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    Discovery: By the talisman

    I’ve had been extremely pleased when I spoke to my girlfriend (back then, now my wife) about fantasies. She had related to me how she was very much into size comparisons. Although she was interested in being gigantic to her counterparts and having control over them, she was really interested in being the tiny one, and having a man or men using total power over her. Which brings me to my story some 10 years later.
    I had come home and found a note on the bulletin board, and it read “ I am out with Becky, will be back at 10 PM” having the night to myself I figured that I go into the bedroom and watch game videos from last weekend. After a couple of hours of watching videos, I went looking into the library for any movies. As I was looking I found her briefcase next to the closet, and I was curious since I thought she had gone out directly from work. After some time of fidgeting through our library of movies my curiosity got the better of me and I went through her briefcase. Once open I found some folders, and letterheads reports and likewise, but what got my attention was a video cassette, with no title.
    I decided to watch it, probably some boring meeting or promotion video from her job. It started out with the camera looking on some people lying around on some type of cushioned material, it was too far from them to see who they were and what they were doing, then the camera started to zoom in on them and when it got close enough I could see that there were 5 women lying around each other lounging style and seemed to be having a good time about it, and the odd thing was that they were dressed in some type of long silky gowns that were baggy with short pants to he calves, and vales hanging from the sides of their heads. Then I recognized my wife Lisa ,and next to her was my neighbors wife Becky. What the hell was this ? I wondered. The camera then went to a higher angle and kept going till it seemed to be a hundred feet in the air. Then I saw the surroundings. and my jaw dropped it was a elegant room with lots of satin and long ferns and majestic urns and vases all over the place the walls were in velvet design with symbols and ancient figures on it, on top of it all the women were lying on a small couch cushion on the floor. The camera then went down again, only this time it went behind the women and came to rest on the floor. Then started to all cast their attention on something very high and following it as it was moving in front of them. Two gigantic feet them came into view directly in front of them, so huge in fact that they could have stomped on all five of the women and not even felt their bodies crush underneath them. A thundering voice came from above them and demanded the women to message his toes and ended his command with a clap of hands. All the women then scurried to the feet and started to slither themselves around the toes and ontop of the feet one at time. They were making out like they were snakes or worms and they used their bellies to move around the giants feet. I saw my wife in particular rooming enthusiastically around between each massive toe, and then even voluntarily slid underneath the massive foot when the giant raised it. He simply rolled her around underneath his foot. And then after some slight pressure treatment raised his foot to the camera showing her body sticking to the bottom like she had been crushed. After the sticky part loosened she simply feel back onto the floor unhurt as it seemed. She then went right back to her place slithering around the other foot with the other women. The giant took turns doing this and other related routines with each women before repeating the process for a little time. Then he clapped and the women scattered of the feet and went back to the cushion. He then seemed to be crouching down, as I saw his knees buckle and his huge hands and arms come down to meet the cushion. The camera then followed the raising of the cushion, and kept behind the giant in complete sight now to a huge bed. He then sat himself down carrying the precious cushion with it payload over his lap until he positioned himself to his liking. This giant had his shit together, and took this fantasy all the way to the outer limits. He was extremely dark skinned, and not African, but more middle eastern. He was totally hairless except for this pencil thin beard around the mouth and a little blob of hair ontop and a ponytail.He was a huge man, not particularly athletic, but quite strong looking, he also had a bit of a paunch, his physique put this fantasy right. He was wearing something that looked out of a Sinbad movie. A sort of shirt gown, and a cross between elephant pants and ankle huggers. He put the pillow to rest next to himself and got out of bed. He then proceeded to remove his clothing. He got down to his thong underwear and his cock was way to massive for them. I heard moans and sighs as he unveiled this cock so huge that it could choke a horse. So long and thick that it made me want to see how these puny women could possibly get it covered. Since the beginning of this video, I had this feeling of betrayal inside me, and at the same time I was aroused and I wanted to see him really work these women, and in particular my wife over good.
