Story - Dead or Alive (Prologue/Kasumi)

Posted by Otakwho on April 09, 2003 at 22:50:48:

It's been a while since I've written anything, and this is the first time I've done anything for this board. For those of you who might have seen my other works (a series called "Game Over"), this doesn't belong to the same series. But it does share the same principal - video game heroines getting their just desserts. This is also written more off-the-cuff than that series, since I'm just not quite so much in the mood for flowery prose at the moment. But without further ado.

This is a story based on Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball. This is part one, of what will most likely be a total of eight once I'm done (one for each girl in the game). If you want to see pictures of the girls, I suggest for your browsing needs. I have a loose idea associated with the demise of each girl, but rest assured, they'll all be within the context of shrinking women, and they're not yet set in stone. I'm a feedback whore, so please feel free to respond with what you like, didn't like, or what you'd like to see in future installments. If I didn't describe certain things enough, or whatever, just tell me. I'm a flexible author. And hopefully I'll get out the next ones as soon as possible.


Kasumi, honestly, was still having a hard time believing what was happening at the moment. It just wasn't the sort of thing that might normally happen in the course of a day. But then again, nothing had been normal lately, so perhaps this was all par for the course.

But that would be getting a bit too far ahead to begin with. The place? An island paradise. That was perhaps the only word that could truly describe it - sandy white beaches, the water of the ocean that was far more sparkling and blue than it was tepid and green like so many second rate seaside locations, an expansive area of greenery for those who liked to hike through the forest, and a resort, everything within walking distance of everything else. It was ideal. It was also the result of a large amount of money, all from one man - Zack. Zack Island, naturally, was his brainchild. It had been one giant gamble from tournament prize money that got him the cash to purchase an entire island, but it certainly made for the ultimate bachelor pad.

Of course, once you have such a place, what are you to do? Invite the ladies over, naturally. The very tournament he had won had plenty of fine examples of the feminine form that would be perfect for inhabiting his beaches. Thus, the girls from the Dead or Alive fighting circuit were invited to Zack Island under the pretenses of another tournament, only to find out that once they had arrived... there was no such tournament, and their plane wouldn't be returning for a few weeks. They were stranded. Now, you might think that they would have been livid over this fact, but well, the island was practically a paradise, after all. So the eight of them decided to stick around and just enjoy themselves. Which is how they ended up on the beach, swimwear-clad and playing a game of volleyball, much to the delight of Zack's various cameras throughout the island. But this had only been phase one - phase two would be coming along soon enough.

Besides that, there was plenty for the girls to enjoy once they'd had enough of playing around on the beach, and they went their seperate ways around the island, to explore and to soak in the sights.

Kasumi found that she'd actually grown rather hungry in the time between arriving at the island and now. This was how she found herself walking idly down a wooden boardwalk just off of the beach in search of a restaurant. A plain black two-piece garbed the young Japanese girl (it was a stroke of luck or good planning that the women had remembered their bathing suits, despite their original intentions for coming to the island), but it honestly did little to hide her sweet curves. Soft, auburn brown hair trailed down to the small of her back, shifting as her head was tossed to one side slightly to crack her neck. And it wasn't long at all before she'd actually found a restaurant that looked promising, despite the name ("Zack's Grill") being rather uninformative. Still, it was the smell that wafted through the open door that prompted Kasumi inward.

She might have been more surprised at the sheer emptiness of the restauarant if she hadn't remember that aside from a few people working the stores and the casino built on the island and Zack himself, the girls were the only people around. But even then, there should have been somebody manning the counter, right? Well, that was when something that was genuinely surprising happened. Kasumi took another step toward the counter, when her vision wobbled just a bit, something that ended when she shook her head to clear it.

