Dirty Deeds

Posted by talisman on June 13, 2002 at 05:55:13:

Like any house in the neighborhood, the Deeds looks basically just like anyone's house. They did their yard work just like everyone else, functioned on the outside no different. Klara and Ben Deeds were a older couple, in their fifties. Handsome couple, Gladys being a bigbonned woman of 5"11, her weight at it's heaviest 183 lbs. She had shortish curly hair, bespeckled. She was once a school teacher. Ben, was sturdy even at his advanced age, 6"2 310 lbs, thick back and neck from his years in the lumber field. Both the Deeds had an unmistaken constant tan going, from the continous trips to the south seas.
None of the neighbors seemed to be drawn to any suspicions of this except for Cathy Simms. She lived in the next house on the west side of the Deeds. Since their arrival, she had been on a binge of sorts every since she claimed to have seen things or goings on in the Deeds house.
A caty woman, Cathy was smallish, red haired, and sort of plain looking, she had milky white skin, frothed wth freekles. Even in her small stature, she was bullish and wasn't afraid to start a quarrel or fight if she thought she was wronged.
The ajourning neighbors discounted her and merely put up with her wild ramblings as another part of her character, simply considering her an annoyance, which explained why she wasn't even missed, after the disapearance.
Deep in the Deeds house, the decor was of old world woods. Pictures lined the entrance walls of old relatives and past lives. A very unasuming sort of house.
Cathy's screams could never be heard. Since her first recelection, after being brought here, she lost her voice three times screaming out. Her smallish stature was now even more diminitive at the current change, now at 3 inches tall.
She found out a few months ago of the imported features that the Deeds had brought back from their exploits down south. It appeared that they found places on distant lands where time had barely changed. In these lands, the peoples that inhabited them possessed means of poisoning their enemies and dwindling them down in size to become slaves to the cause. The Deeds stumbled on these events, and were able to spurn the residing tribes and turn the poisons on them as well as the warring tribes.
In the year or two since the discovery, The Deeds and with enlisted of a few trusted family members took the lands and held the ihnabitants as their personal slaves.
Frequently they would venture home after a few months with a village or two in tow for personal use.
Cathy was witness to one of the these viewings. She was aware of some goings on since a couple of years ago and had picked the fateful night to hide near the living room window and peer through a space in the shades. The shocking display sent her into a delerium, causing her uproars to become more vocal.
The Deeds were never afraid of her actions, but through tedious times of her persistant behavior, decided to use the poisons on her, and end it the afair for once and for all.
Klara would come home and repeat the ritual, by setting herself down on the couch, and sliding her stalking feet out of her large black pumps. As she rubbed her steamy nylon clad feet together, she would utter the words. "My feet! my feet, come slaves to soothe my feet!" Cathy was set up in one of the communal tents made out of makshift straw and dirt made by Ben. The chosen tents would leap out and clamour to the giant woman's feet and begin climbing and casting themselves beneath her soles,heels and toes in order to please her. Cathy had a ritual as well, as she would hi tail it the other way. Klara would stand, crushing a few unfortunates in the process, as she lumbered her way after the fleeing white woman. The game was at foot, as Cathy fleed as fast as her tiny legs could muster. Klara would easily catch up, and send misguided steps near the tiny woamn, each time narrowly escaping utter crushing herself, she would dodge and run, eventually being cornered. Klara would cherish these moments of catching the tiny prey, as the tiny tribes people would rarely run, accepting their fates living with the giants.
"You foolish insect, drop to you knees and kiss my toes or I will mush you like a grape." Cathy would be sobbing by this time and fall and do as ordered. Klara would reach down and pluck her up each time and display her tangled in her long nails as she walked triumphantly with her raised to the terrible heights well above her bossoms. To Cathy's eyes the tribes on the floor would look ant like, she would scream and scream until she went mute once more.
Klara watched as the minions of tribal slaves would fall and bow before her. Her nipples would protrude as she became excited, always, she could never get over the feeling this gave her, her loins would moisten and her legs would feel hot. Klara would then pull her dress up. A free falling floral dress, light blue and pinks in desgin, blending perfectly with her toupe tanned nylon clad legs.
Revealing her sizable belly, restrained by her hose waste band, her bush would be protruding from her slit.
She always cut a slit in her hose, choosing to sometimes wear panties underneath, on this day she didn't wear any. Dribbles of juice rode down her thighs, as she dropped her hand with Cathy in tow toward her twat. Cathy was now hidden in the massive hand, and could only be seen as Klara began to stuff and prod the tiny kicking and struggling body.