    He then got back onto the bed and circled the pillow with his massive gams. He then tipped the pillow unloading the women onto the silk sheets. The giant then ordered the women to enter his cock’s domain and please him. The women all bowed then simultaneously echoed “ Yes master” They all went to his cock huge but sitting limp on the sheets before them. My wife went right to his head and pee-hole and started to rub her face into it, and licking around it, the other women either climbed up the shaft or stayed on either side of it and stroked it with their tongs and hands. Lisa then started to put her attention on the foreskin area and stick her tong and hands beneath the folds, she feverishly worked her head into it and started to climb higher onto the head. His cock started to rise as it started to harden. His head now raised the crown to it’s perfect form.
    And with it my Lisa was riding on top of it. The other women started to climb his balls to be able to get to the shaft. It was a comical task as they kept tumbling of as they fought for position. His huge hand then came down and grabbed one of the women and brought her up to his face, and proceeded to lick and suck on her puny breast. He would then pick up another women of his shaft with the other hand and fondle her while sucking on the first women, who now had her bottom half inside his mouth. He then spat her out onto the sheets below and proceeded to grab Lisa off his pee-hole and with the other women in his clutches stuffed both of them into his mouth half way like the first one. He sucked hard on them and made loud enough noised like he was slurping a hearty soup. He then spat them out as well and did the same with Becky and the remaining women. Meanwhile Lisa went to his huge balls and stroked them with her mouth while caressing her breasts against them as well, she was joined by Becky, after being spat out too. The two of them sucked and licked and stroked his balls all over. The other three women were now enclosed inside his fist around his cock as he was starting to jack himself off. The giant then rolled onto his side and spread his legs, he then spread his ass cheeks and ordered Lisa and Becky to enter his anus. Lisa went first and was cramming legs into his cave, when he grabbed a hold of her with his hand and stuffed her into his ample hole head first. Lisa must of went in deep because all I could see of her was her feet dangling and kicking. He then held her feet with his thumb and forefinger and slid her in and out of his anus. He kept this up for a while, in the meantime Becky stood by and fondled her breasts and vagina. A look came over his face like he was under pressure or something, and then opened up his butt cheeks wide open, which was then followed by a loud blurp, this sent poor Lisa flying out of his ass and into the cushion that was by. Becky stepped back after this, as if in fear, the giant then grabbed her and did the same with her. Pretty soon Becky was lying unconscious next to Lisa. The giant then grabbed the remainder of his slaves at a time and placed them on top of his shaft. His groaning then started to come into action as he was obviously reaching orgasmic stage. His hand then rapped around Lisa and Becky He put them on the sheets below him next to each other, at this time they were both groggily coming to just in time to see him setting his cock up to bring it down on them. With three women inside his grip around his shaft, he dug his cock into both Lisa and Becky and proceeded to rub and circle his cock on the girls. He was totally on his knees now and looked totally forbidding as he laid assault after assault on Lisa and Becky. As tanned as both women were, they looked they still looked really white against his dark skin and it had a surreal look to it. He was breathing heavy and groaning loudly and announcing often enough how he was going to fucking crush them. He even spat onto them a couple of times to show his loath of their puny lives. The giant then loosened his grip on the other women on his shaft, and they tumbled down joining Lisa and Becky. He then announced that he was going to drown them in his wad. He pulled his cock down on all five of them and continued to poke dig and rub them with his massive meat. Then he let out a yell and low growl which was followed by his cock exploding it load on top of the waiting and groaning women below. He came for what seemed an eternity. There was so much cum juice that you couldn’t make out the women from each other. They totally disappeared inside it. The giant even wacked his cock down on the puddle a number of times like some final beating. More cum sprayed out in dribbles. He then shot his head back and relaxed a bit before looking back on his doing and smiled . Poking his finger into the mess he moved the women around and fiddled with them around his meaty fingers. He then sat on top of the cum and let out another fantastic fart, this time muffled by the sheets. As he got up he peeled off two women stuck to his cheeks and just threw them back onto the bed near the squashed puddle. Fantastically, they all survived. While he was gone, the women started moving around and crawled out of the puddle helping each other. Sitting closer to the edge of the bed they were waiting for him, it seems , to return! The giant returned and was wearing a normal pear of underwear this time. He then reached down and grabbed two women at a time and stuffed them into his crotch area of his undergarment. After some adjustment he slipped on his pants and shirt and left the camera view again, and then the static part came on indicating the tape was over.


