthing you got blood all over it" mom said "WHOOOPS HA HA HA." the family all began to laugh together in a big celebration..