Against the backdrop of Klara's gigantic vagina, many tribes people would faint as they watched the tiny woman being pressed into the flabby lips that seemed destined to devour her.
Klara stood with her feet apart, legs spread, her body in leaning as she played with herself, stuffing and recollecting the tiny body from within herself. Her moans were monstrous, her feet would pound the floor with each climax, some huts fell over, tribes people alike would try to wind back and fall as the floor shook.
Klara would look at the mass before her, the tiny huts and people alike before her like a supply of sexual exploits of her bidding.
She fell on her knees. A mass exodus tried to get out of the way in her wake. Klara pounded the floor, her legs squashing some perminently into her nylons. She wailed, and began to shovel many of the fleeing people into her twat in handfulls. On each shovel, a few would be devoured, while many more would be flung against her pubs, lips and outer nylon crotch, only to detach or fall, and run to be gathered up again and again.
Klara climaxed and climaxed, her deep hunger could not be quenched so easily. She went on for a hour. In the finally, she sat on her hunches, her fat legs, moist with sweat, littered with tiny imprints which could be counted as you circled her bottom end. As Klara struggled to stand, flakes of tiny bodies caked off parts of her thighs and crotch, The rise which took seconds to erectness, seemed to take minutes from below, as scores of tiny bodies flaked off, falling at the gaint woman's massive feet. as she reaached full height, She pressed ahead, taking gigantic steps, she continued to crush the already crushed bodies beneath her. Her footfalls left a lasting impression of lost slaves lives, while more were attached and detaching with each step she took from the room.
the makeshift community was now doomed as her mountainous feet stepped down and obliterated the huts and makeshift buildings alike. Her soles holding the remenants as they crushed on.
Washing up, she would pick Cathy's tiny body out of her cavernous vagina, usually limp, but Cathy was always stirring. Klara places her on the sink while she showers.
Late at night, Ben would hold court in the bedroom.
He would inlist the tribes people's females. Sitting naked on her wing chair, he would have the 20 or so tiny females jockeying at his massive feet. Ben loved to take this time to watch as they tiny probing bodies would feel ticklish while erotic. The busy bodies rustling against each other trying to apease him.
He would pull Cathty our of his crotch at this time. He usually came home and stuffed her between his balls for dinner and afterwards. Feeling rather horny by this time, he would prod his shaft, and work the tiny white woman's body around his head. He loved to cake her in his funk, and usually declined to shower after coming home to be extra funky, as he liked it for his slaves to be covered in his filth. While Cathy was becoming a second skin on Ben's cock, scores of the tiny females were sticking the giant's toes as they fell from on top. Ben's reaction would be to wiggle and squeeze them into his jam.
Wanting to get more comfortable, Ben rose up, equalling his wife's tenacity, he too would crush the scrambling females to their deaths beneath his gigantic feet. As he slids onto his bed, indented browned bodies could be seen sticking to his large fat soles. His footfalls holding the others, their bodies shaking in their death throes. Ben would lean over and scoop up the rest on the floor, who managed to escape, and place them between his vastly expanding thighs.
He angled them apart, procurring a landscape of fleshy mountainscape. He cock, dwarfing many of the tribes woman, and cathy, three times their sizes, lay out on the sheets, stretching out long. His thick shaft, covering some of the hapless few that couldn't move quick enough, stretched out far and long. His mushroomed head throbbing as precum was oozing out.
some of the tribes woman had already made their way to his head, and were sopping up the mess with their bodies and mouths alike. Ben thanked them by mashing their bodies into his peehole, rubbing and caressing them into his head. Their brush with death would come and pass slowly, as the giant worked them hard, leaving them finally in a mix of his hot curdling cum.
Cathy's demise also came on this night, as the giant was forgetful, and searched for Klara. Climbing next to her on the couch, they embraced and began to make love. She was smeared on his shaft, glued on by his cum, her body was dragged finally, and shoved deep into Klara's vagina.
The giants fucked hard, Ben rising up and climbing all over Klara's ample body, the large couple dwarfing their own furniture as they make it hard and long.
The troublesome neighbor was now no more, and a distant memory, as well as a questionable stain on Ben's foreskin. The couple shrugged her off, as they presided over the rest of the tribal peoples still left from the weekend.
Another week will pass, and as the remains of the slaves are left in discarded undies, or stained on wrapped up nylons, obliterated in shoes, and sandals alike. when the last one is gone. As Klara and Ben alike scan the orifaces of their own bodies for staggeing survivors, The Deeds start to make plans for the next trip down south.