    After viewing that remarkable footage, I felt I had to share this knowledge with Becky’s husband Tony. After calling him and telling him, he came over shortly and was curious to what I had to show him. A porno! He asked. Something like that I replied. After viewing it he looked tired and confused. What the hell are we going to do he’s got them kidnapped or something. I then told him that is was obvious that this taped earlier and that they were doing this on a ongoing basis like some other life. Tony was pissed and vowed to kill Becky when she got home. I had another plan.
    Why not get even with? Doing what finding some chick to shrink us down and showing them that video. Tony replied. Not of the sort, lets just let them do this for us and then we will show them! First we have to find out how they shrink themselves, and then we will put to them as an ambush. For the next weeks Tony and I search. whenever we could, their private stuff, and acting like nothing is out of the ordinary. We found nothing until one day 2 months later Tony found small container with a dropper in it, it looked like some kind of medicine of the kind, but we would have to test it out to see if it is the one. We went to our favorite strip bar and thought that we would test it out on a girl we knew. After her set, Tony asked her to sit for a drink, she accepted and drank the ice tea we spiked with the dropper. She started yawing and said that she was going to skip her next show and go home, she said that she was feeling tired. We escorted her out to her car and said our good-byes. We watched as she got into her car and sat at the wheel for a while before suddenly falling over to her side and disappearing form view. We ran to the car. I stood guard while Tony opened the car door. He then slammed the door shut and walked, taking my arm back to our car. When we got in he opened his hand and there she was, smaller than a Barbee doll. She was totally naked, as her clothes didn’t take the shrink trip with her. Well it works now we can proceed with my plan. Put her back into her car. Why? Tony asked. I might want to do something with her. Hey your beef is with your wife not her, put her back! The stuff wears off after some time she won’t know what happened when she wakes up which could be soon if you don’t hurry now. Tony reluctantly took her back to her car. We left discussing our big night with the girls.
    At home I told Lisa that Tony and Becky were coming over for drinks, she was up for it and went to get dressed. An hour later they had arrived and after some small talk I went to prepare the drinks. I put a few drops into their glasses, making sure I knew which was which, I handed Lisa and Becky their drinks. We sat around and talked and drank some more until it started happening with the girls. Right away Lisa sensed something was wrong as both her and Becky were getting drowsy. She only was able to say” I think something is wrong” before she fell back onto the couch. Becky just slouched down where she was siting. It only took a few minutes, just like with the stripper. Before we had them just as small as in their fantasy video. I personally had a hard on already, especially with that video fresh in my mind. We decided to play with our wives alone in the bedrooms before coming out later and swapping them out in the open of the living room.
    In our bedroom I got changed into my thong and put on my sandals, I thought it made me look like some typical giant. Lisa slowly was coming to when she quickly realized of her state. She was lying on the floor in front of the bed wearing some skimpy outfit I got of some doll in a store. She screamed up to me as to what was going on. I simply said, “it’s my turn slave”. She then started to explain herself, how she meant to let me in on this, but was waiting for the right moment. I told her nothing like the present. I guess she felt she had to go along with this game, to keep me fooled, but if only she knew what was in store for her tonight, and forever.
