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My first shot at a story. Using a "replicator universe"



It was going to be an interesting fight. Over in the red circle was very heavy muscled male dressed in skin tight shorts, bare footed and no shirt. He was virtually a god, well toned muscles rippling as he stretched and flexed. He stood a full 12 inches tall and 5 kilos in weight. He exuded the confidence of knowing that he was undefeated, never having faced anyone his equal. His master and trainer had prepared him well, to which he thanked his master through his victories and brutal finishes to his opponents.

Across the arena in the blue circle stood 2 females who appeared to be well toned and in shape. In shape as any highly trained aerobics instructor would be. Long muscled, and built for speed. Both were dressed in red one piece suits that did not restrict their movement and showed off their bodies to great effect. Both were 7.5 inches tall and 4.2 kilos in weight. One a long haired blonde and tanned, the other equally long haired but red in color and pale white in skin color. Both wore knee high wrestling boots. Their trainer and mistress had spared nothing in their creation and training. This would be their first appearance in the battle drome, but they had shown great talent in their training arena. There, they had defeated all comers, both in team fights and singly.

Each of the competitors went through their individual preparations and preflight routines. It was going to be a great fight.


Dollfighter. Where trainers and their teams of dollfighters to compete against each other. Fights were handicapped based on sex, size and weight of the fighter. Thus, it wasn't unusual to see 2 women fighting one man. Or even in some cases, 3-4 women against a man. There even was a very memorable fight between a woman and 5 men, but that is a story for another time.

Each trainer would use their replicator to create his or her fighter. They would input the necessary statistics to create the fighter they desired. No fighter could be larger than 12 inches tall and 5 kilos in weight. There was, however, no minimum size. There were restrictions on torso, arm and leg lengths. They had to be in human form (no gorillas or great apes). Sex of the fighter was also optional, male or female or neuter. Once created, the trainer would then start training them in various combat arts, both unarmed and armed. It all depended on the trainer. Some trainers worked their fighters day and night.

It was easy to find a fight as the Net were just full of discussion boards. Challenges would be posted on these message boards. There they would be accepted and the bout arranged, with the results posted afterwards, either by the combatants or a neutral observer. Then there was League play, with the Premier League being the penultimate forum for trainers to compete in, by invitation only, thank you. There were also the more nefarious leagues where the level of violence was not regulated and their were no limits to the brutality or sexual contact.


Chapter 1. Training Days

Naomi was very new at this dollfighting, only getting into running a stable after seeing how much fun her brother had running his. Naomi's brother also was about to be invited to the Premier League, and she just hated how smug he had become.

So, to show him up and prove that anyone could do this, she started her own stable. She chose mostly smaller fighters and training them as team fighters, fighting in pairs or threesomes. This was the exact opposite of the way her brother Phil went, who specialized in the larger male and female fighters in the super heavy weight classes. True, Phil's fighters were mostly muscle bound wrecking machines, but they could fight and win.

Naomi fighters were mostly females, although she did have a couple of males for "entertainment purposes". Her selections also were quite diverse, but she liked the idea of 2-3 women beating the crap out of a single male. So, to take advantage of the rules, she chose smaller dimensions. She also chose to make her dollfighters quite beautiful so as to be a distraction to the other trainer.

Her stable consisted of 11 female dollfighters and 2 male dollfighters. All of the females were achingly beautiful and none were larger than 8 inches tall. Her male dollfighters, however, were 10 & 11 inches tall, lean and well muscled. They use to be part of her brother Phil's stable, but they didn't measure up to his standards, so he gave them to Naomi to get her stable started.

Naomi used her male dollfighters as training tools for her female dollfighters. That was because she really didn't know how to use a male dollfighter very well. The first two dollfighters Naomi created were identical twins, each 7 inches tall and weighing 4 kilos combined. They had shoulder length brown hair that was arranged in pigtails and they were dressed like the little bimbo cheerleaders they were suppose to be. Naomi named them Debbie and Donna. Their bodies were slim and trim, except for their bust line which made them look top heavy, but they bounced in the right places and they didn't seem to have problems moving.

In their early training rounds, they would get beaten easily by Naomi's male dollfighters, ending up not only beaten, but stripped, tied up and spanked. Phil's rejects were really tough competition for Naomi's girls. During one training session with the twins, Buffalo, Naomi's 11 inch male dollfighter, just brutalized them, beating them from pillar to post and sparing no indignation.

The bell sounds and both the dollfighters move out of their corners. Buffalo takes a few steps to his right when Debbie flies at him. Leaping high in the air she catches Buffalo in a Flying Head Scissors. Buffalo is stunned by her swift maneuver and just a second slow to react. Twisting her body she tries to flip over and to send him flying across the ring.

