The Board is DEADSTICK (Part 2)

Posted by Joe Zangara on April 11, 2001 at 17:14:03:

Cassimeyer laid inside of Dane's hand, a fairly young blond woman who had ended up as the trade made between him and his friend Leonardo, on the drive home. She had been squeezed tightly into unconsciousness by the hard pressed strap of Dane's underwear, against her slim and fragile physique that in Dane's hand felt as easy to crush as a soft rotted plum. At the sight of this, Ms. Camarot began to shout nice little words to Dane, while working as hard as she could to impress the caresses of her so tiny hands, into his thumb in an effort to invoke soft mercy.

"You said earlier, that if you had two blondes you could have one for each pleasure," Ms. Camarot cleared her voice as Dane studied the sexy, more slightly corse skin of Cassimeyer as he rubbed it in lumpy squeezes that he pushed up with his thumb, causing her to roll around inside the palm, "could you share that with me?"

Dane smiled as he focused on Cassimeyer. "Surely, I'll tell you," he said as he quickly opened up a pack of hot dog buns, tumbling one out on to the counter, before placing Cassimeyer, just on her recovery, into the wedge of the bun, "one is for eating." At that point, the little lady was just regaining consciousness and as the mustard began squirting all over the front of her body, she realized how serious her trouble was quickly began to wish that she had remained unaware. As her own little world began to darken she noticed huge teeth engulfing half of her body, slowly muffling out the screams from Ms. Camarot as they came down on her, which was her last memory. As her soft amiable flesh began to roll around in Dane's mouth, chewed into smaller pieces, the delicious bites of her became more savory as he remembered that she had inserted a quick speech that followed Priss's, just before the shrinking capsules were tossed into the stage, "Not only have we abolished the classes, but, the "Violent Shrunken Women board is DEADSTICK, WOOHOO!" As Dane took the final chews, he washed her remains down with a Diet Soda, as Ms. Camarot turned her face in sheer horror before sucking up even more, by saying in a humble tone, "I suppose it's me you want to keep then!" Dane nodded his head. "I plan on having much more fun with you," he said as a groan was squeezed from her, in the moment of his intensified grip.