    I went along with her game, figuring I will get the same master treatment she showed Sinbad. First she climbed onto my big toe and started kissing and caressing it with her tong. I then commanded her to slither around my toes like the worm she is. She abided and did it even better than the last time I say her do it, I guess she got a lot of practice. I then slid off my sandals and I motioned Lisa to get inside. She walked into my sandal and sat down with her arms back and legs spread. I told her to like face into it and smell my scent , she did this with the enthusiasm of a sex slave. She took it all in like she was dining on it. I then turned her over on to her back with my toe and told her to hold her breath, as I then placed my foot on top of her smothering her completely. I rolled her around and fondled her between my toes a while until I grew bored. I then dropped her from my grip between my big toe and second toe. And picked her up to my face. “ You are going to pamper my cock for a long time tonight, so I hope you can keep up your energy. Or else! I then placed her onto the bed and removed my thong. I got onto the bed and positioned her between my legs, directly in front of my now rested cock. It slung over onto the sheets like some sleeping behemoth compared to Lisa. She then crawled over to the foreskin area and started to lick and message my head. I sat back with my arms down on my knees and just watched in joyous triumph. This was very satisfying and I hadn’t dropped my load yet. She was very thorough and moved very smoothly. Any rookie would just of grabbed her up into his cock and jacked off until he came and unfortunately squished her in the process. Not me I want to enjoy her a lot longer than one night. Lisa then moved over to my shaft and climbed on top and started riding it. She straddled it with her legs and rubbed her vagina into my vein, while still licking and kissing. I watched from a different angle at times, as their was a mirror along side my bed which showed a perfect side angle our positioning. It looked unreal like I was having sex with a doll. But this doll is living. We continued on through the night, with me taking turns sucking on her bottom half, and licking her breasts. When I could no longer hold on I stopped her messaging my cock and put her face first into my pee-hole, I then started to stroke my entire head and along the base of my foreskin with her tiny head and face. Holding her with fingers along her back side, her legs dangled and kicked.
    I kept the circling motion going, and then I started rubbing her head underneath my scrotum, and this action excelled my point to ejaculation.
    I was feeling it pulsating on up my shaft, and that was when I brought Lisa down and my cock down to the sheets for ejaculation. With her in position under my head, I let go of my load. It came down in waves of spurts, completely covering Lisa from head to toe. I kept jacking off on top of her body to get all the cum out. When it stopped, I raised her from the pond of cum and ordered her to lick my cock clean. She did it very thoroughly.
    When she was done, I flicked her back into the puddle with my finger.
    I then stood up on the bed and placed my right foot on top of the puddle and her. I ground my foot into the mess lightly and held it there, so to force her to stick to the bottom of my foot. After a little while, I raised it and walked carefully with the right, so not to crush her underneath, to the living room and wait for Tony to emerge. Another few minutes passed, Tony appeared from the guest room. “ How was she?” He asked. “ Excellent “ I responded.
    He asked where Lisa was, and I raised my foot to show the illusion of a crushed Lisa. He gasped and asked me if I really stepped on her. I peeled her off the bottom of my foot, and showed a intact Lisa, a little worse for wear, but ok otherwise. "Where’s Becky ?” I asked. “she’s still attached to my cock, I’m afraid to say”. At that point he removed her from his crotch, and tossed her to me. I caught her and likewise tossed Lisa to him. Becky inquired what we going to do now in a surprised manner. I simply told her, that I hoped she would like the taste of my cum, and broke out into loud laughter. Tony shoved Lisa into his ass with her legs just sticking out, and yelled over to me “ look I got your wife up my ass!” I then stuck Becky into my shorts below my ass, and said. “ listen.” Just then I let out a loud explosion in my pants, and felt little Becky forced against the back of my underwear. Tony actually saw my underwear move when she was shot back. I then pulled her out and held my nose as I held her upside down. And said. “ Man she stinks now.” More laughter ensued, we were utterly enjoying ourselves, we took turns masturbating with both of them on our cocks. We forced them into our drinks and after emptying our glasses sucked the girls dry. All along the time, we were using each other’s wives. We even double teamed on them one at a time, mashing them in between our cocks. We both on one occasion dumped our loads on tiny Becky at the same time, if you can believe it. She almost drowned taking in so much cum at once. When they wined about laying off them, we would threaten them with banishment to the caves in our asses for their insolence.