"What was that..?" she asked, to nobody in particular, rubbing the back of her head gingerly. She had almost lost her balance, and she wasn't sure why, but now her vision was still shifting around in a way that it really shouldn't have been, but she got distracted from that while her face went abruptly bright red. She had taken a step forward, and her small black bikini bottoms had suddenly fallen to the ground off of her hips, exposing her lower half completely! She immediately leaned down to try and pull them back up, only to lose her balance as she bent forward, stumbling over to one side and falling down onto the perky curves of her bare ass. Wincing and rubbing her abused cheeks as she lifted up slightly, she realized that something was really wrong now - everything was so much bigger! Standing up, she gasped and tried to catch her top as it suddenly fell down around her feat much like the bottoms had, but it was far too large for her to anything now. Even in the absolutely bizarre enviroment, Kasumi was able to realize what was happening. She was shrinking, at a rapid rate! Of course, realizing this and being okay with this were two different things, and the poor girl swayed to the side, fainting.

Which takes us back to full circle. Kasumi did eventually wake up, but she was now having quite the hard time believing what was going on. It was all so surreal - and her cries for attention and explanation were going unheeded. She must have sounded like a buzzing fly to the large man standing high overhead, after all. But despite being unbelieving, she was still worried. She couldn't tell where she had woken up, but it looked like she was on the back counter in Zack's Grill, and she was sitting on a cold porcelain dish as the large man nearby - he looked like a giant! - stirred something in a wooden tub with his hands. He was dressed all in white, with closely cropped black hair, and it was apparant in a glance that he was as Japanese as she was. Despite this, he wouldn't answer her cries. Even though Kasumi stood up and hopped over to the edge of the counter, she realized that she wouldn't actually be able to go anywhere from here on account of the height. A fall like that would kill her! So the poor girl, reduced to a height of a few inches, had to resort to trying to get the attention of the man standing nearby by waving her hands around and hopping up and down a few times.

And oh, the hopping was lovely. Even at her diminutive size, Kasumi was a full figured girl, and her youthful chest heaved and hopped right along with her as she tried to get attention - which is to say nothing of her other fine qualities. Muscled legs that were long and obviously toned from training, and an equally firm and perky ass - she was a complete package. She was only a little smaller of a package than she had been before, but the camera on the wall near the counter zoomed enough to compensate for that, recording the results of phase two. Luckily for the sexy little thing though, she finally got noticed by the man standing over the counter. Unfortunately, she realized what was happening a moment or so later. The Japanese chef patted out a solid square of the rice he'd been churning in the vinegar with his hands, his other hand nabbing Kasumi off of the counter with a slight squeal as the giant fingers lifted her into the air, long legs kicking. She still wasn't quite sure at that point, but when her back and her tight little rear were pressed against the top of the rice, the sticky grains clinging to her skin, she got an inkling. And when the dried seaweed was wrapped tightly around her trim stomach and the rice as she was lifted again, there was no question about it - she was transferred to that small platter she'd been in originally as a peice of sushi!

"What's going on!?" Kasumi cried out, but again she got no answer as the platter was lifted into the air, the smell of the green Japanese horseradish, wasabi, causing her to turn her head in disgust as it was placed near her along with slices of pickled ginger. All she could see now was the ceiling of the grill due to the seaweed holding her in place, her youthful body arched backward over the block of sticky rice. And she wasn't very comforted when the plate was set down on a table, only to hear the crisp snap of wooden chopsticks being broken at their joint.

"Well well, I've never been much for Japanese cuisine, but I guess we'll see if you can change my mind." The voice boomed to the tiny, sexy creature on the table as it passed pearly white teeth, Zack grinning broadly and leaning back in his chair. The chef took a small bowl, pouring soy sauce into the shallow dish and putting a pat of the wasabi inside for the proprieter of the island, before he made his way back behind the counter. Kasumi's eyes went wide as she saw this second giant man looming over her, especially so when the felt the chopsticks squeezing against both sides of the rice, hefting her into the air.

"Wha-what are you going to do to me?" Kasumi cried, her perfect body squirming against the rice in a fashion that frankly, was even more appealing than the usual limpid slice of fish that would lie on top. Zack, unlike the chef, seemed to hear her just fine and laughed in an explosion of sound as he turned the girl vertically, dipping the bottom part of the sushi - and Kasumi's lean legs, up to the calves - into the mixture of brown sauce and spicy mustard.

