The Board is Deadstick (Part 4)

Posted by Joe Zangara on April 17, 2001 at 02:32:37:

The sound of the blender's swirling blades building their momentum so quickly, and with a chilling shrewd adherence to it's obedience with such harsh mechanical duty, as Mrs. Byars placed her curling fingers against her throat, and twisted up her cherry red lips squeamishly, as Ben was placing a platform, made of popsicle sticks, on either side of the blender, while the milky powders were all coming together in a smooth foamy, shake whirpool.

"He can't be serious about this," Mrs. Byars said to Haggard as she impatiently, hyperactively poked her fingernails into the back of her wrist, demanding instant attention for herself, "I'm going to have a word with him when I can get into earshot."

Haggard looked pleased, as if she had found a hero to put her hope into, just as some of the women were being plucked up by their collars, dangling their legs, as Ben snatched them two at a time to be placed on the popsicle stick. Mrs. Byars unsnapped her small purse, that had been shrunken down in the blitzkrieg of miniaturization that had taken place only a day and a half earlier. She smirked up at Ben with an ere of confidence in herself as Ben's fingers surrounded her whole, and closed her squirming little body in it, before picking up Haggard in the same fashion with his other hand. He stopped for a moment to enjoy the sensations of their tiny, sexy bodies, unaware of the pleasure they were affording him, in their struggle for comfort from his tight enclosure on them. He let them go gently on the popsicle stick structure that was just wide enough for them to balance themselves on.

"I'll make sure that any one of you girls don't fall off separately," he said as he began winding one after another on the same string of dental floss, crossing the bowl of the blender before continuing with the other side. Soon they had all realized that they were involved in a game of tug-a-war.

"What if we choose not to play?" Mrs. Byars shouted with a grin.

"Oh, you'll have no choice but to play, tiny woman! No choice, whatsoever."

Haggard was behind Mrs. Byars who stood on the front of her side, whispering, "Is he mad enough to think that we will pull them into a blender, or they, us?"

Mrs. Byars cracked a smile out of the side of her lips and replied, "Do you trust Miss Madox over there? I don't."

"She always makes promises and never keeps them."

Mrs. Byars said, "Yeah, and she screwed every man she knew for her promotion, too."

"She'll pull the first chance she gets. Before she has a chance to even think about it, we'll pull, right--"