    This fantasy went on all night, by morning we were bushed and just petered out. We forced feed them tiny amounts of the potion to keep them at their small sizes. Lisa pleaded for when we would let them get back to normal size again, and that was when I told her and Becky to divulge everything about the shrinking process, and where it started. We were told everything about how that Sinbad character got them into it, and that his name was actually Boris. We were given his location and after putting the girls in a small box we went to find Boris.


    This is a few hours later, and Tony and I were able to locate Boris and after letting the cat out of the bag of what we knew and that we were actually looking for worked out a united partnership with him. And to add to the deal we offered our wives to him to keep forever and do as he wished. Our idea was to form a fantasy business, where we would offer fantasies for people who wanted to be giants for a day. Tony evened devised a plan on how to recruit women who would want to be the slaves, he would hunt the red light district and strip bars, with this he revealed out of his shirt pocket the stripper we had practiced the potion on first. I was mad at first but then realized my new passion and figured what the hell our first recruit. We placed an add in issues of underground magazines for special fetishes, everything discreet of course. We became like fantasy island, only with a twist.
    Our first client was Glenn who wanted to exact revenge on his two female counter parts at his work, who had done him some wrong.
    We got in touch with the two women and offered them a fantasy day spa at our business , they accepted and a date was made. I place a cameras in every room in the fantasy house we custom built. The cameras were located at different angles and levels, to catch the action without missing a thing. The client named Glen arrived and was anxious to have his way with the two women. The women were kicking back inside the jacuzzi .They were given drinks to enjoy. They were spiked previously before. After a while they were both out cold. And Glen was then allowed in to pick up his two new toys. The next day I plugged in the previous nights video of Glens fantasy. He started out rather limp and confused with his new toys and couldn’t get into it for a while, then with a little messaging of his cock with the now tiny girls, He used them as insulation for his palms as he jacked off slowly until the girls came to. Once they came too, carried their screaming and kicking bodies inside his fists to the full bath tub of water. He waded into the tub with his ill gotten booty and submerged himself up to his chest. Still holding the girls in his fist, he finally released them onto a floating sponge. And revealed his agenda for the evening. “ first your going to bath my body with your hands and tongs, then if you haven’t drowned you will suck and lick and kiss my cock until I have ejaculated enough times to my liking” The two women were not co-operating at all and things started to get very violent right away. He knocked them off the sponge and took out the plug out of the drain. After all the water ran out , and the girls were still clinging to the sponge on the porcelain floor when he pressed his entire foot on top of both girls and held them there until he heard them pleading and promising to please him. Glenn then picked up the wet girls and went to the toilet bowl next to the tub. He held one women directly under his piss-hole and poured out a thick stream of piss as thick as the women herself. After a little while he tossed her into the sink and did the same with the other women. Pleased with himself he then plucked the first women on the sink and while bending over he stuffed her into his huge ass hole. The other woman tried to jump to her escape, but Glenn caught her in mid flight and proceeded to stuff her right behind the first woman. He then sat down on the toilet and sat and played with his cock while complimenting when the feeling of defecating would overcome him. After a while of sitting and messaging his cock he finally got the feeling and started to apply pressure on his anus. Inside the toilet, where there was a pin sized camera, the kind that spys used , the whole scene unfolded with no obstructions. One woman started squirming out and was followed directly by a huge log developing , she soon became encased inside it as it took form and finally fell, splashing into the water below. The second woman came out solo and upon falling was then followed by a barrage of logs, two at a time. Both women started to paddle to keep afloat and kept dodging the falling debris. After wiping his ass , he then appeared overhead the toilet and held his cock over the opening . jacking off until he finally spewed his wad on top of the waiting women . Glenn washed up in the sink and laughed as he heard their screams for mercy. He walked back to the toilet and threatened to flush the handle. The women would probably agree to anything right now, and Glenn got them to offer their freedom and lives to him as sex toys for their lives. He plucked them out of the water and let them wash themselves off before stuffing them into his crotch. He then got dressed and settled up for the fantasy at the door. Another client we had came as a shocker, a women named Sherry called our business and requested a session with a women and a man as a sort of dimensional threesome. After confirming her appointment for the following Saturday, I made arrangement for acquiring her husband who she found cheating on her with a hooker. Tony went out that night and came home with the husband and the hooker inside a box. Saturday came and Sherry arrived. Extremely tall women she was, robust in form and still feminine in nature. She had long dirty blonde hair and had breasts to die for, I talked with her and got a scenario down that she wanted, she requested a walked in on a small lovers two timing her with a tiny mistress. I gave the instructions to the toys, and told them if enacted properly they would live. I had paired him with a hooker Tony acquired the other night.
