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Story: The ecstacy of revenge
Wednesday, 02-Dec-98 21:35:43 writes:

    I come by here so often, I thought it was about time to contribute something. I am starting this story pretty much improvised, so if you see some ideas that you like, feel free to turn it into another story. I am going to try for the revenge angle.
    If you are a kid, go read a Dr. Seuus book, How do you think I got so messed up!

    Gina was a genius but no one ever took her seriously. At 4'8", who would? She had a nice figure, though, and she worked out. In fact, if you would see a photo of her, you would swear she was taller. But she learned to make the most of her height. Secretly, however, she always wanted to be taller. She didn't have a problem with guys, in fact she like to look up to them and she liked to have a powerful hand hold her tight. What she didn't like were the way other girls would treat her. Although in a way she was, she resented being called "Midget" by her peers.
    Well, as mentioned earlier, Gina was a genius. She had worked very hard on a project involving molecular manipulation. In short, she wanted to make matter expand. Only her partner, Riki, knew vaugely about the project. Riki a stooge in comparison to Gina's IQ, but at 5'11" she had a confidence that Gina had never had. Also, Riki was street-smart, in other words, a bitch! One of the supervisors of the project,Will, had fallen for Gina. With her cute little size, and innocent demeanor, he thought of her as a doll.
    however, Riki worked a charm on him and stole her from Gina. But it wasn't enough that She took Gina's boyfriend, She also wanted to ruin Gina's work. After crossing a few wires, Riki knew that the gun would explode in Gina's hand when she would try to turn it on. Riki thought to herself about the dangers, "Well, if it kills her that's one less nerd to put up with."
    The next day Gina got her gear ready. She knew if the project was a success, she would easily get a promotion. She took a tiny wooly-worm out and set the laser on it. A green flash and she saw the wooly worm become smaller.
    "Some expansion device, Gina", called her boss, Will, Now all you have to do is shrink the entire universe but the wooly-worm"
    "But I don't understand, it worked yesterday just perfectly."
    "I know you have put alot into it, though, and I admire determination in a worker, so your still going to get your promotion."
    Will had changed after saeeing the dedication in Gina,"Gina lets have dinner tonight to celebrate your promotion."
    Riki fell through the floor, not ony did this pint size egghead get a promotion , but she was getting her boyfriend back too. Always the egotistical bitch she was, she knew this was her last straw. She would wait outside Gina's house tonight when she got back from dinner and stab the egghead to death.
    Riki waited and waited in side Gina's house. Finally, she heard the door open. With all her might she drove her knife in the darkened figure. "ARRRGGHH", cried a deep voice, " wha-why, oh, God!" -Plunk- Will fell dead.
    "You crazy bitch! You just killed Will!"
    "Oh, god I did! Well there's no time for you grieving your about to meet him!", cried Riki.
    "I don't think so bitch!" with that Gina aimed the laser on Riki. Slowly, Riki began dwindling in front of Gina. 5'10,5'2,5', 4,11,. Now lokking eye-to-eye with "midget"...4'8,4'3,4'1,3'6,2'3,1'2...6",4"...
    Now loking up she saw the truck-sized knife she killed Will with, furthermore, she saw a tidal-wave of blood coming toward her.
    "I could let you drown, but that would be too big of me!" Right now I should probaly want to kill you, but I finally have a shrimp I can boss around, and you'll be with me for a long time.
    "Please, don't hurt me!" cried the half-inch Riki.
    "Hurt you, you mean like this!"-- Gina picked Riki up by her long raven-black hair.
    "Owwwwwwwww! Please put me down gina!"
    "Very well bitch!"- Gina through the tiny bitch hard to the floor.
    "Oh, Please make me big again!"
    "Are you sure you want that, A lot of cops are going to be looking for a White female, 5'11", 134lbs, long black hair... last seen stabbing a man to death!" Gina knwe she had no intentions of making Riki big again, she just delighted in pointing out the irony.
    "At your height now, you aren't much bigger than the needle they'll put you to sleep with. But one thing's for sure, you could escape any cell they kept you in!"
    "No, please, I'll confess! Just make me big again!"
    "Oh, alright, there's not much more damage you can do now."
    1", 1.5",2",2.5",3",4",5"
    Now your'e "big" again! True, your'e ten times smaller than me, but at least your'e big enough to handle!"
    "Oh, please, what are you going to do to me?"
    Oh, I am sure I can think of many things!
    Looking at the knife, Gina had a wild idea and shrunk the knife to Riki's height.
    You wanted to stab me, now go for it -Oh, just a minute," Gina shrunk RIki down to 1/10th of an inch tall, "now slice away!"
    Feeling that this was the only chance she might have on her tormentor, Riki jumped and tried stabbing Gina. But alas, it was all in vain, Riki could barely make a fefw microscopic abbrasions.
    "Now its my turn!" boomed the continent size Gina.
    Growing Riki to a full foot, she grabbed the doll-sized knife.
    "you remember Nursery school, don't you, Riki!
    Well, now it's time for a GRIM poem!
    "THIS(holding her up by the hair) LITTLE PIGGY CRIED HOME!..." Taking a stab at Riki's ass
    "AND THIS LITTLE PIGGY CRIED GINA GINA GINA, PLEASE DON'T HURT ME, AFTER ALL I WAS ONLY GOING TO KILL YOU!", Gina boomed as she took a few more swipes with the knife.
    "Oh, I am getting tired, let's go to bed." Gina calmy said.
    " You mean you're going to take me to bed with you like a toy?" cried Riki.
    "Not exactly, but your pretty close on the toy part."
    "Fifi, Fifi, Come here sweetie, I want you to meet your new room-mate!"cooed Gina.
    Along came a moutain lion sized( to Riki) Persian cat.
    "I want you and Fifi to get aquainted, you'll be sharing the same litter box." "Oh, don't worry, Fifi won't bite, at least as long as you don't get much smaller!"
    Go to sleep little one, you have a BIG day ahead of you!

    Well, there may be more to this story, I didn;t want to kill the bitch off in the first round, because I am not sure how much more Gina can tease her. I had wanted to try a woman shrinking woman story, and this just kind of crawled on me! Let me know what you think.

    LOne Shrinker