Before she can execute her flip, Buffalo grabs her arm and twists it to force her to release the head scissors. He throws her to the mat, picks her up again and taking two steps he whips her into the ropes and drives his knee into her mid section as she bounces back at him. Doubled over clutching her belly Debbie staggers forward a few steps and falls to her knees.

Wasting no time Buffalo again twists Debbie's arm and pulls her to her feet and whipping her to the ropes. Twice more Debbie is whipped to the ropes and kneed.

Naomi couldn’t believe that Debbie could take this much punishment. Her dazed and groggy dollfighter staggers around the ring unable to fend off her opponent’s attacks. Debbie had been in the ring for only 3 minutes and was near defeat. Debbie's tiny outfit was showing signs of hard use as Buffalo would grope and squeeze her whenever he got his arms around her.

Struggling to get to her feet after being body slammed, her twin dollfighter Dona calls out to her partner “ Debbie – Debbie - over hear- tag me Debbie – tag me".

Both of the Twins know that if Debbie can’t make the tag they will lose the first fall. As Debbie gets to her feet and begins to head to her corner Buffalo grabs her out stretched arm and twists it whipping her into the ropes. As Debbie flies back at him, Buffalo’s hand smacks into her forehead his fingers rapping around her face as he traps her in a German Claw Hold.

Debbie’s screams can easily be heard throughout Naomi's garage. Phil, Naomi's brother sticks his head in and sees Naomi running her training session. He silently wanders in to observe the festivities.

Buffalo ratchets up the pain by setting another German Claw Hold in Debbie's crotch. Her arms flail wildly about and her legs twitch rapidly making look as though her little white cheerleader sneakers were tap shoes as she hopped from toe to toe. Slowly her arms come together as she desperately grabs Buffalo’s wrist. With her strength almost gone she can’t pull his hand free of her face.

Desperately stretching out her arm toward Dona in the corner, Debbie cries out for help “Help me Dona – PLEASE – get him off me – I can’t take any more – get him off me – Please”.

Dona leans as far as she can over the top rope stretching her arm out to tag her suffering partner. The tips of my Debbie’s fingers are only inches away as Buffalo squeezes his claw hold tighter. Debbie has begun to slump to the mat. Her legs wobble as her knees begin to bend. Her arms have fallen to her sides dangling uselessly.

With her last ounce of strength Dona's tag team partner raises her arm toward their corner and again begs me to tag her. “Oh god – Please Dona – tag me – please tag me – he's got me – I can’t get free”.

Debbie's knees finally buckle and she sinks to the mat. Using his free hand to keep Dona's partner from collapsing totally to the mat Buffalo continues to apply the claw hold to a now semi-conscious Debbie. Buffalo looks over at Dona and taunts her "is your honey pot as sweet as this one's is?"

He groped her crotch, even the while maintaining the claw hold on her head, "are you as wet as Debbie is? Do you want me to do you like her?"

Seeing Dona's partner no longer able to defend herself, Dona shouts to Naomi to ring the bell and end the fall. “Yo Naomi – ring the bell – she’s finished – come on he’s almost knocked her out – break the hold”.

Naomi either doesn’t hear Dona or doesn’t care. Debbie is now flat on her back legs and arms out stretched with only her head held off the mat. Her arms and leg twitch involuntarily as she remains trapped in Buffalo’s German Claw Hold.

Naomi is looking at Dona as she is entering the ring shouting over the cheering crowd. “Help her Dona – help her – he's going to kill her or worse”.

Dona steps through the ropes and rushes toward her stricken partner. Before she can get to her, Buffalo releases the Claw and lands a brutal chop square on Dona's upper chest. Dona never saw it coming. As his enormous hand crashes into her, Dona is launched strait back into her corner and crashes into the turnbuckle. She is stunned by Buffalo's quick move.

Racing into the corner after Dona, Buffalo grabs the front of her tights and pulls her towards him as he slams a forearm into her ample bosom. Twice more he drives his forearm into her tits. Still holding her by her belt, Buffalo sends his knee crashing into her mid-section.

Dazed and gasping for breath Dona slides down the ropes to the mat. Through blurred vision she can see that Debbie is still lying on the mat. Dona can no longer help her. Buffalo grabs her by her shoes and pulls her out of the corner. Lifting her legs and back off the mat he tucks my shoes under his arms and sling shots Dona across he ring. She smashes face first onto the canvas.