    Both toys were in a doll house on a makeshift bed, and were rolling around making out, Sherry stormed into the room thundering towards the doll house and after looking in through a window seeing the tiny figures in action, she had to make double take to believe what she was seeing , she had thought it may have been robotics or something like that, but these looked real. She became very aware of her new found power, and ripped the roof off the house. Both her husband and the hooker looked up and were frozen in the new light. She was enormous and was flaunting her new power, I finally caught you little prick, and who is this bug you’re with, with a women like me at home, you wallow down in the grass with insects. Her husband jumped off the bed and was buying himself some time to figure out what was going on. The hooker was just screaming and hiding herself inside the covers. Sherry reached down and snatched up the hysterical women, and held her to her face, she spat the words out at the tiny captive. “ You pathetic excuse for a women, what could you possible have to offer any man? Look at you, I could drown you in my piss.” With the tiny Hooker in one hand, she reached down and chased her husband through the tiny room. After finally getting a hold of him, she put them in the palm of her left hand, and announced that if fucking is what you want to do, I am at least going to get some enjoyment out of it. She then went to the grand bed, and placed the captives on a high shelf above the bed while she got undressed, she took everything off except her pantyhose. She then picked them up of the shelf, and placed them between her enormous slabs of breast and ordered them to start kissing, they abided very carefully and not really believable, she then mashed them together lightly, as a warning not to fuck with her. After that they really went at it. In a while after watching them go at it, she then separated them and started messaging her nipple with the hooker face and head. She did this in rotating motion and firm pressure towards her chest. She put her husband along her vagina inseam outside her pantyhose. After playing like this a while she ripped a whole in her pantyhose along the opening of her wet vagina and shoved her unsuspecting husband in whole. She then placed the hooker into her mouth and suckled and lightly bit on her body, while roving her tongue on her. She then spit her out onto the sheets below. Placing her forefinger and thumb inside her clitoris and pulled out her slimy haggard husband. Putting them next to each other she ordered them to start fucking. Without hesitation they did just that, the husband got on top and started to penetrate the hooker, then proceeded to hump her in fashion. Both groaned and writhed in anticipation of what was to come next.
    Sherry then picked both of them up in her fingers and inserted them, while still in fucking mode, into her ample and juicy cunt. She then went on to groan and scream in her own ecstasy. She joyfully shook in excitement of their tiny bodies moving inside of her, as her walls closed and opened on them. With a orgasmic flow she closed her legs together tight and continued to open and close them orgasm after orgasm. After an hour of pulling them out and inserting them in together she finally threw them aside while she relaxed. In her resting mode, the two tiny toys were crawling their way off the bed, once tumbling on the floor, the husband stayed down after twisting his ankle from the fall. The hooker just ran leaving him behind. He screamed for her to help him, but that was wasted on deaf ears, as she ran for the opening at the bottom of the bedroom door. Sherry got up figuring she gave them enough time to make their escape, and proceeded to take giantess steps toward the fleeing hooker, within seconds Sherry was atop of her, and knocked her over with her toe. Lying on floor with her arms flaying up towards her tormentor, she pleaded for her life, Sherry simply raised her ample stocking foot and smothered then crushed her victim, even so much as to grind her tiny paste body into the carpet like a used cigarette. Sherry then drew her attention on her crawling husband. She was on him in an instant. She reached down and picked him up and spit on him. She then pulled her stockings down and stuffed him into her ass, while uttering the words.” You want to act like a shit, I going to treat you like a piece of shit” She then went to the bathroom and sat down on the marble toilet. You couldn’t even see him against the volume of logs she dropped. After wiping her ass, she looked down for one last time, to see him encased inside one of her huge turds. Writhing and moaning and crying. Sherry then flushed and he was gone. After settling up, she informed me that there was a slight mess on the floor, and that the extra fifty bucks should take care of it.
