VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD

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Saturday, 22-Jul-2000 14:23:39 writes:

Hope you enjoy....

I got totally pissed over a few hours and, I must admit,
giddy with the power I had over my pets. I let Jerry, Carol,
and Donna into the booze as well while we were serviced by
the little people. As Amanda sucked me I grabbed one of the 8
inch women from the floor. Judging from her struggles, it was
the first time big person paid her so much attention. Compared to
the rest of her family, she was a little dowdy with a slightly too
big ass and a small pot. She was expendable. My fingers just met
while I held her tightly around the bum and waist. Her arms were
flapping aroud. She was crying and sobbing with the big tears
splashing on my fingers. I cupped her cheeks tightly between my
fingers and squeezed until her mouth had to open.


"C-c-candice Adams, m-m-master."


"Uh, Please don't hurt me Master."

I released the face and held both the flailing little arms in one
hand. She dangled, squirming in horror. Letting go of her bum, I
flicked at her hairless little twat and tits mercilessly. Just
for the fun of it. Soon she couldn't even squeel. The front of her
body was covered in bruises. I concentrated on her clit and grew
it to a huge size, maybe 3/4 of an inch.

"AHHH, oh god, please, no!"

Poor Candice never felt so much pain in her life. The blows
rained on her mercilessly on her most sensitive parts. Her
breasts and clit were beaten so badly she couldn't even scream
any more. She dangled by her hands held easily by the monster.
Suddenly the beating stopped. Her eyes bulged in horror as her
head hung down. Candice watched as her clit exploded from its
shroud and grew to an impossible size. It wasn't even erect.
She looked up and heard the gigantic monster giggle at the

I trapped her arms behind her back and placed her in one hand. She
screamed when I lifted each leg to her shoulders. Her huge clit
was ready for me to chow down. I ran one finger slowly across
her anus, through her pussy and up the long clit. She struggled
and moaned at my first contact with her most sensitive organ.
I was fairly gentle as it slowly became erect, growing to about
an inch and a half. It looked incredibly obscene. I slowly
licked it and enjoyed the smooth texture. She finally shuddered
in orgasm, but I was merciless. She was in agony and was soon
having multiple orgasms. Her eyes were shut tight and rolling to
the back of her head. Then I suddenly bit hard. There was a
strangled scream and the poor little cunt passed out. She went
so limp I thought I was chewing on a dead clit for a while.
Suddenly I came in Amanda's eager mouth.


Amanda looked up in fear.

"Yes Master."

She sucked and licked some more while I held the unconscious
little cunt in my palm. I concentrated on various parts of her
little body and created a sex tool freak. Her arms and legs had
all but disappeared, her tongue was almost normal size and hung
obscenely out of her mouth, close to her 36D cup breasts, of
course the clit was larger too. She was a nice little handful,
easily fitting into the palm of my hand. Just tongue and clit.
I tuned her on her stomach and concentrated on her bum. Soon it
was two inches across, round and soft.

I couldn't resist and soon had it to my mouth, running my tongue
up and down the crack between pussy and anus. She twitched and
made gurgling sounds when I worked my tongue into her pussy. Her
clit and tits, especially the nipples were so huge. Soon her
tiny body was wriggling in silly attempts to avoid my tongue,
teeth or pinching fingers. With my palm, i was squeezed her sexy
butt together really good, rubbing the cheeks together, the
other hand pinching her tits, nipples and tongue. I soon felt her
tiny writhing body heat up, especially her huge clit. It tasted
so good. licking the length of her clit, eating the pussy
flavored clit sweat was wonderful. Those little
helpless gurgling objections (heh heh).