Posted by sassybutch on February 06, 2003 at 11:10:06:

I was at the airport with my boyfriend, waiting to get on my plane when I
saw his ex walking by. I saw her go in the bathroom so I excused myself
and followed her in. I figured out which stall she was in and went into
the stall next to her. her water bottle was sitting on the floor beside
her large bag, out of her view, but right next to me. I unscrewed the top
and slipped one of my pills in there, screwed the top back on. I watched
her pick up bottle and bag and walk out of the bathroom without a clue. I
followed right after and kept my eye on her as I headed back to my seat
next to my boyfriend. I saw her take a few swigs from the bottle and
smirked to myself. "what are you smirking about?" my boyfriend asked.
"hmm? oh nothing, just something that happened earlier." He raised one
eyebrow at me but decided to let it go, knowing I was up to something but
I wasn't going to tell him. When I looked up a few minutes later and
couldn't spot her, I knew the pill had taken effect. "Oh shit, I think I
left my sweater in the bathroom" I lied to my boyfriend and hurried in
that direction. When he went back to reading his book I went to her gate,
and sure enough, I found her wandering around, dazed and confused, about
the size of my pinkie toe. I walked up to her and stopped with my (to
her) gigantic feet millimeters from her head. She stretched her head back
to look up at me, and when she got to my face and recognized me she
scowled and started yelling "You bitch! I know it was you! Turn me back
or I'll..." "Or you'll what" I smirked, "punch me in the shoe? come with
me tootsie" and I scooped her into my jeans pocket. I sauntered back to
my boyfriend and sat down smugly. He looked up at me suspiciously "what
are you up to walking all over the airport?" I smiled, took her out of my
pocket and dropped her in his hand. "Look what I found. a little remnant
of your past." He squinted his eyes trying to see, then realized who it
was and his eyes opened wide in disbelief. "you used a pill on my ex?
what are you doing?" he asked me. "your girlfriend is a cunt, let me go
and turn me back!" she pleaded. suddenly his face changed "wait a
minute...who are you calling a cunt, cunt. that's my girlfriend and you
better treat her with respect!" I picked her up by one leg, hung her in
front of my face, and snarled "news flash, he's mine now. he's not going
to protect you....you might as well be anyone, isn't that right honey."
and with that I threw her down on the carpet, took off my shoe, and
slammed my foot down next to her. "Now, rub my aching foot before it
crushes you." she refused, yelling "there is no way in hell I will touch
any stinky foot of yours!" so I kicked her over, placed my big toe on top
of her and began to press down. I felt some ribs crack and she cried out
in pain "okay okay!" But I kept pressing, saying with my teeth clenched
"say he's mine and you have no power over him anymore" still pressing.
she could barely breathe but she said it. but I kept pressing. "say you
don't deserve to touch his cock, you only deserve to be under my smelly
feet". somehow she gasped it out. "Ok, now you may resume massaging"
and I let her up. she stumbled to rise and, wincing with each movement,
began to pitifully rub my foot. I leaned back smugly and gave my
boyfriend a kiss. "You love me more right?" "yes, baby, you know she's
out of my life" he said. "So will you prove it?" I asked. He rolled his
eyes "there's nothing to prove, yes, whatever, I dno't care." "Great!" my
eyes twinkled. I spoke to her "you can stop now, not that you were
accomplishing anything." I placed a bag on top of my boyfriend's lap to
hide what I was taking out of his fly, and I put her right in front of it.
I stroked it and whispered in his ear the things he likes to hear. She
saw it grow large and hard in front of her, almost purple. "No one can
turn him on like me!" I scowled in her face and I grabbed it and whacked
her violently from side to side. My boyfriend wasn't even paying
attention, he just leaned back with his eyes closed, enjoying my hand on
his cock, not caring what happened to her. I kept whispering in his ear,
stroking it, and slamming her around his lap with it. He came quickly, in
her face and on her mangled body, and I gave him a kiss. "just relax babe
and let me take care of this mess" I said. I grabbed her limp,
cum-covered body, and said under my breath, "you are a slut. You slept
with my boyfriend and I cannot have that. do you hear me? YOU ARE A
slut" and I shook her "TELL ME!" she tried to get the words out but her
mouth was covered and full of his cum. "get that cum out of your mouth
you dirty, filthy, WHORE!!" and I raged into a frenzy, throwing her down
on the ground, smashing her under my foot, raising out of my chair to jump
on her, smashing her into a pulp into the carpet. My boyfriend had
recovered "Babe, calm down, its time to get on the plane." I curled my
lip and ground my heel over her one last time. "filthy fucking slut" I
muttered as I picked up my bags and walked onto my plane.