    A couple day later, Boris met with a unfortunate experience while having a session with Lisa and Becky and a couple of other slaves, Tony got for him. While having a particularly good time with a friend of his, things got a little rough and Lisa and Becky were somehow forgotten and crushed or suffocated. It seems while during a break in the session, Yule put both girls into his under pants and somehow they slipped up to his ass area. After hours of wearing, he removed them to go to the can and found them squished and smothered inside his thick skid mark on his under pants. He apparently stuffed them into a tissue and wiped his ass with them and flushed them.
    Another client appeared to me and by chance it was a lady friend that I had known back in college. Her name was Cindy and She was looking for a fantasy as a giantess. After agreeing on a date, this weekend, let her go to make the arrangements. Tony wanted this assignment, but as much as I tried to talk him out of it he became more intent. I then decided to join him on this fantasy more or less to keep an eye on things. As I remembered Cindy, she was pretty intense as a lover. It was no secret why I didn’t keep in touch, the girl was a bit crazy then. I figured who knows maybe she changed with maturity.
    Cindy arrived wearing a short skirt revealing an awesome pair of legs, the silk pantyhose were glistening of them. A tanned blouse and high spiked pumps. she was told her that her slaves were waiting for her in the penthouse room. Once inside she walked up to the chair with Tony and myself were waiting , sitting in the middle of a high chair. She changed her demeanor just like that, She asked us if we was ready to please our mistress, we didn’t even get the words out before her hand snatched me and placed me inside her breast. She wiggled them and caressed them while smothering me inside. She then picked Tony up and circled his head around the perimeter of her nipples. She would lick his head once in a while to retain his slippery movements. Cindy moved over to the bed and sat down. She kicked off her pumps and rose up on the bed further toward the headboard. Once there she pulled Tony and myself off her breasts, she started caressing us on her toes and the balls of her stocking feet. She then started up her legs, and continued on downward on the next leg, until she got to the other foot. She then stuck our heads in between her toes and used us like q-tips and poked and prodded them. She then put us down while she removed her pantyhose. Once half off , Cindy placed Tony into the foot part of her left leg, and did the same with me with her right leg. She then put the hosiery on again. With Tony and me pinned to the balls of her feet she applied pressure. She then held up her feet to the mirror, admiring her action with the two of our bodies. we must of looked like squashed bugs up against her feet. She then removed her panty hose all together, and fished us out. Laid out on the Bed, Cindy then stuck Tony and myself inside her clitoris. Wet juicy and leaking, we had no real problem fitting inside, we slid in and out with ease. Cindy shoved us deeper and deeper until we were completely inside her. Cindy shot back her legs and let her first orgasm out. She then hiked her legs up to her ass and started to hump the air. Bouncing up and down while clinching her legs tighter and tighter. She would pull us out every so often, then just plunge us right back in. She would also pull us out and tease herself with him caressing her outer lips, then slide us up and down her ass. After what seemed two hours, she was totally psycho now, Cindy was clinching him in her fist and slamming us into her pussy, heads first. And for her final orgasm she pinned us on a chair seat and continued to rise up and down on our bodies using us as a live dildos. It was at this time a small snap was heard coming from poor Tony. After she was done, she put on all her clothes, she returned to us slouched over on the cushion of the chair. I was worn and raged, Tony was on his back and groaning in some pain. “ Was that you that snapped ?” I asked. He could only keep on groaning. Cindy came hovered over us and seeing his state, picked his limp body up and saw that he was barely breathing. “Just too much woman for you I guess” She then simply dropped him into the floor and mashed him to oblivion. Cindy then put her attention on me. “ For your insolence, and not calling me back after our first date, I’m going to show you my disdain for your puny life. Compared to you, your partner’s death will seem humain.” She said while holding my timid body in her grip. She spat on me then started to take over to her rear end. I spotted Tony’s mashed and flattened body on the floor next to the imposing foot. “ So long” was all I good muster as I was shoved closer to the spread crack of the giantess Cindy’s ass. Once I was placed against her anus, I was further pressed inwards until I could feel my lungs losing air. I was completely smothered and felt her cheeks close behind me. For the next while I endured her sweat her stench and her occasional farting. I was able to get air from the tiny gusts of air trickling in through the top of her ass.
