A Day At The Beach (story)

Posted by Doctor Szalinski on June 16, 2002 at 05:31:42:

By Doctor Szalinski

No one saw them coming. They strolled out of the sun like a raptor swooping down on it's prey. Their footsteps muffled by the pounding of the surf on the sand as they rounded the rocky cliffs of the point.

It wasn't until their first footfall landed on the sands of that secluded cove that their shadows crossed the sun, alerting the beachgoers of their presence. As a result, few had the time to escape their fate, try as they may, no one could out run the mighty strides of the two newcomers.

For the couple, a strikingly hansome man and his gorgeous girlfriend, stood about two hundred feet high!

They didn't seem to notice the people they squashed underfoot in the few strides they took on those sands, or they didn't care. Turning, the lady kissed her man. They both loostened their loincloths, then he lowered her gently onto the warm sands below.

Nobody dared guess how many were killed by her huge bulk as it came down on top of them, or who was killed later when he came down on top of her, to be ground into the sands as they twisted about in their passion. Some witnesses said those were the lucky ones.

When their initial embrace had ended, they looked longingly into each other's eyes. The woman smiled, and, with a suggestive glance, directed his eyes to the buildings just past her head. The man, smiling back, reached over and snatched the few people that were huddled there, too scared to attempt to escape past the giants.

The man opened his palm, revealing the small, terrified group within. Looking at his lady, he took a tiny man out of his hand and held it above the woman's face. She opened her mouth longingly, and he lowered him in. As she closed her mouth, and his screams were reduced to a barely heard muffle.

They stopped entirely, with an ominous crunch as she bit down, then started chewing.

Swallowing the remains, she opened her mouth again, and, like a Roman emporer, feeding grapes to his lover, the man-giant placed a woman in her mouth to suffer the same fate.

"Any more?" She asked seductivly.

"Two" He replied

"Men, or women?"

"They're both girls."

Give me both." she smiled wickedly, then opened her mouth again for her prize.

This time, however when he had placed the two, screaming bodies into her mouth, she didn't close it. instead, placing her hand on the back of his head, she drew his lips to hers. Madly, passionatly, they french kissed. Their tongues throwing the tiny bodies violently around the insides of their mouths.

When they seperated, one girl was in his mouth, the other in hers. In a slightly muffled voice, she said "let's swallow them whole!"

Both giants worked their victims as gently as they could to the back of their mouths and, with an exagerated motion, swallowed together. Some said that hey coud see tiny bulges moving down the necks of the giants as the girls were forced down the couple's throats. Both giants then turned their heads and spit out the swimsuits.

Not everybody was crushed under the Giants bodies during all this. There were a few that were trapped, alive, between the woman's legs, trapped there by the man's own legs which formed a small cavern as he lay on top of her. A few tried to escape by rushing towards small openings as they opened during the lover's foreplay. Others even tried to dig their way out under her legs. Only to be crushed as the openings closed, or the giants moved, their legs rolling over and grinding the hapless victims into the wet, unyeilding sand.

One couple, a black woman and her lover, met a somewhat more grizzly fate. They too tried to escape through a hole as it opened between the giant's bodies. As the man-giant rose up slightly from the woman, they made the dash, not realizing the signifigance of the move. He helped her as she climbed up the giant vulva, desperatly clinging to the silky pubic hairs.

She had just reached the top of the woman-giant's labia when she heard her boyfriend's scream. Ignoring her own safety, she turned just in time to see the tip of the massive, rock-hard cock ram into his chest, pinning him against the immense pussy.

Unable to take her eyes off what was happening, she watched in horror as a giant hand reached in and, grabbing the oversized member, started moving it about, dragging her man with it as he desperatly tried to get out from between the immence sex organs.

The poor woman's scream could be heard by everyone in the cavern, as they turned to watch the massive cock force it's way inside the giant woman's vagina. The man, his jet black form clearly visable against the pink skin, was forced in ahead of it. The black woman, frozen in horror, didn't notice the giant's groin as it decended, smacking her squarely as his thrust bottemed out.

Knocked silly, she lost her grip and slid down, landing on the large cock as it pulled out. Instinctivly, she wrapped her arms around it to keep herself from falling further, and that was her undoing. The rest of the people in the fleshy cavern could only watch helplessly as the massive member dragged her in with it's next thrust.

The beach was mostly deserted now, except for the few remaining between the giant's legs. They huddled together in a tight pack as far away from the rapidly moving walls of flesh as they could while the giants pounded away with increasing fury and passion.

Finally, the man-giant gave a final thrust and arching his back in the throes of his orgasm, came inside the woman. When his spasms passed, he lay his head gently upon her shoulder and she stroked his hair, listening to his deep breaths.

Gently kissing her, he got up and extended his hand to the woman. She accepted it, and he helped her to her feet. Reaching down, they gathered their loincloths and used them to brush the sand and dead bodes off each other.

Shaking their clothing out, the giants covered themselves again and swam out into the waves, never to be seen again.

The beach was closed off and all of the bodies and victims remains were found, except for the four who were eaten, of course. A few days later, the bodies of the black couple washed ashore.

Their bodies were broken, but otherwise whole. They were both completely filled with semen.

~From the Library of Doctor Szalinski~ :-3)