Before she can even try to get up Buffalo is on her. Stepping on the back of her thighs he hooks her shoes around his legs. Reaching down he claws her tits, first left then right, each time grabbing and ripping the thin material of her clothing exposing the young beauty's tits for all to see. He then starts twisting her arms up behind her like a surfboard hold. This teenage girl is trapped; she can’t move her legs or pull her arms free.

Rocking back and forth Buffalo is slowly able to pull Dona's upper body off the mat. With one final heave he pulls her up and over into a Romero Ceiling Hold. Dona's arms and shoulders scream with pain, her legs throb as the muscles tighten and twist her back feels as though it has a knife jammed into it. Naomi can see the look of horror on Dona’s face as she realizes that she is trapped in a punishing submission hold.

Twisting and wiggling her upper body as much as she can, she tries to get out of the hold Buffalo has her in. It’s no use he has her locked in tight. The pain from the hold overwhelms her as screams fill the arena. Tears fill Dona's eyes and run down her cheeks as she realizes that she will soon have to submit.

With blurred vision, Dona desperate lies look around the ring for Naomi. She cries out for her to end the torture “Mistress – Mistress – over here – ring the bell – ring the bell – PLEASE – I GIVE UP – I GIVE UP”.

Phil, who had came into the arena after hearing the Twins screaming, walks slowly over to where Dona is still trapped in the Ceiling Hold.

A smiling Phil says “WOW looks like Buffalo’s really got you. That must hurt. I don’t think you can get out of that hold do you?”

Dona's voice quivers as she tries to answer, “No I can’t get free – he’s got me – PLEASE – ring the bell - I submit – I submit”.

Phil’s evil look sends a shock wave of panic through me. Turning his back on Dona and walking away, panic overwhelms her. She frantically wiggle and twist her body as much as she can in a desperate effort to escape the hold Buffalo had on her.

On the other side of the ring Dona looks over to her unconscious partner. As Debbie starts to come around, Buffalo gives Dona a final bend and tosses her to the mat. He then rolls to his feet and grabs Dona's dazed and confused tag team partner by her white cheerleader shoes. Dragging Debbie away from the ropes and closer to Dona, Buffalo twist her leg around his, locks one of his legs over top of the other drops to the mat trapping Debbie in a Figure Four Leg Lock. Tucking her left boot under his arm and pulling as hard as he can Buffalo increases the pressure on Debbie’s knees. Now fully conscious Dona's tag team partners’ screams as Buffalo's hold her in a torturous submission hold. Twisting back and forth Debbie claws and pounds on Buffalo’s leather clad legs trying to escape his hold. Falling back to the mat in pain and exhaustion she pounds the canvas and covers her face with her hand to mask the pain.

In the ring Debbie and Dona are taking the worst beating of their short lives. Buffalo has Debbie hopelessly trapped in a punishing submission hold she cannot escape from and Dona unconscious.

Looking over at her friend and tag team partner, Debbie can see tears of pain and humiliation running down her cheeks. Debbie desperately pleads to the Naomi "please, Mistress please – make him stop – I submit – let me go – please let me go”.

At last Phil leaves the corner where he and Naomi had been watching. Looking down at the Twins, he looks down at Debbie hopelessly trying to escape the hold Buffalo has her in. With a mocking tone in his voice Phil admonishes Naomi, “Boy I thought you had some girls who were tuff wrestlers. Looks like any one of my boys could have the both of your guys pretty well tided up. I’ll bet that you would like to submit right now wouldn’t you?"

At this point Debbie didn't care much about pride or a championship as she shout screamed “Yes – yes – we submit – we submit”.

“Not so fast” Gail tells us. “You will have to submit aloud”.

Kneeling down beside Debbie, Phil leans close to her “OK Debbie, I guess you’d like Buffalo to let you out of that hold wouldn’t you? Well all you have to do is be nice and answer my questions. Is Buffalo a better dollfighter than you?”

With tears streaming down her face Debbie partner waists no time in answering Gail’s questions. “Yes he is – Buffalo’s a better dollfighter than me”.

“You have been defeated by him?”

"Yes I’ve been defeated by him –Buffalo’s beaten me”.

"Are you ready to submit to Buffalo?”

"Yes –yes – I submit the fall to you Buffalo- let me go please – I submit – I submit”.

Phil slowly unwraps Buffalo’s legs from Debbie’s. Pulling her legs up to her chest Debbie clutches what remained of her outfit to her chest. On the other side of the ring, rolling from side to side, a semi-conscious Dona just sobs and moans in pain.

But, the pain had only just begun as Buffalo moved in on his Twin Prizes.......