    I passed out for some time, I was awakened when there was some activity behind me. Her cheeks opened up and I turned to see the view of water below me. I couldn’t figure out what was going to happen. When suddenly in front of me a course substance started to form and encase me as it kept piling out of her anus. I was slowly being forced out by this now smelly substance, afterwards which I felt my body floating off her ass in my cocoon. Suddenly I felt myself falling. I heard the splash and my cocoon started to come apart. I was water bound and started to dog paddle. I got my bearings and looked up at this gigantic ass now sprouting more logs and dropping them on me at an alarming rate. I eventually found myself in a pool of cold water with floating turd logs all around me. I was then showered with a stream of warm piss.
    I started to scream at the top of my lungs to her to let me out. Her huge ass didn’t move more some time, when suddenly I was showered in bright light. I then saw her head hovering above. “ How does it feel to be among your own kind?” she spoke down. I quickly hoped up and down in the water, screaming to let me out , and I would do anything to please her. She stood up and examined the proposition. “ No I think I’ll just flush you now.” I pleaded with her more and more, then she just reached in with a long pencil. I took hold of my life line and rose with it to her. “ Now then, you are my slave, nothing else. You will do everything I say, you are to call me by master and never question me, ever! If you ever try to escape I will surely flush you next time and with wont be so nice in my waste next time. You got it you little bug?” I nodded in agreement humbly and kissed her fingers in gratitude. “ Don’t touch me now, you little turd, get cleaned up before I change my mind.
    It was to be for now to my last day that I would be Cindy’s pet toy. I can’t tell how brutal and demanding she is, but whatever she does, it beats being flushed.
    Go forward a few years, and things haven’t changed for me much, I am constantly under her tyranny, and have come to become object to share with a few deranged friends. I finally brought it upon myself to end my misery. One night when a friend of hers had me for the evening, while Cindy was out of town, I decided to end it.
    My captor this evening was Kathy, a extremely big and fat woman. Who must of weighed at least 230 lbs, and stood 6’1. She had me before and almost killed me then with her mass. I thought this would be a better time than ever to get out or die trying. After the usual pressured filled time locked with in her thick meaty thighs, I planned my escape. Once she passed out, I would do it.
    Later that night while the giant snored, I made my way breaking free of her toe hold on my body. I climbed off the bed and ran to the bedroom door. Once underneath I filed down the long hall and tried to find the entrance doors to the house. I got to he back door and was planning how to get through it when I felt a presence behind me. I looked to see Kathy’s huge toes directly at my back. “ Where are you going bug?” I just kept looking up. “ You know what happens to bugs they get crunched” Just then I made my break and ran for the basement. I heard a loud growl and looked up to see her raised foot coming down hard. Darkness was followed bye extreme pressure before passing out from the shock. Kathy ground her huge foot into the floor and delighted in the action. She then lifted her foot to look at the carnage she caused.
    Her room mate came home just then. “ what’s happened” she said as she looked at Kathy wiping her foot on the rug. “ Oh I just crushed a bug I found.”