"Like I said, I don't try Japanese much. I'm tryin' to expand my culture, cutie." Kasumi's hands gripped the dried seaweed that remained snug around her tummy as she pushed against it and kicked her luscious limbs, spraying a little of the soy sauce off of them. That got little more than a chuckle out of Zack, who's tongue came out and tentatively licked up and down the rice and her legs in a taste test. Despite herself, Kasumi giggled. That tickled! "Mmm. So far, so good."

She had to admit, that even though this was probably the most bizarre thing that had ever happened to her, the lick calmed her down quite a bit. Even a second later, when the chopsticks turned and she was suddenly facing the table and her entire body was dipped down into the soy sauce, she remained less worried than she had before, and started laughing as the tongue came out again, licking her up and down to clean off the salty, spicy mixture. Perhaps he spent a bit too much time licking her diminutive, bouncy breasts, which put a nice rosy glow on Kasumi's cheeks, but it was more playful than it was frightening.

"Well, it looks like I do like Japanese food after all," Zack grinned down at the captive girl, turning her again with a shifting of his fingers to dip her feet into the soy dish. Kasumi gave something of a petite smile as she folded her arms over her perky chest, looking up at the relatively giant man.

"That's good, I guess. Are you going to turn me back soon?"

"Hah! Even if it was possible, why would I do that?" Zack grinned even more as he swirled her feet in the sauce for a while, and then lifted the female sushi back into the air, lifting his eyebrows in her direction. Kasumi frowned at this revelation, and she realized that he had very white teeth. Very large white teeth, that were opening. The shrunken Japanese girl's heart suddenly start jackhammering, trying to leap out of her chest as she screamed and kicked her legs, shoving against the food she was trapped against, but it was useless. With a burst of pain like she'd never felt before, Kasumi's eyes went wide open while Zack chewed the mixture of rice, sauce, and meat, swallowing and licking his lips. "Deliicious!" Kasumi was staring in shock and squirming and twisting, but more than anything, she was trying to do anything to alleviate her pain. Her legs remained impossibly lean and sexy as they flailed against the rice and the air, despite the fact that they were now missing from mid-calf down.

Zack wasted no time now as the little food screamed, his teeth pushing down almost softly - teasingly - against her upper thighs, and his lower teeth digging into the rice, but Kasumi got no respite before her legs were severed off just beneath the pelvis. And the pain was a thousand times worse than it had been before - her flesh didn't bend so easily this time, and Kasumi was tugged down against the rice until the full curves of her breasts struck against the seaweed, meaning he had to tug to get the rest of those legs. Chewing and swallowing the mouthful, he seemed absolutely delighted while his peice of sushi looked on the verge of passing out from the pain. It would be a shame to let the sweet, screaming little thing miss out, so he deftly dipped the rice down into the bowl, crimson fluid from her legs dripping against the rice and the soy sauce alike. But the perky Japanese girl didn't have to wait any longer as Zack opened his mouth up wide and placed the morsel against his tongue, chewing downward. Kasumi luckily - or unluckily, depending on your point of view - didn't get caught between those massive molars as they tore into the rice and the seweed, but it meant she came apart from the rest of the meal as the delicately prepared sushi came apart.

The brunette girl, legless and suffering from intense pain, only had a brief respite against the soothing feeling of her breasts and her sex pressing against his tongue as she rolled away from the sushi, before the tongue pressed her over to the other side. She didn't even have time to scream this time before the teeth came down completely, crushing her in a few quick chews like a juicy peice of candy. One thick swallow later, and Zack dabbed at his lips with a napkin, placing it beside the empty platter. He'd really have to try other types of food more often, if it was always this good.


.. huh. And this is what I get for trying to write short, quick, and dirty. Fortunately, (or unfortunately) not all the parts will be this long unless I end up long winded again. Anyway, feedback please!